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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Homes Calabria | Calabria | Southern Italy
Calabria is a largely undiscovered region of Italy, where there are properties in towns and villages in locations that 'take your breath away' with wonderful sea and mountain views close to the Tyrrehenian coastline.
Calabria gives you the feeling of times gone by, a truly beautiful part of Italy, that still retains all of it's charm and is one of the warmest regions in the Meditteranean with many unsploit areas and a wealth of history and culture.
The Calabria region has been known for it's agricultural for centuries, vineyards and citrus fruit orchards in the lower regions, with chestnut and olives trees in the higher regions there are forests of oak, beech and pine trees, including a rare bosnian pine.
www.homescalabria.com /index.html   (541 words)

  Calabria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Calabria, formerly Brutium, is a region in southern Italy which occupies the "toe" of the Italian peninsula south of Naples.
The switchover to Catanzaro as capital of Calabria was the cause of riots in 1970.
The Aspromonte, a mountainous region of southern Calabria, was the scene of a famous battle of the Risorgimento (unification of Italy), in which Garibaldi was wounded.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Calabria   (956 words)

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Calabria has innumerable faces: radiant as befits a peninsular with 800 km of coast bathed by two seas, the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian; dark and Nordic on the massifs of Pollino, Sila, Serre and Aspromonte, all covered with forests rich in torrential rivers, the so-called "fiumare", which wind to the plain.
Calabria has a myriad of cultures and traditions which are unified in a civil coexistence of tolerance which respects them by extolling them; the ancient Hellenistic rites, the Protestant faith, the language, the literature, the customs of the Albanian communities.
Today, travelling as a tourist in Calabria means rediscovering the allure and the peace of the ancient historical centres which populate the hills, the mountainous terraces over the sea, the cuisine with its full-bodied and sincere flavours.
www.emmeti.it /Welcome/Calabria/index.uk.html   (242 words)

 CALABRIA - LoveToKnow Article on CALABRIA
The loss of the name Calabria came with the Lombard conquest of this district, when it was transferred to the land of the Bruttii, which the Byzantine empire still held.
Calabria acquired its present name in the time of the Byzantine supremacy, after the ancient Calabria had fallen into the hands of the Lombards and been lost to the Eastern empire about A.D. The name is first found in the modern sense in Paulus Diaconuss Historia Langebardorum (end of the 8th century).
A feature of modern Calabria is the existence of several Albanian colonies, founded in the 15th century by Albanians expelled by the Turks, who still speak their own language, wear their national costume, and worship according to the Greek rite.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /C/CA/CALABRIA.htm   (1332 words)

The territory of the region was never a good place for human activity and life: prevalence of the mountain zones; lack of water during the dry seasons and its excessive quantity during the winter months caused by the long period of rains; land poor of mineral resources, reduce of the forests and geological instability.
The climate in Calabria is of two types: moderate on the coasts and mountain in the inland and especially in the highest zones where during the winter months the temperature is quite low.
For population in Calabria is located mostly in the plain and on the lower slopes of mountains.
www.italycyberguide.com /Geography/regions/calabria.htm   (1091 words)

 Storia della Calabria - Calabrian History
Calabria was invested with alluviums which covered its interior water bodies with a mantell of sediment, until eventually forming the current plains of: S. Eufemia, Corace, Sibari, Crati and Mesima.
Humans returned to Calabria in the Mid-Paleolithic Period, leaving traces throughout, and during the Stone-Age created, in the Cave of Romito, in the town of Papasidero, "the most majestic and joyous expression of Paleolithic Realism in the Mediterranean", the "Bos Primigenius", a figure of a bull on a cliff which dates back 12,000 years.
When Italy was unified in 1861, Calabria had only one road that crossed it from the north to Reggio in the south; the railroad was nonexistent and 90% of the towns had no internal or external roads.
www.g-site.com /orlando   (1616 words)

 Calabria Travel 1950:
Calabria is one of the least-visited regions in Italy, for a variety of reasons.
Most of Calabria is a somewhat savage land, seamed with mountains, gorges, and ravines, capped with lonely bill towns, still-used relics of medieval days.
The populations of Calabria is a mixed one.
members.aol.com /GLilli/1950.html   (1117 words)

