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Topic: C fiber

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  Triple C Syndrome
The Triple C Syndrome occurs when the C fiber, by reflex becomes super sensitive to an underlying injury of the "A delta" nerve fiber.
Since the C fiber is trying to limit the effect of this injury, it intensely fires, causing vasoconstriction.
Sympathetic blockade is fruitless as once the block wears off, the C fiber remains hyperactive in response to the underlying A delta injury.
www.homestead.com /robertgschwartz/page3.html   (164 words)

 Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) Blocks Conduction in Peripheral Nerve C Fibers: a Possible Mechanism of Analgesia
C fiber responses were identified by their slower conduction velocity, smaller amplitude and higher stimulus threshold compared to A fibers.
A fiber responses at the beginning of the record are distorted because of the high gain (which saturates the signal averager) and slow timebase needed to demonstrate C responses.
C fiber compound action potential amplitude (most positive point minus most negative point) and latency (to most positive point) were measured.
www.dmso.org /articles/nerves/nerve_c.htm   (2471 words)

Where the fiber is composed of cellulose precipitated from an organic solution in which no substitution of the hydroxyl groups takes place and no chemical intermediates are formed, the term lyocell may be used as a generic description of the fiber.
A manufactured fiber in which the fiber-forming substance is a long-chain synthetic polymer composed of at least 50% by weight of aliphatic polyether and at least 35% by weight of polyester, as defined in 303.7(c).
The fiber content and RN or name of the company may be disclosed on the same label as the country of origin or on another conspicuous and readily accessible label or labels on the inside or outside of the garment.
www.fibersource.com /other_pages/ftc_regs.htm   (6419 words)

 Seacoast Newspaper's Our Times: ON THE MENU: Fun fiber facts for children
More recent research into the health benefits of high fiber diets began in the 1970s when it was discovered that populations with diets rich in fiber and low in fat did not suffer many of the health problems that plague Western populations.
Studies continue, but it is safe to say that high fiber diets have been linked to decreased rates of colorectal and breast cancer, a decreased risk of diabetes and can help prevent cardiovascular disease by lowering blood cholesterol levels.
Soluble fiber absorbs water as it passes through the digestive system and is responsible for lowering blood cholesterol levels.
www.seacoastonline.com /2002ourtimes/6_1g_ot.htm   (826 words)

 C through fiber optics
c, the velocity of light in vacuum, is a constant of nature.
This happens continuously, and because the speed of the wave is the rate of advance of the condition of constant phase, a change in the phase should correspond to a change in the speed.
In a straight fiber, light is free to take the shortest possible path - a straight line, which would have the same length as the length of the fiber.
www.physicsforums.com /showthread.php?t=18864   (1414 words)

 Hawks Mountain Ranch Pygora Goats
If you are using plucked fiber and it is all facing different directions, charge the comb by passing the fiber from your hand on to the comb.
It is a slippery fiber, so care should be taken to put enough twist in it to hold it together, but not so much twist that your yarn comes out looking and feeling like rope.
Fiber that has been through the drum carder can be spun either worsted or woolen depending on how it was drafted.
hmrpygoras.com /HMRPygoraFleeceTypesweb.html   (2042 words)

 Early Onset of Spontaneous Activity in Uninjured C-Fiber Nociceptors after Injury to Neighboring Nerve Fibers -- Wu et ...
High-frequency spontaneous activity in A fibers, consisting mainly of muscle afferents, was frequently observed in the L4 recordings from both normal and lesioned animals (Table 1).
Less than 10% of the C fibers in the L4 spinal nerve were spontaneously active in uninjured, control animals (Figure 2).
The proportion of spontaneously active C fibers recorded in the L4 spinal nerve is plotted as a function of time after the L5 spinal nerve lesion.
www.jneurosci.org /cgi/content/full/21/8/RC140   (3676 words)

Half the fiber is the insoluble type (good for the intestines) and half is soluble pectin fiber (good for the heart).
Mangoes are high in fiber, high in beta carotene (similar to apricots and cantaloupe), high in vitamin C -- but much higher in calories than equal servings of similar fruits, such as cantaloupe and papaya.
Most of the vitamin C in pears is concentrated in the skin, as is some of the fiber, so peeled, canned pears are less nutritious than fresh.
www.askdrsears.com /html/4/T042600.asp   (2481 words)

