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Topic: CEM organization

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  About CEM [Cem]
Known as CEM from the initials of its Spanish name "Centro de Estudios de la Mujer" it conducts research, training, communication and consulting programs, concentrating on the fields of labor and employment, citizenship and political participation, and public policy planning.
At CEM, new categories of analysis are used to interpret social realities and to impart gender-related findings to individuals and groups in ways that help them develop and increase their personal and organizational resources.
CEM has advised community groups and government policy makers in Chile since its founding and, at the request of international bodies, has consulted on numerous projects elsewhere in the region.
www.cem.cl /eque.htm   (470 words)

 Montana Department of Livestock
The clinical signs for CEM may be very mild to severe.
CEM diagnosis should be confirmed with laboratory tests.
Swabs for cultures in mares are taken from the cervix or endometrium of the uterus during estrus, clitoral fossa, and clitoral sinuses.
www.mt.gov /liv/animalhealth/diseases/cem/diagnosis.asp   (134 words)

CEM was formed to faciliate the both church planting efforts and to care for the great humanitarian need which surrounded Jaya
CEM is registered as non-profitable and charitable organization with the Government of India in the year 1989.
The Indian government granted FCRA status to CEM in the year 2001 so that outside funding could be received to help and to meet the growing needs and opportunities available in Andhra Pradesh.
www.cemindia.net   (216 words)

 Strativity Group
CEM is a fundamental shift in the relationship with customers and requires the customer to be an active participant in the process.
CEM, on the other hand, is emphasizing the length of the relationship and the treatment of the customer as a journey and not as a destination.
One of the key principles of CEM is the shift in responsibility from the headquarters to the branches and agents.
www.strativitygroup.com /index.php?page=qanda   (1151 words)

 Cem Textile Group & Cem tekstil & Cem İplik   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Cem Yarn Company is a corporation engaged in the manufacturing of yarn of a superior quality.
Cem Yarn Company intends to continue its commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry as a leader and innovator.
The organization displays this commitment to excellence by its use of the most advance machinery and its unwavering commitment to the development of its human capital that is at the core of its success in the industry.
www.cemyarn.com   (82 words)

 United States Sports Academy International Program
The host organization is responsible for the teaching venue, any AV equipment required, in-country domestic transfers, accommodations (room, board, and laundry) for the instructor in a first class hotel, and any governmental documentation such as visas, departure tax, or permits.
So, if your sport organization is looking for a combination of quality sport education programming delivered by an experienced leader in the profession on a cost effective basis, contact the United States Sports Academy for details.
The course also includes a study of fund raising in sports organizations and practical techniques that may be employed for this purpose.
www.ussa.edu /PROGRAMS/INTLPROG.asp   (1106 words)

 Sierra Leone
CEM is an umbrella organization of churches in Sierra Leone that is dedicated to the proposition that absolute poverty can be substantially reduced through concerted action.
CEM works with local churches in order to enhance the spiritual and socio-economic wellbeing of the people of Sierra Leone by contributing to the alleviation of hunger and poverty, controlling disease, fostering education and stimulating development.
CEM has acquired ten acres of land for the Missionary Baptist Church to construct a school building so that all the 500 destitute children can be enrolled in the program.
thepeacecompany.com /store/support/pggh_sierraleone.php   (859 words)

 Cooperation & Beyond
CEM+ is designed to provide top executives with a solid understanding of how customer experience can be used to create competitive advantage and differentiate your organization in the market.
CEM+ is a powerful tool in creating insight into your current customer experience and how to improve it.
CEM+ recommendations are straight forward and focus only on those key areas that add value to customers.
www.personaglobal.com /programs/progoverCEM.htm   (143 words)

