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Topic: CATV

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  catv   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Technically, both cable TV and CATV involve distributing a number of television channels collected at a central location (called a head end or headend) throughout a community by means of a network of optical fibers and/or coaxial cables and broadband amplifiers.
On August 1, 1949 T.J. Slowie, a secretary of the Federal Communications Commission, sent a letter to a CATV pioneer in Astoria, Oregon, L.E. Parsons, requesting he "furnish the Commission full information with respect to the nature of the system you may have developed and may be operating." He did.
The CATV systems in San Diego, California wanted to import stations from Los Angeles, some of which could be seen in San Diego; the television stations in San Diego didn't want the signals imported.
www.yourencyclopedia.net /CATV   (1841 words)

 Cable television - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Africa, cable TV has had little success, as it is not cost-effective to lay cables in sparsely populated areas, and although so-called "wireless cable" or microwave-based systems are used, "direct-to-home" satellite television is far more popular, especially in South Africa.
Technically, both cable TV and CATV involve distributing a number of television channels collected at a central location (called a headend) to subscribers within a community by means of a network of optical fibers and/or coaxial cables and broadband amplifiers.
Many cable television systems were formerly known as CATV (Community Antenna Television) systems as they were originally composed simply of a shared antenna located in a high location to which multiple households could have their TVs connected to via coaxial cable.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/CATV   (3854 words)

 Internet Protocol (IP) vs Radio Frequency (RF) Television Distribution   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Because CATV signals are confined within the distribution network it is possible to reuse frequencies allocated to over the air RF services increasing the number of channels.
As CATV became more popular entertainment networks that have no over the air counterpart were created taking advantage of the large channel capacity and low cost of cable distribution.
CATV channelization has many of the same ramifications as channalization used by the telephone industry for voice calls.
www.tschmidt.com /writings/IPvsRF_TV_v2.htm   (3168 words)

 CATV Hardline   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
CATV hardline is usually the very bottom cable that you see strung between telephone poles.
CATV hardline is quite commonly used in UHF and VHF ham repeater installations as well as multi-band DX base stations.
CATV hardline is not vinyl or otherwise covered so it must must be insulated if mounted against a tower etc.
www.thejs.com /ham_hardline.htm   (2316 words)

 CATV BYLAWS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
CATV shall administer the public and educational access channels and facilities in compliance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, and in compliance with the permits and franchise agreements between the City and the Cable Operators.
CATV shall, as part of complying with Section 1 and 2 of this Agreement, establish procedures for the fair consideration and settlement of grievances and disposition of disciplinary matters.
CATV shall provide for such financial control and accounting procedures as are necessary to assure proper disbursement and accounting for funds received from the City.
www.commtv.org /CATVcontract.html   (5652 words)

 CATV System Design
owever, as these CATV systems grow and expand, the current trend in CATV system design incorporates wavelength-division multiplexing to combine both the analog and digital signals for transmission using the same fiber.
In the configuration shown in Figure 4, the signal from the 1310 nm CATV AM transmitter and the 1550 digital transmitter are wavelength-division multiplexed onto one fiber.
A bidirectional configuration of this analog/digital CATV transport system is illustrated in Figure 5.
www.fiber-optics.info /articles/catv-system.htm   (609 words)

 Colorado Daily News
CATV's ongoing city funding was cut to zero during the 2004-05 budget process, but the city has provided roughly $120,000 per year in one-time funding since then to retain a minimal staff and continue operations.
Scott said CATV supporters will distribute bumper stickers throughout the city and will drape a large banner over the side of the Dairy Center for the Arts at 2590 Walnut St., the home of CATV facilities, to raise awareness of the station's financial plight.
Errickson said CATV has not been worth the roughly "$1.5 million" CATV has received over the past five years, and said the public access operation is dominated by a small group of former board and staff members or immediate friends of this small group.
www.coloradodaily.com /articles/2005/03/10/news/news04.txt   (752 words)

 Community Television of Boulder (CATV) Channel 54   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
at 5:30 PM at CATV's facility located in the Dairy Center for the Arts.
Presently, the CATV board is planning to meet soon to determine the ultimate fate
CATV would like to thank our sponsors for their generous donations (please click on pictures for links):
www.commtv.org   (338 words)

 CATV Amps : Analog Devices : CATV Amps   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
No other company is more committed to developing the CATV Amps that will make the digital future possible.
ADI designs, manufactures and markets CATV Amps as well as high-performance, high-precision signal processing ICs that make pictures vibrant, voices clear, connections continuous and products portable.
ADI is your source for a CATV Amps as well as over 10,000 other products that serve the needs of more than 60,000 customers worldwide.
www.analog.com /catv_amps.html   (285 words)