 Response of Cutaneous A- and C-Fiber Nociceptors in the Monkey to Controlled-Force Stimuli -- Slugg et al. 83 (4): 2179 ...
The response of the nerve fibers adapted during the course of the stimulus.
In general, the response of the A fibers increased monotonically with increasing force, whereas the response of many of the C fibers reached a plateau level before the end of the ascending sequence.
Similar results were obtained from the population of A and C fibers that were tested with the stimulus-interaction paradigm.
jn.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/83/4/2179   (7456 words)

 Pygora Fiber for Handspinners: Raw and Processed Fiber
Therefore, when you use pygora fiber for a project such as spinning, you need to have an idea of what your ultimate goal is in using this fiber.
This type of fiber is for the discriminating handspinner, who desires to spin an exceptional fiber - one of the finest, with a wonderful "handle".
Another way to hand-dehair pygora fiber, is to use mini combs for the short finer fleeces (Type B and C fleeces) and regular wool combs for the longer Type A fleeces.
www.open.org /janhanus/rawfiber.html   (1562 words)

 [No title]
Statement from the Company providing the system for which the optical fiber cables are proposed to be used, indicating that the optical characteristics meet the requirements of the Company.
C. Identification of Optical Fiber Cables: Identify cables in manholes, pullboxes and in equipment to which they connect: 1.
Demonstrate that the amount of power coupled into each optical fiber by its transmitter, the attenuation and connector losses, and the power received at the detector in the receiver is no greater than 75 percent of the parameters required by the transmitter/receiver manufacturer.
www.ogs.state.ny.us /dnc/masterspec/word/16129.doc   (1374 words)

 About PBA
Type “A” should be consistent throughout the lock, type “B” should have curl on the end of the lock, type “C” may have some curl on the ends.
Type “C” must have only one type of guard hair that is very coarse and obvious.
Usually belly fiber and stained or coarse, brittle (“kempy”) areas are skirted.
www.pba-pygora.com /Fiber/Fiber_Terms.html   (361 words)

 Fiber and your diet
The fiber found in whole grain breads and cereals has insoluble fiber.
These fibers form a gel substance in the gut that prevents this recycling process.
A bowl of high fiber cereal with raisins in the morning adds 15 grams of fiber.
www.spineuniverse.com /treatment/diet/ag_fiber_goodcrb.html   (902 words)

 THE PYGORA – A FIBER GOAT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
One advantage of the A-type of pygora fiber is that the micron count seems to stay much the same as the animal ages.
Cashgora is a term coined to applied to fiber from the angora/cashmere-crossed goats or fiber that does not meet the criteria of cashmere.) The terminology "B" refers to the fact that this fiber type is a "blend" between the C and A-type fleeces.
It is a wonderful fiber to spin, as it is usually 3-4 inches in length, (can be more), very fine with lots of luster and a great handle to it.
www.open.org /~janhanus/goatpub.html   (2839 words)

 Fiber Optic Tools and Training
This course is ideal for those entering the field as well as seasoned telecom technicians interested in enhancing their knowledge of basic fiber principles and applications.
Fiber Optic Installer is also ideal for Network Managers and Information Technology (I.T.) personnel who are contemplating fiber build-outs.
Those who have already completed fiber theory and basic link applications from an accredited organization may comp-out of this course by taking a comparable exam in advance.
www.f-n-t.com /class-fi.htm   (149 words)

 C Complex
Although “the bioavailability of vitamin C in humans and...our current understanding of that process and factors that influence it are incomplete” [9], it appears that slower disintegration times improve the bioavailability of vitamin C [10] (Food C Complex has slower disintegration times).
Some of the many functions that vitamin C is involved in include collagen formation, carnitine biosynthesis, neurotransmitter synthesis, enhancement of iron absorption, immunocompetence, antioxidant defense, possible anticarcenogenic effects, protection of folate and vitamin E from oxidation, and cholesterol catabolism [1].
Food C Complex bioflavonoids contain as many as sixteen truly organic bioflavonoids: flavanone glycosides, naringin, neorioctrin, neohesperidin, hesperiden, flavone glycosides, rhoifolin, luteolin, neodiosnin, flavon aglycones, tetra-o-methylisoscutellaren, sinensetin, isosinensetin, tangeritin, nobiletin, 5-0-desmethylnobiletin--other bioflavonoid-containing formulas typically are less complete.
www.doctorsresearch.com /prod_ccomplex.html   (1242 words)