 Anadolu Agency: News in English, 00-02-10
Cem noted that he held comprehensive meetings with Guenter Verheugen, the EU Commissioner for enlargement; Javier Solana, EU foreign policy chief, and the administrators of the European Investment Bank (EIB) which has an important role for Turkey's candidacy process.
Cem pointed out that they are working on how this dimension will be established and improved in Turkey, in the level of ministries, in the level of non-governmental organizations, in the level of private sector and labour sector.
The fair is organized by the cooperation of Tourism Ministry and tourism sector institutions.
www.hri.org /news/turkey/anadolu/2000/00-02-10.anadolu.html   (5223 words)

 CEM Corporation
CEM conducts seminars and workshops on microwave chemistry and around the world.
CEM staff are available for on-site seminars on our products and methodology.
Training is included when you purchase a CEM instrument; however, we also offer refresher courses and training classes for new employees.
www.cem.com /support/appsup.asp   (248 words)

 CEM Travel Services
CEM Travel Services is a full service provider of travel products, tools, and information to help better manage travel programs.
Since 1986, CEM Travel has earned a reputation for catering to the unique needs of large and small organizations and commercial customers to create a package customized to enhance corporate travel patterns, reduce expenses, and take the frustration out of researching travel alternatives.
CEM Travel strives to exceed the criteria of the typical “all-inclusive” travel agency by providing specialized departments for corporate travel, governmental travel, leisure and group travel, and meeting planning.
www.cemchicago.com /about.htm   (277 words)

 CEM Corporation Press
CEM Corporation, a private company based in Matthews, North Carolina, is a leading provider of microwave laboratory instrumentation.
CEM designs and manufactures systems for life sciences, analytical laboratories and processing plants worldwide.
The organization is recognized worldwide and its official methods are requirements in many areas of the food industry.
www.cem.com /about/press.asp?ItemID=94   (404 words)

 Customer Experience Management   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
CEM recognizes, as does all of marketing since the early 1970s, that customers are a company’s most valuable asset.
What makes CEM different from traditional marketing is that it claims that marketing theory has seldom been immplemented adequately.
CEM is a methodology that tries to overcome the gap between theory and practice by reformulating basic marketing principles.
www.nowsell.com /marketing-guide/customer-experience-management.html   (888 words)

 CEM - CEM led delegation to attend the 16th Conference of the Electric Power Supply Industry (CEPSI 2006) in Mumbai, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Their members are organizations responsible for providing or administering public electricity supply in the Asia Pacific region as well as organizations related to the industry.
CEM is pleased to announce that the next CEPSI will be held in Macau in October 2008.
CEM would like to thank the Macau SAR Government for all the support and in particular the Government Tourism Office (MGTO) for the strong support that they had given to CEM during CEPSI 2006.
www.cem-macau.com /english/news_detail.php?id=245   (628 words)

 CEM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Organized conference of 20 representatives of women's and minority groups in Washington, D.C. to discuss producing reports of media representation from the CI database.
The basic recommendation is that CEM promote gender balance and equitable and fair representation of all people in media perspectives, ownership and employment; oppose the monopolization of the cultural environment; and work for a diverse and healthy cultural environment for children, parents, and people of all countries.
CEM conference in Paris in cooperation with Unesco and the Sorbonne.
www.georgegerbner.net /CEM.html   (7603 words)

 Basyn - Yayýn ve Enformasyon Genel Müdürlüðü
CEM'S INITIATIVES IN UN Statements by the Chief of the General Staff, Gen.Huseyin Kivrikoglu, that postponing the General Elections and revising Article 312 of the Turkish Penal Code (TCK) will lead to chaos in Turkey have brought a new dimension to the political tension in Ankara.
Cem told Solana that Greece's support for terrorism, which targets Turkey's unity and territorial integrity, had been proven beyond doubt when the PKK chief Abdullah Ocalan was found at the Greek Ambassador's residence in Kenya, just before his capture in February.
CEM'S INITIATIVES IN UN Turkish Foreign Minister Ismail Cem sent a letter to the UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, on March 9 pointing out the support extended by Greece to the PKK terrorist organization.
www.byegm.gov.tr /YAYINLARIMIZ/CHR/ING99/03/99X03X19.HTM   (3905 words)

