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Topic: Cadence

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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

  Cadence (music) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An analogy can be made with punctuation, with some weaker cadences acting as commas, indicating a pause or momentary rest, while a stronger cadence will then act as the period, indicating the end of the phrase or musical sentence.
Cadences are called "weak" or "strong" the more or less final the sensation they create, with the perfect authentic cadence being the strongest type.
A masculine cadence occurs on a strong position, typically the downbeat of a measure.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cadence_(music)   (672 words)

 Cycling Science - Summer 1996 - What Determines The Optimal Cadence?
Lollgen et al (1975) manipulated cadence from 40 to 100 rpm at power outputs of 50, 100, 150, and 200 W and found perceived exertion in trained and untrained subjects decreased with increases in cadence such that it was minimized at approximately 80 to 100 rpm.
Therefore, cadences in the middle of the range tested appeared to result in acceptable levels of effort for well-trained, experienced cyclists and well-trained noncyclists, whereas cadences at the extremes of the range would likely be avoided.
The optimal cadence, defined as that which minimized the sum of the 12 muscle stresses, was found to be 95 to 100 rpm (Figure 5).
www.bsn.com /Cycling/articles/cadence.html   (4897 words)

While there are cadence rates that are too high, one might argue that on the world class level you can tell who's doing well and poorly by their cadence, especially late in a race.
Cadence is related to effort, and while one might be properly pedaling 80rpm given a particular workload, a higher workload would require a higher cadence.
All this cadence stuff is exacerbated if you adopt a "tri position." This is not the power position that a rearward, seated, upright position is because you are not pulling on the "tops" with your hands and leveraging your body’s power muscles against the pedals.
www.slowtwitch.com /mainheadings/coachcorn/cadence.html   (1828 words)

 Cadence Design Systems - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
As of 2004, Cadence is the world's largest supplier of electronic design technologies and engineering services.
Cadence products and services are used to accelerate and manage the design of semiconductor devices, computer systems, networking equipment, telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics, and other electronics based products.
Cadence products for EDA manage the entire process, including system design, logic synthesis, and layout of integrated circuits.
www.berkeley.biz /project/wikipedia/index.php/Cadence_Design_Systems   (350 words)

 Cadence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cadence (music), a chord progression that comes at the closing of a musical phrase
Military cadence, a chant that is sung by military personnel while running or marching
Cadence (film), a 1990 film directed by Martin Sheen.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cadence   (189 words)

 Cadence Magazine/Jazz/Music/CD's/Cadence/Records/Audio
Cadence Magazine is the most comprehensive resource of its kind available anywhere, packed full with the world's most complete English language coverage of the entire Jazz and Improvised Music scenes.
Dedicated to the music and its subscribers, not advertisers, Cadence is a thorough and honest guide to and through the current Jazz and Improvised Music scenes for a loyal, worldwide readership of knowledgeable, hard-core improvised music fans who find things in Cadence they can't find anywhere else.
Cadence started out on a kitchen table over 28 years ago and it has survived and thrived because its readers value, respect, and depend upon it.
www.cadencebuilding.com /cadence/cadencemagazine.html   (552 words)

 Dolmetsch Online - Music Theory Online - Chords & Cadences
The plagal or church cadence replaces the dominant, or dominant 7th chord, with a subdominant chord, that is a chord on the 4th.
The plagal cadence is usually defined as one whose penult is IV and whose final is I (or whose penult is iv and whose final is i).
The plagal cadence is frequently used after a perfect cadence, because it is not as tonally decisive as the perfect cadence.
www.dolmetsch.com /musictheory22.htm   (1952 words)

 FictionPress.Com Story : Cadence   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Cadence Swift has never been normal, someone extraordinary yes, but when images of death and decay haunt his dreams and eventually drip into his conscious state, there is nothing the doctors can do for the schizophrenic teenager, or is there?
Cadence didn't really care though so he turned his back on him, cross-legged as he brought the sandwich to his mouth, savoring the flavor to tuna fish.
And when it all faded finally, Cadence retraced the words that had seemed so unimportant to him during the torture of the horrendous images and even then he didn't believe he had really heard them.
www.fictionpress.com /read.php?storyid=1547631   (1531 words)

This is the lowest priced Cadence available, and while it features cadence style and elegance, you may lack sufficient personal space for a comfortable ride.
Cadence is again breaking from the mold with the Alien.
The Cadence Stallion is a mean mother of a car, with excellent handling, enormous power, and acceleration enough to make the burliest man wimper.
www.angelfire.com /punk3/miraclemile/cadence.html   (1335 words)

 Cadence   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Cadence is one of the leaders in the info-media industry focusing on the convergence of information technology and digital media communications to deliver multi-media based solutions and services to the commercial market.
Cadence services is our commitment to provide professional consulting services by our dedicated consultants.
Cadence Media Network is a virtual info-media distribution network for our customers that bring content providers with location providers together.
www.cadence-systems.com   (104 words)

