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Topic: CFB Kingston

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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  CFB Kingston -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Canadian Forces Base Kingston (also CFB Kingston or 1 Wing Kingston) is a (additional info and facts about Canadian Forces Base) Canadian Forces Base located in (Capital and largest city of Jamaica) Kingston, (A prosperous and industrialized province in central Canada) Ontario.
CFB Kingston is the home base for all (additional info and facts about CH-146 Griffon) CH-146 Griffon (An aircraft without wings that obtains its lift from the rotation of overhead blades) helicopters which are used to support the Canadian army's airlift requirements.
CFB Kingston is also the home station for the Communications and Electronics Branch of the CF.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/c/cf/cfb_kingston2.htm   (159 words)

 ipedia.com: Kingston, Ontario Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Kingston is roughly half way between Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec along the three major east-west transporation routes in Central Canada: the Saint Lawrence Seaway, Ontario Highway 401 (the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway, which turns into Quebec Autoroute 20), and the Canadian National Railroad main line.
During the War of 1812, Kingston was the base for the Lake Ontario division of the Great Lakes British naval fleet and engaged in a vigorous arms race with the American fleet based at Sackett's Harbor, New York for control of Lake Ontario.
Kingston was one of the contenders for the capital of the united Canadas before Confederation, but after a brief stint as the national capital from 1841 to 1844, it lost out to an alternating location of Montreal and Toronto, and then later to Ottawa where it has resided since.
www.ipedia.com /kingston__ontario.html   (601 words)

 Kingston, Ontario - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kingston was one of the contenders for the capital of the united Canadas before Confederation, but after a brief stint as the capital from 1841 to 1844, it lost out to an alternating location of Montreal and Toronto, and then later to Ottawa where it has resided since.
Kingston is represented in the Ontario Hockey League by the Kingston Frontenacs.
In mid-2001, 14.1 per cent of the resident population in Kingston were of retirement age (65 and over for males and females) compared with 13.2 per cent in Canada, therefore, the average age is 38.1 years of age comparing to 37.6 years of age for all of Canada.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kingston,_Ontario   (1437 words)

 Canadian Forces Overview - Order of Battle, Maps, Squadrons, Badges, Photo's, Air bases, Database etc etc   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
This CH-146 Griffin is one of the eight assigned to 400sq at CFB Borden.
The squadron was part of 18 Wing at CFB Edmonton, Alberta untill the closure of the base in de mid-1990's.
CFB Greenwood in Nova Scotia is the main operating base for the Canadian CP-140 Aurora fleet.
www.scramble.nl /mil/1/caf/orbat.htm   (838 words)

 Osprey Media Group Inc. - The Kingston Whig-Standard
There is broad public support in Ontario for a federal election campaign to sort out the political mess in Ottawa, an SES Research/Osprey Media poll has found.
So, when the season’s first real snow left a thin covering on the ground early Saturday morning, the Picton couple knew exactly what to do as soon as they finished their night shift at a Belleville cannery.
Kingston is set to become one of Canada’s “greenest” cities, now that the provincial government has approved a project to build 86 wind turbines on Wolfe Island within three years.
www.thewhig.com /webapp/sitepages   (248 words)

 Cadets | Cadence Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
CFB Kingston mechanics assist with countless hours of maintenance on many of our vessels.
CFB Kingston personnel are present when we use their outdoor range and their qualified firefighters have taught the trade group one boatswain course.
Royal Military College and Canadian Forces Base Kingston are prime examples of sources of support given to the cadet movement.
www.cadets.ca /support/cadence/2002-3/02_e.asp   (1018 words)

 Articles - Canadian Armed Forces   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Major training establishments and non-brigaded troops exist at CFB Gagetown and ASU St-Jean (now attached to CFB Montreal.) Well-known regiments in the army include Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) and Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry in 1 Brigade, The Royal Canadian Regiment in 2 Brigade, and the Royal 22
Canada's naval forces are deployed in two fleets, Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC) at CFB Esquimalt on the west coast, and Maritime Forces Atlantic (MARLANT) at CFB Halifax on the east coast.
The Naval Reserve supplies all personnel (except two regular force electricians) for the 12 Kingston Class Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDVs), which are used for patrol, minesweeping and bottom-inspection operations.
www.1-ace.com /articles/Canadian_Armed_Forces   (4246 words)

