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Topic: Cagliari

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  Cagliari Hotels - Cagliari Italy Hotel Reservations
Located in the beautiful Devoto Palace, one of the noblest 800's buildings in Cagliari, near the railway and bus stations and in front of the main port of the town, the small Hotel Miramare is one of the most charming buildings of the town.And...
The Jolly Hotel Cagliari is strategically located along one of the most important route toward the city centre, at just 8 km from Cagliari Elmas airport and at 5 km from Cagliari harbour and railway station.
Located in a propitious position from the city center and from its main connecting ways, Holiday Inn Cagliari is the perfect starting point to visit the principal Sardinian town, its amenities and the most renowned Sardinian tourist areas.
www.traveleurope.it /itinerari/c/cagliari.shtml   (325 words)

  Cagliari - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cagliari was inhabited since pre-historic periods for its favourable position between the sea and a fertile plain, its being sourrounded by two swamps (which afforded defences from enemies from inner lands) and its vicinity to high and green mountains (to which people could evacuate if everything else was lost).
People from Cagliari hoped to receive some concession from the Savoys in return for their defending the town: for example, aristocrats from Cagliari asked for a Sardinian representative in the parliament of the kingdom.
Cagliari is home to the football team Cagliari Calcio, winner of the Italian league championship in 1970, with the team led by one of the greatest Italian strikers of all times, Gigi Riva.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cagliari   (1923 words)

 Archdiocese of Cagliari
Cagliari, called by the ancient Caralis, is the principal city and capital of the Island of Sardinia, and an important port on the Gulf of Cagliari.
In 1324 Jaime of Aragon captured Cagliari and with it the rest of the island, which remained under Spanish domination until 1714, when for a short time it acknowledged the authority of Emperor Charles VI; in 1717 it was placed under the Duke of Savoy, thenceforth known as the King of Sardinia.
According to a legend, evidently false, the gospel was preached in Cagliari by Bonifatius, a disciple of Christ.
www.catholicity.com /encyclopedia/c/cagliari,archdiocese_of.html   (725 words)

 Cagliari Calcio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 2003, Cagliari signed Sardinian-born star and former Italian international Gianfranco Zola from Chelsea F.C. Zola promptly led the club to a Serie A promotion in his first year with the team.
Cagliari played as the "Chicago Mustangs", and finished tied for second position in the league's Western Division with 13 points, two behind the division champion and eventual league champion Los Angeles Wolves (Wolverhampton Wanderers of England).
Cagliari first emerged as serious Serie A title contenders in 1968-69 with a three-horse race involving them, Fiorentina and Milan.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cagliari_Calcio   (870 words)

 Cagliari, Italy
Cagliari, is a city which has inspired poets and writers, it displays a rare, unusual beauty sat on the splendid Angel bay: these impressive stone forts are reflected in the crystal waters, these forts are immediately (and unexpectedly) visible to those who arrive by sea.
The Via was at one point abandoned by Cagliari's inhabitants, but she now seems to be undergoing some form of revival: once again, people sit on her benches and reflect on life, while those who used this place to carry on sordid transactions have now fled to darker dens.
Cagliari was blessed with agricultural produce from Campidano but also with a local production of salt, the city was set to become a center of activity with an intense commercial life.
worldfacts.us /Italy-Cagliari.htm   (3028 words)

 cagliari soccer sports betting
Cagliari almost killed them off just before the hour mark, a quick break seeing Suazo free Esposito who outran the Parma defence, but for the second time in the match his finish failed to match his control.
Cagliari on the other hand is dangerously close to the relegation battle with Messaine just 2 points behind them and the home side has not managed to win in their last four matches with three draws and a defeat.
Cagliari were unbeaten at the Sant'Elia since high flying AC Milan's victory in October, but the away side carved out their first chance within three minutes of the start.
cagliari.blogsbyindia.com   (4020 words)

 Hotels, B&B, Farm Holiday, Apartments in cagliari Italy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The pleasure of the hospitality in the center of Cagliari.
University of Cagliari / the University Hospital (policlinico...
The Bed and Breakfast 'Il Fenicottero rosa' is located in the centre of Cagliari, in one of the historical districts of the city: 'Villanova'.
www.bbplanet.it /st_en.asp?localita=CAGLIARI   (395 words)

 CAGLIARI: tourism and culture (Italian language schools and courses to learn italian in Italy.)
Cagliari is the chief town and the regional capital of Sardinia and the most important town and port of the island, which is the base for the local economy.
The province of Cagliari includes 109 communes and, especially the area of Sulcis and Iglesiente, is rich in mines of zinc, lead and fossil fuels.
The fastest way to reach Cagliari is flying and the airport where you can land is Elmas, that connects the town with the most important Italian and European towns through national and international flights.
www.it-schools.com /sections/travel-and-culture-in-italy/sardiniat/travel-and-culture-in-cagliari.shtml   (261 words)

