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Topic: CBC Newsworld

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In the News (Thu 22 Aug 19)

  CBC Newsworld - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
CBC Newsworld is a Canadian 24-hour news cable television channel operated by the CBC.
CBC Newsworld originally broadcasted from studios in Halifax, Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary, reflecting the coast-to-coast nature of the service.
Newsworld International was sold to Vivendi Universal in 2000, and sold again to Al Gore and Joel Hyatt in 2004.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/CBC_Newsworld   (534 words)

 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Newsworld
Federal cabinet actions, however, modified the conditions of the license by insisting that CBC Newsworld involve the private sector in their operations and that they develop a similar French-language service.
The perception that CBC has a central Canadian bias, and therefore that it does not adequately reflect the diverse interests and locations of the nation as a whole, also surfaced as a criticism of the CRTC decision.
In a bid to address the issue of CBC's centralization in Toronto, CBC Newsworld began by situating its broadcast centres in Halifax, Winnipeg and Calgary.
www.museum.tv /archives/etv/C/htmlC/canadianbro/canadianbro.htm   (605 words)

 CBC/Radio-Canada - CRTC Submissions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Newsworld is proud of its record as an efficient, lean operation.
If Newsworld is a success story — and we believe it is — we're here as a reminder that all genuine Canadian success stories that speak to the heart and soul of this country are fragile.
Newsworld is requesting an increase from 55 cents a month to 63 cents a month.
www.cbc.radio-canada.ca /submissions/crtc/6_6_7.shtml   (2044 words)

 CBC Newsworld - Canada national news TV network at Mondo Times
CBC Newsworld is a Canada TV network covering news » general.
CBC Newsworld is a Canadian 24-hour news cable television channel which broadcasts into over 10 million homes in Canada and some northern states of the US.
CBC Newsworld contact information is available to Mondo Times Advanced and Professional Members.
www.mondotimes.com /2/topics/5/news/1/7755   (136 words)

 Science Fiction Writer Robert J. Sawyer: CBC Newsworld and the Columbia Heroes
A producer from CBC Newsworld (the public broadcaster's national cable news channel up here) was on the phone and told me that contact had been lost with Columbia.
He put me on hold, with the CBC Newsworld audio in the background, while my wife put on the TV, and we flipped back and forth between channels, watching the breaking news.
CBC Newsworld just interviewed writer Robert Sawyer for his reflections on the shuttle program and potential causes of the disaster.
www.sfwriter.com /cbccolum.htm   (740 words)

 Marketing Magazine | Specialty: CBC Newsworld   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
As CBC Newsworld prepares to launch a new season, our strategy is to continue building a news network that is indispensable to Canadians, providing a service that reflects the heartbeat of this country as well as covering the world through Canadian eyes.
CBC Newsworld will expand its coverage and discussion of international affairs during the upcoming season, as well as launching new examinations of the increasingly crucial areas of Canadian media and Canadian law.
CBC Newsworld's energetic live arts and entertainment weekly magazine/talk show hosted by Jian Ghomeshi embarks on its first full season after a successful launch in March 2002.
www.marketingmag.ca /magazine/current/fall_preview_02/article.jsp?content=20020701_22061   (902 words)

 Inside the CBC
CBC News: The National was named best newscast, The National’s Patrick Brown won the award for best reportage and anchor Peter Mansbridge won best host in a news information series for Canada Votes: Your Turn With the Leaders.
CBC 10pm vs CTV 11pm vs Global 5:30pm.) The problem with their math is that The National is aired over three or four broadcasts on CBC TV and Newsworld.
Anchored by Peter Mansbridge and featuring a small CBC News team led by executive producer Jon Whitten aboard the icebreaker Louis S. St. Laurent, these were the first live national television newscasts broadcast ever from the Arctic.
www.insidethecbc.com /category/platforms/newsworld   (2142 words)