 Recreation Clubs - Recreation Program Handbook Medical Policy - Royal Military College of Canada
After hours, if the injury is of a nature that cannot wait until the following CFB work day, the member is to be transported to the Emergency department of either Hotel Dieu or Kingston General Hospital.
At that point, CFB Kingston Hospital takes over the responsibility of the patient.
It is requested that whenever a club member requires medical attention that prevents him/her to carry on with his/her normal routine, the club president is to inform the injured athlete's squadron commander as soon as possible.
www.rmc.ca /athletics/rec/handbook/4med_e.html   (517 words)

 CTV.ca - Princess Anne joins celebration at CFB Kingston- CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television
Princess Anne is in Kingston, Ontario this weekend to help the town celebrate the 100th anniversary of military communications in Canada.
A military Honour Guard assembled at the city's airport Friday to welcome the Princess to Kingston for her four-day visit.
The 100-man Guard from CFB Kingston's Signals Unit greeted the Princess Royal while a group of 35 spectators tried to steal a glimpse through the airport's chain-link fence.
www.ctv.ca /servlet/ArticleNews/print/CTVNews/1062268710866_202?hub=TopStories&subhub=PrintStory   (231 words)

 Swingtime Dance Band   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Bill Babe (his real name) probably had no idea that when he and some friends formed a big band in Kingston, Ontario during the 1950s that it would still be around over 45 years later.
That band is the oldest continuously active big band in Kingston, first known as the " Metronomes ".
The Metronomes entertained at various locations in the Kingston area (such as the Holiday Inn and the 401 Inn), including many functions at Queen's University, CFB Kingston and RMC.
www.rwboon.com /Swingtime_Dance_Band/swingtime_dance_band.html   (375 words)

 A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing
The flight from CFB Trenton to Edmonton was uneventful unless you count the bomb scare.
My nights were spent freezing and reminiscing over the words of the Quartermaster back in Kingston, "Oh no, you won't need a liner for your sleeping bag." I must remember to thank him.
I made many good friends and, best of all, my remains were not shipped home in a body bag for my closest living relative to identify.
www.angelfire.com /ky3/david-workman/89army.htm   (1461 words)

 Kingston Apartments - apartment rentals ideally suited to upper year students, families, retirees - clean accomodation ...
Kingston Apartments - apartment rentals ideally suited to upper year students, families, retirees - clean accomodation in quiet residential settings within Kingston Ontario Canada
Located in mid-town Kingston in a quiet residential area, the Kingston Apartments represent an ideal quiet and clean location for upper year university students and families.
Applications are subject to review and approval by Kingston Apartments staff.
www.kingstonapartments.ca   (151 words)

 Volunteer & Information Kingston - Award Winners 2005
Volunteer and Information Kingston has been promoting family volunteering since 2001 as a way to encourage non-profit organizations to think outside the box with their recruitment efforts, and to encourage families to think about ways they could spend more quality time together.
The Tribute to Family Volunteering was first awarded in 2002.  This year Volunteer and Information Kingston would like to award two families through this award: The Gordaniers of North Kingston Community Health Centre and the Galasso/Arnold Family from Fairmount Home.
The Gordaniers have been strong advocates for improving the quality of life for North Kingston residents, and North Kingston Community Health Centre would like to thank them for enhancing and complementing their work in the community.
www.volunteerkingston.ca /index.php?section=home&content=awards_2005   (600 words)

 OSPREY MEDIA GROUP - - Print Version - Story ID 69522   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Although stationed at CFB Petawawa, Hodge volunteered to help out with Canadian Armed Forces Day at CFB Kingston on Saturday, which served as the city’s D-Day celebrations, by showing visitors a working LAV III tank.
Castellana used to be stationed at CFB Petawawa, where she said the base often had family days, but noticed CFB Kingston didn’t have many celebrations.
As a relatively new Kingston resident, Kelly MacCrimmon, 30, hadn’t even been to the east end of the city, let alone the military base, before Saturday.
www.thewhig.com /webapp/sitepages/printable.asp?paper=www.thewhig.com&contentID=69522   (832 words)