 Cadence   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A cadence is the point at which a piece of music is brought to a close.
There are differing degrees of closure - it may be the absolute end of a symphony or pop song, or a brief pause at the end of a musical phrase.
Each type of closure demands that its cadence be articulated with the harmonic, melodic, rhythmic and dynamic means necessary to its function.
www.andymilne.dial.pipex.com /Cadence.shtml   (163 words)

 Cadence Winery
Cadence is sold in premiere restaurants in Seattle, and mailing lists have nearly guaranteed a sell-out of the 900 cases produced.
But music cadence is only a part of the rhythm of their lives.
Cadence is the number of pedal revolutions in cycling.
www.avalonwine.com /CadenceWinery.htm   (1405 words)

 Cadence Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The results have earned CADENCE international recognition as "one of the finest quartets to make an appearance in the a cappella scene" (Primarily A Cappella).
During the past five years, the CADENCE performance schedule has been highlighted by appearances on radio and television, at SkyDome, and the 2001 World Leaders tribute to Quincy Jones.
CADENCE was nominated for a 2001 Juno Award (Canada) and received two Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards for their debut CD, "frost-free".
www.mgam.com /artists/cadence/biography.html   (707 words)

 Cadence at opensource encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In the United States armed services, a cadence is a chant that is sung by military personnel while running or marching.
In the modern marching band, a drum cadence is a work played exclusively by the percussion section, as an embellished way of giving a beat to the marchers.
These cadences are descended from the early military marches, and are most often used during parades.
www.wiki.tatet.com /Cadence.html   (237 words)

 Be Like Lance: The Cadence Thing
The most conspicuous difference between Lance and the rest of the pro peloton is, of course, his cadence.
The basic trade-off with a high cadence is more work for the heart and lungs and less work for the muscles, which carry the load when one pushes a large gear.
The note indicated that higher cadence was preached regularly by the noted experts in the earlier days of the MVW.
www.freewheel.com /mvw/cadence.htm   (947 words)

The term Phrygian cadence is applied by various writers to (i) in major key a cadence ending on the chord of the dominant of relative minor (e.g.
(1) A ‘mixing’ of the plagal and imperfect cadences, consisting of subdominant-dominant, this being merely the imperfect cadence in one of its commonest forms.
This is merely the perfect cadence led up to in one of its commonest manners and should not require any special name.
www.classicalarchives.com /dict/cadence.html   (551 words)

 Cadence - Facts from the Encyclopedia - Yahoo! Education   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In singing the voice may be raised or lowered, or the singer may execute elaborate variations within the key.
In instrumental music, with development of the theory of harmony, the cadence became completely dependent on the change of chord.
If the dominant chord comes before the tonic, the cadence is authentic, or perfect; if the subdominant chord comes before the tonic, the cadence is plagal.
messenger.yahooligans.com /reference/encyclopedia/entry/cadence   (140 words)

 Cadence Website Design Australia ::: Graphic Design, Corporate Identity, Web Site Design&more...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Cadence Design Solutions is formed by 3 industry experts in the fields of design, marketing and business promotion.
Cadence is lead by a positive foresight and through this we plan to become complete industry leaders.
The final output media is always stunning whether that be print media, web media or presentation media because when you come to Cadence, we strive to marry your brand with our creative innovations.
www.cadence.com.au   (326 words)

 Cadence  Newsletter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Cadence Consultants have managed numerous organisation change projects for clients in a diverse range of organisations across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.
Cadence Consultants work with managers (individually and in groups) to provide advice, coaching and mentoring for managing performance.
Cadence consultants work as a virtual team and with our international connections we have been experimenting for some time with the ways we can share and learn on-line.
www.cadence.co.nz /news/n_tracks2.html   (1354 words)

 Electronic News - Cadence, Virage Logic Aim to Better Nanometer Design - 2/28/2005 - Electronic News - CA507203   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Low-power design was first on the minds of EDA leaders today as both Synopsys Inc. and Cadence Design Systems Inc. separately announced partnerships to improve low-power design.
Cadence has teamed with Virage Logic Corp. to provide library views for better addressing low power, multi-voltage issues in nanometer design, the companies said today.
The library views are meant to be used in Cadence’s Encounter digital IC design platform to allow design teams to accurately account for crosstalk, supply-voltage (IR) drop, voltage and frequency scaling, along with multiple voltage-island support for advanced nanometer technologies.
www.reed-electronics.com /electronicnews/article/CA507203.html   (436 words)

