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  CVF Technologies Corporation
CVF Technologies Corporation ("CVF" or the "Company") was converted into a corporate structure in 1995 from a limited partnership that originally formed in 1989, and is involved in the business of investing in and managing early and expansion stage companies primarily engaged in the environmental technology and information technology sectors.
CVF also endeavors to realize capital gains through the eventual sale of some or all of its holdings in these companies at such time as management determines that CVF's funds can be better deployed in other companies.
CVF, on a consolidated basis, recorded a net loss of $173,324 for the three months ended September 30, 2004 which was lower by $435,231 (72%) compared to a loss of $608,555 in the 2003 period.
www.cvfcorp.com /financial/qtr_nov15_04.html   (4626 words)

 Future Aircraft Carrier CVF Class
The CVF was intended to be between 275 and 300 meters long (ie about 900 to 1,000 feet), with a full displacement between 50,000 to 65,000 tons [the higher figures for CTOL, lower for STOVL].
CVF will also be capable of supporting the operation of helicopters in a wide variety of roles that could include anti-submarine warfare, attack and support.
The CVF Delta design concept taken forward into 2006 is 283 meters long overall (263.5 meters between perpendiculars), with a beam of 39 meters, and a deep displacement of approximately 65,000 tons.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/world/europe/cvf-design.htm   (1474 words)

The first auto to be donated to CVF was a restored 1938 Buick sedan, a gift from John Joyce, president and general manager of the Golden One Credit Union.
As CVF had no official office, the newsletter was mimeographed in Dick Ryder's driveway and assembled in his living room.
With supervision and commitment by the City of Sacramento, a CVF committee negotiated the purchase of the property for the City in exchange for a long term lease from the City for the museum.
www.toweautomuseum.org /html/cvf.html   (1087 words)

 Naval Technology - CVF - RN Future Aircraft Carrier
The new UK CVF Royal Navy aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, are expected to enter service in 2012 and 2015.
The design continues to evolve but CVF is expected to displace 55,000t to 65,000t, a size between the USA's 100,000t Nimitz class and the French 43,000t Charles de Gaulle class aircraft carriers, and three times larger than the 20,000t UK Invincible class carriers.
The CVF Integrated Project Team is managing the procurement programme on behalf of the Ministry of Defence Procurement Executive.
www.naval-technology.com /projects/cvf   (1822 words)

 CVF | About Us | 2005 CVF Board Members
Beverly Reece Bendicksen, a CVF Advisor from 1994 to 1995 and Director since 2005, is a Director and Special Limited Partner of Blue Sage Capital, LP.
Kevin Holsapple, a CVF Advisor and Director since 1998, is the Executive Director of the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation (LACDC), a non-profit corporation that promotes community economic development and supports small business development in Los Alamos and the region.
Larry Icerman, a CVF Founder and Director since 1994, is President of Icerman and Associates, an advanced-technology, management consulting firm specializing in all aspects of technology transfer and commercialization.
www.cvf-nm.org /about/board.htm   (2623 words)

 RedOrbit - Science - CVF Technologies Corporation Reports Profit of 3,700 for the First Six Months 2005
CVF can best be valued by looking at growth prospects for its portfolio companies and the resultant increase in the value of its holdings, as has been demonstrated with Biorem.
CVF is examining a number of options as to how it can pass this increased value on to its shareholders as it is not currently being reflected in its share price.
CVF's recent 2% decrease in its Biorem share ownership is due primarily to the issuance by Biorem of new treasury stock related to its acquisition of Biocube.
www.redorbit.com /news/display?id=208810&source=r_science   (883 words)

