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Topic: Caelian

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  Caelian Hill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Caelian Hill (Latin Collis Caelius, Italian Celio) is one of the famous Seven Hills of Rome.
Under reign of Tullus Hostilius, the entire population of Alba Longa was forcibly resettled on the Caelian Hill.
In Republican-era Rome the Caelian Hill was a fashionable residential district and the site of residences of the wealthy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Caelian_Hill   (229 words)

 The Dreamscape - Revival
This does not mean, however, that every Caelian is either one or the other.
For the Caelians, the outermost feathers on each wing are dyed red, one for nobility, two for royalty, and three for an incumbent ruler.
For the Phasmes, small sections of hair on the left side of the head are braided, in the same manner of Caelian nobility.
www.greatestjournal.com /users/dream_scape/1888.html   (1063 words)

 Detail Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Mons Caelius——The most southeasterly of the seven hills, the Caelian was connected to the inner workings of the city mainly by its northwestern tip.
Mons Aventinus——The Aventine Hill was roughly parallel to the Caelian Hill in the southern sections of the city.
It was the gathering place of residences and displayed the considerable differences among the classes of Rome.
www.fofweb.com /Onfiles/Ancient/AncientDetail.asp?iPin=ROME0770   (861 words)

 Basic Rome City Topography:ALRItkwRom101BasicTopo.html
Caelian Hill (Caelius = Celio) The Caelian Hill is the southernmost of the four large spurs.
It had two high points, referred to as the Larger Caelian (Caelius maior), to the west, and the Smaller Caelian (Caelius minor), to the north.
East of the Velia, between the Esquiline, Palatine, and Caelian hills, is the area of the Colosseum (=Colosseo) where there was a small lake before the construction of the Colosseum.
www.mmdtkw.org /ALRItkwRom101BasicTopo.html   (2029 words)

 Head for the Roman Hills
Each ridge ended in a larger knob or series of knolls two of which had separate hilly identities: the Capitoline (Capitolium) at the end of the Quirinal ridge, and the Palatine (Palatium) connected to the Esquiline by the Velia (cut through by Mussolini to build the Via Dei Fori Imperiali).
Between the Quirinal and the Esquiline was a lesser spur, the Viminal (Viminalis).
Remains of huts and cemeteries dating from the ninth to seventh centuries BC (Iron Age) have been found on the Palatine and Esquiline and in the valley (Velia) between.
www.mmdtkw.org /VRomanHills.html   (571 words)

 Servius_Tullius - The real meaning from Timesharetalk wikipedia
He named the Caelian Hill after his deceased but some suppose Caelius Vibenna to have placed a settlement there.
In tradition, the Ramnes were Latini who lived on the Palatine, the Tities were Sabini who lived on the Quirinal and Viminal, and the Luceres were Etrusci who lived on the Caelian.
These tribes consisted of 200 gentes, each of which contributed one senator ("old man") to the deliberative and consultative body of the senatus.
www.timesharetalk.co.uk /wiki.asp?k=Servius_Tullius   (2575 words)

 The Patriarchal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore
Everything here on the Caelian Hill belongs to a dimension, which, almost under a spell, diverges from the hectic and frenetic daily way of life in Rome.
The visitor, who crosses the threshold of the entrance gate, unexpectedly finds himself surrounded and immersed in a reality that, due to the strikingness of the place and an almost unthinkable contact with nature in the centre of the city, induces one to unconsciously remove oneself from the events of the world.
This structure is perfectly preserved and allows one to visit two particular places of Imperial Rome constituted by “Taberne” dating back to between the 2nd and 3rd centuries A.D. with an entrance on the Trium Ararum, an ancient road which is no longer visible today and which lead onto the Clivus Scauri.
www.vatican.va /various/sm_maggiore/en/a_oratori/oratorio.htm   (730 words)

 Seven Hills
The Caelian Hill takes its name from Caelius Vibena, who was the hero of Roma's struggle with the Tarquins.
It was made of Travertine blocks and was used to support Nero's extension of the Claudian aquaduct that supplied the Imperial palace on the Palatine.
The Arch of Drusus, although a monumental arch built in the third century AD, is not a triumphal arch, but supports the branch of the aquaduct that supplies the Baths of Caracalla.
www.historywalker.com /officialpaper/1/HistRoCae.html   (425 words)

