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Topic: California Adventure

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  Disney's California Adventure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Disney's California Adventure is a Disney theme park in Anaheim, California, adjacent to Disneyland and part of the larger Disneyland Resort.
California Adventure has been rarely advertised on television since its opening, taking a backseat to Walt Disney World (which is advertised the most), and Disneyland (which isn't advertised as much, but still advertised more so than California Adventure).
Still, Disney's California Adventure has only been around for 4 years, so there is still the possibility that the park will become as successful and as large a part of pop culture in the future as are its sister parks.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Disney's_California_Adventure   (2480 words)

 Disney’s California Adventure
The new addition, named Disney’s California Adventure, is the 55-acre centerpiece of a $1.4 billion expansion at The Disneyland Resort.
California’s rich history is explored in an original motion pictures created exclusively for Disney’s California Adventure called “Golden Dreams,” a story of the people and events that shaped the state.
Disney’s California Adventure successfully captures all the fun, celebration and diversity that is California for visitors from around the world to enjoy.
www.travellady.com /ARTICLES/article-disney.html   (913 words)

 California Adventure Land
-- JULY 17, 1996 -- The allure of California's climate, beauty and lifestyle is the genesis for the $1.4-billion proposed expansion of The Disneyland Resort, it was announced today, on the 41st birthday of Disneyland, by its president, Paul Pressler.
California's spectacular beauty and the inventive spirit of its people provides the inspiration for another unique area of the park.
Here, guests will "soar" in hang gliders over California's scenic wonders and feel the wind in their faces as they view some of the state's most picturesque locales from a new perspective.
www.justdisney.com /disneyland/cad.html   (682 words)

 california river adventure
California whitewater river rafting trips and vacations on the North...
California Floaters Society - a community of northern California...
California Whitewater River Rafting with Gold Rush provides adventure river rafting trips on the South and Middle Forks of the American River, located...
adventure.movies21.info /california-river-adventure   (511 words)

 Disney's California Adventure
Composed of three "lands" themed after California, there are 9 adventures, 14 attractions, 18 stores, 27 restaurants and 8 games of the boardwalk.
Most of the adventures are outdoors (weather permitting) and cool evening temperatures are expected through spring.
Adventures have height restrictions and an age appropriate factor (KATS*) has been created to help you plan your California experience.
www.disneylandtoday.com /CaliforniaAdventure/dcaoverview.htm   (103 words)

 California Adventure Disneyland
All the information on planning and boking a Disneyland Resort California holiday, as well as a taste of the entertainment experience awaiting your vistit.
Both Disneyland and the California Adventure theme parks are located opposite each...
Fun, exciting and whimsical, Disney's California Adventure_ Park was designed as a fun...
www.houses-for-sale-in-florida.co.uk /florida/california_adventure_disneyland.html   (553 words)

 Disney's New California Adventure
California Adventure is a microcosm of the state featuring everything from boardwalks to redwood forests and haute cuisine to fine wines.
California Adventure is divided into three primary lands—Golden State, Paradise Pier and Hollywood Pictures Backlot.
California screamer is a high tech roller coaster that features high-energy music, steep drops and a 360' loop around a Mickey Mouse head.
www.jaxfax.com /news/Interest/article.shtml?ID=151&start=0   (742 words)

 California Adventure Sources and Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
I just came back yesterday from california it was soo fun..But yeah.I went on alot of rides and I went to hollywood and california adventure and also sea world but the ride back was very bad...
Disney's California Adventure celebrates the richness and diversity of California...its land, its...
Inside the Hyperion Theater at Disney's California Adventure, the media was treated to a very nice presentation of what Disney has in store world-wide for the 50th Anniversary Celebration.
www.runningadventure.com /californiaadventure   (1347 words)

 RV Rentals / Motorhome Rentals in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, Boston, New York, Miami, Chicago, ...
Adventure Touring RV Rentals is committed to providing you with all the tools you need to rent an RV for the vacation of a lifetime!
With an RV from Adventure Touring RV rentals you can travel during the cool evenings without the constant worries about hotel reservations and congested downtown traffic.
We at Adventure Touring RV Rentals know the importance of this, which is why our staff is here to help you choose the right RV for your needs.
www.adventuretouring.com   (776 words)

 California Adventure Tickets
You'll be immersed in the California spirit through the magic of Hollywood, the thrills of a beachfront boardwalk and the adventures of the great outdoors.
The portal to all the major areas of Disney's California Adventure™ park, the Sunshine Plaza is also a prime location for guests to rest or catch a parade.
The plaza's centerpiece is a 50-foot-tall sun (sitting atop a perpetual wave fountain), which glistens during the day and is lit by a dazzling spectacle of red, orange and yellow lights at night.
www.goingtocalifornia.com /pages/amusement-parks/disneys-california-adventure-tickets.html   (932 words)

 Disney's California Adventure   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Golden State in Disney’s California Adventure Park brings to life the diversity of the land, the people and the history of the great state of California.
From the gold rush of the mid 1800s to today’s technological gold rush of the Silicon Valley, California is the state of opportunity.
No day is complete without taking some time to browse the many shops at Disney's California Adventure and what better place to start then our shopping page.
www.themeparks.com /dland/dcamain.htm   (1520 words)

