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Topic: CJRT

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  cjrt - Article and Reference from OnPedia.com
CJRT-FM is a Canadian public radio station, which broadcasts at 91.1 on the FM dial in Toronto, Ontario.
CJRT promotes itself by the moniker Jazz FM.
The station transmits at a strength of 40 kilowatts; as its transmitter facilities are at the CN Tower, however, its effective radiated power is actually 100,000 watts.
www.onpedia.com /encyclopedia/cjrt   (360 words)

 CJRT Orchestra
The orchestra, consisting of members of the TS and leading freelance players, has varied in size from 25 to 65.
In 1989 CJRT discontinued the orchestra's subscription series, limiting its performances to CJRT broadcasts.
Subscription concerts were taken over by the Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra, which in 1990 had essentially the same players as the CJRT orchestra and was conducted by Robinson, but which was overseen by a new board of directors.
www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com /index.cfm?PgNm=TCE&Params=U1ARTU0000720   (355 words)

 Canadian Communications Foundation - Fondation Des Communications Canadiennes
With a modest budget for some promotion and a program guide, the audience slowly increased and on July 30, CJRT was authorized to increase power to 27,000 watts ERP with an antenna height of 172 feet.
CJRT moved its antenna and transmitter from 50 Gould Street to the CBC tower at 354 Jarvis Street and the power was increased to 50,000 watts.
In July, CJRT's studios and offices moved from 297 Victoria Street to 150 Mutual Street, on the third floor of the Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson Polytechnic University.
www.broadcasting-history.ca /listings_and_histories/radio/histories.php?id=418&historyID=199   (1396 words)

 [No title]
The Silmarillion is simply CJRT's compilation and editing (ad in a few cases writing) of the same texts found in those volumes of HOME.
In the Silmarillion, CJRT used an earlier version of the death of Thingol and sacking of Doriath because his father hadn't yet gotten around to rewriting that part of the story.
CJRT came up with the cludgy ending that Thongol was killed in Menegroth, Melian left thus lifting the girdle and then the dwarf army invaded and attacked.
neil.franklin.ch /Usenet/rec.arts.books.tolkien/20000111_Which_Cosmology   (2364 words)

CJRT is turning into a bland, boring, dull station, undistinguishable from the other stations only by its classical music (which can be heard on another station in town, so that'll probably get ditched too) and the boring way it approaches that livliest of all arts, jazz.
I think it's incredibly sad that CJRT is cutting its folk, world, and blues shows, as that was some of my favourite stuff on the station.
In large measure, CJRT ceased to be that kind of place a while ago but at least Saturday afternoons remained a kind of island of variety and integrity.
www.torontobluessociety.com /0010let.htm   (2072 words)

 Genesis of the Open Learning Institute of British Columbia
Several concerns were on his mind at that time: the very few degree programs offered at a distance; the complete lack of part-time degree programs with open registration; and the limited opportunities available for housebound women to pursue advanced educational goals.
The CJRT antenna at that time was located on the roof of a three-storey Ryerson building.
CJRT's general listening audience now consist of approximately 200,000 listeners; of these, 50,000 tune in weekly to Open College broadcasts.
cade.athabascau.ca /vol8.1/11_norquay.html   (5678 words)

 [mplpost] Re: CJRT programs loss - more contact info
CJRT will have a booth at the Computer Fest (at CNE automotive bldg, http://www.compfest.com) this weekend, so be sure to stop by if you are attending.
They will also be at a street fair (Eglinton and Oriole Parkway area) this Saturday (see CJRT website for location and times).
Think the folk show (including the previous one started by Joe Lewis) have been on the air more than 25 years, started when CJRT was still run by Ryerson.
www.coolname.com /pipermail/maplepost-mirror/2000-September/001652.html   (734 words)

 CJRT-FM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1996 CJRT-FM's government support (under Premier Mike Harris) ended, forcing the station to restructure to a self-sustaining public broadcaster.
Regulated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), CJRT's license is categorized under "other special FM", a third sector of Canadian radio broadcasting that provides to Canadians a style of radio that is an alternative to that available from the CBC or private commercial stations.
The radio station has since had to support itself entirely by corporate and private donations and by limited commercial revenue.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/CJRT   (467 words)

 Tolkien Bibliography - Christopher Tolkien - A Chronological Bibliography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Contains ‘The Battle of the Goths and the Huns’ by CJRT.
Contains a transcription by CJRT of Tolkien’s poem ‘Narqelion’ and paraphrases comments made regarding the poem in a letter to Paul Nolan Hyde from CJRT.
Contains commentary by CJRT on ‘The Rivers and Beacon-hills of Gondor’, an essay by JRRT
www.tolkienbooks.net /html/cjrt_bibliography.htm   (602 words)

 CJRT FM and ATA Audio at the Barbados Jazz Festival   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
CJRT FM and ATA Audio at the Barbados Jazz Festival
CJRT is a unique station because it is the only JAZZ station in major markets in Canada.
Because of the size, portability and flexibility of the unit, I would highly recommend it for anyone using it in any situation, whether outside this country or the arena across town
www.aetausa.com /Pages/Tech-Docs/CJRT.html   (424 words)