 Property Calabria,Investment Property Calabria,Buy Property Calabria
Calabria is Southern Italy at its most magnificent offering culture, artisanship, cuisine, watersports, history, architecture, skiing in the Sila Massif and year-round mild temperatures similar to the southernmost tip of Spain with summers in the high 30s Celsius.
Undoubtedly Calabria’s greatest asset is its clean, picturesque coastline and the potential for tourism is phenomenal, a potential which is in the early stages of being realised and will have a positive effect on the local economy.
Calabria has long been popular with Italians from the north seeking the serenity and sunshine of the south, but international tourism is now appearing on the menu.
www.gemestates.co.uk /italy.asp   (1141 words)

 Renato Pier Calabria, MD, FACS
Calabria is part of the voluntary faculty of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, where he teaches residents the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery.
Calabria is a leading expert in his field and has been featured on Extra, Inside Edition, CBS and NBC Bruce Henzel.
Dr. Calabria has been invited to be on faculty of numerous aesthetic laser workshops in the U.S. and in Europe to train other surgeons in the use of laser in cosmetic surgery.
www.drcalabria.com /meet.asp   (391 words)

 Reggio Calabria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Reggio Calabria (officially Reggio di Calabria, Rìggiu in calabrian dialect, Righi in Greek-Calabrian), is the largest and the oldest city in Calabria, Italy.
Reggio Calabria is located on the Strait of Messina on the other side of which lies the Sicilian city of Messina.
Reggio Calabria was the hometown of Gianni Versace, where his family were tailors.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Reggio_di_Calabria   (251 words)

 Calabria Region - Italy
Territory: Calabria is a fascinating fusion of mountains, with the imposing Pollino chain in the North, the Sila forested plateau in the center and the Serre and Aspromonte chains in the South, and hundreds of miles of wonderful coastline.
Population: Calabria was always a land of emigration, due to the scarcity of good arable lands, and the population is concentrated in the plains and along the coast.
The Spanish occupation was especially tyrannical for the region, and the 19th century saw the rise of patriot movements (the Carboneria) and riots, until in 1860 the population rose to support Garibaldi after he landed with his "red shirts" at Melito.
www.italyworldclub.com /calabria   (384 words)

 About Calabria - tourist information, useful tips and sightseeing guide
Calabria is the heart of the Mezzogiorno (the Italian for 'midday' the phrase refers to the baking sunshine in which the region basks), and you'll know it as the toe of Italy.
Calabria could be in another country to its urbane northern neighbours such as Milan, Bologna and Florence.
Calabria is also a region of remarkable beauty, with a long history dating back to its role at the heart of Magna Graecia (Greater Greece) in Classical antiquity; indeed far earlier than that.
www.knowital.com /calabria   (1347 words)

 Calabria - Reggio Calabria - Catanzaro - Cosenza - Crotone - Vibo Valentia - Italian Recipes - About Italy
A species of orange that grows only in Calabria, called arancia calabrese, is prized for its skin, which is boiled and candied, and sent all over Italy for use in fruitcake and pastries.
Calabria produces one-third of Italy's olive oil and is second after Sicily in the production of oranges, figs, and cedri limes.
Eggplant is the leader of the vegetable crop, and Calabrians eat it in varied ways: sauteed in olive oil with garlic and parsley; coated in egg and bread crumbs and fried; and stuffed with salted anchovies and bread crumbs.
www.italiancook.ca /Calabria.htm   (579 words)

 Calabria. General Information. Geographia. Population. Nature. Italy. Mediterranean.
Calabria is the tip of the Italian peninsula; it borders with Basilicata and stretches between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea in the direction of Sicily, from which it is divided by the Strait of Messina.
Calabria is one of the most heavily wooded areas in Italy (28.2% of its surface).
As in many other regions, in Calabria there is an increasing trend towards concentration of the population in the larger towns, particularly the coastal areas, to the detriment of the inland rural areas where depopulation is linked to poor prospects in a backward economy.
www.1yachtua.com /Medit-marinas/Italy/calabria_data.htm   (1466 words)

 Calabria travel guide - Wikitravel
Calabria has historically been one of the poorest regions in Italy, although it is improving now.
Calabria is an up-and-coming producer of wines, with a number of regional wines earning the Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) label from the Italian government.
The SS 106 which runs along the Ionian coast from Reggio Calabria to Taranto is considered one of the deadliest roads in all of Europe.
wikitravel.org /en/Calabria   (720 words)

