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  CE Mark, CE marking, CE certification and CE Approval at CEMarking.Net
The CE mark is a mandatory European marking for certain product groups to indicate conformity with the essential health and safety requirements set out in European Directives.
Without the CE marking, and thus without complying with the provisions of the Directives, the product may not be placed in the market or put into service in the fifteen member states of the European Union and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.
The CE marking is consequently largely for the benefit of the authorities.
www.cemarking.net   (767 words)

  Windows CE - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Windows CE is a distinctly different kernel, rather than a "trimmed down" version of desktop Windows.
Windows CE is optimized for devices that have minimal storage — a Windows CE kernel may run in under a megabyte of memory.
Windows CE 3.0 is a modular operating system that serves as the foundation of several classes of devices.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Windows_CE   (1031 words)

 Cerium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cerium is a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Ce and atomic number 58.
Cerium is a silvery metallic element, belonging to the lanthanide group.
(OH), monazite (Ce, La, Th, Nd, Y)PO bastnasite(Ce, La, Y)CO F, hydroxylbastnasite (Ce, La, Nd)CO (OH, F), rhabdophane (Ce, La, Nd)PO O, and synchysite Ca(Ce, La, Nd, Y)(CO Monazite and bastnasite are presently the two most important sources of cerium.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cerium   (955 words)

 The use of CE and BCE  to identify dates
CE stands for "Common Era." It is a relatively new term that is experiencing increased usage and is eventually expected to replace AD.
Most theologians and religious historians believe that the approximate birth date of Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus) was in the fall, sometime between 7 and 4 BCE, although we have seen estimates as late as 4 CE and as early as the second century BCE.
Although CE and BCE were originally used mainly within theological writings, the terms are gradually receiving greater usage in secular writing, the media, and in the culture generally.
www.religioustolerance.org /ce.htm   (1781 words)

 One-stop CE Marking (CE Mark) Information Source: Everything you need to know about CE marking - World's most ...
CE mark approval, CE testing, CE mark requirements, etc.
CE Marking may be achieved through several modules.
The Product Certificate of Registration for CE Marking obtained from one EU member state is valid for the entire EFTA plus EU market, i.e.
www.ce-marking.org   (798 words)

 CE - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
the CE mark is a stylized "CE" placed on products to signify conformance with European Union regulations.
CE stands for Conformité Européenne (European health and safety product label).
Common Era, Current Era, or Christian Era (this year is 2006 CE).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/CE   (199 words)

 Windows CE Computer Encyclopedia Enterprise Resource Directory Complete Guide to Internet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Windows CE was developed to be a customisable operating system for embedded {applications}.
For example, as on {Windows NT}, all applications running on Windows CE run in a fully {preemptive multitasking} environment, in fully {protected memory} spaces.
The {touch screen} API and the built-in support for the Windows CE {database} are not found in other Windows operating systems.
www.jaysir.com /computer-encyclopedia/w/windows-ce-computer-terms.htm   (257 words)

 CE - the simple unix text editor   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
CE is a simple, easy to use unix text editor.
CE will allow new-comers to unix and those who aren't technically minded, or those who just dont want to have to learn one of the initially user unfriendly editors that are commonly found in a unix environment.
CE in comparison to emacs or vi has just about no features but it has enough to allow decent text editing for the average joe.
jolomo.net /ce   (277 words)

 CE Nordic Project on Climate and Energy :: Impacts of Climate Change on Renewable Energy Resources and their role in ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
CE Nordic Project on Climate and Energy :: Impacts of Climate Change on Renewable Energy Resources and their role in the Nordic Energy System
Climate and Energy (CE) is a new Nordic research project with funding from the Nordic Energy Research.
Here are information on the organization of CE and participants, a project schedule will be published here for each group and achievements reported.
www.os.is /ce   (272 words)

