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In the News (Sun 23 Jun 19)

  Archives of Ontario : Mirror Mirror... Looking back through the eyes of the CFPL news camera
When television station CFPL in London first went on the air on November 28, 1953, it was just the second private broadcaster in Canada.
In June of 2002, CFPL generously donated, to the Archives of Ontario, the entire news output for their first 15 years of operation.
On its first day of operation, there was a major fire in downtown London and CFPL was able to broadcast news of the fire to the community.
www.archives.gov.on.ca /english/exhibits/cfpl/index.html   (861 words)

 CANOE -- CNEWS: ews - Clark: CFPL radio has always been there for London
It was CFPL that broadcast the band of London's Royal Canadian Regiment live to help launch the fledgling CBC radio network.
Another Western grad who worked at CFPL was Alan Thicke, an operator at the station before starring in the TV sitcom Growing Pains in the '80s and '90s.
The late Hugh Bremner, former editor emeritus of CFPL, was recognized in the industry as the "dean" of news in Southwestern Ontario.
cnews.canoe.ca /CNEWS/MediaNews/2007/09/15/pf-4499096.html   (672 words)

 Archives of Ontario : CFPL news camera 1953
It is often the smaller stories that have a greater direct impact on a community and these are the types of events captured by the CFPL news cameras.
While by their very nature, many of these “newsworthy” stories focus on ordinary people in extraordinary situations the stage on which they unfolded was no different than many other communities across the province at the time.
CFPL first went on the air on November 28, 1953.
www.archives.gov.on.ca /english/exhibits/cfpl/1953.htm   (670 words)

 CFPL-TV - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
CFPL, A-Channel London (formerly known as The New PL) is a television station owned by CHUM Limited which serves the London and Sarnia regions of Ontario, Canada.
CFPL is part of the A-Channel system, and is the flagship station of a mini-system of stations in southwestern Ontario including CHWI in Wheatley, which serves the Windsor and Chatham areas, and CKNX in Wingham, which serves much of Western Ontario north of London.
CFPL was the second privately owned station in Canada (CKSO-TV in Sudbury, now CICI-TV, was the first).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/CFPL-TV   (1151 words)

 Lincoln fined 485,000 for mis-selling savings plans
Lincoln was responsible for the conduct of CFPL and has co-operated to ensure that all customers affected by the mis-selling will receive compensation.
CFPL and Lincoln (who was responsible for the conduct of CFPL) demonstrated failings that demand a significant financial penalty.
This notification of PIA's concerns should have alerted Lincoln to potential problems with CFPL's sales process and focused their attention on ensuring that procedures were put in place and followed by CFPL advisers to ensure that the breaches of PIA's rules central to this case did not occur.
www.fsa.gov.uk /Pages/Library/Communication/PR/2003/050.shtml   (1262 words)

 CFPL   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The New PL is a television station based in London, Ontario, Canada, formerly known as CFPL.
In 1994 the various Baton stations, including CFPL, merged to form the BBS network.
Under CHUM, CFPL was renamed to The New PL.
www.websters-online-dictionary.org /definition/CFPL   (222 words)

 Decision CRTC 99-305
Further, the Commission approves the applications by Shaw Radio Ltd. (Shaw) for authority to acquire the assets of CFPL and CFPL-FM London and CFHK-FM St. Thomas from Blackburn, and for broadcasting licences to continue the operations of these undertakings.
The Commission notes that Shaw's applications to acquire the assets of CFHK-FM, CFPL and CFPL-FM fall within the scope of the policy on the common ownership of radio stations established in Public Notice CRTC 1998-41, Commercial Radio Policy 1998.
According to this policy, in markets with less than eight commercial stations operating in a given language, a single licensee may be permitted to own or control as many as three stations operating in that language with a maximum of two stations in any one frequency band.
www.crtc.gc.ca /archive/eng/Decisions/1999/DB99-305.htm   (908 words)

 The Concord Free Public Library: Reference Databases   (Site not responding. Last check: )
(CFPL) (Remote access is available to Concord residents only.) Science and technology, plus science in the news for middle and high schools.
(CFPL) (Remote access is available to Concord residents only.) Provides information regarding the daily lives of people from civilizations and cultures of the past and the present.
(CFPL) (Remote access is available to Concord residents only.) A comprehensive and authoritative reference to the most important individuals, events, and topics in United States history.
www.concordnet.org /library/pages/reference/databases.html   (1929 words)

 Snack Foods,Snacks,Snack Foods Manufacturer,Snacks Exporter,India,Manufacturers,Exporters,Suppliers
CFPL is owned and managed by the Chhajed Family.
After establishing the PUM PUM DOODLES, CFPL have export project in pipeline where development of Indian Traditional Foods, such as Papad (a snack food) and Pickle is in full swing.
CFPL's RTF base in wheat with additive of starch and salt, whereas large number of RTF base is wheat, corn and potato starch with additives of natural ingredients such as iodised salt, spices, condiments and edible oil.
www.chhajedfoods.com   (313 words)