 Welcome to the Raw Produce Website
Cadence is set to release his second solo album "Creative Commerce" on May of 2006 on Domination Recordings.
Click here to read about Cadence's past present and future, including details on the creation of State Lines, thoughts on some of the greatest albums of all time, reflections on Boston area hip hop and upcoming projects.
On Saturday 4/16 Cadence hosted an in-store performance at Massive Records in Cambridge, MA featuring perfomances by Ambidex and Shed Light of Early Spotter Recordings, Kabir and DJ Axel Foley.
www.rawproduce.com   (622 words)

 Guitar cadence and progressions
An authentic cadence is established when the penult (V) chord and the final (I or i) chord are played in order.
An imperfect cadence is also authentic, but the tonic chord is not played in the root position.
This is the I IV or the i iv cadence.
guitarsecrets.com /cadence.htm   (1898 words)

 Cadence Design Systems (India) Private Limited
Cadence Design Systems (India) Private Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Cadence Design Systems Inc. and has been in operation since 1987 in the Noida Export Processing Zone, near New Delhi.
Cadence develops some of the World's most sophisticated software for Electronics Design Automation (EDA) and provides design and consulting services which give customers a distinct competitive edge by improving time to market, quality and productivity.
Cadence combines leading edge technology with a complementary set of services that enables customers to improve the quality and time-to-market performance of innovative electronic products.
www.indiansources.com /software/html/cad119r1.htm   (218 words)

 NC State University: Cadence University Program Member   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
We have developed a design kit and a set of tutorials for using several of the Cadence design tools to design integrated circuits using the MOSIS fabrication processes.
For an overview of the Cadence University Program and links to other Universities' Cadence web pages (where you can find more tutorials, design flows and other useful information) see the Cadence University Program homepage.
Cadence is a trademark of Cadence Design Systems, Inc., 555 River Oaks Parkway, San Jose, CA 95134
www.cadence.ncsu.edu   (240 words)

 Active.com - Cycling: Thoughts on pedal cadence, from observing the Tour
Lance has perfected a style of riding with a very high cadence on both the flats and the climbs, but that is not all.
The concept is simple: pedal at a higher cadence in order to exert less force on each pedal stroke.
is the cadence you pedal when you are not thinking about it, and you are riding at a moderate to easy pace.
www.active.com /story.cfm?story_id=9274&sidebar=21&category=cycling   (583 words)

 Cadence Central at OSU EE
The Cadence toolset is a complete microchip EDA system, which is intended to develop professional, full-scale, mixed-signal microchips and breadboards.
The Cadence tools at Ohio State are the same as those at most every professional mixed-signal microelectronics company in the United States.
The strength of the Cadence tools is in its analog design/simulation/layout and mixed-signal verification and is often used in tandem with other tools for RF and/or digital design/simulation/layout, where complete top-level verification is done in the Cadence tools.
www.ece.osu.edu /cadence   (1653 words)

 DAC 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In the Cadence booth, you'll see compelling new technology and flow demos, and you'll have a chance to talk with our technical experts about the hottest topics.
Cadence technologists, customers, and partners will be on stage and screen discussing the topics that interest you most, from today's design challenges to tomorrow's design possibilities.
The X Initiative, a consortium co-sponsored by Cadence, is focused on accelerating the adoption and fabrication of X Architecture.
dac.cadence.com /dac2005/live.html   (1377 words)

 Allegro Extract Import Module
Cadence APD and Cadence Allegro are two completely separate software tools.
Cadence Allegro offers Design for Testability in their system.
Probes plced in Allegro will result in a text entry ojn the manufacturing class, and the subclass is probe top or probe bottom, in the SYM file.
help.camcad.com /Importing/Cadence/allegroextract.html   (697 words)

 Cadence User Forums
The Cadence Designer Network is an open community with a variety of forums where Cadence users and technologists interact to exchange ideas, news, technical information, and best practices to solve problems and get the most from Cadence technology.
The Cadence Designer Network will be led by a steering committee, with Cadence customers comprising two-thirds of the committee membership.
These teams meet regularly with Cadence technologists and decision-makers for in-depth discussions of their current and future technology requirements.
www.ema-eda.com /forums/cadenceforum.aspx   (205 words)

 Weslo - Treadmills - Cadence and Cardio Stride Treadmills for Home Exercise Training   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The sturdy, spacious Cadence 340 CS lets you reach speeds of up to 8 miles per hour at your choice of four inclines.
Bring home the power of fitness with the Cadence DS 11 treadmill by Weslo, featuring a 2.0 HP Power Drive motor, 0-10 MPH speed control, four-position incline, Step-by-Step™ feedback console and Comfort Cell™ cushioning.
The durable, affordable Cadence C22 treadmill lets you maintain a comfortable pace (0-5 mph) with manually adjustable three-position incline.
www.weslo.com /webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Category2_-1_10051_10151_10102_Y   (378 words)

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