 CEM - Welcome to Department of Construction Engineering and Management
The objective of the program is to provide an in-depth coverage of all established disciplines of construction engineering and management such as construction organization and contracts, project management and control, construction methods, cost engineering etc.
During the last few years, the student population in the program has averaged around sixty students, the majority of whom are practicing engineers working for various public and private organizations.
To interweave the theoretical aspects of the discipline with the practical ones so as to provide the synergy necessary for the students to have the option of pursuing an academic and/or professional career in the construction industry.
www.kfupm.edu.sa /cem   (318 words)

 CEM - Quality Assurance
The goal of the CEM Quality program is to ensure that laboratory operations are conducted with the highest level of confidence in the industry.
To achieve this goal, it is necessary that CEM provide not only scientifically sound, well documented, and regulatory compliant data, but also provide the highest quality service experience available in the industry.
CEM’s Quality Program is designed to provide a framework for continuous improvement, minimize systematic error, and foster problem solving within the organization.
www.biocem.com /quality.htm   (211 words)

 CEM´s Publications [Cem]
In the text, the diversity of approaches and disciplines are articulated with the intention to describe and explain the dynamic changes of the world of work, its impact on the subjectivities process, and in the ethical and political debate that it generates.
The book is based on in-depth interviews with dozens of activists in three of the main cities of the country, on detailed organizational profiles of a broad spectrum of feminist groups, on extensive documentary evidence, and on a meticulous review of relevant secondary sources.
In November, 1999 CEM convened Chilean and Latin American researchers to debate on the deep changes in labor and the impact on social and gender relationships.
www.cem.cl /epublica.htm   (3453 words)

 Customer Experience Management: The Value of | RightNow Technologies
But CEM brings in the new dimensions of customer emotions and "experiential" products (a type of product innovation), both of which are value that customers receive from the enterprise.
Some experts say that CEM is all about creating an exemplary experience, what many call "customer delight" or a "wow" experience.
Authors of leading CEM books were also gracious with their time and input, including Jan Carlzon (author of Moments of Truth), Bernd Schmitt (author of Customer Experience Management and Experiential Marketing) and Shaun Smith (co-author of Managing the Customer Experience).
www.rightnow.com /resource/RN_CEMCRMGuru-Pt-1.html#brand   (6119 words)

 About CEM
Since its inception in 1970, CEM has provided a safe haven for troubled youth to begin the process of restoration of their physical, emotional, academic and spiritual lives.
Students from many colleges around the country have used an internship at CEM to round out their academic training before continuing their education or going into their professions.
As a nonprofit organization, we offer these services to the students on a sliding scale basis.
www.christianencounter.org /about/index.asp   (487 words)

 CEM = ROI Realized
CEM allows for precision agent evaluation that can pinpoint these skill deficiencies so the contact center manager can work to enhance first contact resolution skills for both new hires and seasoned agents.
CEM enables supervisors to pinpoint the problem(s) that the agent is having, whether it is limited to product knowledge, for example, or difficulty closing the sale.
CEM provides the required information — gleaned from customer interactions - that can be used to track and reward top performers.
www.crmmarketplace.com /content/news/article.asp?docid={169F4F87-04D1-4EB5-AE60-7FD3E5BBC570}&VNETCOOKIE=NO   (1966 words)

 The Center For Engineering in Medicine
This winning combination has allowed the CEM to develop a remarkable reputation within the academic and industrial communities, both as an outstanding training environment and as an exceedingly innovative and productive research organization.
The CEM's emphasis on collaboration serves to remove the boundaries separating the engineering, scientific, and clinical disciplines.
The physical layout and research activities in the CEM follow the same principles with an open-bay configuration, interdisciplinary group meetings, and a focus on highly challenging cutting-edge problems.
cem.sbi.org   (160 words)