 The Concord Free Public Library: Databases
(CFPL) (Remote access is available to Concord residents only.) An encyclopedia of countries, cultures, and current events geared to student readers.
(CFPL) (Remote access is available to Concord residents only.) Science and technology, plus science in the news for middle and high schools.
(CFPL) (Remote access is available to Concord residents only.) A comprehensive and authoritative reference to the most important individuals, events, and topics in United States history.
www.concordlibrary.org /pages/reference/databases.html   (1896 words)

 London Free Press: Today Section - PL's golden past
Chris Doty's highly detailed documentary chronicles the history of the broadcasting outlet that began life as "the brainchild of an undynamic businessman named Walter J. Blackburn." The owner of the London Free Press and CFPL Radio recognized the potential of television, which was the subject of a demonstration at the 1949 Western Fair.
It was the first station to use videotape, the first to fully convert to colour (1966) and the first to air an hour-long, 6 p.m.
Also profiled are the trials and tibulations facing the station under the ownership of Blackburn and his successor, daughter Martha; its uneasy affiliation with CBC; the 1992 sale of CFPL to Baton Broadcasting and its purchase by Chum Television in November, 1997.
www.canoe.ca /NewsStand/LondonFreePress/Today/2003/11/27/269499.html   (686 words)

 Amazon.com: CFPL: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Comparison of the predicted and measured dynamic response of structures to wind (CFPL Television Tower), (Western Ontario.
William Clark Diary, Dedham Historical Society; an anonymous weather diary, CFPL; the Winthrop weather diary, Harvard Archiecs; Jonas Clarke Diary, MHS;...
CFPL Concord Free Public Library CTR Transcripts of the Ancient Records...
www.amazon.com /s?ie=UTF8&keywords=CFPL&tag=httpexplaguid-20&index=books&link_code=qs&page=1   (871 words)

 Women and children take refuge In Estabrook
(2.) Leslie Wilson of the CFPL directed me to Frederick Hudson's personal, bound copy of his 1875 article "The Concord Fight." The article appeared on the Centennial of the start of the Revolution.
(3.) There is also in the CFPL a copy of a privately-owned manuscript map with detailed and accurate annotations about the disposition of forces at various times on the morning of April 19th, 1775.
From an erasure, one can deduce that the title may have been "Route of the Concord Fight." Though its maker and date are unknown, I believe it was prepared about 1875 by Hudson or an associate, either in connection with the Harper's article or activities of the Social Circle.
homepage.mac.com /sfe/henry/estabrook/women_in_woods.htm   (683 words)

In addition to guiding the CFPL-TV newsroom as a dominant force in the industry, there were many "firsts" under Ron's guidance.
CFPL Television was one of the first stations in Canada to expand a newscast to 30 minutes, and later, to establish an hour-long evening newscast.
It was also the first private station to charge advertisers a premium rate for buying time to sponsor a newscast, and the first to convert to color.
www.rtndacanada.com /Content.asp?PageID=4.5.8   (287 words)

 "Cfpl" at Canfind.ca - Canadian Search Engine
London had the second private local television station in Canada, CFPL (on-air November 28, 1953), and CFPL was the first Canadian local channel to broadcast in colour (1966).
CFPL is a television station owned by CHUM Limited which serves the London and Sarnia regions of Ontario, Canada.
CFPL was the second privately owned station in Canada (CKSO-TV in Sudbury,...
www.canadaspace.com /canfind.php?q=Cfpl   (329 words)

 Community Futures Peace Liard
The CFPL may help finance viable business ventures with both expansion and startup financing up to $150,000.
When all security documentation and proof of registration is in place, and all documents are signed by all parties, an authorization for the funds to be disbursed to the client will be issued.
Staff from CFPL will call the client, and advise them of the amount of monies due for legal costs, loans application/disbursement fees, and make arrangements for the client to attend the office for receipt of the loan funds.
www.communityfutures.biz /programs/business_loans.php   (419 words)

 CFPL installs products pipeline with directional drilling. | Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting > Support ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Central Florida Pipeline Company (CFPL), a subsidiary of GATX Terminals Corp., Tampa, FL, has used directional drilling under seven water bodies in Hillsborough, Polk and Osceola Counties in constructing its new pipeline from Tampa to Orlando.
Primary reason for using directional drilling is to protect the environment by minimizing water turbidity while the 16-inch diameter, 109-mile refined petroleum products pipeline is being installed.
When completed, the new 16-inch diameter pipeline will enable the CFPL to meet these needs well into the next century.
www.allbusiness.com /mining/support-activities-mining-support-oil/541228-1.html   (679 words)