 Seven hills of Rome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Seven Hills of early Rome were the Cermalus, Cispius, Fagutal, Oppius, Palatium, Sucusa, and Velia, figuring prominently into Roman mythology, religion, and politics; the original city was held by tradition to have been founded by Romulus on the Palatine Hill (Collis Palatinus).
The other six are now the Aventine (Collis Aventinus), the Capitoline (Capitolinus), the Quirinal (Quirinalis), the Viminal (Viminalis), the Esquiline (Esquilinus), and the Caelian (Caelius).
Palatine, purple; Aventine, dark green; Capitoline, red; Quirinal, orange; Viminal, teal; Esquiline, light green; and Caelian, lavender
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Seven_hills_of_Rome   (688 words)

 The Seven Hills of Rome   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The Quirinal, Viminal, Esquiline, and Caelian hills are really promintaries of an ancient volcanic ridge.
The Palatine, Aventine, and Capitoline hills were hills seperate from the others (not part of the same ancient ridge).
It also suggests that there was a wall that surrounded the Palatine, Esquiline, Velian, and Caelian hills but left out the Capitoline, Quirinal, and Viminal hills.
www.musesrealm.net /rome/sevenhills.html   (386 words)

 AllRefer.com - Caelian, Italy (Italian Physical Geography) - Encyclopedia
AllRefer.com - Caelian, Italy (Italian Physical Geography) - Encyclopedia
You are here : AllRefer.com > Reference > Encyclopedia > Italian Physical Geography > Caelian
Caelian, hill: see Rome before Augustus under Rome.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/C/Caelian.html   (121 words)

 Roman Coliseum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The Coliseum or Flavian Amphitheater was begun by Vespasian, inaugurated by Titus in 80 A.D. and completed by Domitian.
Located on marshy land between the Esquiline and Caelian Hills, it was the first permanent amphitheater to be built in Rome.
Its monumental size and grandeur as well as its practical and efficient organization for producing spectacles and controlling the large crowds make it one of the great architectural monuments achieved by the ancient Romans.
www.engineering.com /content/ContentDisplay?contentId=41007009   (339 words)

 The Seven Hills of Rome, Rome (Photo Archive)
The Viminal is a smaller ridge between the Quirinal Hill and the Esquiline Hill.
The Esquiline is one of the largest hills, between the Viminal Hill and the Caelian Hill.
The Caelian Hill is the southernmost of the four large spurs.
sights.seindal.dk /sight/1247_The_Seven_Hills_of_Rome.html   (996 words)

 Aurora Forum -> Caelian Catastrophe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Caelian Catastrophe, Pojat Herald -- Sunday, April 7, 2109
Never mind that it is precisely an incomplete knowledge of nucleonic physics that has laid waste to a county-sized zone around the Caelian power plant fire...
For the record, the Herald's editorial board expresses support for the continued restrictions on atomic-related research in the sciences.
aurora.mphyle.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=1641   (380 words)

 Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, page 532 (v. 1)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
[L. or CAE'LIUS VIBENNA, the leader of an Etruscan army, who is said to have come to Rome at the invitation of one of the early Roman kings, and to have settled with his troops on the hill called after him the Caelian.
In whose reign however he came, was differently stated, as Tacitus observes.
costus, and the name of Caeliomontanus was un­doubtedly given to the family dwelling on the Caelian hill, to distinguish it from others of the same gens.
www.ancientlibrary.com /smith-bio/0541.html   (878 words)

Interesting are two names that suggests the inclusion of Latin communities on the Velia (the ridge running northeast from the Palatine to the Esquiline), and from the Caelian (2).
In the historical period we have the annual festival of the Septimontium on 11 Dec. which was participated in by the inhabitants of Germalus and Palatium (two summits of the Palatine), the Velia, the Caelian, and three spurs of the Esquiline (Oppius, Cispius, and Fagutal) (3).
Prior to this unification, Varro suggested that the Latin city was known as Septimonium (10).
home.tiscali.be /mauk.haemers/collegium_religionis/quirinus.htm   (5942 words)

 Rome - Capitoline, Palatine and Caelian Hills
Capitoline, 157 feet; Palatine, 166 feet; Caelian, 158 feet; Viminal (railway station), 187 feet; Esquiline, 177 feet; Quirinal (Porta Pia), 206 feet; Aventine, 150 feet.
But beyond all that comes within our present range of vision, is the land of Italy, stretching away on all sides of us.
That is, while remaining at this same place on the Janiculum Hill we shall turn so far toward the right, or south, that the solid building on the Caelian Hill now on our extreme right will then be at the extreme left of our field of vision.
www.oldandsold.com /articles26/rome-3.shtml   (2729 words)