 CATV and SMATV wired Cable Distribution Systems, or Broadcast Distribution Undertakings (BDU)
CATV, or Community Antenna Television, is also known today as simply Cable Television.
Power Antenna custom builds rack mount passive combiners for CATV head end combining prior to input into the distribution launch amplifier.
These combiners are currently being used by many cable operators across Western Canada, as well as countless MDU operators.
www.powerantenna.ca /smatv_catv.html   (209 words)

 Satellite Multiswitches from Channel Vision, Channel Master, and Spaun - Future Home Systems
The 6328IFD has a third input which inserts CATV or UHF signals onto the same coax cable as the satellite signals.
The third input of the 6314 inserts CATV or UHF signals onto the 4 outputs distributing the satellite signals.
The third input of the MS34A inserts CATV or UHF signals onto the 4 outputs distributing the satellite signals.
www.futurehomesystems.com /v503.shtml   (815 words)

 VideoEase CATV Baluns
You can set it up easily with VideoEase™ CATV Baluns that allow one CATV, VHF and FM video signal to be transmitted over a single, twisted-pair cable (like Cat.
These VideoEase CATV Baluns save the expense and installation time required to pull a new run of coaxial video cable, and are a smart, fast way of connecting RF video equipment to TV, monitors and other RF equipment.
VideoEase CATV Baluns are ideal for RF distribution in any building that may already be wired with multiple runs cat.
www.smarthome.com /7805T.html   (316 words)

 MuxLab VideoEase - CATV Balun
The VideoEase CATV Balun allows one (1) CATV, VHF and FM video signal to be transmitted via one (1) twisted pair cable in a point-to-point connection.
The CATV Balun saves the cost of installing expensive and bulky coax cable and is a smart, fast way of connecting RF video equipment to TV, monitors and other RF equipment.
The CATV Balun works in conjunction with CATV splitters, amplifiers and cable modems.
www.muxlab.com /products/ve_catv_balun.html   (134 words)

 Cable TV Engineering and Software
CATV plant designs include full, bi-directional capability, with all system levels (input, output, spigot and end of drop) for each piece of equipment in the plant.
These levels are also embedded into the CATV equipment symbols used in the AutoCad based system maps, included with all designs.
The software package (CATV Design), which is used for doing CATV and FIBER designs, does all the functions mentioned above, and is now available for purchase.
members.shaw.ca /signet-eng   (579 words)

 Nuphoton Technologies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
NP2000 EDFA comes in two types, one designed for single channel applications such as CATV, and the other is optimized for multi-channel DWDM applications.
One is optimized for multi-channel DWDM applications, and the other is optimized for single channel applications such as CATV.
For good noise performance, 980nm pump is used at the input stage and for high output power 1480nm pumps are used in the subsequent stages.
www.nuphoton.com /catv.html   (239 words)

 CATV Test and CATV Tests
R.L. Drake Company DA7543 The R.L. Drake model DA7533, DA7543, DA8632 and DA8642 broadband distribution amplifiers are designed for indoor use in both residential and commercial buildings where RF signal distribution in the frequency range of 49 to 750 or 860 MHz is required.
Pacific Broadband FPR The FPR optical fibre CATV receiver has been designed to receive optical wavelengths of 1300 nm to 1610 nm and convert them to cable television signals with compatible RF output between 45…862 MHz.
Wilcom Incorporated T339C CATV Metal Case Power Meter The T339C CATV Metal Case Power Meter is designed to measure optical power of LEDs or laser diodes with their associated cables.
www.etesters.com /search/product/listAll.cfm/keyword/CATV_Test   (1804 words)

 RF Attenuators, Filters, & DC Blockers - HomeTech Solutions
A Channel Vision low pass filter is used on systems when the broadband entertainment feed is supplied by a CATV service.
The filter removes all CATV channels above the pass band, allowing insertion of locally-generated channels.
The filters remove all CATV channels within the pass band, allowing insertion of locally-generated channels.
www.hometech.com /video/atten.html   (543 words)

 CATV/FM/TV Frequencies
CATV has channels with frequencies below channel 2.
They are designated T-7 (tee seven or tee dash seven) through T-14 and are usually used for transmission in the reverse direction.
They are so designated because their frequencies immediately precede that of the CATV channel known as A. In the CATV listing, the column labeled Common gives the common industry parlance for that channel.
www.chem.hawaii.edu /uham/catvfreq.html   (400 words)