 The Blackburn Family
By the time the third generation Blackburn became president of the Free Press, the family- owned station, then CFPL, was one of the six strongest signals in Canada.
In 1953 CFPL TV became the second private station to open in Canada.
CFPL radio and TV are still in operation today.
digitalhistory.uwo.ca /i2i/blackburn,cs.html   (414 words)

 Canadian Communications Foundation - Fondation Des Communications Canadiennes
Brown, Murray T. Murray Brown entered broadcasting in London, Ontario in 1945 when he was hired by CFPL as an announcer/writer.
When CFPL-TV received its license from the CBC in 1953, Murray became General Manager and retained his position with CFPL Radio.
From 1968 to 1984, he was President of CFPL Broadcasting Limited (later named The Blackburn Group In.) which properties at his retirement included London's CFPL-AM-FM-TV and nearby Wingham's CKNX-AM-FM-TV.
www.broadcasting-history.ca /personalities/personalities.php?id=253   (226 words)

 Strategymag.com - Free Press overhaul rocks the birthplace of 'convergence'
Buyers targeting a younger demo tend to go to CHUM's CFPL (The New PL), fashioned after CHUM's other "new-net" youth-oriented stations, such as the New VR.
CFPL, however, is reported to be very expensive and not always flexible for media buyers.
Other radio choices include CFPL AM (talk) and FM (rock), both of which are now owned by Corus, along with The Hawk, a classic rock station at 102.9 FM, and Energy at 103.9.
www.strategymag.com /articles/media/20021118/marketfocus.html   (873 words)

 BBC NEWS | Business | FSA fines Lincoln Financial Group
Lincoln Financial's direct sales team were found to have recommended inappropriate financial products to clients, thereby boosting their own commission.
Clients were sold a special 10-year endowment savings policy that has high charges and will have to be kept going to maturity to achieve the best value.
By the end of April the FSA says that all respondents will either have received compensation or been advised that their sale was compliant.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/business/2953193.stm   (403 words)

 News - London
Candidates will be questioned by an expert panel including London Free Press editor-in-chief Paul Berton, AM980 CFPL radio news director, Kevin Bernard, Rogers’ First Local news co-anchor Crystal Pinarello, London Free Press managing editor Joe Ruscitti, and Focus 980 radio talk host John Wilson.
Rogers Television, AM980 CFPL radio and The London Free Press bring London voters Municipal Vote 2006, comprehensive coverage leading up to and on election night, November 13th.
Then, on November 13th tune into Rogers Television and AM980 CFPL for comprehensive simulcast election night coverage with anchor George Clark beginning LIVE at 8:00 PM from Centennial Hall.
www.rogerstelevision.com /option.asp?rid=9&lid=17   (476 words)

 CFPL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
CFPL is the callsign of three broadcast stations in London, Ontario.
CFPL, an AM radio station owned by Corus Entertainment,
CFPL-FM, an FM radio station owned by Corus,
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/CFPL   (116 words)

 Chippewa Falls Public Library > Research > Electronic Resources
The library has several databases available for research in the library.   Some are available on the Internet for use within the Library and by remote access to Chippewa Falls Public Library cardholders.   Click on the highlighted text to link directly to the database.
Library subscription.  Available for use within CFPL and by remote access to cardholders.
To check out electronic books (for 24 hours) a person must come to one of the libraries connected to the IFLS Wide Area Network to set up a free account.
www.chippewafallslibrary.org /Research/ElectronicResources/tabid/438/Default.aspx   (219 words)

 A Cerenkov free-proton laser
Analyses shows that the interaction length of a Cerenkov free-proton laser (CFPL) may greatly exceed that of a Cerenkov free-electron laser (CFEL).
The grain of a CFPL can thus be expected to be higher than that of a CFEL.
In addition the energy loss in a CFPL due to bremsstrahlung is much smaller than that in a CFEL, so the requirement on the beam quality can be reduced.
stacks.iop.org /0022-3727/21/1706   (200 words)

 CAB Hall of Fame (TV Stations)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ontario in 1971; CFPL / CKNX TV commencing Independent operations, dropping the CBC Network in 1988.
The sale of CFPL / CKNX-TV to Baton Broadcasting of Toronto in 1993.
Source: Robert V. Elsden - former President, CFPL / CKNX-TV.
www.broadcasting-history.ca /stations/tv/cfpl.html   (389 words)

 Archives & Museum Informatics: Museums and the Web 2008: Demonstration: Mirror Mirror... Looking back through the ...
In 2002, the people of Ontario became the fortunate recipients of a time capsule vividly illustrating life in the province during the 1950s and 1960s when London television station CFPL generously donated 2,700 reels of news film to the Archives of Ontario.
This demonstration will present the exhibit and illustrate the process from the original donation through all the steps required to deliver it in a web environment.
It will also look ahead to further projects involving CFPL footage.
www.archimuse.com /mw2008/abstracts/prg_335001830.html   (445 words)

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