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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  Digital Camouflage History
CADPAT was officially adopted as the standard Canadian Army pattern in 1997
The first general-issue CADPAT item to be issued to the Canadian Army was the cover for the new Kevlar helmet.
CADPAT was officially copyright registered in 2001, however, the first published date is 1996.
www.hyperstealth.com /CADPAT-MARPAT.htm   (1337 words)

 HyperStealth DESTEX (Desert Texture) Camouflage
CADPAT AR was designed by the Canadian Department of Defense after in-depth research on desert environments.
The DESTEX pattern, unlike the omni directional CADPAT AR, uses a horizontal disruption in both the Macro and Micropattern elements to disrupt the human shape and mask horizontal movement.
CADPAT AR uses a larger Macropattern designed to disrupt in Desert environments where background texture is more sparse than temperate regions.
www.hyperstealth.com /destex/index.html   (1081 words)

 CADPAT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
CADPAT is a major part of the Department of National Defence Clothe The Soldier Program.
Upon it's introduction, the CADPAT pattern was copyrighted, but was almost immediately copied and slightly altered by the United States Marine Corps.
The officer on the right is wearing the CADPAT version for arid climates, with desert boots.
mpmuseum.org /cadpat.html   (420 words)

  Spartanburg SC | GoUpstate.com | Spartanburg Herald-Journal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The temperate woodland pattern became the standard issue combat clothing for the Canadian army in 2002, with the air force following suit in 2004.
Uniforms in CADPAT material replaced the olive green combat dress uniforms in use since the early 1960s.
Some controversy has arisen since the emergence of CADPAT, heightened in March 2006 by reports of stolen CADPAT clothing and gear being sold on the surplus market in Canada.
www.goupstate.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=CADPAT   (187 words)

 Cadpat or Multicam? - Military Photos
cadpat was designed to work well in canadian areas forests bush grass land, it does work in some ares of A-Stan but every where else you need the AR version
Now take them 4 guys in cadpat and insert them into one of my pics with the tans in it, and you will have a camo way to specific to one certain area to blend in.
It is more of a challenge to those that do own cadpat to take some pictures of it in something other than a dark setting.
www.militaryphotos.net /forums/showthread.php?t=85550   (1170 words)

 Cadets and CADPAT
As the CCM DOES NOT as a whole issue a field training uniform at the expense of the public, wearing of CADPAT may not be restricted.
CADPAT may be worn by cadets during LHQ training.
Cadets are under NO CIRCUMSTANCES use the wearing of the flag or CADPAT uniform to impersonate members of the Canadian Forces.
forums.army.ca /forums/index.php/topic,53426.0.html   (363 words)

 CADPAT Combat Tunic
Combat tunic is made in Canada, by a major contractor to the Canadian Department of National Defence.
CADPAT camouflage is a highly researched and most successful pattern adopted by the Canadian Armed Forces for effectiveness in temperate and sub-arctic climates, copyrighted by the Canadian Government.
View of rear of tunic showing the pleats at the waist which are designed to reduce the amount of potential bunching which has the potential to cause pressure points and discomfort when webgear or rucksacks are worn on top.
www.flecktarn.co.uk /dgccs1na.html   (296 words)

 Uncovering Canadian disruptive pattern
CADPAT appears on everything from combat clothing to small packs and tents.
The CADPAT is steamed, washed, and dried before it is finally checked for technical specifications set by the Department of National Defence (DND).
CADPAT AR is probably the best camo pattern yet invented for troops operating in southeastern Afghanistan.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/f-news/1833731/posts   (624 words)

 Camouflage Hunting Clothing, BDU's, Cheap Airsoft Guns, Wiley X Sunglasses, Camo T-shirts, Combat Survival Kabar Knives ...
Frontenac is currently working on trying to develop their own version of the CADPAT using another type of fabric.
Genuine issue MARPAT and CADPAT digital camouflage BDUs have never been released for public sales and are illegal to sell to the public.
If you find some MARPAT or CADPAT digital BDUs for sale that you can confirm as real issue uniforms then they are either used surplus or if new they are stolen government property...
www.hdesert.com /cgi-bin/highdesert/store/commerce.cgi?page=digital.htm   (525 words)

 C2G Camouflage FAQ
While CADPAT and MARPAT may be the current top patterns under field tests they still have limitations which can be overcome.
CADPAT and MARPAT are not being made available to other countries, although knockoffs have appeared that are difficult to tell the difference between the actual and modified duplicates.
What is missing in the new generation digital camouflage is a pattern that works both close and distant, usually there is a tradeoff when choosing a spatial frequency (size of the blotches).
www.uniteddynamics.com /camo/faq   (2278 words)