 Communique - The Distance Education Practioner's Magazine
By the mid '80's, CJRT had become an independent non-profit, non-commercial radio station supported by listener and corporate donations and a grant from the province of Ontario.
The criteria are: sound academic credentials, teaching experience, a wide range of contacts in the candidate's field of expertise and a "radio-trainable" voice.
But CJRT does not own the very expensive telephone equipment needed for quality sound.
www.lib.unb.ca /Texts/DistanceEd/bin/getEng.cgi?directory=MAR97/English/&filename=Radio.html   (1982 words)

 Public Broadcasting News: CJRT Fall Funding Drive
CJRT - FM91 "Canada's Premier Jazz Station" has launched it's fall funding drive.
CJRT continues to operate as a community radio station despite the fact that it now receives no government funding.
This is a paragraph of text that could go in the sidebar.
www.publicbroadcasting.ca /news/2005/11/cjrt-fall-funding-drive_03.html   (116 words)

 Taborah Johnson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
She was subsequently a backing vocalist for Rick James from 1979 to 1982, including on James' most famous single, "Super Freak".
She left CJRT barely two months later, amid allegations of racism at the station.
Johnson herself has alleged that a manager told her she was playing too many fl artists, and that the station was paying her significantly less than they paid many other hosts for equivalent duties.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Taborah_Johnson   (209 words)

 the Node: networking volume 1-5
CJRT has been operating since April 1, 1996 with no government funding whatsoever.
The cuts forced CJRT and Open College to "analyse what we're doing and try to do it better," says May Maskow, Director, Open College, who is cautiously optimistic about the future.
Student enrolment is stronger than ever, and the College is just now starting to produce new courses again after a one-year hiatus in course development.
thenode.org /networking/issues/volume1-5.html   (1373 words)

 [No title]
CJRT is also carried on Bell ExpressVu, a Canadian DBS service.
For years, he was an on-air personality at CJRT, hosting the weekly "On the Arts", among other programs.
CJRT always had a Bach cantata on Sunday mornings, usually between 8- 9 AM, which related to that day in the "Christian Year", e.g.
www.angelfire.com /ok/worldofradio/dxld1002.txt   (7801 words)

 About William Van Ree live jazz and classical recording Toronto
William joined CJRT's full-time staff in 1993, taking on in-studio production in addition to recording hundreds of classical music concerts under all conditions, everywhere from Concert Halls and Churches to High School Auditoriums.
In 2004 he left CJRT (now called JAZZ.FM91), devoting his special talents to remote-recording work and taking on many in-studio audio restoration projects, working with his own state-of-the-art equipment.
I have worked with William in the studios at the station (CJRT at the time), at various remote situations during the Downtown Jazz Festivals and at the Ontario Science Centre, last there in 2003.
www.williamvanree.com /About.htm   (296 words)

 [No title]
CJRT depends on both advertisers and listeners (individuals and corporations) equally for support.
In recent times CJRT has had to reduce costs substantially, and these recent freelance personnel cuts were driven by finances.
As you know, CJRT is licensed as a "Special FM" station with classical and/or jazz as the basis of our music programming.
www.coolname.com /pipermail/maplepost-mirror/2000-October.txt   (15845 words)

 [No title]
The problem was that JRRT had not brought the history of the fall of Doriath into harmony with much of the rest of his tale.
My understanding of the role of CJRT was that he merely put together bits and pieces of an unpublished/unfinished Silm.
CJRT simply > connected the dots In most of the other chapters, the majority of the prose itself was written by JRRT, with only mild editing necessary to bring it together with the rest of the book.
neil.franklin.ch /Usenet/rec.arts.books.tolkien/20011006_Treacherous_Melian   (2529 words)

 [mplpost] An alternative view of the CJRT situation
I wish us all well with CJRT, but I have my doubts that the folk community is large enough to make a real dent in the station--certainly not as large as the classical lobby in New York City (home of the below-mentioned Metropolitan Opera among others).
Saturday afternoon was a bad time for CJRT to attract >classical listeners away from the CBC because that is the time of the live >Metropolitan Opera broadcasts.
This may sound >like being in a folk ghetto, but if we are going to proudly proclaim that >folk is an essential minority taste, then we cannot expect to have much >choice about what part of the week it is broadcast on an (unfortunately) >money-driven station.
www.coolname.com /pipermail/maplepost-mirror/2000-September/001719.html   (781 words)

 Key North Productions Inc.
Advertising with CIAO has advantages in reaching one of the largest multicultural communities in North America.
CJRT is the only jazz station serving up jazz 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
The jazz format has proven to be a real market maker with its impressive high income listening audience.
www.keynorth.com /ourstations.html   (321 words)