 Untitled Document
The CE mark (an acronym for the French "Conformite Europeene") certifies that a product has met EU health, safety, and environmental requirements, which ensure consumer and workplace safety.
Once a manufacturer has earned a CE mark for its product, it may affix the CE mark to its product, and then the product may be marketed throughout the EU without having to undergo further modifications in each member state.
Therefore, it is important to periodically visit the EU website http://www.newapproach.org that lists the CE mark directives and their standards.
www.ita.doc.gov /td/tic/ce_mark/ceintro.htm   (766 words)

 What is CE Marking (CE mark)?
The term initially used was "EC Mark" and it was officially replaced by "CE Marking" in the Directive 93/68/EEC in 1993.
CE Marking on a product is a manufacturer's declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislations, in practice by many of the so-called Product Directives.*
CE Marking on a product indicates to governmental officials that the product may be legally placed on the market in their country.
www.ce-marking.org /what-is-ce-marking.html   (874 words)

 DejaVu Software: Products: Ink Spot CE
Windows CE In the past, we have provided a table here which lists all of the configurations and has links to all of their respective zip and cab file archives.
If Ink Spot CE detects that the GDBM databases are corrupted, it now offers the user a chance to delete them rather than forcing the user to find them.
We're moving away from CE Databases, which will remove this restriction, and plan to be there within two releases.
www.dejavusoftware.com /inkce   (3036 words)

 Technorati Tag: CE
Tags: CE Related tags: 映画, 电子产品, PG, lifestyle, MER, owenq, Job, Fun, Photoshop.
CE Marking 24hr Free Helpdesk Experts in providing you with CE mark, CE marking, CE certification.
Cape Education (CE) Cape Education has provided professional education in the real estate, insurance and legal industries since 1974.
www.technorati.com /tag/CE   (453 words)

The ce marking directive (93/68/EEC) was adopted on 07-22-1993.
The ce marking directive gives a detailed description of the initials CE and any other marks specific to a particular directive and the ways conformity may be acquired.
In return for fulfilling the ce marking requirements, the manufacturer or its agent gets the opportunity to cover the entire European market using only one approval procedure for the topics covered in the miscellaneous directives.
www.cetest.nl /cemark0.htm   (331 words)

 Steve Makofsky's WebLog : Portable CE
Portable CE A few weeks back, I posted some thoughts portable applications (basically repackaged software, such as Portable Firefox and Thunderbird that run directly from a USB keychain, CDRW, etc).
Since Windows CE has a freely downloadable device emulator, I figured this could be a starting point for something interesting.
Portable Windows CE is a 'launcher' for the Windows CE device emulator that can run an emulator-based image from a USB keychain.
blogs.msdn.com /smakofsky/archive/2004/12/20/328001.aspx   (402 words)

 pharmacy ce, online pharmacy ce,free pharmacy ce online
Pharmacy CE Pharmacists are required to maintain their education by taking pharmacy CE or pharmacy continuing education.
Medscape - 10 or 20 CE courses; you must register to be eligible to participate.
Pharmacist.com - the mother lode of online CE; 100's to choose from; some charge a small fee, all of them are free to current APhA members.
www.coreynahman.com /freepharmacy_CE.html   (541 words)

 UL Europe: CE Marking
CE marking was introduced by the European Commission and it is the Commission who also set the conditions for use of the CE mark within the different CE mark directives.
With the CE marking, the manufacturer or his representative within the EU declare that the individual product is in compliance with the general safety regulations in the CE marking directives.
The CE mark is mandatory in the EU member countries
www.ul-europe.com /en/solutions/marks/ce.php   (294 words)

 CodeGuru: CE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The Windows CE Registry is a leaner version of its desktop cousin, so you may want to re-evaluate how you use it.
Understanding how CE uses and manages memory in general is the key to your ultimate success on the CE platforms.
If you are doing Windows CE development, now is the time to learn how to add shortcuts to the HPC and HPC Pro desktop and how to add programs and documents to the Start menu.
www.codeguru.com /Cpp/W-P/ce   (2320 words)