 Navy Matters | CVF Official Statements
CVF IPT is led by Mr Ali Baghaei and JCA IPT is led by Cdre Simon Henley RN.
The in-service date of CVF will be declared as the date when the military capability provided by the CVF is assessed as available for operational use in its minimum usefully deployable form, i.e at least as capable as the system it replaces.
The CVF programme is adopting and further developing a range of Smart Acquisition techniques including a greater emphasis on identifying, evaluating, and implementing effective trade-offs between system performance, whole-life costs and time; the adoption of incremental acquisition for areas such as the combat systems; and the use of off-the-shelf equipment and commercial standards, where appropriate.
navy-matters.beedall.com /cvf4.htm   (14247 words)

 CVF Technologies Reports Results for 2003?CVF Reports 47% Increase..
CVF's current financial statements are prepared on a going concern basis as they have been over the last three years, in particular as they relate to the Company's ability to continue to maintain the value of those holdings that are still not profitable.
CVF will issue additional press releases on this topic in the coming weeks as it examines the legal and accounting options that will be required to be followed in order to achieve this result.
CVF is a technology development company, whose principal business is sourcing, funding and managing emerging pre-public technology companies with significant market potential focused principally in the environmental sector.
www.amex.com /newsDetails/CmnNewsDet.jsp?id=XpressFeed_NewsDetails_1080921349133.html   (1249 words)

 Welcome to Cayuga Venture Fund!
CVF's primary investment focus is early stage and follow on rounds of financing in technology-based companies with high growth potential in upstate New York or those that have a significant Cornell connection.
This is driven by Cornell's outstanding research funding record in both the State of New York and in the country (ranking No. 1 in New York and No. 10 in the US overall in 2003) along with the associated intellectual talent and skilled workforce resources of upstate New York.
Due in part to significant CVF investments and the commitment to economic development of several area organizations, Ithaca has become a vibrant entrepreneurial community home to many successful high technology start-up companies.
www.cvf.biz   (279 words)

 Royal Navy CVF programme - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
CVF, literally Aircraft Carrier Future, but commonly called the Future Carrier is a new generation of aircraft carrier being developed for the United Kingdom's Royal Navy.
A Catapult Assisted Take-Off But Arrested Recovery CVF would have used catapults and arrestor cables and an angled flight deck with existing naval aircraft, most likely the F/A-18 or Rafale-M. This has the advantage of reducing technical risk for development of both the aircraft and carriers and offering maximum payload and range capabilities.
With the proposed specification of 65,000 tonnes displacement and a length of 274 m (900 ft) there is no suitable dry dock for a CVF at either of the RN's two main naval bases, their home base of Portsmouth Naval Base or Devonport Naval Base.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Royal_Navy_CVF_programme   (2410 words)

 CVF Technologies Corporation Reports 1st Quarter Results
Judging CVF on its income statement alone is not very helpful due to significant changes in revenue and income that can occur from quarter to quarter and from year to year.
CVF GAAP financial results for quarter ending March 31, 2006 -- On a consolidated basis CVF reported a loss for the quarter of $481,000 on revenue of $21,000.
CVF is a technology development company, whose principal business is sourcing, funding and managing emerging pre-public, clean-tech companies with significant market potential.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-15-2006/0004362203&EDATE=   (1024 words)

 CVF Technologies Corporation Reports 2nd Quarter Results
CVF has now increased its ownership position in Petrozyme to 85% from 50% as a result of the conversion into common stock of a portion of its convertible debt that it holds in Petrozyme.
CVF did not sell any of its shares in Biorem in the 2006 second quarter compared to selling 32,700 shares in the 2005 second quarter resulting in a gain of $75,200 on those shares in the 2005 second quarter.
CVF did not sell any of its shares in Biorem in the first six months of 2006 second quarter compared to selling 381,800 shares in the first six months of 2005 resulting in a gain of $798,900 on those shares in the first six months of 2005.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=109&STORY=/www/story/08-15-2006/0004416695&EDATE=   (2052 words)

