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Topic: Calcium chloride

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In the News (Sat 23 Mar 19)

  Calcium Chloride: Free Encyclopedia Articles at Questia.com Online Library
Calcium chloride is a byproduct of the Solvay process (a major source of the compound) and is present in natural brines.
In this test, a plate of calcium chloride is weighed, then placed on the concrete...60 to 72 hours, during which time the calcium chloride absorbs water vapor.
Chloride is a major anion...cells; sodium and chloride predominate in...of potassium and calcium are often low...1979, a lack of chloride in one brand of...infant foods.
www.questia.com /library/encyclopedia/calcium-chloride.jsp?l=C&p=1   (0 words)

 Calcium Chloride vs. In-Situ Relative Humidity
Results of calcium chloride testing are accepted by most U.S. manufacturers of floor covering, adhesive and resinous coating products as the benchmark for concrete dryness and suitability for the installation of their products.
Calcium chloride tests reflect moisture vapor emission from the surface of the concrete.
When a single test is specified, it is our opinion that the calcium chloride test is best used as a forensic tool in failure investigations and in-situ relative humidity tests are the best predictor of potential moisture related floor covering installation failures.
www.moisturetesting.com /calcium_chloride_vs__in-situ_relative_humidity.htm   (1506 words)

 Liquid Calcium chloride for dust control; Dow chemical supplies Meltsnow.com with liquid calcium chloride for dust, ice ...
Calcium chloride is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts moisture from the air and its surroundings.
Calcium chloride also exhibits a strong moisture film, high surface tension, and low vapor pressure.
Perhaps the best indication of liquid calcium chloride to provide high quality, low cost dust control on unpaved road surfaces is its long history as the primary dust control material used to enhance road base stability.
www.meltsnow.com /msds-liquid-calcium-chloride.htm   (0 words)

 Olympus MIC-D: Polarized Light Gallery - Calcium Chloride
A colorless or white solid, calcium chloride is well known for its anhydrous properties, with the capacity of absorbing more than its own weight of water.
In addition to its common use as a drying agent, calcium chloride is used in oil and gas drilling, dust control for unpaved roads, road base stabilization, ready-mix concrete acceleration, gas drying, tractor tire weighting, brine refrigeration, food preservation, and an extender for rock salt used for deicing winter roads.
As a source of elemental calcium (which does not occur in nature), the electrolysis of molten calcium chloride creates calcium for commercial purposes.
www.olympusmicro.com /micd/galleries/polarized/calciumchloride1.html   (323 words)

  Calcium chloride   (Site not responding. Last check: )
For example, calcium chloride retards the hydration of the tricalcium aluminate phase, while acting as an accelerator for the hydration of the silicate phase.
Factors found to influence discoloration were calcium chloride admixtures, cement alkalies, hard troweled surfaces, inadequate or inappropriate curing, concreting practices and finishing procedures that cause surface variation of water-cement ratio, and changes in the concrete mix…(p.
Calcium chloride in concrete is a primary cause of concrete discoloration.
www.poolhelp.com /Calcium_chloride.html   (389 words)

 U.S. Salt - Calcium Chloride Info
Calcium chloride is a liquid brine in its natural state and is converted into a dry material by removing the water.
Those using corrosion-inhibited calcium chloride for deicing and anti-icing, report that it aggressively melts snow and ice, and that it offers operational benefits versus magnesium chloride, which was the primary deicer used in these areas, due to local availability.
Calcium chloride is used as a calcium source for certain fruits and vegetables.
www.ussalt.com /info/info_calcium_chloride.htm   (642 words)

 Calcium Chloride : DC Chemical Co., Ltd.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Calcium Chloride maintains living conditions pleasant by eliminating moisture and bad smells of the air from a closet, wardrobe, vehicle, stereo-case etc. Also in the industrial workplace does Calcium Chloride help to extend durability by preventing dew from forming on various equipments.
Calcium chloride is commonly used in industry as an accelerator.
Calcium Chloride is a white crystal flake, which is a compound of calcium and chlorine.
www.dcchem.co.kr /english/product/p_basic/p_basic03.htm   (717 words)

 Calcium Chloride Test
The calcium chloride vapor emission test was developed over 40 years ago to quantify the volume of water vapor radiating from a concrete slab surface over time.
The calcium chloride container is weighed before and after exposure to the concrete slab.
The calcium chloride desiccant container has a label that easily allows for the recording of all pertinent facts related to the test.
www.vaportest.com /Webpages/calcium_chloride_test.htm   (325 words)