 Response to CBC letters (Joe Clark, 2006.05.04)
CBC admits that it has an in-house style guide (a copy of which was requested as part of this proceeding), but CBC does not explain the research basis for its contents.
CBC policy for use of upper case is consistent with the correct usage as stipulated in the CAB closed-captioning guidelines.
CBC would never countenance the use of electronic newsroom captioning for live news broadcasts, since it is unequivocally inappropriate and is a failure as an accessibility method for deaf viewers.
joeclark.org /access/captioning/CBC/background/response1   (10848 words)

 Watch CBC and learn...
CBC has a real take of what really happens around the world, aiming expecially at those country that are not often mentioned by the other mainstream media channels.
CBC is a quite but popular station that should have more recognition, many jurnalist working for the network have discovered stories that we never thought possible.
CBC Newsworld (which isn’t publically funded), is currently owned by Al Gore..
www.gnn.tv /blogs/6990/Watch_CBC_and_learn?r=4   (791 words)

 DaVinci: Bookmarks> C> cbc
It took a while from its theatrical release in 1983 for the period piece about Ralphie and his wish for a BB gun to...
New CBC Chair Plans to Expand Clout by Expanding TechnologyChicago Defender, IL - Dec 18, 2006C.), says the 43-member CBC will now be strengthened through the use of cutting-edge technology.
Insurance Compensation for Alberta Girl Injured in the Womb called...Lifesite, NY - Dec 22, 2006The CBC reports that Brooklyn now requires 24 hour a day care after she was born severely brain damaged and blind, with cerebral palsy and epilepsy.
www.bluegrassdavinci.com /ODP/Bookmarks/C/cbc   (335 words)

 CBC, Biased, militants
Unlike the CBC not everyone in the country is required to be a middle-of-the road anti-American, pro-Kyoto, Liberal.
Fraser said that a left-wing and anti-American bias within the CBC is a given and not debatable, yet he failed to give any concrete illustrations of that bias that could be put to Burman to argue the point.
Fraser’s criticism of bias was limited to the argument that the CBC was publicly funded, saying in effect that it is permissible for privately held media to be biased.
www.canadafreepress.com /2004/media031504.htm   (748 words)

 The Ghost of a flea
For now, I have to ask for patience in a moment of terrible consequences while the CBC gets its act together to provide a transcript and an explanation of the remarks made by their anchor this morning.
I do not expect to hear from the CBC before Monday at the earliest given the office of the ombudsman is not open on the weekend.
She cited a "space expert" - referring to writer Robert Sawyer - in which "over-confidence" in the face of "fear and tension" due to potential hostilities in the Middle East could have lead NASA to go ahead with the flight despite possible damage to one of Columbia's wings.
ghostofaflea.blogspot.com /2003_01_26_ghostofaflea_archive.html   (2836 words)

 CBC NEWSWORLD ONLINE - Program Schedule
With reports from CBC foreign correspondents and documentaries from around the globe.
Broadcast live from studios in Halifax and the Toronto Broadcasting Centre, CBC Morning brings viewers breaking news and up-to-the-minute coverage of sports and weather reports.
Archival footage from news reports and documentaries is combined with interviews with CBC reporters who covered the story as it was unfolding.
newsworld.cbc.ca /programs/schedule/s_thiswk.html   (2421 words)

 CBC Newsworld   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
'''CBC Newsworld''' is a 24-hour cable television news channel operated by the CBC.
Some of CBC Newsworld's programming also airs on Newsworld International, a US owned and operated cable news network.
Newsworld International was sold to Vivendi Universal in 2000, and sold again to Al Gore and Joel Hyatt in 2004 Newsworld will continue to provide for the network's programming until the Gore and Hyatt launch their own network, Current TV, on August 1, 2005.
cbc-newsworld.iqnaut.net   (231 words)