 5 to 110 Channel CATV VSB/AM Fiber Optic Video Links
The system is also suitable for transferring 80 CATV channels along with 30 digital QAM channels in the upper frequency range.
The Model 2804 may be used with the Model 2807 Mini-node Receiver for use in return path and multiple splitter applications or with the Model 2808 Optical CATV Receiver for basic 110 channel CATV transmission.
The Model 2807 Mini-node CATV fiber optic receiver working with either the Model 2804 or 2805 transmitter provides CATV distribution headend operators with an extensive array of features that offer a low-cost solution to increase system performance.
www.agtprint.com /s03/htmfiles/catv.html   (1566 words)

 HELIOS(R) Coaxial Cable UL Approval fm China   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
CATV coaxial cable is the physical foamed PE cable, high frequency and low loss.
Triath Electronic is the preferred choice of wire and cable users throughout the world.
Triath Electronic provides coaxial cable, coaxial wire, EDM wire, CATV coaxial cable, multi-core computer cable, audio cable and cable Assembly in China.
www.triathsatellite.com   (548 words)

 Solarwinds CATV Modem Status
The CATV Subscriber Modem Details tool can provide your customer service and engineering teams with a real-time view of the health of your broadband network and the customer's home environment.
With this application CATV field technicians can access vital network health statistics and modem status from remote locations such as the customer site or head-end.
Real-time troubleshooting and Analysis of CATV networks and modem connections has never been this easy.
www.extralan.co.uk /products/Diagnostic-Tools/Solarwinds/Catvmodemstatus.htm   (613 words)

 CATV Subscriber Modem Status
The CATV Subscriber Modem Status application is ideal for a first or second tier help desk support.
By being able to quickly determine the state of the subscriber modem it is possible perform critical initial analysis on the communications path possibly reduce the number of dispatches to the customer's premises.
The next release of the CATV Subscriber Modem Status will have a presentation very similar to the current Orion Web version of the CATV Subscriber Modem Status application.
solarwinds.net /CATV/Engineers/CATV_Tools/CATV_Subscriber_Modem_Status   (173 words)

 CATV / RF Filters & Traps
Tin Lee Electronics is a leading supplier of Deletion Filters, Channel Filters, CATV (Cable Television) Filters, Traps, Parts and Components for TV and Cable TV Systems
High attenuation filters, with extremely sharp roll-offs, specially designed to delete specific channel(s) from the CATV spectrum to allow insertion of local content.
To refer to CATV or Broadcast channel or frequency - Click on
www.tinlee.com /CATV_Filters_Menu.htm   (284 words)

 Stanford Copyright & Fair Use - Primary Materials
The author's conceptions have become the common property of his readers, who cannot be deprived of the use of them, nor of their right to communicate them to another clothed in their own language, by lecture or by treatise."
The Supreme Court held that irrespective of the distance from the broadcasting station, the reception and retransmission of its signal by a CATV system does not constitute a "performance" of a copyrighted work.
Aiken, 422 U.S. Twentieth Century's copyrighted songs were received on the radio in Aiken's food shop from a local broadcasting station, which was licensed by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers to perform the songs, but Aiken had no such license.
fairuse.stanford.edu /primary_materials/index.html   (4311 words)

 Buyers and sellers of new and used cable equipment - Coast CATV Equipment Supply
Their Broadband Instruments and Systems offers test, analysis and quality management solutions for the major cable television systems around the world.  We feature The Model 2, Model 2 Lite, Installer's SLM and Software Toolbox products.
Coast CATV Equipment Supply represents many of the finest companies in the industry.
Featuring the CATV industry's leading manufacturers, our product line includes equipment by Jerrold (GI); Philips-Magnavox; C-COR, Texscan, Augat, CommScope, Gilbert, PPC, LRC, Scientific Atlanta (SA), Sencore, Pico Macom, Holland and for our DSS line Hughes.
www.coastcatvsupply.com   (399 words)

CATV, Cable Television, Community Antenna TeleVision, Electrical Engineering Software, mostly FREE
BEETZ is an OLD DOS application, which predicts CSO (composite second order) and CTB (composite triple beat) distortion product frequencies in a multi carrier CATV (community antenna television) system.
You have to have a local printer connected to LPT1 (the parallel port), and output is hardcopy only.
www.geocities.com /gregsdownloadpage/catv.html   (89 words)

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