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Topic: CI protein

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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

 Escherichia coli
The recombinant proteins were detected in stained SDS polyacrylamide gels and in Western blots using monoclonal anti-TrpE and anti-beta-galactosidase antibodies and sera of HaPV-infected hamsters.
We propose that the enzoskeleton is regulated by calcium and by protein phosphorylation during adaptation to different environments and during the cell cycle.
The porphobilinogen deaminase protein from Arabidopsis was overexpressed in this strain, and purified to homogeneity (3000-fold) with a yield of 20%.
www.bionewsonline.com /i/2/e_coli_bacte_q.htm   (18218 words)

 Straight or Split: Signals to Transcription.
In the absence of signal, a repressor form of the zinc-finger transcription factor Cubitus interruptus (Ci) is produced that is required to repress both various target genes and hh expression itself [11].
In the absence of Hh protein, Ci is cleaved and, in the process, the carboxy-terminal activator domain is removed.
The virtual absence of Ci protein from both cytoplasm and nucleus in these cells is thus explained by maximal entry into the nucleus, after which it is rapidly exported and degraded.
www.euchromatin.org /vandenHeuvel1.htm   (2000 words)

 FDA/CFSAN - Curriculum Vitae: Carol I. Waslien
Response of children recovering from protein- calorie malnutrition to graded doses of parenterally administered folic acid.
CI Waslien, DL Dufour, LK Statten, et al.
Protein Calorie Malnutrition in Frail Elderly Admitted to Mt. Sinai Geriatric Evaluation Unit.
www.cfsan.fda.gov /~dms/facvwasl.html   (2611 words)

 Current Research Focusing on Euchromatin Within the Cell Nucleus.
Cavaille J, Buiting K, Kiefmann M, Lalande M, Brannan CI, Horsthemke B, Bachellerie J-P, Brosius J, and Huttenhofer A, "Identification of Brain-Specific and Imprinted Small Nucleolar RNA Genes Exhibiting an Unusual Genomic Organization".
Kataoka N, Yong J, Kim VN, Velazquez F, Perkinson RA, Wang F, and Dreyfuss G, "Pre-mRNA Splicing Imprints mRNA in the Nucleus with a Novel RNA-Binding Protein that Persists in the Cytoplasm".
Knaut H, Pelegri F, Bohmann K, Schwarz H, and Nusslein-Volhard C, "Zebrafish vasa RNA but Not its Protein Is a Component of the Germ Plasma and Segregates Asymmetrically before Germline Specification".
www.euchromatin.net /current1.html   (11314 words)

 Eatonweb Blog Directory Portal ::
L Arginine, Arginine by J. Wright :: L Arginine - Arginine is an amino acid present in the proteins of all life forms.
L Glutamine - L Glutamine Powder, Glutamine Fuel Powder by elinstam :: Glutamine can be converted to glutamic acid, which is both a precursor to the important inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) and an excitatory neurotransmitter in its own right.
Athletes on high-protein diets will appreciate the fact that glutamine transports ammonia, the toxic metabolic by-product of protein breakdown, to the liver, where it is converted into less toxic urea and then excreted by the kidneys.
www.portal.eatonweb.com /alpha/l   (5711 words)

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