 CVF | Resources | FAQ
CVF’s mission is to bring investors and entrepreneurs together in an educational environment.
CVF board members on The Entrepreneur's Forum committee assist entrepreneurs by advising and reviewing presentations for the Entrepreneur's Forum.
However, CVF does bring investors and entrepreneurs together for networking and educational programs that provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to not only learn about the issues associated with raising money, but the chance to meet potential sources of funding.
www.cvf-nm.org /resources   (743 words)

 CVF Technologies Corporation
CVF Technologies Corporation is a technology development company listed on the NASD OTC Bulletin Board (CNVT) whose principal business is sourcing, funding and managing emerging companies with proprietary or patented technologies and significant market potential.
CVF aims to offer investors where feasible, the opportunity to participate in the initial public offerings of its holdings through rights offerings, once they have achieved significant levels of maturity and profitability, and as shareholders in CVF, to continue to participate in these ventures through CVF's retained ownership of the company.
CVF's proven record of sourcing and financing, as well as its ability to understand complex technologies, has afforded them an excellent pipeline of technology opportunities.
www.cvfcorp.com   (180 words)

 About CVF   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
CVF is a part of Christian Veterinary Mission, which serves God through mission work in developing countries.
CVF at VMRCVM's mission is to meet the challenges and responsibilities that come with being both Christians and future veterinarians.
Prayer is fundamental for CVF members in that we have created prayer lists to include the needs/prayers of fellow classmates and faculty members.
students.vetmed.vt.edu /CVF/about_cvf.html   (187 words)

 4.8 The Spectral Response Function of the CVF   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The photometry of stars observed in CVF mode was done as described for the filter photometry (Section 4.1.1).
When analysing a CVF spectrum of an astronomical target, the largest uncertainties come from the reflected light (Section 4.9) and the long time needed to stabilise the measured signal (Section 4.4) which will affect mostly the beginning of a CVF measurement or when there is a change between CVF segments.
The resulting CVF SRFs and their error bars are given in the calibration files CSWCVF, CLWCVF1 and CLWCVF1 (Sections 6.1.15 and 6.1.16).
www.iso.vilspa.esa.es /manuals/HANDBOOK/cam_hb/node35.html   (990 words)

 Design & Preparations Continue for Britain's New CVF Future Carrier (updated) (defense acquisition, defence purchasing, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
CVF will not be nuclear powered; this form of propulsion would have added extra costs, and would also have attracted political controversy.
For instance, CVF is one of the flagship programmes for the implementation of SMART acquisition.
The CVF Integrated Project Team (IPT) was in the forefront of the roll out of Earned Value Management assessment techniques, resulting in the receipt of a Chairman's Award for Innovation from BAE Ssystems.
www.defenseindustrydaily.com /2006/05/design-preparations-continue-for-britains-new-cvf-future-carrier-updated/index.php   (2522 words)

 The Clarence Vincent Foundation - Apply
CVF will not provide a scooter if Medicare (or other agency) has previously covered the rental or purchase of a scooter for the applicant.
CVF will not consider requests for applicants who already own a scooter or powered wheelchair.
Note: The CVF does not accept direct inquiries and relies solely on the expertise of our Partnering Organizations for applicant screening and submission.
www.scootaround.com /cvf/apply.htm   (250 words)

 CVF Main Features
While the CVF Series II comes pre-calibrated to use out of the box, the position of the focusing tube can easily be adjusted by the user for special applications, if desired.
The CVF Series II Bayonet Mount is identical to your camera's and attaches to the very same t-ring.
The CVF Series II is at home in either prime focus or eyepiece projection photography and attaches normally to those adapters just like your camera.
www.stellar-international.com /contents/en-us/d19.html   (991 words)

 Queen Elizabeth class / Future Aircraft Carrier CVF (002)
CVF is a flagship programme for the UK and central to the commitment in the Strategic Defence Review to modern, flexible and highly capable forces.
There are two carrier-borne versions of JSF planned: one taking off using a ski-jump and landing vertically; the other launched with a catapult and landing with the aid of an arrestor wire.
It is planned that CVF’s offensive air-power will be provided primarily by the Future Carrier Borne Aircraft (FCBA).
www.globalsecurity.org /military/world/europe/cvf.htm   (340 words)

