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Topic: C Sharp programming language

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Programming Language C Sharp Introduction
C# has its roots in the C family of languages and will be immediately familiar to C, C++, and Java programmers.
Many programming languages pay little attention to this issue, and, as a result, programs written in those languages break more often than necessary when newer versions of dependent libraries are introduced.
Aspects of C#'s design that were directly influenced by versioning considerations include the separate virtual and override modifiers, the rules for method overload resolution, and support for explicit interface member declarations.
www.tinhtran.com /c-sharp-introduction.html   (306 words)

 C Sharp programming language
C# (pronounced "see sharp") is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft Corporation as part of their.NET initiative.
Unlike languages such as C and C++, C# does not compile to binary code, which can be executed directly by the target computer.
When the program is executed, the.NET framework JITs the intermediate code into machine language as it is run.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/c_/C_sharp.html   (328 words)

 Programming Overview
Program logic determines the next step to execute in a procedural language and this logic determination is made in response to conditions and user action.
Visual Basic 6.0 is an event-driven programming language which has some of the elements of an object-oriented programming language, but not all of the features of an object-oriented programming language.
In the event-driven programming model the coded lines of the program are not written and executed in a sequential logic because the user action of clicking a key or checkbox or button triggers an event.
www.hitmill.com /programming/overview.html   (683 words)

 Microsoft brewing Java-like language | CNET News.com
Microsoft executives said the new language, an easier-to-use version of the popular C++ language, is intended to drastically simplify and speed up software development as well as promote the company's Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS) initiative, to be announced today at the company's Redmond, Wash., headquarters.
The new language, expected to be called C# and pronounced "C sharp," is a hybrid of C and C++, two of the most popular programming languages used by software developers to write applications for the Windows operating system, said Tony Goodhew, a Microsoft product manager.
While sources say C# will include several features apparently modeled on some of the most popular features of the Java programming language, Microsoft executives say the language is not a Java competitor.
news.com.com /2100-1001-242268.html   (1011 words)

 C programming language - Uncyclopedia
C is a mystic language used by various wizards, magicians, and otherwise practitioners of the mystic art of computer science.
C, as a magic computer language through which the spirits obey men, is neither inherently good nor evil (unlike other computer dialects, such as BASIC), but rather it is a neutral tool to be used by the race of men however they please.
Corrupted speakers of C are often called “virus writers” and “hackers” by peasants.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/C_programming_language   (551 words)

 The C# Language
This document describes the C# language in detail and is intended to be correct for the 7.1 version of the C# compiler.
C# provides a large set of operators, which are symbols that specify which operations to perform in an expression.
C# predefines the usual arithmetic and logical operators, as well as a variety of others.
msdn2.microsoft.com /en-us/vcsharp/aa336809.aspx   (490 words)

 XML.com: Introducing Comega
Programming languages like Java and C# have promoted concepts which exist as design patterns and API calls in other languages, such as native string types, memory management via garbage collection, and event handling to core constructs within the language.
The goal of the type system is to bridge the gap between relational, object, and XML data access by creating a type system that is a combination of all three data models.
In C and C++, the programmer has to keep track of what type the value in a particular union type represents, since no static type checking is done by the compiler.
www.xml.com /pub/a/2005/01/12/comega.html   (1937 words)

 Microsoft's New Programming Language Offers Developers Productivity With Power: Company predicts C will offer C++ ...
Microsoft is developing C# -- pronounced "C sharp" for the musically disinclined -- to provide the computing power of the C++ language and the ease of use of its own Visual Basic language.
C# makes it easier to work with the emerging XML standard by eliminating much of the computer code developers had to write in other languages, Dunlap said.
C# provides the power and flexibility of other languages, as well as the use of objects, Dunlap said, but it also eliminates many of the pitfalls that developers are often faced with when programming in C and C++.
www.microsoft.com /presspass/features/2000/jun00/06-26csharp.asp   (1396 words)