 DoomPaintball.com :: CADPAT Fracture Camouflage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Studies have shown that there is a 40 percent less chance of being spotted from 200 metres away using the new CADPAT (Canadian Disruptive Pattern).
CADPAT is now a part of the Canadian Army's identity.
This pixellation is the prinicple behind CADPAT's overall effectiveness.
www.doompaintball.com /nuke/index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=106&theme=Printer   (159 words)

 Army Cadpat Digital Pattern Camouflage Cloth
Army Cadpat Digital Camouflage cloth is a rip stop poly/cotton blend.
The weight of the cloth can vary but most of it is the same as that of clothing material.
Color has some green and some brown which is hard to see from the photo.
www.vtarmynavy.com /army-cadpat-camouflage-cloth.htm   (64 words)

 DND/CF : Backgrounder : Canadian Disruptive Pattern (CADPAT TM) Uniform
All soldiers learn to use every means available to camouflage and conceal themselves in different environments.
The Department of National Defence closely controls CADPAT with all companies agreeing to non-disclosure stipulations for third parties and close control of swatches.
The Army transition to the next generation of soldier operational clothing and equipment has been focussed on the "Clothe the Soldier Project." The Project, in existence since 1995 and in delivery of various items since 1997, will provide state-of-the-art headwear, handwear, underwear, footwear, and cold weather clothing.
www.dnd.ca /site/newsroom/view_news_e.asp?id=341   (604 words)

 Urban CADPAT? - Military Photos
Unlike the combination of four colours in the temperate pattern and three colours in the arid pattern, the new winter operations pattern will likely combine white and shades of grey and include a reversible, all-white side.
Canada is also participating in NATO studies to determine the requirements and advantages of an urban camouflage pattern.
Annabel has produced 2.5 million meters of raw CADPAT material in the past seven years and is now working on urban and artic patterns for the Canadian Forces.
www.militaryphotos.net /forums/showthread.php?t=112465   (349 words)

 CADPAT pics anyone? - Tippmann A-5 Operator Group
I find that CADPAT works well as long as the foliage is fairly bright.
Cadpat is great for Canadian wooded area, but that's what it was designed for right.
On a serious note, playing in the woods around Ottawa, I have found Cadpat to be fairly deadly, but oddly enough there are two players I rarely see during firefights.
www.a5og.net /general-paintball-related-discussion/3621-cadpat-pics-anyone.html   (502 words)

 CADPAT Bagpipe Bag cover
And if you're interested in the Cover in Arid CADPAT, I might be able to get some made, but they'll be a little extra.
They're the same as the first AR CADPAT ones I posted previously, but are improved slightly.
The TW CADPAT material is normally used to make bag, pouches and backpacks so it has a rubber coating on the interior...
forums.army.ca /forums/index.php/topic,52812.msg474756.html   (1564 words)

 CADPAT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Introduced in the late 1990's in the "Clothe the Soldier Programme," the pattern appears superficially similar to the American version.
Two photos from the CDN "Clothe the Soldier" Program, showing the front view of the CADPAT tactical vest over camo flak jacket, and a side view of the new CADPAT modular rucksack.
This page is a legal representation of the current MARPAT camouflage patterns produced by Natick Labs, and operates with their full written legal consent (in case you were wondering).
www.mcaroy.com /cadpat.htm   (378 words)

 Cadpat chest rigs
Go to eaby, and search for ‘cadpat‘, as there is tonnes of stuff on there.
These were made up in cadpat from the British 95 pattern chest rig.
Yeah, not the real stuff, but other than colour it is the same as the one a buddy got in England from the "soldier 95" line of kit.
forums.army.ca /forums/index.php/topic,16368.0.html   (984 words)

 Go here for your CADPAT needs [Archive] - Airsoft Canada
For the price they are asking on the CADPAT gear they should have included more features.
The CADPAT material is the only part of it that is really nice.
one of them cadpat bandana's would be nice to see from them.
www.airsoftcanada.com /archive/index.php/t-1636.html   (593 words)