 Rental accommodation in Sardinia - Cagliari - Hotel listing - page 1 of 1
Cagliari's Hotel Regina Margherita is in the centre of the old part of the city.
Hotel Calamosca is on the coast, 2km from Cagliari in an area great for walking and watersports.
Cagliari's Jolly Hotel is conveniently located close to the airport on the city's main road.
www.knowital.com /index/findindex/cagliari-hotel/105498   (427 words)

 Cagliari Sardinia Italy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Under the Byzantine domination Cagliari, that had become the chief-town of the island, was in a state of neglect, and the inhabitants moved to Santa Igia.
In 1324 Cagliari passed under the Aragonese domination, and Peter I of Aragona made it the seat of the first parliament; later it was involved in the war between the Aragonese and the Judges from Arborea.
This part of Cagliari dates back to the Pisan age, and it has always been the fulcrum of the city: in fact here there are the seats of the religious and political authorities, and of the local nobility.
www.rent.it /content139_cagliari.aspx   (911 words)

Cagliari is a town on the seaside where history and modernity are perfectlyr combined together.
Cagliari has recently become one of the most important tourist attractions of the Mediterranean area where you can find the signs of different times, from the Roman Age, as shown by the Roman anphitheatre, Age of Liberty, to which belong the wonderful buildings located in Via Roma, in front of the town port.
But the jewel of Cagliari is its 12 km- long beach, "il Poetto",full of bathers during the day, but also important for its night-life.
www.laccademia.com   (571 words)

 Cagliari - Sardegna - Italy
In the 11th century, the Pisan republic, one of the four Italian "maritime republics" of the Middle Ages, conquered the kingdom of Karalis and re-built the town of Cagliari.
In the 14th century the kingdom of Aragon conquered Cagliari after a battle against the Pisans and advanced its plan to conquer all of Sardinia.
When Sardinia was finally conquered by Aragon, Cagliari became the administrative capital of the vice-kingdom of Sardinia, which later came under the rule of the Spanish empire; the Spanish domination was a period of decadence for Cagliari and Sardinia.
www.italyworldclub.com /sardegna/cagliari/cagliari.htm   (1225 words)

 Cheap Car Hire & Rental in Cagliari Italy
Cagliari is a city which has inspired poets and writers because of its unusual beauty.
Cagliari the coast with a sea of a thousnads colours can be enjoyed throughout the year.
Some of the main attractions of Cagliari are the post of Marina Piccola, The port of Su Siccu, The port of Marina di Capitana and the harbour that ends in the lagoon of S Gilla and its pink flamingos.
www.anycarhire.com /car-hire/cagliari.htm   (196 words)

Deusdedit came twice to Rome during the reigns of Honorius I and Martin I.
In time several other sees were united to Cagliari: Doglia (the ancient Bona Dola), incorporated with Cagliari by Julius II; Forum Trajani, which in the fifth century had its own bishop, and is believed to be the present Tortoli; Fasiana (Phausania), mentioned by St.
Gregory the Great; Suello (Susaleo), which in the ninth century had its own bishop, and was united to Cagliari by Martin V (1427).
www.newadvent.org /cathen/03139c.htm   (770 words)

 Cheap Flights to Cagliari
Cagliari Elmas airport is situated on the south coast of the island, off the S130 5 miles west of the town.
Cagliari has 2 railway stations: the Ferrovíe dello Stato (National Railway) - in Piazza Matteotti near the port, and the Ferrovie della Sardegna (Sardinian Railway) - in Piazza Republica.
The best value car rental at Cagliari airport is with HolidayAutos, their cheapest rate is £132 for 7 days hire.
www.lowfareflights.co.uk /Cagliari-Flights.htm   (265 words)

 Cagliari Hotels - Cagliari, Italy
The Hotel is situated in the center of Cagliari only 4 km from the city beach Poetto, close to the......
The Jolly hotel is situated at the beginning of the state road 131, the most important road of Sardinia, a quick......
The hotel was built recently in the centre of Quarto, 7 km from the centre of Cagliari and 1 km from the beach....
www.activereservations.com /hotel/en/italy/sardegna/cagliari/cagliari   (287 words)

 Cagliari travel guide - Wikitravel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Cagliari Public Transportation CTM provides an fast and efficient service to get around in Cagliari city and suburbs.There are about 30 lines of buses and four new metro lines are in progress.
Cagliari is known as "The City of Sun", so you must have a full relaxing day on the wonderful Poetto Beach.
The whole area around Cagliari gives host to a number of accomodation options including the world famous Forte village and the stunning hotel le meridien located on the white sandy beaches of Chia.
wikitravel.org /en/Cagliari   (400 words)