 HighBeam Encyclopedia - Caelian   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
CAELIAN [Caelian] hill: see Rome before Augustus under Rome.
Find newspaper and magazine articles plus images and maps related to "Caelian" at HighBeam.
More information is at your fingertips at HighBeam Research:
www.encyclopedia.com /html/C/Caelian.asp   (116 words)

In 274 there was a revolt by the moneyers at Rome, led by Felicissimus, controller of the mint.
The rebels took refuge on the Caelian Hill, and in the fighting which followed some 7000 soldiers were killed.
In 275 Aurelian set out for the north, to defeat another incursion by the Juthungi, and then travelled east to raise a new army aginst the Persians.
www.forumancientcoins.com /historia/coins/r5/r1963.htm   (484 words)

 Touring The Caelian Hill
We continue our walk around the Caelian Hill, which takes its name from Caelius Vibena, the hero of Roma's struggle with the Tarquins.
It was taken apart and mostly covered over by the Flavians when they remodeled the city and built the Flavian Amphitheatre.
The Temple of Claudius, made of Travertine marble, is here on the Caelian also.
www.ancientworlds.net /aw/Post/37381   (480 words)

 Archbishop Egan's Homily: 'Our Formula'
My dear friends in Jesus Christ, 15 years ago I was consecrated a bishop in the Basilica of SS.
John and Paul on the Caelian Hill in Rome.
Thus the two young Roman soldiers were murdered in their home on the Caelian Hill by order of the emperor.
www.cny.org /archive/ct/ct062200.htm   (1462 words)

 Ancient Roman Houses on the Caelian Hill - Trinity College Rome Campus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Ancient Roman Houses on the Caelian Hill - Trinity College Rome Campus
The Case romane (Ancient Roman Houses on the Caelian Hill) are an important archeological site newly opened to the public in 2002.
The tours feature talks by archaeologists, period poetry readings from Classics by Martial, Juvenal, and Propertius, and the tasting of dishes prepared according to ancient recipes from the Imperial period.
www.trincoll.edu /depts/rome/immersion/intern/caseromane.html   (190 words)

 viminal Collis Viminalis: Subura
The Seven Hills of Rome Aventinus Aventine Caelius Caelian Capitolium Capitoline Esquiliae Esquiline Palatium Palatine Quirinalis Quirinal Viminalis Viminal
Detail Page These hills were the Palatine, Capitoline, Quirinal, Caelian, Aventine, Viminal and Esquiline.
Rome For centuries, the term Seven Hills was used to describe the Capitoline Quirinal Viminal Esquiline Caelian Aventine and Palatine hills surrounding the ancient
mycotic.blog4.theviewblog.com /1143318941.html   (622 words)

 Travel: aug/sep 2004 -- WineSkinny.com
Legend has it that Rome began in 753 BC when a basket washed up on the shores of the Tiber River at a place near seven hills.
According to Roman mythology, the basket contained twin infants, Romulus and Remus, who eventually named the hills (Palatine, Aventine, Capitoline, Quarinal, Viminal, Esquiline and Caelian) and founded the city.
The neighborhood just a few steps to the east of the Colosseum is called Celio, and it is a favorite of locals and savvy travelers.
www.wineskinny.com /past_issues/travel/travel040809.htm   (357 words)

 Caelian - The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition - HighBeam Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Eric David Ross (Sandra Lee Spector), Boynton Beach, daughter, Caelian Rose.AUG. 8 - Ms.
building in Rome demonstrated the emperor's self-confidence; a substantial proof of this was his first great basilica on the Caelian, covering the very site occupied by the cavalry on which his rival had relied.
which lions and other exotic animals were kept while awaiting their day in the Colosseum, have been discovered on the nearby Caelian hill in Rome.A practice arena, known as the Ludus Magnus, was unearthed in 1937 by Benito Mussolini's archaeologists.
www.highbeam.com /ref/doc0.asp?docid=1E1:Caelian   (229 words)

 Lectio Divina   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
In the excavated ruins of early medieval Rome on the Caelian Hill lie the remains of a library and an ancient inscription: “A venerable company of saints sits in a long line teaching the mystical precepts of the divine law.
Agapetus, bishop of Rome in 535 and 536, is thought to have founded that Christian library on the Caelian Hill with the help of the lay scholar Cassiodorus.
It was later owned by the family of Gregory the Great who, having moved also from civil service to the position of bishop of Rome, continued the tradition of episcopal patronage for a library distinguished for its collection of Christian books.
www.mtso.edu /pschrodt/lectio_divina.htm   (5882 words)

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