 Calabria - The Crispo and Pulice Families
Calabria, the home of the CRISPO family, is an agricultural region at the southwestern tip of the Italian penninsula.
Throughout history Calabria was sought after by the mightiest of conquerors.
Feudalism was declared illegal and officially abolished in 1806, but because of the lack of major land reforms, much of the property remained in control of a few powerful families.
www.geocities.com /Heartland/Valley/2702/calabria.htm   (495 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Reggio Calabria
Reggio Calabria, located on the toe of the Italian boot, is the capital of the province of Reggio Calabria.
Reggio di Calabria is located on the Strait of Messina on the other side of which lies the Sicilian city of Messina.
Reggio Calabria was the hometown of Gianni Versace, and his family were tailors in Reggio Calabria.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Reggio_Calabria   (175 words)

 At Calabria's, culinary talent runs in the family - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Mom and Dad are in charge of the front of the house and the finances, says Dee Calabria, whose pride and enthusiasm for her sons and other members of the restaurant team travels through the telephone wires.
Calabria's has thrived for a dozen years, first in a Groves Road location, then after its move to a larger facility along Library Road in the mid-1990s.
Michael Calabria always sautes mushrooms in butter instead of olive oil because butter softens and adds flavor, while olive oil causes them to fry and become chewy, taking away from their flavor.
www.pittsburghlive.com /x/style/fooddrink/cookingclass/s_381627.html   (911 words)

 Calabria on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It forms the toe of the Italian "boot." Catanzaro is the capital of Calabria, which is divided into Catanzaro, Cosenza, and Reggio di Calabria provs.
The ancient Bruttium, the region was named Calabria in the 8th cent.; before then Calabria referred to the present S Apulia.
by Robert Guiscard, Calabria was first part of the Norman kingdom of Sicily and after 1282 became part of the kingdom of Naples.
encyclopedia.infonautics.com /html/C/Calabria.asp   (377 words)

 Calabria History & Heritage
The region of Calabria is situated in the southernmost part of Italy, between the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian Seas; it is separated from Sicily by the Strait of Messina, and it is connected to the region of Basilicata through the great Pollino massif.
It was eventually called 'Calabria' in the VII century a.D., when the Byzantine bureaucrats extended the toponym, which was once only used for indicating the Salentine Peninsula, to the long strip of land which stretches from the Land of Otranto to the Straits of Sicily.
The main feudataries of Calabria Citra, as it was called in those times, the noble family of Sanseverino, allowed the refugees to settle in their territories, granting them uninhabited and untilled lands, preferably isolated, where the Albanians have jealously preserved their language, traditions and their Byzantine rite.
www.glilli.com /hist.htm   (1723 words)

 Calabria articles on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bruttium BRUTTIUM [Bruttium], ancient region, S Italy, roughly occupying the present Calabria, the toe of the Italian peninsula.
Inhabited in the interior by the Brutii (whose chief town was Cosenza) and by the Lucani, it was settled (8th cent.
Reggio di Calabria, SW Italy, and Messina, NE Sicily, are the main ports.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Calabria   (404 words)

 Calabria | Italy Magazine
Ancient necropolis found in Calabria A necropolis dating to the fifth century BC has been unearthed in the southern region of Calabria, the region's president said on Friday.
Calabria is a charming fusion of mountains and wonderful coastline scattered with Greek ruins and beautiful hill-towns.
With the Pollino chain in the North, the Sila forested plateau in the centre and the Serre and Aspromonte chains in the South, the region is a 250km-long peninsula at the southernmost point of Italy lying between the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas.
www.italymag.co.uk /italy/place/calabria   (493 words)

 Calabria   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Often the people of Calabria were forced to flee from invaders into the mountains, where they continued to cook their customary dishes, based on vegetables coaxed from the poor soil and limited livestock farming.
But it was invented in Calabria (and is typical of much of the Italian south), where the eggplant has been the queen of vegetables for centuries.
Calabria’s dry climate, high temperatures, and nearly calcium-free soil are ideal for growing eggplants because they prevent a build-up of the fruit’s bitter juices and concentrate its sweet flavor.
www.barillaus.com /Calabria.aspx   (693 words)

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