 Fiber capillarization relative to mitochondrial volume in diaphragm of shrew -- Mathieu-Costello et al. 93 (1): 346 -- ...
Fiber capillarization relative to mitochondrial volume in diaphragm of shrew -- Mathieu-Costello et al.
Fiber capillarization relative to mitochondrial volume in diaphragm of shrew
(c) was estimated on the assumption of capillary cross-sectional
jap.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/93/1/346   (3970 words)

 Prostaglandin E2 Enhances Chemical and Mechanical Sensitivities of Pulmonary C Fibers in the Rat -- HO et al. 162 (2): ...
The responses to intravenous injections of chemical stimulants and to lung inflation were studied in each pulmonary C fiber.
A total of 103 pulmonary C fibers, 12 RARs and 14 SARs were studied in 66 anesthetized, open-chest rats.
Sensitization of peripheral afferent fibers in the in vitro neonatal rat spinal cord-tail by bradykinin and prostaglandins.
ajrccm.atsjournals.org /cgi/content/full/162/2/528   (4591 words)

 IRCON - Mirage Fiber Optic Infrared Thermometer with PID Control
The Mirage FO spot pyrometer consists of one Fiber Optic infrared Sensor with Fiber Optic Cable, Focusable Reimaging Lens assembly, one indicator unit, one 12 foot or 4 meter interconnecting cable and one detailed operations manual.
The Fiber Optic Mirage Thermometer is available in three wavelengths including a high temperature ratio model.
The focusable lens and fiber optic cable is designed to operate in ambient temperatures up to 400°F (200°C) without auxiliary cooling, an optional; extension tip can be used up to 575°F (300°C).
www.ircon.com /web/prod/miragefo.php   (342 words)

 ®SIGRAFIL C - carbon fiber | SGL CARBON GROUP
SIGRAFIL C is a heavy tow carbon fiber that combines high strength, high modulus of elasticity and low density for maximum performance.
SIGRAFIL C fibers can be added to thermoplastic injection molding compounds and are also available in a pelletized form for improved handling characteristics.
SIGRAFIL C is supplied as continuous tow, staple fiber, milled and pelletized fiber with a variety of sizings depending on the application it will be used for.
www.sglcarbon.com /sgl_t/fibers/sigra_c.html   (292 words)

 Martin, Froeschner & Associates All Fiber Doppler Velocity Interferometer (VISAR) Systems
Delay Leg Lengths in excess of 10 meters are subject to a surcharge of $30 per meter to cover the cost of the fiber.
The length of the delay leg fiber determines the sensitivity of the instrument to changes in velocity and also the time resolution.
This optical fiber carries light from the laser in the FDVI chassis (or the Visible Light Source) and returns it, after transport through the lens, reflection from the experimental surface and back through the lens, back to the circulator in the FDVI chassis where it is sent on the Interferometer section.
www.mfa-optics.com /FiberDVI.htm   (2176 words)

 Lackland adds fiber to its blade diet
With the fiber connections, users can toggle to classified networks on their own monitors rather than hiking down the hall to a secure room or squeezing separate classified and unclassified systems onto their desks.
Fiber can connect the C/Ports over distances longer than 500 meters to the rack-mounted blades.
He said the fiber connections have two other advantages: no bulky CPU towers to plug, unplug and cart around; and no drives for unauthorized floppies or CD-ROMs.
www.gcn.com /print/23_2/24698-1.html   (385 words)

 Web Syllabus Template4
at the two major types of fiber, and in what foods they are found.
Diverticulosis may be caused by the pressure of constipation; causing the weak sections of the colon walls to balloon out.
*If you want to increase your fiber intake, do it slowly (i.e., add one fruit, vegetable or grain at a time; try it for a couple of weeks before adding another fruit, vegetable or grain)!.
www.uic.edu /orgs/sci-adapt/fiber.html   (589 words)