 Nikon MicroscopyU Movie Gallery: Calcium Chloride
Calcium Chloride Video No. 1 - Examine the hydration of calcium chloride crystallites under polarized illumination at a magnification of 100x with a playing time of 10.7 seconds.
Calcium Chloride Video No. 2 - Deliquescent calcium chloride can be observed slowly dissolving under polarized illumination at a magnification of 200x with a playing time of 4.9 seconds.
A colorless or white solid, calcium chloride is well known for its anhydrous properties, absorbing more than its own weight of water.
www.microscopyu.com /moviegallery/chemicalcrystals/calciumchloride   (198 words)

 calcium chloride - Encyclopedia.com
Calcium chloride is a byproduct of the Solvay process (a major source of the compound) and is present in natural brines.
Calcium chloride market softens on weak deicing and gas demand.
Calcium chloride market is snug; tight supplies for the de-icer are creating upward pressure on prices.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-calciumchl.html   (392 words)

 Official Calcium Chloride FDA information, side effects and uses.
Calcium chloride is contraindicated for cardiac resuscitation in the presence of ventricular fibrillation or in patients with the risk of existing digitalis toxicity.
Injections of calcium chloride are accompanied by peripheral vasodilatation as well as a local “burning” sensation and there may be a moderate fall in blood pressure.
Medical literature also refers to the administration of calcium chloride in the treatment of magnesium intoxication due to overdosage of magnesium sulfate, and to combat the deleterious effects of hyperkalemia as measured by electrocardiogram (ECG), pending correction of the increased potassium level in the extracellular fluid.
www.drugs.com /pro/calcium-chloride.html   (1513 words)

 ESV B-Ionic, Potassium Iodide, Calcium Hydroxide, Calcium Chloride, etc. Additives/Supplements - Marine Depot - Marine ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The advantage of using Calcium Chloride as a calcium supplement in marine aquaria is its very high solubility in water.
Calcium Chloride can directly reduce alkalinity by elevating the calcium ion concentration to excessively high levels and thereby initiate the precipitation of calcium carbonate from the water.
The calcium provided is directly used by calcifying organisms, and the hydroxide ions provided readily convert dissolved CO2 into bicarbonate and carbonate ions, which are also directly used by calcifying organisms.
www.marinedepot.com /aquarium_additives_esv_b-ionic.asp?CartId=   (1044 words)

 Calcium Chloride
Calcium chloride's ability to regulate moisture on road surfaces is helpful in building quality roads and keeps dust down during construction.
Calcium chloride is less harmful to concrete and vegetation than rock salt and doesn’t leave a powdery residue like salt, but calcium chloride must be used with care, since it is harmful to exposed skin.
Calcium chloride is a byproduct of the Solvay process (a major source of the compound) and is present in natural brines.
www.icenator.com /article-calcium-chloride.htm   (364 words)

 Calcium Chloride
Calcium Chloride Hexahydrate is used in the pharmaceutical industry as well as for passive cooling applications as a latent heat energy storage material.
The brines commonly employed in refrigeration are Calcium Chloride and Sodium Chloride.
The Calcium Chloride selected should be adjusted to pH of around 8 and it should be free from free-acid and dirt.
www.muby.itgo.com /calciumchloride.htm   (426 words)

 PELADOW calcium chloride pellets   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Calcium chloride is a naturally-occurring material found in liquid brine deposits.
PELADOW calcium chloride pellets are produced by removing the water and other materials found in the brine and compressing the dry material into the familiar pellet shape.
Calcium chloride’s ability to attract moisture is one reason why it is the fastest-acting ice melter.
www.businesswire.com /emk/dow_peladow.htm   (718 words)

 Road Stabilization Procedures Using Calcium Chloride
Calcium chloride was applied at various concentrations on different parts of the test road making sure it was well mixed into all materials for maximum penetration.
Calcium chloride should be applied at a rate of 1% by weight of materials.
Calcium chloride should be thoroughly mixed with all materials to ensure a penetration to the full-depth 150 mm (6 in.) of the granular material.
www.calciumchloride.com /stabilization2.shtml   (828 words)

 calcium chloride   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Calcium is an essential component for functional integrity of the nervous and muscular systems, for normal cardiac contractility and the coagulation of blood.
Calcium chloride is a hypertonic solution and should only be administered intravenously slowly.
It is important to flush the IV line between administration of calcium chloride and sodium bicarbonate to avoid precipitation.
www.templejc.edu /dept/ems/drugs/calciumchloride.html   (170 words)

 The World Market for Calcium Chloride: A 2006 Global Trade Perspective
I have developed a methodology, based on macroeconomic and trade models, to estimate the market for calcium chloride for those countries serving the world market via exports or supplying from various countries via imports.
Combined, Chapters 3 and 4 present the complete picture for imports and exports of calcium chloride to and from all major countries in the world.
"Calcium Chloride" as a category is defined in this report following the definition given by the United Nations Statistics Division Classification Registry using the Standard International Trade Classification, Revision 3 (SITC, Rev. 3).
www.marketresearch.com /product/display.asp?productid=1298336&partnerid=901625821   (0 words)

