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Topic: Cable networks

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In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

  Cable Networks
Cable networks are programming services that deliver packages of information or entertainment by satellite to local cable television systems.
Cable advertising rates are not as high as those for commercial networks such as NBC, ABC, or CBS because audiences are not as large.
Very few new cable networks were introduced in the mid to late 1980s, in part because many cable systems had filled all their channels and had no room for newcomers.
www.museum.tv /archives/etv/C/htmlC/cablenetwork/cablenetwork.htm   (3520 words)

 Cable TV: Content Analysis
Cable is increasingly becoming an anchor medium, in stark contrast to where it began, and this is particularly true in the morning and evening.
Cable packages were also slightly shorter than on network nightly news, with an average length of 142 seconds, versus 164 for nightly news on broadcast television.
And, the three networks are virtually indistinguishable in the level of repetition, the percentage of new stories through the course of the day and the level of substantive updates.
www.stateofthenewsmedia.org /narrative_cabletv_contentanalysis.asp?cat=2&media=5   (3559 words)

 Cable television - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cable television is a system of providing television, FM radio programming and other services to consumers via radio frequency signals transmitted directly to people’s televisions through fixed optical fibers or coaxial cables as opposed to the over-the-air method used in traditional television broadcasting (via radio waves) in which a television antenna is required.
Cable TV has had little success in Africa, as it is not cost-effective to lay cables in sparsely populated areas, and although so-called "wireless cable" or microwave-based systems are used, "direct-to-home" satellite television is far more popular, especially in South Africa.
Cable television is normally regarded as a natural monopoly, and most areas are served by a single provider, though Australia is characterized by extensive duplication.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cable_television   (1994 words)

 Cable TV: Content Analysis
Cable is increasingly becoming an anchor medium, in stark contrast to where it began, and this is particularly true in the morning and evening.
Cable packages were also slightly shorter than on network nightly news, with an average length of 142 seconds, versus 164 for nightly news on broadcast television.
And, the three networks are virtually indistinguishable in the level of repetition, the percentage of new stories through the course of the day and the level of substantive updates.
stateofthenewsmedia.org /narrative_cabletv_contentanalysis.asp?...   (3559 words)

 Cable TV: Audience
Cable news was one of the most-cited sources for election news throughout the presidential campaign.
Cable viewership increased from 4.8 million on the convention's first night to 6.8 million on the Thursday night of John Kerry's acceptance speech.
While total viewership on both network and cable television was roughly the same between the Democratic and Republican conventions, Fox News's surge in viewership during the Republican convention seemed due in part to partisan Republicans' flocking to that network.
www.stateofthemedia.org /2005/narrative_cabletv_audience.asp?cat=3&media=5   (4352 words)

 Applying WDM Technology to Undersea Cable Networks
For example, TAT-12/13 [2] and TPC-5 [3] cable networks, in-service since 1996 and originally designed and installed to operate with a single carrier channel at 5 Gb/s, are now being upgraded with a second and then third wavelength in the case of TAT-12/13, with each wavelength providing an additional 5 Gb/s of capacity [4].
This is particularly advantageous to undersea networks where the number of fiber pairs in the network is limited by the physical constraints of the undersea cable and the design of the repeater housing.
While undersea networks can rely on alternate facilities (typically other cable facilities or possibly satellites) for traffic restoration in the event of catastrophic failures due to external aggression (e.g., a ship anchor cutting a cable), undersea cable traffic capacity is getting too large to be economically and reliably restored via satellite.
www.comsoc.org /~ci/private/1998/feb/Trischitta.html   (3180 words)

