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Topic: CDROM

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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

  Hydroponics FAQ
The CDROM is the web site, which has The Hydroponics Manual, the catalogue and extensive datasheets for many of the products in the catalogue.
Alternatively, the CDROM may have been created with a CD Writer and this may be the cause of problems.
The CDROM is intended to work on MacOS, AmigaOS, RISCOS, SunOS, Solaris, Irix, OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, QNX and Linux.
www.1-hydroponics.co.uk /faq.htm#cdrom   (2075 words)

 First Attempt at Creating a Bootable Live Filesystem on a CDROM LG #54
You want to boot off the cdrom and use it for most of the core files for your operating system and use your hard drive for other stuff.
You use the cdrom for most of the core filesystem, a ramdisk for /tmp, and NFS for everything else.
Realize that a floppy, cdrom, or a hard drive partition can be treated the same in most respects.
www.linuxgazette.com /issue54/nielsen.html   (1683 words)

 Honeywall CDROM FAQ
Also, the CDROM allows organizations to standardize their deployments, making them easier to manage and centralize/analyze the data they collect.
The CDROM is based on a modified version of William Salusky's FIRE CD.
The CDROM is very complex in that it is running a variety of different tools that are doing jobs they were never expected to.
project.honeynet.org /tools/cdrom/eeyore/faq.html   (794 words)

 CDRom & DVDRom   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
If you install most CDRom drives as a slave on your DMA66 or faster hard drive interface, results will be unpredictable and most likely annoying.
I highly recommend installing CDRom drives on IDE 2, and running it in DMA33 modes unless you know for a fact that the CDRom is as fast as your hard drive.
Please note though, that if the CDRom is not DMA66 (most currently are not), then they should not share a cable with a DMA66 hard drive interface (the cable typically has blue, fl and gray connectors and finer wires in the cable).
www.partshelf.com /cdromdrives.html   (1684 words)

 CDROM with pp created executable will not eject
Hello, I have been trying to track down a problem whose core symptom seems to be that, if the cdrom has an executable on it that was created with pp, it will not be ejectable.
I put in the blank cdrom, let windows pop up the cdrom drive window, copy hello.exe to it, and then click on "Write These Files To CD (if memory serves correctly).
Having a CDROM with an executable created with pp seems to be the kiss of death such that I need to shut down and reboot to get my cdrom to eject.
www.talkaboutprogramming.com /group/perl.par/messages/1104.html   (293 words)

PROPRIETY CDROM'S. While Windows 95 and up usually have their own CDROM drivers, you can't load the Windows program from a CDROM Installation Disk without DOS Mode access to the CDROM.
If you install a CDROM program when your CDROM is D drive then add another hard disk, set up a Ramdisk, add a ZIP Drive first or create a Doublespace or Drivespace drive, the letter will move up the alphabet and the program will no longer work.
If you have a CDROM that is designed to connect to the sound card instead of the IDE, you have to use extra settings to make it work.
www.geocities.com /politalk/cdrom/cddos.htm   (1335 words)

 Free Pascal - cdrom package
From this TOC a DISC ID can be computed which can be used to query a CDDB server such as the one on freecddb.org.
cdrom this unit contains the routines to determine which CD-ROM devices exist on the system, and to read the TOC of a cdrom in one of the devices.
getdiscid demonstrates the cdrom and discid unit by calculating the disc-id from a cdrom in a disc drive.
www.freepascal.org /packages/cdrom.html   (254 words)

 How to use the cdrom drives on the HPUX workstations
To use a CDROM (not an audio CD) under a unix/linux operating system you must first "mount" the cd so that it is available for use.
To mount a CDROM in the ECE HPUX computing labs the procedure is as follows.
Make sure no files on the CDROM are open by any applications and that you are not in any of the /cdrom directories in any of your terminal windows.
www.ece.osu.edu /computing/how_to_cdrom.html   (218 words)

 Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Compact Disc Players and CDROM Drives
The transformation of CD players and CDROMs from laboratory curiosities to the economical household appliances that have revolutionized the musical recording industry and have made possible multimedia computing depend on the availability of two technologies: low power low cost solid state laser diodes and mass produced large scale integrated circuits.
Modern CDROM drives with specs that sound too good to be true (and are) may run at constant angular speed achieving their claimed transfer rate only for data near the outer edge of the disc.
The Sony CDU-31/33A CDROM Optical Deck is typical of the mechanism found in lower performance models that use a screw drive for sled positioning.
www.repairfaq.org /sam/cdfaq.htm   (20668 words)

 SCO Free OSR5 IDE and ATAPI CDROM Installation Instructions.
If you have an ATAPI CDROM drive attached to one of these, move it to an IDE port that is NOT on the sound card.
The CDROM may be installed as either a Master or Slave on either the Primary or Secondary IDE port.
CDROM drives are inherently block counting (SCSI) devices.
members.cruzio.com /~jeffl/sco/ide.htm   (3454 words)