 DEGREE CURRICULUM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Prerequisites: CEM 252L or CEE 346L; ABS 341 or CEE 341 or CEE 381, and CEM 330 or CEE 334.
Prerequisites: CEM 252L or CEE 346L, CEM 330 or CEE 334, EGG 307 and ACC 251.
Prerequisites: CEM 100 or CEE 198A, CEM 252L or CEE 346L and CEM 330 or CEE 334.
www.ce.unlv.edu /cem/Course/courses.html   (2105 words)

 Anadolu Agency: News in English, 99-06-02
Responding to a question, Ismail Cem confirmed that he sent a letter to Greek Foreign Minister Yorgo Papandreu to cooperate in struggle against terrorism, Cem said that there is not a new factor in his letter, and that Turkey's traditional policy is in favor of defending the atmosphere of peace.
Cem who didn't want to respond to questions asking how many planes will take off from the air bases in Turkey and when, by saying that these are military issues, stressed that the possibility of a land operation is not at the agenda now.
Cem recalled that Azerbaijani, Armenian, Georgian presidents and foreign ministers of the U.S, Britain, France, Norway, and Turkey held a meeting in Washington D.C. concerning this conflict when they were there for the NATO summit.
www.hri.org /news/turkey/anadolu/1999/99-06-02.anadolu.html   (11365 words)

 MITRE - About Us - FFRDCs in the Public Interest - Center for Enterprise Modernization (CEM) - Enterprise Modernization ...
CEM helps agencies manage modernization over the long haul and instill the perception of modernization as a way of life.
CEM recognizes that enterprise modernization requires an enterprise perspective: looking at the whole problem on a scale that encompasses an entire enterprise.
The solutions CEM develops for modernization cut across both the enterprise and each individual program’s life cycle, from strategic planning to deployment to ongoing operations.
www.mitre.org /about/ffrdcs/cem/em/3_cem_qualified.html   (563 words)

 Welcome to IAEM.COM- International Association of Emergency Managers
A CEM® has a working knowledge of all the basic tenets of emergency management, including mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.
A CEM® has experience and knowledge of interagency and community-wide participation in planning, coordination and management functions designed to improve emergency management capabilities.
Same requirements as the CEM® program… eExcept, applicants are not required to have a baccalaureate degree.
www.iaem.com /certification/generalinfo/cem.htm   (419 words)

 APEX: History
The organization was re-focused to its original purpose of dealing with ethical issues throughout the entire Internet.
In the year that followed, the new Board of Directors was able to complete much of the basic work that was necessary for the organization's survival, including completion and ratification of the APEX Charter.
Despite the many challenges in its past, APEX now looks forward to a bright future, firmly focused on its original mission as an organization which believes that ethics on the Internet is possible with proper education and, where necessary, arbitration.
apex-ethics.com /history.htm   (515 words)

 Certification-General CEM certification Info
CEM® certification is a peer review process administered through the International Association of Emergency Managers.
The CEM® Program is served by a CEM® Commission that is composed of emergency management professionals, including representatives from allied fields, education, the military and private industry.
Development of the CEM® Program was supported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA), and a host of allied organizations.
www.iaem.com /certification/generalinfo/intro.htm   (267 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Interpreting the CEM definition to include email communications of organizations operating consistent with their tax exempt nonprofit purposes would be inconsistent with the plain language of the statute, as well as the intention of the Act.
Further, it is well established, indeed embedded, in both federal and state law that tax-exempt nonprofit organizations are organized and operated to conduct their activities in ways fundamentally different from the ways in which taxable for-profit businesses conduct their activities.
If a nonprofit organization were to transmit emails to members or donors, either directly or through a for-profit taxable business subsidiary, relating to an activity that is not substantially related to the organization’s tax exempt nonprofit purposes under federal tax exemption nonprofit requirements, then such email might fall within the jurisdiction of the Act.
www.iaamc.org /IRS/April2004letter.doc   (1807 words)

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