 Calcium Chloride Injection 10% (Calcium Chloride) drug description - prescription drugs and medications at RxList
10% Calcium Chloride Injection, USP is a sterile, nonpyrogenic, hypertonic solution containing 100 mg (1.4 mEq/mL) of calcium chloride, dihydrate (L4 mEq each of Ca++ and Cl-) in water for injection.
As per USP testing, when diluted with water for injection to make a 5% solution, the pH of calcium chloride injection is 6.3 (5.5 to 7.5).
10% Calcium Chloride Injection, USP is oxygen sensitive.
www.rxlist.com /cgi/generic3/calciumcl.htm   (0 words)

 Reef Calcium Chloride is an essential saltwater aquarium additive. Reef Calcium Chloride is stronger then Kalkwasser. ...
Reef Calcium Chloride is an essential saltwater aquarium additive.
Reef Calcium Chloride levels should be around 380 ppm to 450 ppm in a saltwater aquarium.
Reef Calcium Chloride is essential for coral, snails, clams and all colors of coralline algae growth.
www.gettankedaquariums.com /index_file/Additives_Supplements_Trace_Elements_Calcium_Chloride_1_lb_Page_2.htm   (558 words)

 Calcium Chloride Pellets
Calcium Chloride pellets are a premier snow and ice melter.
Strontium cannot be distinguished from calcium in the specification test method, and is included in the calcium chloride results.
Calcium hydroxide is also included in the calcium determination, but the calcium chloride results are corrected for this component..
www.jcichem.com /jcipages/prodpgs/CalChlorPell.html   (190 words)

 Calcium Chloride Drug Information
Calcium Lactate-Gluconate and Calcium Carbonate (KAL-see-um LAK-tate GLOO-coh-nate and KAL-see-um KAR-boh-nate)*
Calcium supplements are taken by individuals who are unable to get enough calcium in their regular diet or who have a need for more calcium.
When you look for a calcium supplement, be sure the number of milligrams on the label refers to the amount of elemental calcium, and not to the strength of each tablet.
www.drugs.com /cons/calcium-chloride.html   (2921 words)

 Chemistry and the Aquarium
Calcium chloride is a compound of significant interest to many marine aquarists.
For all signals near the noise level, I spiked small but known amounts of commercial ICP standards into these calcium chloride solutions to see exactly how high of a concentration would have to be present in these solutions to be able to see real signals.
That comparison may not be complete (the calcium chloride samples do not provide alkalinity, for example, so other supplements must also be used), but it does suggest that there are many ions for which calcium chloride is not a problematic source.
www.advancedaquarist.com /issues/mar2004/chem.htm   (2969 words)

 Calcium Chloride - MSDS
Note: This is a typical MSDS for Calcium Chloride.
When exposed calcium chloride will absorb moisture and form a solution.
Containers previously used to store calcium chloride may be hazardous when empty since they contain product residues and leftovers.
www.calciumchloride.co.uk /calcium_chloride_msds.html   (367 words)

 Calcium Chloride
By nature, calcium chloride absorbs moisture from air and road surfaces, assumes a dissolved state resistant to evaporation, is environmentally safe, and migrates minimally in soil.
Liquid calcium chloride slows erosion on gravel roads by holding onto roadway "fines" (better known as dust).
A measured amount of calcium chloride is sprayed directly onto the salt/sand mix.
www.allstatesasphalt.com /nf-sv-8.htm   (807 words)

 [No title]
Olives - Black Ripe and Greek olives are brined in a solution containing 0.5 - 1.0% calcium chloride to maintain their firmness.
Calcium Chloride is used for many purposes including anti-caking agent, antimicrobial agent, pickling agent, firming agent, flavor enhancer, humectant, nutrient supplement, ph control agent, processing aid, stabilizer, thickener, synergist and texturizer.
FOOD GRADE Calcium Chloride Mini-Pellets is a purified, pelletized product manufactured to meet, or exceed, the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC IV) monograph for solid calcium chloride.
www.bulkfoods.com /calciumchloride.htm   (241 words)

 Calcium Chloride and Potassium Carbonate   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Calcium chloride and potassium carbonate both are able to dissolve in water quite well.
The calcium and carbonate ions prefer being in the lattice to being disoolved in water, so the solid will form when calcium and carbonate are present.
Some are very soluble (sodium chloride), some are somewhat soluble (calcium sulfate), some are somewhat insoluble (calcium carbonate), and some are very insoluble (silver iodide).
www.newton.dep.anl.gov /askasci/chem00/chem00368.htm   (249 words)

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