 Decision CRTC 97-575
The CBC Affiliates and CAB stated that the broadcast of Air Farce and This Hour by both the CBC network and CBC Newsworld would fragment the audiences for these programs, thereby diluting the programs' commercial value to the CBC Affiliates and diminishing their ability to fulfil programming commitments.
The CBC Affiliates also suggested that approval could result in the cross-subsidization of CBC Newsworld's program costs by the publicly-funded CBC, to the disadvantage of conventional broadcasters.
A majority of the Commission, however, is not convinced that such programs are a suitable component of a news specialty service such as CBC Newsworld, and is concerned that their inclusion in the service could have unwelcome implications and consequences for the Canadian specialty services industry.
www.crtc.gc.ca /archive/eng/Decisions/1997/DB97-575.htm   (834 words)

 The Garret Tree: CBC 63: Sailing into uncertainty
The orphans in all this are CBC Newsworld and CBC.ca.
Newsworld, I understand, is hurting and hurting badly, both from the constant reruns of Antiques Roadshow and The Nature of Things and by the enhanced coverage of Katrina by CTV NewsNet as well as the usual competition Newsworld would face from CNN at a time like this.
Newsworld provides a significant proportion of the television news budget and TV news staff and on-air material.
robinrowland.com /garret/2005/09/cbc-63-sailing-into-uncertainty.html   (1758 words)

 MediaCanada :: CBC :: Sound Clips
Clean version of the CBC News ident used at the beginning of every CBC News program.
CBC's 1993 "This is CBC Public Broadcasting" Ident.
The popular theme used during CBC's coverage of the Olympic Games.
mediacanada.prismtech.ca /cbc/sounds.htm   (90 words)

 Honest Reporting Canada - CBC's "Checkpoint": A Barrier to Understanding
The same day that CBC broadcast the documentary, a Palestinian teen and a Palestinian woman were arrested while trying to kill Israeli soldiers at checkpoints
The CBC, as a journalistic organization, must ensure that its programming is fair and balanced.
CBC's introductory voice-over and closing note failed to mention the deadly violence that brought about the checkpoints.
www.honestreporting.ca /English/12241-CBC-Checkpoint.html   (668 words)

 CBC Newsworld and/or CTV Newsnet In U.S. - SatelliteGuys.US
As a matter of fact, Newsworld and NHL Center Ice programming were the reason why I selected D* when I relocated from the 'Great White North'.
It had some Newsworld programming on it, but it was news from around the world.
CBC sold it off, and then two or three different owners had.
www.satelliteguys.us /showthread.php?t=58563   (991 words)

 Hacking the Mothercorp: Inside the CBC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
We talked about the role of CBC Radio producers, who are mostly inside the building, and the role that bloggers/podcasters/citizens could play to supplement the content.
I recently tried to locate someone inside the CBC who might be interested in producing/sponsoring a blog that a theatre company is writing about their cross-Canada Fringe Festival tour (www.liesthatbind.com).
As for CBC TV, I love the homegrown journalism and content such as the Foreign Correspondants Forum and the series of docs on The Passionate Eye.
www.insidethecbc.com /platforms/radio1/hacking-the-mothercorp   (1622 words)

 Walter Daschko on CBC Newsworld’s “Anatomy of a Revolution” | Maidan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
I haven't seen the CBC program yet (I am in the U.S.), but agree strongly with you that the Orange Revolution was about the Ukrainian people, not about U.S.-Russian rivalry.
As a matter of common courtesy, not to mention fairness, if CBC and other media organizations are going to broadcast such things, they should at minimum make arrangements for the people they're talking about to have a look at it.
Let CBC and/or anyone else who wants to talk about the revolution and why it happened, do so within the context of free and FAIR media -- not rude, behind-the-back broadcasts that border on libel and slander against the millions of people who are really responsible for the Orange Revolution.
eng.maidanua.org /node/150   (2380 words)