 Circular Variable Filters (CVF)
A CVF is a multi-layer thin film interference filter mounted on the filter wheel.
Both its central wavelength and its band pass are functions of the polar angle on the sector, thus of the position of the filter wheel (WARNING: the first and last two steps of each sectors suffer significant vignetting).
CVF's can be used in a fixed mode or in a scanning mode:
www.ipac.caltech.edu /iso/isomirror/manuals/iso_cam/node35.html   (328 words)

 [No title]
The best option for the CVF at the moment is shore-based AEW support or helicopters, unless you take something sized, like the S-3 Viking, give it a STOVL capability and slap a radar on it.
CVF could be built as a CTOL carrier at its current size, and F-35 CTOL aircraft could operate from it.
Current indications are that if the first CVF (HMS Queen Elizabeth) enters service in H2 2014 (dependent on the CVF project getting Main Gate approval in early 2006), she will embark Harrier GR.9’s and Sea King ASaC Mk7s for early deployments, these being gradually displaced by F-35’s and MASC’s as the decade goes on.
www.strategypage.com /messageboards/messages/9-2108.asp   (3589 words)

 Welcome to ceocfointerviews.com!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
CVF Technologies Corporation (OTC: BB-CNVT) headquartered in Williamsville, New York, is a technology development company, whose principal business is sourcing, funding and managing emerging pre-public technology companies with significant market potential.
CVF’s Ecoval Technologies Inc. has made significant steps forward in marketing its brand of 100% natural, environmentally safe, patented non-toxic organic herbicide and insecticide and patented tree recovery systems.
If somebody likes to invest in an environmental type deal, with companies that are growing rapidly at 50-100% per year and have become profitable then this is a way to get in, in the early stages of a companies genesis before it goes public.
www.ceocfointerviews.com /interviews/CVFTechnologies.htm   (2486 words)

 Precautions in using CVF'S
LOW FLUX LEVEL IMAGES: For the 3 CVF elements, and particularly CVFSW and CVFLW1, the background flux on the array is quite low, and the stabilization time can be a problem limiting the photometric accuracy.
FLATFIELDS: There is a slight dependance of the center of the band pass of the CVF with the position inside the FOV of the camera.
This is due to the field mirror, used with a large off-axis angle, which produces aberrations in the image of the pupil in the plane of the CVF.
www.ipac.caltech.edu /iso/isomirror/manuals/iso_cam/node89.html   (398 words)

 What they're saying about CONSERVATIVE VICTORY FUND
Because of your support of CVF, I received that help."Your CVF is not glitzy or high profile.
I cannot thank (CVF) enough for your generous financial support during the course of my campaign for Congress.
To make sure that doesn’t happen, CVF has been giving conservative challengers for House and Senate seats and conservative incumbents the financial means and issue resources to run successful campaigns ever since its founding in 1969 by the late John Ashbrook (R-Ohio).”
www.conservativevictoryfund.org /comments.htm   (481 words)

CVF Technologies Corporation has granted an option to USA Global Link, Inc. exercisable on or before September 15, 2000, pursuant to which USA Global Link, Inc. has the right to require CVF Technologies to merge with it or its subsidiary for a fixed cash consideration of $76.7 million or $9.00 per current share fully diluted.
We will continue to work with CVF over the coming months to realize the synergy and market potential we foresee as we consolidate our position as the world's first and largest international e-commerce and v-commerce portal," said Lincoln Norton, CEO of Global.
CVF Technologies Corporation, headquartered in Lewiston, New York, is a technology development company with a focus on e-commerce whose principal business is sourcing, funding and managing emerging technology companies with significant market potential.
www.thedigest.com /109/109-8.html   (550 words)

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