 Cable networks now beating out broadcasters for viewers - Dec. 3, 2003
Cable has beaten broadcasters in the little-noticed July sweeps period in the past, when broadcasters air reruns or alternate programming and overall viewership is lower, and it has beaten the networks in a handful of non-sweeps periods.
Comparing the ad-supported cable networks to the six major broadcast networks -- CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, WB and UPN -- the switch from broadcasters to cable during the recent sweeps is also evident, though by a more narrow margin.
Of course because there are dozens of major cable networks compared to a relative handful of broadcast networks, advertisers must still turn to the broadcasters to reach the larger audiences in one bite.
money.cnn.com /2003/12/03/news/companies/cable_vs_broadcasts   (952 words)

 Cable Positive
Cable Positive is a national non-profit organization that was founded in February 1992 by three concerned cable executives with the mission of organizing cable's resources in the fight against AIDS.
Cable Positive will mobilize the talents, resources, access and influence of the cable and telecommunications industry to raise HIV/AIDS awareness; support HIV/AIDS education, prevention and care; and strive to end stigma by creating a more compassionate climate for people whose lives have been affected by HIV or AIDS.
Cable Positive has grown to include supporters from every major cable network, multiple system operator, cable system, hardware manufacturer, trade association, media publication, and affiliated industry vendors and suppliers.
www.cablepositive.org /news/9-9-04.html   (259 words)

 Texas company plans supercharged cable modems | CNET News.com
Advent Networks, a company co-founded by former Time Warner cable technologist David Pangrac, says it can supercharge many existing cable networks to handle Internet speeds 20 to 50 times faster than what subscribers typically get from cable modems.
The cable modem industry has already coalesced around a standard technology, and anyone offering something outside this is unlikely to win customers quickly among the large operators that dominate the business, the more skeptical analysts say.
cable wire into different channels, much in the way technology companies have been able to boost the capacity of fiber-optic networks substantially in recent years.
news.com.com /2100-1033-242817.html   (1011 words)

 LANcity Cable Modem Family
Cable operators benefits because LANcity cable modems are easy to install and maintain standard data networking architecture.
Bay Networks cable modem family enables cable operators and their customer base to define the "killer app" that is right for them - be it working at home, Internet access, Web page provisioning, videoconferencing, citywide LAN interconnectivity, virtual private networking, or voice and Fax over IP.
LANcity's Multiple-User Spanning Tree Cable Modem (LCb) is an enterprise network cable TV modem, which enables citywide connectivity of enterprise networks, school systems, and municipalities at data rates much higher than available with telephone modems.
www.bluemax.net /techtips/networking/Cable_Modems/lancityspecs.htm   (1487 words)

 Cable (CATV) Data Networks (Linktionary term)
The cable network mimics the over-the-air radio frequency broadcast signals that you would receive via a TV antennae, but they are carried on cable.
Cable operators have had to deal with this problem by preventing users from setting up Web sites at the far end of the network, where there is the most contention for the upstream channel.
Cable operators are working to provide a number of services to their customers, including audio and video servers that can serve up music and movies.
www.linktionary.com /c/cabledata.html   (1988 words)

 More Cable Networks Decline Commercial-Ratings System - WSJ.com
Distribution of cable programming isn't nearly as uniform as it is on broadcast television, and Nielsen thus can't track commercial minutes on their outlets as well as it does on broadcast television, the cable executives say.
The absence of cable networks is bad news for advertisers, who want to compare how audience levels change as a program goes to commercial break across all TV networks.
Cable networks' decision to stay out of Nielsen's service for now "may create a two-tier perception" among advertisers, says Lyle Schwartz, managing partner and director of national broadcast research and marketplace analysis for WPP's GroupM.
online.wsj.com /public/article/SB116171224085402292-D8VK4MYI8Z_KFCCpL9OKDgD79Ns_20061101.html?mod=blogs   (839 words)

 Cable Networks' Share of Nat'l TV Dollars Increases
The cable networks’ share of all national television advertising revenues increased almost 3 percentage points to 28.3 in the 1998/99 TV season versus the year before, according to Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau analysis of recently-released Competitive Media Reporting data.
This gain came at the expense of both the broadcast networks and syndication, whose shares declined by 2.6 percentage points and.3 points respectively.
An important contributor to ad-supported cable’s revenue growth in 1998/99 was investments by dot-com advertisers, who channeled 41 percent of their national TV dollars into the medium.
www.cabletvadbureau.com /00News/022300news.htm   (182 words)