 The PC Guide Discussion Forums - Lost drive letter for cdrom
I have lost my cdrom drive letter - it does not show or read cd's but the bios says it is there.
It worked before and cdrom was drive e: as was harddisk master c: and harddisk slave d:.
I tried to see if I could change drive letter to e: on cdrom in system device manager but there is no setting tab to do that.
www.pcguide.com /vb/printthread.php?t=9618   (472 words)

 Computer Stupidities: CDs and CDROM Drives
Confusion about CDROM drives is enhanced further by the fact that they are so similar in appearance and function to 5 1/4" floppy disk drives and accept information stored on a commonly recognized medium.
He immediately demanded that a 16 speed cdrom drive be ordered to replace the 4 speed drive in his own computer, because he just needed it to do his work.
Someone had decided that the CD key needed to be on the disk itself in addition to being on the sticker on the jewel case and had scratched it into the label side of the CD, destroying the disk.
rinkworks.com /stupid/cs_cdroms.shtml   (2661 words)

 Annoyances.org - disappearing CDROM drives (Windows 98 Discussion Forum)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
I found that the only way to get the machine to recognize the drives is to disconnect them from the board (physically) and boot/shutdown, and then reconnect them to the board and boot.
Since it happens with BOTH cdrom drives, I don't think it is the individual drivers.
I suspect something with the mscdex file of something that is keeping the machine from recognizing a CDROM drive (no matter how many).
www.annoyances.org /exec/forum/win98/1026133345   (292 words)

 Emulator II - CDROM's
Optical Media International Three CDROM's were introduced by OMI in January 1986 (at the Winter NAMM).
They were the first ever sample CDROM's produced in the world.
They can be used with both the Oberheim DPX-1 and the Emulator II, provided you have the special OMI CDROM drive which unfortunatley is no longer available.
www.emulatorarchive.com /Samplers/E2Overview/E2CDROM/e2cdrom.html   (150 words)

 Short-Media Forums - Can not boot to CDROm Drive
This cdrom is bootable because it came out of another box where it was used many times to boot to the install cd for 2k and xp.
What ended up working was setting 1st boot device to CDrom and all others to "none" And for some odd reason after getting the os installed it never did that again.
One thing you might try though that I don't think you've tried yet is to set the cdrom on cable select and put it on the master (end) plug of an 80 conductor cable.
www.short-media.com /forum/printthread.php?t=15558   (1654 words)

 Honeywall CDROM
The purpose of the Honeywall CDROM is to make it easier to deploy, manage, and derive value from honeynet technologies.
If not otherwise specified, the software on the CDROM falls under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.
Any software on this CDROM developed by the Honeynet Project is copyright the Honeynet Project and falls under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.
www.honeynet.org /tools/cdrom   (309 words)

 NR CDROM Prospectus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
This CDROM, compatible with Windows and Macintosh computers (with another version for UNIX and Linux), brings together in a single omnibus edition all the source code from all the Numerical Recipes books, and many extras.
Included with this CDROM is a license to use all the copyrighted Numerical Recipes code on a single Windows or Macintosh computer; order ISBN 0-521-75035-0.
Compatibility: The Windows/Macintosh version is a true hybrid CDROM, which will come up on Windows machines as a standard Joliet (long file name) file system, and on Macintosh machines as a native HFS file system.
www.nr.com /cdrom-blurb.html   (542 words)

 Proposal for low-mem cdrom install and minimum kernel versions thereof
A small initrd is booted with enough stuff on it to find and mount the cdrom.
On the cdrom a huge initrd image is stored with all the udebs installed that anna would pull in of a cdrom anyway.
Two if there should be a cdrom wth and without base debs.
lists.debian.org /debian-boot-0310/msg01295.html   (448 words)

I took out the CDROM drive from the package, found it to be in a very nicely designed box.
Packaged together with the CDROM drive is a CDROM installation diskette, leaflet and a CDROM audio cable that is usually not packaged with other brands of CDROM drives.
The CDROM drive is tested on a ABIT BH6 with Celeron 266 o/c 448Mhz 96Mb of SDRAM using Windows 95 OSR 2.1.
members.fortunecity.com /overclocker/avcorner/aopen40x.htm   (727 words)

 Free Radio-Sky CDROM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
We are offering the Radio-Sky CDROM I free of charge to patrons who order any book, coffee, Radio-SkyPipe, or Radio-Jupiter Pro Software License.
If you request the CDROM with a software license order (no books or coffee), then shipping for the CDROM will be added to your credit card order.
If you order the CDROM with a book purchase, there will be no extra charge for shipping the CDROM.
www.radiosky.com /free_cdrom.html   (144 words)