 Information and help with Windows CE
Microsoft Windows CE 1.0 was originally released in 1996 to compete in the Palm Device Assistant Category.
Windows CE, as shown below, has many of the same features as Windows 95.
Unfortunately, Windows CE 1.x and 2.x do not have the capability of determining the available space on the card; hopefully this will be corrected in upcoming releases of Windows CE.
www.computerhope.com /wince.htm   (285 words)

 APRS/CE Information
APRS/CE will locate all TNC files on the Windows CE device that are in the proper format and display them in a list for the user to pick from.
In case you are not familiar with the concept, different CE devices can have different brands of CPUs.
The installer would normally determine which.EXE file you would need, but since we are working outside of the realm of the installer, you'll need to figure out which CPU your device has, and download the appropriate.EXE for it.
www.tapr.org /~aprsce   (646 words)

 Nursing Encyclopedia
Eye Care and Vision Terms - Includes definitions of many eyecare and eye health words.
Franklin Electronics Publishers - offers electronic medical dictionaries available for handheld platforms such as Palm OS, Pocket PC and Windows CE.
Encyclopedia of Brain Injury Terms - Indexed encyclopedia of words relating to head and brain injuries.
www.rtstudents.com /rnstudents/rn-encyclopedia.htm   (804 words)

 CE, CE mark, 24hr Free CE Helpdesk, CE marking, CE certification, CCC mark
CE, CE mark, 24hr Free CE Helpdesk, CE marking, CE certification, CCC mark
Consultants Europe is active worldwide and offers a complete range of Technical and Legal services ensuring that products comply to the CE mark, CE marking, CE certifications and CCC mark regulations.
Our experts identify hazards, assess risks, carry out all applicable tests to determine the appropriate measures to meet with CE mark, CE marking, CE certification and CCC mark regulations.
www.ce-marking.nl   (226 words)

 Mark’s CE Offerings   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
However, it has been picked up, and the project can now be found here.
There is also a Python CE mailing list.
My old Python 1.5.2 CE pages can be found here.
starship.python.net /crew/mhammond/ce   (41 words)

 Windows CE Home Page
Windows CE releases monthly and quarterly updates, some of the updates are new 'bits' for the catalog, the Compact Framework 2.0 components for example, others are QFE's - here's the last three updates for Windows CE 5.0.
A key aspect of the modular design of Windows CE is that independent hardware vendors and independent software vendors can implement device drivers that support their own hardware without additional support from Microsoft.
With different levels of documentation, debugging and modification rights, the Windows CE Shared Source programs are essential tools to build better devices.
msdn.microsoft.com /embedded/windowsce/default.aspx   (1400 words)

 ComMedia for Windows CE
We now have a set of ActiveX Controls developed in ATL - a lightweight MS framework to create small and fast components - that are simple to use and provide you with extra functionality not directly available under VBCE or eVB.
These DLL's are customized to run on all the processors supported by Windows CE.
Microsoft, Windows CE, and Visual Basic are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
www.commedia.pt /ce   (428 words)

 WebCE - Insurance Continuing Education (Insurance CE)
Each year we deliver over 450,000 insurance CE courses.
Most of our online CE courses also qualify for CFP CE, Adjuster CE and other insurance license designations.
With WebCE it is easy to fulfill the CE requirements necessary to renew your license.
www.webce.com   (118 words)

 CE Mark (CE Marking) & European Authorized Representative services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Let a world leading consulting group be your professional & reliable European Authorized Representative for CE marking (CE mark) of Medical Devices (MDD), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Low Voltage Electrical Equipment (LVD), Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), WEEE and RoHS, Cosmetics, Toys, etc.
Make the EU market entrance simple: You need only ONE European Authorized Representative like Wellkang in the entire 25+3 European countries to deal exclusively with the CE marking regulatory issues, whereas you may have as many as you want importers, distributors and sales representatives in Europe.
Gain new EU market: as long as your products are affixed with CE Marking, importers, distributors and sales representatives will be easier to come by as they do not have to deal with complex conformity issues and product certification which require professional in-depth expertise.
www.ce-marking.com   (648 words)

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