 Hotels in Cagliari - Villasimius - Southern Sardinia
Cagliari, CA This modern high-rise hotel is situated on the island?s main highway, a short drive from the international airport.
Holiday apartments in Villasimius, 600 metres from Simius beach and 650 metres from the centre of this south Sardinian village.
This resort complex of Sardinian-style bungalows is located on a hillside overlooking the sea, four kilometres from picturesque Domus de Maria village.
www.expedia.co.uk /daily/hotels/Italy/Cagliari.asp   (614 words)

He joined Cagliari in 1964, plays rigidly as a stopper and is very good in the air, An outstanding player in defence and a member of the Italian international party in Mexico for the World Cup.
He shows accuracy In his distribution and prompting the strikers of Cagliari's attack, He is an ideal link man between the defence and attack.
Born in Brazil and was with Santos before signing for Juventus in 1963 Transferred to Cagliari in 1964-65 Thin, tall, very good in the air A versatile player who is equally at home in any attack,ng position although he wears a number seven shirt.
dspace.dial.pipex.com /bob.dunning/cagliari.htm   (873 words)

 Cagliari - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
A flourishing Carthaginian city, it was taken by Rome in 238 BC Cagliari endured Arab invasions in the 8th and 9th cent.
Cagliari was the site of a submarine base in World War II and was heavily bombed by the Allies.
Cagliari eliminates defending champ Lazio, Atalanta stuns Juventus in Italian Cup
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-cagliari.html   (325 words)

 Autorità Portuale di Cagliari
Cagliari's port is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, a position which has made it a commercial and strategic junction for over 2,500 years.
Founded by the Phoenicians, launched by the Carthaginians and flourished with the Romans, for centuries the port in Cagliari has had the distinctive capacity to know how to continuously develop and improve.
Thanks to the large spaces available and its enormous operating potential, Cagliari's port meets the demand of heavy commercial traffic by moving conventional goods, bulk goods, Ro-Ro traffic and transhipping containerized goods, all which are flanked by passenger services, fishing, tourism, yachting and cruiser activities.
www.porto.cagliari.it /php/interna.php?l=2&id=1   (128 words)

 Sardinia - Cagliari - Sardegna.com
And suddenly there is Cagliari: a naked town rising steep, steep, golden looking, piled naked to the sky from the plain at the head of a formless hollow bay.
This is how, in the last century, the English novelist D.H. Lawrence described Sardinia's capital city, the main economic, cultural and political centre of the island situated in the middle of the Gulf of the Angels (Golfo degli Angeli).
Today, Cagliari is an important point for sporting events such as the motor boating, Formula One and Grand Prix race-car driving as well as the Women's beach volleyball World Championship.
sardegna.com /code/articolo/TABLE/COMUNI/id/199/LINGUA/EN   (509 words)

 Cagliari / Guide to Cagliari - History
Favored by the shape of its coastline, the Gulf of Cagliari became the entry point for the Phoenicians who began to build trading settlements on the promontory of S. Elia and near the S. Gilla lagoon in the 8th century BC.
During the Roman period, Cagliari became a true city with a regular water supply, pedestrian walkways, town squares, paved roads, warehouses for salt and grain, and new necropolises.
For defensive purposes, the Cagliari Giudicato did not choose the city as its government seat, which was transferred outside Cagliari and, in particular, to S.Igia, near the marsh of the same name.
www.sarnow.com /cagliari/en/guida/storia1.htm   (426 words)

 ItalianVisits.com - Welcome to Cagliari - Region of Sardegna (Sardinia)
Cagliari, which sits at the top of the Gulf of Cagliari, an arm of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and at the mouth of the Mannu River, was a German submarine base during World War II, and was heavily bombed by the Allies.
Cagliari was a Pisan city between the 11th and 14th Centuries, when Pisa was warring against Genoa.
Alas, the visitor who searches out Cagliari in any depth is also going to find large area of poorly designed, poorly constructed apartment buildings, which were built to house a growing population of workers, and the dismal looking factories and shops they worked in.
www.italianvisits.com /sardegna/cagliari   (930 words)

 Aeroporto di Cagliari Elmas   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
L'Aeroporto di Cagliari Elmas intitolato a Mario Mameli è stato inaugurato il 3 Maggio 1937.
L'Aeroporto di Cagliari sorge nei pressi del vicino comune di Elmas, a 6 Km dalla città nel mezzo dello stagno, famoso per i sui suoi fenicotteri rosa, di Santa Gilla.
Cagliari Elmas è lo scalo più grande dell' isola per traffico e per movimento passeggeri.
www.aeroportodicagliari.com   (108 words)

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