 SEALS CADPAT┬« Battle Vest - SOCNET: The SpecialOperations.com Bulletin Board
It was NOT in CADPAT, which was the number 1 reason we were spending the extra bucks with the guy.
From the statement “the FAKEPAT that looks silly when worn with real CADPAT” I can only assume that he is referring to slight colour differences between the 1000 denier Cordura nylon of which the Battlevest is constructed and the Cotton/Nylon Combat Cloth used to make the combat uniforms.
I was looking for a CADPAT vest, and went through the building process under this assumption, and in the end I didn't end up with one, so I am pissed off.
www.socnetcentral.com /vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=31343   (2978 words)

 MARPAT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Coming soon: comparison scans of MARPAT and CADPAT, with closeup views and comparative measurements.
More photos of the Canadian Army "CADPAT" digital camouflage uniform....
Canadian soldiers on exercise wearing the newest CADPAT issue uniforms and helmet cover, along with the original olive green tactical vest.
www.mcaroy.com /cadpat2.htm   (141 words)

 Integrated Combat Equipment
We are licensed by DND for use of the patented CADPAT print.
The Hard-Shell jacket will also be available in CADPAT as soon as fabric arrives, stay tuned.
View a greater selection of our products in the pdf catalogue, then e-mail us for purchase and shipping info at hobey@icetactical.com.
www.icetactical.com   (289 words)

 Integrated Combat Equipment
We are licensed by DND for use of the patented CADPAT print.
The Hard-Shell jacket will also be available in CADPAT as soon as fabric arrives, stay tuned.
View a greater selection of our products in the pdf catalogue, then e-mail us for purchase and shipping info at sales@icetactical.com.
www.icetactical.com /index.html   (238 words)

 Effectiveness Of Cadpat - AirsoftForum.com
I've heard several people say that CadPat is too light or something of the sort.
CadPat only works well with at least a mild amount of vegetation that is green.
I like CADPAT, and I would not heistate to beleive you on the effectiveness of it.
www.airsoftforum.com /board/index.php?&act=ST&f=105&t=50818   (667 words)

 new camo - Ghost Recon.net Forums
LOL Fusaki, yea CADPAT is the original and most effective camo out there, but Canada copyrighted the pattern, so althought the new USMC camo looks similar is not an exact replica of the CADPAT, so if you want to look at it there are CADPAT (canadian) and MARPAT (marines).
I'm not trying to be pro-American here but I must say that our marpat is a nicer pattern than the cadpat.
But at least from examples I have seen I can see the great effectiveness of the cadpat pattern in field tests.
www.ghostrecon.net /forums/index.php?showtopic=556   (995 words)

 It's not CADPAT but it's Canadian designed - Ghost Recon.net Forums
A BIG thanks to all you guys and gals that took the time to help others out on this board.
It may look like CADPAT (in the darker shadow screen capture) but it is actually the Spec4ce pattern in the central color scheme which is more of an Urban crossed with an Arid Woodland.
Yes, I designed the Jordan KA2 pattern under the commission of King Abdullah II in 2003 and have since designed over 3000 to date with my design partner Lt. Col.
www.ghostrecon.net /forums/index.php?showtopic=39838   (708 words)

 eBay - cadpat, Militaria, Watches items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
GENIUINE CADPAT CAMO Military Large Utility Pouch ~NEW~
Canadian Forces CADPAT Rank Insignia Slip On Private
CadPat Single Mag 5.56 Pouch Tactical Tailor Custom
search.digitalcity.ebay.com /cadpat_W0QQfsooZ1QQfsopZ3   (334 words)

 YouTube - canadian army training video1
After seeing how effective the cadpat was, the americans started making their own.
MARPAT purchased the tech from the CADPAT process, this is what I have heard.
In fact, a little birdie who was involved with the development of MARPAT told me that CADPAT was their inspiration.
www.youtube.com /watch?v=J11yGeiNpIM   (283 words)

 CADPAT Combat Cap
Combat cap in current Canadian digital camouflage pattern (CADPAT).
Caps are made in Canada, by a major contractor to the Canadian Department of National Defence.
Cap is slightly peaked towards the front, similar to the British forage caps, and has medium sized visor to shade the eyes.
www.flecktarn.co.uk /dgcfc1na.html   (103 words)

 F-ing CADPAT Questions Here - Airsoft Canada
In order to try to condense some of the various CADPAT threads here, It would be best to localize all the QandA..
Beaver, Creative, Save More and the Oakville shop ALL carry Frontenac Cadpat BDU's, and it's logical to assume that MOST surplus stores carry it by now.
Face it, you have to be bat-shit insane to moderate this place...
www.airsoftcanada.com /showthread.php?t=2287   (569 words)

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