 Sharp New Language: C# Offers the Power of C++ and Simplicity of Visual Basic -- MSDN Magazine, September 2000
C#, pronounced "C sharp," is a new programming language that makes it easier for C and C++ programmers to generate COM+-ready programs.
The traditional way to write a debuggable program in C++ was to sprinkle it with #ifdefs and indicate that large sections of code would only be executed during the debugging process.
C and C++ require all sorts of often-incompatible header files before you can compile all but the simplest code.
msdn.microsoft.com /msdnmag/issues/0900/csharp   (3924 words)

 A Comparative Overview of C#
C# improves on C++ in a similar way to Java in many respects, so I'm not going to be re-explaining things like the benefits of a single-rooted object hierarchy.
C# is a strongly-typed object-oriented language designed to give the optimum blend of simplicity, expressiveness, and performance.
The C# language was built with the hindsight of many languages, but most notably Java and C++.
genamics.com /developer/csharp_comparative.htm   (440 words)

 CS 112, Fall 2003. Course Information
CS 112 is an introductory programming course, using the C# (pronounced "C sharp") programming language.
Although all of these languages are billed as "general purpose," some are better at certain things than others, and thus one's application often dictates one's choice of a language.
In other words, the style of your program is important, and the style guidelines in Appendix G of the text should be used.
zoo.cs.yale.edu /classes/cs112/fall2003_cs/info.html   (1960 words)

 C Programming Language
Some cute programs in C including the first 800 digits of pi in 160 characters of code, Diffie-Hellman in 10 lines of C, and a tricky one-liner by David Korn.
Actually for C++ but the core functions are just as applicable for SDK C. Catch22 Win32 Tutorials: a collection of programming tutorials for Windows by James Brown.
These are interesting articles or links on C Programming that we've stumbled across in the last couple of years.
www.di-mgt.com /cprog.html   (2714 words)

 Antechinus C# Editor: visually design .Net applications
The program should be easy to work with and (as we all wish) not cost a whole lot of money.
C# is a new programming language to me and, as one who has programmed in a wide variety of computer languages over the years, I know that visual IDEs are marvelous for rapidly assembling the user interface but they are a hindrance to learning the language and its finer points.
We have had really nice reviews of C# Editor; great feedback and e-mails of support from people using it; and there are companies using Antechinus to deliver C# training like Accelebrate and Webucator.
www.c-point.com /c_sharp_editor.php   (2424 words)

 oreilly.com -- Online Catalog: Programming C#, Second Edition
Programming C#, 2nd Edition teaches this new language in a way that experienced programmers will appreciate--by grounding its applications firmly in the context of Microsoft's.NET platform and the development of desktop and Internet applications.
The level of information in Programming C#, 2nd Edition allows you to become productive quickly with C# and to rely on it as a powerful addition to your family of mastered programming languages.
The C# comparisons to Java, C++, and VB are both appropriate and useful.
www.oreilly.com /catalog/progcsharp2   (1032 words)

 Amazon.com: Programming C# (2nd Edition): Books: Jesse Liberty   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Jesse Liberty's Programming C#, 2nd Edition provides an adept and extremely well-conceived guide to the C# language and is written for the developer with some previous C++, Java, and/or Visual Basic experience.
Programming C# gives an in-depth first look into the C# language that, according to Microsoft, is going to be a very important part of it's.Net strategy, and thus the future of software development.
Seems to be an okay introduction to C#, but doesn't measure up to the gold standard of computer language books; C&R (The C Programming Language).
www.amazon.com /Programming-C-2nd-Jesse-Liberty/dp/0596003099   (2653 words)

 The C# Design Process
Anders Hejlsberg, the lead C# architect, talks with Bruce Eckel and Bill Venners about the process used by the team that designed C#, and the relative merits of usability studies and good taste in language design.
In this initial installment, Hejlsberg discusses the process used by the team that designed C#, and the relative merits of usability studies and good taste in language design.
For C#, on the other hand, it has worked really well to formalize: every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1:00 to 3:00, we have a regularly scheduled meeting.
www.artima.com /intv/csdes.html   (792 words)