 CBC Sucks! Sound off on the CBC and Hockey Night in Canada. Be counted and be heard.
I wouldn't be suprised if both of these losers were wearing Cane's jersey's the way they were carrying on about how good all the Cane's players are, I was starting to think that there was only one team on the ice.
Go ahead and have your idiotic website and tune in to Fox News but remeber the CBC is for Canadians and about Canadians and I have not found that anywhere else on TV.
CBC deficiencies are a reflection of these politically polarized problems.
www.cbcsucks.com /cbc-rants.htm   (2098 words)

 CBC News:Author, broadcaster Alex Barris dies
He and his wife returned to Canada in 1976, however, to be closer to their children Ted and Katy.
He also wrote about his CBC experiences, publishing two books about Front Page Challenge.
CBC does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of external sites.
www.ijpc.org /barrisdeath.htm   (511 words)

 CBC captioning errors and omissions (Joe Clark)
From November 2002 to 11 October 2005, I kept detailed notes on captions that were missing (130 cases) and incorrect or improper (39 cases) on CBC Television and Newsworld.
Program intro has CBC and CBC Monday Night in red, except at the end when it’s in ital.
CBC lost signal (except for the bug!) for over a minute, then ran a title card for a similar time.
joeclark.org /access/captioning/CBC/errors/CBC-caption-errors.html   (1840 words)

 CBC Newsworld: Joan Donaldson Scholarship
In 1999, CBC Newsworld established the Joan Donaldson Scholarship for aspiring journalists in honour of Joan Donaldson, the founding Head of Newsworld and one of the CBC’s journalistic leaders.
Throughout her distinguished career, Joan Donaldson helped talented young Canadians realize their journalistic potential in CBC newsrooms and in the classrooms of Ryerson and The University of Western Ontario.
The CBC Newsworld Joan Donaldson Scholarship continues her mission.
www.cbc.ca /joandonaldsonscholars   (67 words)

 CBC Blogging Manifesto | MetaFilter
August 13, 2006 10:18 PM CBC Blogging Manifesto Tired of waiting for CBC, Canada’s national public broadcaster, to come up with a blogging policy, CBC bloggers – including the infamous pseudonymous blogger A.
CBC's problems are that the only really good things to watch on CBC are The National, the 10pm news show — and it really is very well done news, in my humble media-crazy opinion — and Hockey Night in Canada.
CBC Radio rocks, except for the new Freestyle show in the afternoon, which is just embarrassing.
www.metafilter.com /mefi/53862   (744 words)

CBC has some good documentaries on this week.
cbc usualy has great shows and docs (documentarys) the fifth estate is one of my fav shows
Missle you can get everything the cbc offers weekly mailed to your email address, just go to their website and join and request a weekly digest.
forums.canadiancontent.net /canadian-politics/34903-cbc.html   (901 words)

 Fall 2004 Highlights: CBC Newsworld -- CHANNEL CANADA
The return of our documentary festival, Cinema Real, which was launched last October to mark 10 years of CBC Newsworld's support for independent documentary makers in Canada.
This year will see a record number of new Canadian documentaries broadcast by CBC Newsworld.
CBC News: Morning will be expanding to seven nights a week.
www.channelcanada.com /Article473.html   (357 words)

 Playback - Articles - CBC sells Newsworld Int'l, Trio
The cbc and partner Power Broadcasting have sold their two u.s.-based cable television channels - trio and Newsworld International - to USA Cable for a combined sum of $155 million - $75 million of which goes to the cbc, which is in the process of planning mass regional cuts on account of budget restraints.
Launched in 1994, the two channels, which over the last six years collectively garnered 11.7 million satellite and cable subscribers, were equally owned and managed by the cbc and Power Broadcasting, a subsidiary of Power Corporation of Canada.
As part of the deal, cbc has signed a long-term, program-supply agreement with USA Cable, a division of USA Networks, to continue as the content provider for nwi, one of the only 24-hour news networks dedicated to global news in the u.s.
www.playbackmag.com /articles/magazine/20000529/29277.html   (353 words)

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