 Airsoft Canada - Kingston Players List
Im looking for someone in the kingston or close by thats has a g3/mp5 low profile mount.
The only good terrorist is a dead, shat-on terrorist with a smoke hanging out of his mouth and a sign around his neck.
Anyone who has their own goggles and gun in Kingston, please get in touch with me soon (ie by Thursday) regarding playing there next Sunday.
www.airsoftcanada.com /showthread.php?t=1288&page=5   (1191 words)

 Kingston Amateur Radio Club - ARRL Field Day 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The tent was put back up and the water you see on the case lid and table wiped away and we were ready for the contest again.
CFB Kingston was scheduled for a power outage for most of the day so arrangements were made with the Reserve EW squadron for a loan of a 10kw generator to supply power during the outage.
The Kingston ARC thanks the Museum staff and Res EW for their support during Field Day.
www.igs.net /~karc/photo_albums/fd_2004_album.htm   (389 words)

 Winter 2002
He spoke passionately, and sometimes graphically, and it was plain to see at the end of the evening that no audience member had been left unaffected.
Robert Walley, Medical Director, and one of the founding members of MaterCare International, visited CFB Kingston's Holy Family Chapel on October 2nd.
He came to tell us about MaterCare International, an organization that allows obstetrician-gynecologists to provide medical services in keeping with their faith, and also about a specific project that he is currently involved in - that of building a hospital to care for women with obstetric fistula.
www.cwl.ca /winter2002/matercare.htm   (329 words)

CFBKYC is located in Deadman Bay,one nautical mile East of downtown Kingston nestled between Old Fort Henry, Cedar Island and Cartwright Point.
The CFB Kingston Yacht Club is a self-help club that caters to the military community as well as to non-military associate members in the greater Kingston area.
The Club maintains eight CL 14 dinghies for the use of qualified club members, and for visiting CFB Yachtclub members on a pro-rated cost basis.
cfbkyc.com   (325 words)

 NDHQ Women's Volleyball Team Defeats CFB Kingston   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
NDHQ coach Kelly Cotton said the team was focussed on making it to the Nationals from the beginning of the season, but having to cut six players from the original roster of 16 was very difficult.
The top women's volleyball teams representing Canada's five main regions - Pacific (Formation Esquimalt), Prairie (15 Wing Moose Jaw), Ontario (CFB Kingston), Quebec (NDHQ Ottawa) and Atlantic (Camp Gagetown) - were at CFB Borden, February 16-19 to compete for the championship title.
Lieutenant-Colonel Frances Allen from the NDHQ squad was named the tournament MVP, while Captain Jennifer Lee was awarded the MVP award in the gold medal match for her excellent defensive work in the Libero position.
www.cfpsa.com /en/Archive/PSPStories/Sports/03_03_28_b_e.asp   (459 words)

 Technorati Tag: Kingston   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
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technorati.com /tag/Kingston   (558 words)

 Kingston Family Funworld Park | Salute The Troops Day   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Their will be a return shuttle from Tim Hortons (CFB Kingston).
nominated Tom Cochrane celebrates with troops from CFB Petawawa at the wrap-up of the Power Aid Live concert held at the Corel Centre in Kanata, Ontario.
Kingston Family Funworld Park celebrates the dedicated service of the Canadian Forces personnel in Kingston and abroad with a musical concert festival on Saturday, June 04, 2005 featuring Tom Cochrane.
www.funworldpark.com /salutethetroopsday.html   (401 words)

 Ontario's Corroding Monument Cannons!
Abrasion, pitting and crevice corrosion are attacking a WW2 25 Pounder in MacDonald Park.
Kingston's newest artillery piece, a NATO era 105 mm.
With the permission of the City, Canadian Forces Base Kingston and Royal Military College we now treat over 50 area monuments annually, no charge, as our community service.
www.rustcheckkingston.com /page10.html   (459 words)