 Chapter¬†6.¬†Making a Bootable LRP CDROM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
Getting packages loaded from the CDROM presents somewhat of a problem, since it is unclear as to what the device filename of the CDROM will be.
This also permits the CDROM to be loaded from using an arbitrary boot diskette.
If the file containing a list of packages to load is on the CDROM, then the flexibility is greatly reduced as the configurations available are limited to the files found on disk.
leaf.sourceforge.net /doc/guide/bootableCD.html   (505 words)

 apt-cdrom(8): APT CDROM management utility - Linux man page
It will unmount the CDROM device, prompt for a disk to be inserted and then procceed to scan it and copy the index files.
APT uses a CDROM ID to track which disc is currently in the drive and maintains a database of these IDs in /var/lib/apt/cdroms.list
Mount point; specify the location to mount the cdrom.
www.die.net /doc/linux/man/man8/apt-cdrom.8.html   (457 words)

 Kenwood 40X True X CDROM drive
The installation of this CDROM drive is goes storyless as it is not more or less complicated than to install any other CDROM drives.
For this reason, this test is absolutely useless to test a CDROM drive such as the Kenwood 40X40 as this drive is spinning at a constant speed which is much lower than conventional 40X CDROM drives.
Furthernore, the fact that this drive is not spinning as fast as conventional CDROM drive is contributing to a great point to the noise reduction of the drive when in use.
www.active-hardware.com /english/reviews/cdrom/hival40x.htm   (819 words)

 Radio-Sky Custom CDROM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
This CDROM is individually created after you order so that the latest versions of the software can be sent to you.
You must have a CDROM drive that is capable of reading a CD-Recordable type disk.
The cost of the CDROM does not include any license or upgrade for the software.
www.radiosky.com /customcdrom.html   (76 words)

 cdrom   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
Probably the most versatile form of presentation, a cdrom can illustrate a concept or design much more efficiently than any other format.
They can explore the cdrom at their leisure and identify areas of their particular interest.
Business card sized cdroms can be produced for the smaller presentations.
www.gmcg.cadol.com /html/cdrom.html   (118 words)

 Burning a bootable CDRom for Solaris
The work of Victoria Lau (vlau@msmail2.hac.com) 'Log file to customize the Solaris 2.5 boot cdrom' and a paper of James Hutchinson (lsharp@taz.hutch.org) 'Summary: How to build a Solaris bootable CDROM' helped alot, but these documents are Solaris 2.5 specific.
When issuing the boot cdrom command from the boot promt the system loads its specific bootblock and gets redirected to slice 1 to start loading the kernel.
The partition map of the CDROM is specified in the VTOC together with a checksum.
www.trash.net /~lkarrer/solcdburn.html   (1831 words)

 Annoyances.org - re: disappearing CDROM drives (Windows 98 Discussion Forum)
Try removing your CDrom from device manager and restart, let the machine find and install them automatically.
Since it happens with BOTH cdrom drives, I don't think it is the individual
>reconnect the drives and reboot; then the machine recognizes the cdrom drives.
www.annoyances.org /exec/forum/win98/1026134197   (361 words)

 Cdrom motors   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
Not wishing to use my Schulze controller as I had heard they were not happy on cdrom motors, I tried again using the Castle Creations Pheonix10 controller.
Alas at first it didn't run well, losing sync with the motor as soon as a load was presented.
This is the first cdrom motor I took apart and I think is from a no-name 32X cd drive.
homepages.enterprise.net /jayjay/cdrom_motors.htm   (2099 words)

 sample arena's sample CDROMs
This CDROM is compiled from all types of instruments, loops, drums, percussions, atmospheres and sound effects.
This CDROM by a russian producer Eugene Anoshkin brings you the sound of the finest russian synthesizers - multisamples, single notes, phrases, arpeggios, sound effects, pads, basses, etc...
This CDROM by produced by AJV Productions is packed with real, live played drums, individual hits recorded at various hit strengths + live played break loops and percussions...
cdrom.samplearena.com   (760 words)

 Enhanced Linux IDE/ATAPI multiplatter cdrom project
Among the cdrom drivers is the EIDE based cdrom driver.
Among one of the changes the Linux EIDE/ATAPI cdrom driver maintainer, Scott Snyder, has included is the work of Gerhard Zuber to support ATAPI multiplatter cdrom changers.
The Linux EIDE/ATAPI multiplatter cdrom project was created with the assumption that there is always room for improvement.
orion.it.luc.edu /~bgallia/cdrom.html   (801 words)

I have removed cdwriter and when i connected my LG cdrom, it is asking for the drivers.
i have lg 52x hl-dt-st cdrom with model number gcr-8523b working in windows98 but suddenly it says please insert the disk even though disk is in the cdrom after sometime again it is working properly and again after several minutes it is not working completely what i have to do can anybody help me
I have lg 52x hl-dt-st cdrom with model number gcr-8523b working in windows xp but suddenly it says please insert the disk even though disk is in the cdrom.
www.siliconguide.com /qa/forum/messages/134.shtml   (1537 words)

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