 C::Sharp - Parser and Lexer for C# Programming Language   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
C::Sharp - Parser and Lexer for C# Programming Language
C# is Microsoft's new programming language for its.NET endeavour.
Implementing C# in Perl is the first step to making Perl the preferred.NET Common Language Runtime for Open Source Programmers.
cpan.uwinnipeg.ca /htdocs/C-Sharp/C/Sharp.html   (118 words)

 Versioning, Virtual, and Override
Anders Hejlsberg, the lead C# architect, talks with Bruce Eckel and Bill Venners about why C# instance methods are non-virtual by default and why programmers must explicitly indicate an override.
In Part I: The C# Design Process, Hejlsberg discusses the process used by the team that designed C#, and the relative merits of usability studies and good taste in language design.
In this fourth installment, Hejlsberg explains why C# instance methods are non-virtual by default and why programmers must explicitly indicate an override.
www.artima.com /intv/nonvirtual.html   (663 words)

 Hitmill.com - C# Programming
C# directory resource site for C# programming; includes links to courses, chats, C# articles, C# white papers, C# books,and more...
C# Friends See whitepapers, a class- "browser" reference, and more...
HISTORY: C#, a Java-like programming language, was submitted by Microsoft to the ECMA standards group in mid-2000.
www.hitmill.com /programming/dotNET/csharp.html   (370 words)

 C Sharp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
C# has a procedural, object-oriented syntax based on C++ that includes aspects of several other programming languages (most notably Delphi and Java) with a particular emphasis on simplification (fewer symbolic requirements than C++, fewer decorative requirements than Java
C++, Java, Delphi, Smalltalk, drove the fundamentals of the CLR, which, in turn, drove the design of the C# programming language itself.
The term C# is a play on words similar to the language name C++: the expression C++ in the language C means C incremented by one, and the author of C++ named the language C++ in reference to its incremental improvement over C. edit] See also
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/C_Sharp_programming_language   (2926 words)

 PublicJoe's - C#, C-Sharp, C#.Net, CSharp, Visual C#   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
C# (pronounced "C Sharp") is a simple, modern, object oriented, and type-safe programming language.
It will immediately be familiar to C and C++ programmers.
C# combines the high productivity of Rapid Application Development (RAD) languages and the raw power of C++.
www.publicjoe.f9.co.uk /csharp/csharp.html   (215 words)

 c-sharp - Ask.com Web Search
C# improves on C++ in a similar way to Java in many...
Sharps Arms is your online source for the finest quality made rifles, firearms, shooting and reloading accessories anywhere.
C# community site which provides forums, article discussions, tutorials, internal member messaging and live chat.
search.ask.com /web?q=c-sharp   (315 words)

 C# Application Markup Language (CSAML): A Preview
This merging of C# and XML is an important evolutionary leap for both standards, and represents a profound advance in the Xmlization of all textual data.
Basically, CSAML is an alternative syntax for C# based on XML and, more specifically, on XAML, the Extensible Application Markup Language that plays such an important role in the forthcoming WinFX and the Windows Presentation Foundation.
As you’ll note, many of these element names are based on the grammar notations used in the C# Language Specification, so every C# programmer is intimately familiar with the names and can begin coding in CSAML immediately.
www.charlespetzold.com /etc/CSAML.html   (585 words)

 Visual C# Developer Center
Using Settings in C# Learn the difference between application and user settings, how to create new settings at design time, how to access settings at runtime, and how to incorporate multiple sets of settings into your C# application.
As the community PM for C#, my job is fairly obvious: I need to help us find a way to make LINQ succeed.
The first describes the difficulty the C# compiler team has in generating good LINQ error messages.
msdn2.microsoft.com /en-us/vcsharp/default.aspx   (526 words)

Tutorials on programming the ADR interfaces using popular programming languages can be accessed using links below.
Your language of choice may not be listed but almost all languages allow control via serial ports.
Tutorials on programming the ADU interfaces using popular programming languages can be accessed using links below.
www.ontrak.net /Programming.htm   (379 words)

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