 Runner's & Triathlete's Web Multisport: Kingston Limestone Charity Triathlon Results
CFB Kingston base commander Col Larry Aitken was official starter for the duathlon and he later raced in the triathlon event.
Chris Cole - Kingston 1:08.26 Military Triathlon (Female) 1.Kathy Hawthorne - Shelburne 1:13:27 2.Helga Grodzinski - Kingston 1:17:15 3.
Isabelle Corriveau - Kingston 1:22:04 Overall Duathlon(Male) 1.
www.runnersweb.com /running/news/rw_news_20050530_Limestone.html   (213 words)

 Convocation at the Royal Military College of Canada
Take Highway 401 East and exit at CFB Kingston Exit/Smiths Falls.
Take Highway 401 West and exit at CFB Kingston Exit/Smiths Falls.
Take Highway 416 to Highway 401 West and exit at CFB Kingston Exit/Smiths Falls.
www.rmc.ca /academic/convocation/Nov/directions_e.html   (196 words)

 Kingston Cup
W.B. Anderson Sports Centre, CFB Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
Highland Motel - 1-613-546-3121 Accomodations are also available at CFB Kingston for $10.00 per person/night.
For information, rules and regulations, entry forms or hotel accommodations please contact the event organizer, Kingston Ballroom Dancers.
www.centralhome.com /ballroomcountry/kingston_cup.htm   (74 words)

 150 DART soldiers deploy from CFB Trenton - The Independent Online - January 12, 2005
About 150 members of the Canadian Forces Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART), headquartered at CFB Kingston but with soldiers from other bases as well, flew out of CFB Trenton Jan. 6 for their tsunami-relief mission to Ampara in eastern Sri Lanka.
On hand to see the soldiers off on their first field deployment since the massive earthquake in Turkey in 1999 were National Defence Minister Bill Graham and Vice-Admiral Greg Maddison, deputy chief of the defence staff.
It comprises of personnel drawn mainly from the Canadian Forces Joint Headquarters and the Canadian Forces Joint Signal Regiment, both based at CFB Kingston.
www.eastnorthumberland.com /news/news2005/January/050112dart.html   (1043 words)

 Canada Gazette
Any policyholder who opposes this release of assets must file notice of such opposition with the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, 255 Albert Street, 14th Floor, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H2, on or before October 30, 2000.
CFB Kingston Yacht Club hereby gives notice that an application has been made to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans under the Navigable Waters Protection Act for approval of the plans and site of the work described herein.
Written objections based on the effect of the work on marine navigation should be directed, not later than one month from the date of publication of this notice, to the Regional Director, Canadian Coast Guard, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, 201 Front Street N, Suite 703, Sarnia, Ontario N7T 8B1.
canadagazette.gc.ca /partI/2000/20000923/html/miscel-e.html   (1248 words)

 Limestone Charity Triathlon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
We were fortunate to have the CFB Kingston base commander Col Larry Aitken as official starter for the duathlon (he later raced in the triathlon event) and Leonore Foster as official starter for the start of the swim waves.
All proceeds from this race will go the Kingston Military Family Resource Centre (KMFRC), which supports and enhances the health and well-being of the military community.
The KMFRC is Kingston's primary agency dedicated to meeting the unique needs of the military community.
www.limestonetri.kmfrc.com   (169 words)

 Macklin tours with forces in Bosnia - The Online Independent - November 19, 2003
Assigned to Company C, the Royal Canadian Dragoons, Macklin underwent intensive training in mine detection and clearing, weaponry and ordinance, and peacekeeping diplomacy at CFB Kingston, before spending week two at the Brockville Armouries with 200 reservists.
The Northumberland MP, who is also Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, emphasized his “utmost respect” for members of the Canadian military as he described being outfitted with “a soldier’s kit” before assuming the role of an enlisted man at CFB Kingston.
Macklin was accompanied by MPs Chuck Strahl (Canadian Alliance) and Michel Guimond (Bloc Quebecois), and Liberal Senator David Smith of Cobourg at the firing range.
www.eastnorthumberland.com /news/news2003/November/Macklin111903.html   (797 words)

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