 IRCON - InfraRail DIN rail mounted Fiber Optic Infrared Thermometer
With the InfraRail, IRCON has successfully combined a signal conditioner and two-wire transmitter in one modular DIN-rail infrared thermometer.
Choose the Type "F" miniature fiber optics temperature sensor with focusable reimaging lens (covered by U.S. Patent Nos.
The fiber optic cable, available in lengths of 10 and 25 feet (3 and 7.6 meters), allows users to locate the IR sensing head in hard-to-reach areas or environments where sensors cannot be externally cooled.
www.ircon.com /web/prod/infra.php   (537 words)

 Rockingham Memorial Hospital   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The other type of fiber is insoluble fiber.
A diet high in fiber has been linked to a lower risk for heart disease.
Fiber from which source seems to be better for accomplishing this?
www.rmhonline.com /modules/quiz/quiz.asp?quizid=294   (233 words)

 UBE Grade F Tyranno Ceramic Semi-Conductive Fiber
The reinforcing fibers need to meet the demand for these applications such as high temperature stability, high strength, and high reliability in the extreme environment.
Tyranno Fiber SA is a polycrystalline SiC fiber containing small amount of Aluminum, produced by decomposing and subsequently sintering of the amorphous Si-Al-C-O fiber.
Tyranno Fiber SA is very stable fiber------for example, the weight loss of this fiber was only 1.8wt% at 2200°C. The initial strength of this fiber was perfectly maintained up to 1900°C in Argon.
www.matweb.com /search/SpecificMaterialText.asp?bassnum=CUBE245   (311 words)

 Corning's Wilmington, N.C., Optical Fiber Manufacturing Facility To Be Recognized as an Environmental Steward
In 1995, Corning Optical Fiber was awarded the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and remains the only optical fiber manufacturer to have received this national recognition.
Corning invented the world's first low-loss optical fiber in 1970 and is the only remaining U.S.-owned fiber manufacturer.
Corning's Wilmington, North Carolina, fiber facility was the world's first fiber manufacturing plant and today has the largest capacity in the industry.
www.corning.com /opticalfiber/media_center/press_releases/2005/2005030201.aspx   (576 words)

 Optic, Electrooptic and Fiber-Optic Components
C: 09.98 08.99(autoreminder) 11.99(autoreminder) 03.00(circulators info) 03.01(autoreminder) 05.01(autoreminder - announce of conference booth) 05.01(exactly the same autoreminder again) 06.01(autoreminder - announce of conference booth) 06.01(autoreminder - announce of another conference booth) 07.01(autoreminder - announce of yet another conference booth) 01.02(autoreminder)
U: (12.00) SV2-FC 2GHz fiber optic detector: cheap flimsy mechanical construction (failed in normal use and had to be re-soldered inside); even with this design, the failure could be prevented simply by better inner shape of the plastic case (probably applies to SIR5-FC and SUV7-FC detectors as well).
Fiber Optics for Sale Co. - very fast delivery of fiber optic connectors, fiber, cable, test equipment, gigagit Ethernet gear and tools distributor with massive products in stock.
www.vad1.com /listfirm/optcomp.html   (1777 words)

 C fiber - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.tamu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
These fibers are associated with chronic or dull pain.
C-fibers are associated with sensations of warmth, as well as mechanical and chemical stimuli.
It is thought that most or all C fibers are nociceptors (responding only to noxious stimuli).
en.wikipedia.org.cob-web.org:8888 /wiki/C_fiber   (130 words)

 Efiber.net (Nov 2001 Press Releases) - C Technologies; Fiber Optic Arrays
C Technologies offers a range of fiber optic arrays for telecommunications and laser delivery.
Our arrays utilize silicon V grooves for precise fiber positioning.
Individual fiber legs are terminated with standard or custom connectors, with flat or radius polish.
www.efiber.net /PressReleases/2001/11_Nov/Nov_2001pr-03.htm   (104 words)

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