 Wired for politics - The Boston Globe
Cable networks have come to the parties' quadrennial confabs for years, but if their programming hasn't hewed strictly to the news, they've often had to elbow their way inside, fighting for floor passes, work space, and respect.
Four years later, cable networks still had to fight for credibility, not to mention a place inside the convention hall.
That's one reason niche cable networks are eager to cover the convention, Donlon said.
www.boston.com /news/politics/conventions/articles/2004/04/22/wired_for_politics   (1278 words)

 Chapter 4: Cabling
Cable is the medium through which information usually moves from one network device to another.
The type of cable chosen for a network is related to the network's topology, protocol, and size.
Although coaxial cabling is difficult to install, it is highly resistant to signal interference.
fcit.coedu.usf.edu /network/chap4/chap4.htm   (1303 words)

 USATODAY.com - Study: Cable losing steam   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
NEW YORK — Cable's 25-year assault on broadcast networks' ratings is near its end, according to a controversial study of viewership patterns released Monday.
But that will be it, he says, unless cable networks choose to cut profit margins by ramping up spending for programming.
He expects that once cable networks' market share stabilizes, their total cash flow will grow just 54%, to $410 million, in the next five years.
www.usatoday.com /money/media/2004-08-24-partys-over_x.htm   (423 words)

 CTI Networks : DSL vs. Cable & Satellite
Cable users connect to the ISP on a shared network medium, the coaxial cable that runs into every cable customer's home.
The same coaxial cable that provides Internet access runs into every cable customer's home and the transmissions work by broadcast, meaning the data is exposed at any point in a "cell." Major security concerns with this technology have been in part alleviated by the availability of personal firewall products and helped by provider encryption.
Network setup and equipment will vary by provider; the average cell size they deploy is a key element to the quality of the service.
www.ctinetworks.com /?id=dslsatcable   (708 words)

 Cable TV Talk - Nielsen Defines Cable Networks, OKs Nick at Nite
Nielsen put out the client clarification at the request of cable programmers, including the ABC Cable Networks Group and Lifetime Television, which voiced concern about primetime ratings now being issued for Nick at Nite, Nickelodeon’s adult sitcom block that airs during just part of primetime.
According to Nielsen’s client memo, "To qualify for syndicated measurement by Nielsen Media Research, a cable network must regularly telecast contiguous periods of programming amounting collectively to at least 15 hours of programming each week" for at least a quarterly measurement period.
The ratings company also issued some guides regarding how "total day" is defined for measurement purposes, saying that cable networks can determine their own definition, as long as it meets a few caveats.
www.cabletvtalk.com /showthread.php?t=1245   (487 words)

 Cable Networks
They can find out which advertisers are not buying their network; and of these, which networks they are buying.
Cable network distributor reports are available that provide total ad revenue for each network monitored.
This allows cable networks to gauge whether they are promoting as much as their competitors.
www.nielsenmedia.com /monitor-plus/business_solutions/industries/cable_nets.htm   (417 words)

 Cable Positive
Calling Cable Positive's work "unique, because it is both a resource for the industry and a vehicle for it to act collectively on a critical issue," the Kaiser Family Foundation recently released a new national study of the presence of Public Service Advertising on a select group of both cable and broadcast networks.
The study, entitled "Shouting to be Heard: Public Service Advertising in a New Media Age", concluded that the broadcast and cable networks surveyed devote an average of 15 seconds per hour to airing public service advertising (PSAs), with most of them running in the middle of the night.
Cable Positive's PSA efforts-which represent an industry-wide public service response from the cable industry without having any legal requirement to provide airtime, as the broadcast industry does-was the only industry-wide PSA response cited in the Kaiser study.
www.cablepositive.org /news/3-7-02.html   (436 words)