 Campaigning CJRT cuts; Eve's post - some Guelph & area news
Next message: CJRT wasn't serving the opera community, either
some highlights: - the president of guelph arts council has written cjrt and has been spreading the word throughout their membership.
The actions of the management clearly parallel what has happened at many NPR stations in the United States in the last few years.
www.coolname.com /pipermail/cdnfolk-mirror/2000-September/000928.html   (611 words)

 A Party for Kris St. Louis-2000
John Valenteyn of CJRT who was nice enough to be our host, and who made the evening run really smooth and sweet (removing a big worry from the organizers....) Thank you John!
Grant Lyle of Brotherhood who was the first one on the scene at the beginning and he went way beyond the call of duty by playing the whole first set...also special thanks to Grant for arranging and singing "A Way to Beat The Blues", a special tribute song to Kris.
John Valenteyn of CJRT for playing songs from Kris' album and for annoncing the event on his show, and for making all the phone calls to people he thought would be interested.
www.wezel.com /music/kristlou/krispart2.htm   (1219 words)

 The Barrow-Downs Discussion Forum - * * Introduction and FAQ's to the Forum and the Rev. Silmarillion Project * *
But we have courtesy of his son Christopher Tolkien [usually reffered to as CJRT or CRT] the Silmarillion itself, albeit in a somewhat compressed form, and more importantly Unfinished Tales and that vast storehouse of lore, the HoM-E series.
Some from all of this we are attempting to that which for a variety of reasons CJRT did not.
A self-consistent [and LotR/RGEO consistent] compendium, primarily in narrative form, of all of the writings that tell the stories from Song of Creation in the Ainulindale to the chance meeting of Thorin and Gandalf at the Prancing Pony in Bree [well at least that is where I would end it [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]].
forum.barrowdowns.com /showthread.php?t=4429   (5086 words)

 Ms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
She has appeared with numerous orchestras, including the Edmonton Symphony, Toronto Symphony, Hamilton Philharmonic, Thunder Bay Symphony, the CJRT Orchestra, The National Arts Centre Orchestra, and the Toulouse Symphony.
Bowkun had a ten year partnership with the renowned violinist Steven Staryk, during which they traveled extensively across Canada both as a performing and recording duo.
Her performances have been broadcast frequently on CBC Radio, as well as CJRT, WQXR in New York, and on Radio France.
www.helena-bowkun.com   (757 words)

 Rock Radio Scrapbook: The Tom Fulton Collection
He went to fine arts CJRT in 1975 and then moved to become the morning man at AM 740 in Toronto, an oldies-standards station.
Fulton left 'FH in 1973, resurfacing at Toronto's CJRT in 1975.
He spent 23 years at CJRT and his long-running author interview show at that fine arts station was very well received.
www.rockradioscrapbook.ca /kahuna.html   (1406 words)

 Jaymz Bee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Following the end of the show, the band broke up and Bee began recording lounge music albums as Jaymz Bee and the Royal Jelly Orchestra.
In 1997, he published the book Cocktail Parties for Dummies, and began hosting radio shows on Toronto's CFRB and CJRT.
In 2002, he released a new album under the name Jaymz Bee and the Deep Lounge Coalition.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jaymz_Bee   (161 words)

 Find in a Library: Canadian journal of respiratory therapy CJRT = Revue canadienne de la thérapie respiratoire : RCTR.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Find in a Library: Canadian journal of respiratory therapy CJRT = Revue canadienne de la thérapie respiratoire : RCTR.
Canadian journal of respiratory therapy CJRT = Revue canadienne de la thérapie respiratoire : RCTR.
WorldCat is provided by OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. on behalf of its member libraries.
worldcatlibraries.org /wcpa/ow/0e7467d0fe04de18a19afeb4da09e526.html   (103 words)

 CD Baby: MAXINE WILLAN: Alone and Together
She studied with Canada's best teachers in piano and arranging while working as a professional pianist in Toronto's top hotels and clubs.
She has performed in jazz festivals in Toronto and across Ontario, and has been featured in radio station CJRT's concerts from the Ontario Science Centre.
As well as performing solo, and with her own jazz ensemble, she arranges and performs with various big swing bands in Ontario.
cdbaby.com /cd/willan   (141 words)

He was succeeded on the show by Ted O'Reilly, who is still on the air there after some 30 years.
Norm's first radio job outside of CJRT was at CFOS, Owen Sound, Ont. in the summer of 1964 and again in the summer of 1965.
But, Norm's music tastes and presentation proved to be - as he put it - "too wild" - for Owen Sound.
rockradioscrapbook.ca /normanb.html   (1758 words)

 Alan Walker
Before settling in North America he was on the staff of the Music Division of the British Broadcasting Corporation in London.
He has broadcast for the BBC, the CBC, and for CJRT - FM (Toronto), and gives regular public lectures on the music of the Romantic Era.
His thirteen published books include A Study in Musical Analysis, An Anatomy of Musical Criticism, and symposia on Chopin, Schumann, and Liszt.
www.uga.edu /music/lisztfest/People/Walker.html   (387 words)

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