 Cable Modems to the Rescue?
Talk to any cable modem vendor and you will get an earful of statistics: the number of households passed by cable networks, the number of households that subscribe to cable TV, the number of households with PCs and the number of households already on-line.
Although the cable TV industry has talked about enhanced services for years, clearly it is reluctant to upgrade to two-way at a time when it faces serious competition from direct broadcast satellite.
The trick is to use the cable network for the downstream and a telephone "return" for the upstream.
telephonyonline.com /mag/telecom_cable_modems_rescue/index.html   (2927 words)

 IFEX :: Cable TV networks go to court over closure
Peshawar: The confusion over the closure of cable networks continued as eight cable networks filed a legal petition in the Peshawar High Court to overturn the sudden closure of the networks last week.
On Wednesday, the Governor of the province announced his intention to ban the cable networks.
In their legal petition, cable operators maintain that the cable television networks are licensed by the federal government and the network operators maintain that the provincial government does not have the authority to suspend their operations.
www.ifex.org /es/content/view/full/10757   (212 words)

 Cable Nets Waiting for Buyers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Cable networks Nickelodeon and Cartoon were busy last week writing kids upfront business, particularly with advertisers determined to get into the pre-Christmas “hard eight” weeks and pre-Easter weeks, but the general entertainment upfront in cable has yet to take off.
The slower pace stands in contrast to last year when the kids cable networks were surprised by an upfront that started sooner and moved more quickly than in past years.
Buyers also pointed out that the major cable networks are asking for hefty opening CPM increases, which no one is willing to pay at the outset of the market.
www.mediaweek.com /mw/news/recent_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1000912183   (502 words)

 Why Call 'Em Cable Networks? Cable World - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Cable industry conventions--such as this week's National Show or the now-defunct Western Show--used to be chock-full of ribbon-cutting ceremonies as these "cable" networks celebrated important milestones.
Cable carriage still is critical to networks' success.
From well established to start-up, independent to consolidated, they consider themselves platform-agnostic "brands" or "media networks"--anything but "cable networks." Each wants to be future-proofed and ready for convergence, or at least willing to experiment with new platforms and technologies.
findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0DIZ/is_2005_April_4/ai_n13653903   (790 words)

 Two international submarine cable networks landed in Marseille, France
On July 18th, Alcatel successfully landed the submarine cables for the Sea-Me-We4 and Med Cable telecommunication networks in Marseille, France.
The Med Cable network, deployed for Orascom (a leading telecom operator in the Middle East and Africa), connects Marseille to Algiers and Annaba in Algeria spanning approximately 1,300 km.
Leveraging its more than 150 years of expertise in the submarine cable business, Alcatel has played a key role in the development and implementation of the most important submarine cable networks in operation today and has deployed more than 450,000 km of submarine cable networks.
www.alcatel.com /lead/smw4_marseille.htm   (238 words)

 Beta Research Corporation >> Cable Subscribers: evaluation of basic cable networks
Favorite cable networks – Respondents name their five favorite basic/ expanded basic channels.
Importance of Cable Network – Respondents indicate whether service is important or unimportant to enjoyment of cable.
Perceived Value of Cable Network – Persons who ever watch estimate amount the service would be worth if it were sold by itself.
www.nybeta.com /html/basic_cable_nets.htm   (162 words)

 The Cable Center
Susan Packard is responsible for all distribution of Scripps-owned cable networks to cable operators, satellite distributors, and television stations.
HGTV is the only network devoted to providing entertaining how-to information from some of America’s best home builders, decorators, gardeners, and craft experts, as they provide practical information to help people make the most of their lives at home.
She currently serves on the Scripps Howard Foundation Board, the board of the WICT (Women in Cable and Telecommunications) Foundation, and recently was elected to The Cable Center’s Board.
www.cablecenter.org /education/academic/mavsPackard.cfm   (651 words)

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