 Traveling Today — California Adventure Park   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
In addition to these two fabulous bonuses, there are several attractions that make the California Adventure a must-see destination.
If you are heading to California and wondering how to entertain your small children, don't overlook this impressive tourist destination.
Disney's California Adventure park is located in Anaheim, Calif., adjacent to Disneyland park.
travelingtoday.com /resources/articles/californiaadventure.htm   (602 words)

 iSportsDigest.com/Adventure Racing
Although there is at present no set format to an Adventure Race, all races include orienteering, as participants are in the wilderness and must find their own way to each event site.
The first official Adventure Race was "The Raid Gauloises", held in New Zealand in 1989, and consisted of 400 miles of mountaineering, horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing and rafting over a two week period.
Adventure Racing UK (UK) - General information about Adventure Racing in the UK.
isportsdigest.tripod.com /adracing/main.html   (459 words)

 California - Adventure Travel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Lost Coast refers to a stretch of land on the Pacific Ocean in Northern California.
I found that the The Hiker's Hip Pocket Guide to the Mendocino Coast very useful for tid bits of history about trails in the area.
Despite its currently remote location, Usal camp was the location of a lumber mill as were many of the river beds along the coast.
www.ekibo.com /Lost_Coast.html   (151 words)

 Disney's California Adventure - Anaheim - Reviews of Disney's California Adventure - TripAdvisor
We LOVED California Adventure...we were there during the 3rd wk of Feb 2005 and found it to be even more...
Disney's California Adventure has all the thrills of Disneyland with a fraction of the traffic.
The must-see attraction in Southern California for children of all ages, this is the ultimate mega-theme park.
www.tripadvisor.com /Attraction_Review-g29092-d186690-Reviews-Disney_s_California_Adventure-Anaheim_California.html   (869 words)

 Joe Wilcox - California Adventure
Fewer people, more exciting rides and really interesting attractions made California Adventure the right park for us.
Several times, I told my wife that it seemed like we were living in a film drama, because of the theatrical background music.
California Adventure played songs with, what else, a California theme.
weblogs.jupiterresearch.com /analysts/wilcox/archives/003536.html   (433 words)

 Mike's Blog v1.2 : Disneyland vs. California Adventure   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Now there are some fun areas for all members of the family, Soaring Over California is a hit with everyone and for those who like maximum speed and G force the California Screaming Coaster seems to be a big hit.
People aren’t raving about the show because the folks at California Adventure haven’t established a venue, an environment where people share their park experiences.
When you stand in line in DL two things happen, the line moves fast and you meet people; you talk about where you are from and what you are enjoying in the park.
sfmike22.blogspot.com /2004/12/disneyland-vs-california-adventure.html   (677 words)

 California Adventure review
Well, here is a review of our visit to Disney's newest theme park, Disney's California Adventure, or DCA for short.
California Screamin is an exciting steel roller coaster that slingshots you from 0 to over 55mph in less than 5 seconds.
Right now, the park is a lot smaller than Disneyland but we spent more time at California Adventure than we did at Disneyland this trip.
home.hawaii.rr.com /kapueo/dca_review.htm   (1103 words)

 NapaNews.com | 15 people injured at Disney's California Adventure
ANAHEIM -- The "California Screamin"' roller coaster at Disney's California Adventure theme park remained closed Saturday, a day after an accident that slightly injured 15 people.
The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health was contacted to help determine the cause of the crash.
Disney's California Adventure, which opened in 2001, was designed to turn Disneyland into a resort destination, much like Disney theme parks in Florida, Paris and Tokyo.
www.napanews.com /templates/index.cfm?template=story_full&id=75C04071-2E64-40AD-947C-9E0380FBA61F   (405 words)

 California Whitewater Rafting W.E.T. River Trips - American River Rafting
We ask that you leave the rat race behind and come with an attitude born from a love of the outdoors, the water and river conservation.
California whitewater rivers are an incredible resource that continues to astound even the veteran paddler.
Northern California river rafting info on white water rafting in California is also at RAFTWET.com.
www.raftwet.com   (992 words)

 Salon.com Life | Out-of-state experience
It's hard for anyone to live in Southern California and not be touched by the shadow of Disney.
She was assigned to the latest Dalmatian movie: Since the lead dog was supposed to be a female, her job was to spend the whole day digitally erasing its male genitalia.
Then I was invited to cover the opening of California Adventure, to get to the bottom of the hole, as it were.
www.salon.com /mwt/feature/2001/02/15/disney   (755 words)

 Southern California Adventure Racing Buddies
SCARAB is a club for Southern California adventure racers of all levels to meet teammates, train together and exchange the latest tips, techniques and event schedules.
With over 2,300 members, SCARAB is the largest adventure racing club in the world, and the best resource for Southern Californians interested in adventure racing, from the sprint to expedition races.
Club training activities around Southern California in typical adventure racing disciplines, such as trail running, mountain biking, kayaking, navigation, rappelling and more.
www.scarabs.homestead.com   (353 words)

 California Adventure Park | Disney | California Screamin | Picture | Ride   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
As you may or may not know, Simon is here for the summer to be part of the one-big-happy with me and the 'rents.
Lucky for the lil' ones (and my sis) that Disneyland is just next door, cuz except for A Bug's Land and Hollywood Pictures Backlot, California Adventure is all about the big thrills.
California Adventure Park isn't just a state fair on steroids, it's California.
www.kidzworld.com /site/p3603.htm   (416 words)

 California Adventure Hotel
california adventure duty free hotel duty free
The inn-like atmosphere is an ideal resort setting for a fitness center.
Oxford Suites are known for the warmth of is enhanced with a romantic wedding, or the desolate Mojave and hardwood floors.
california_hotel.chat.ru /california_adventure_hotel.htm   (373 words)

 California Canoe & Kayak
In April San Francisco Magazine’s editors and readers were asked to pick the people, places, and things that make the Bay Area the best place to live, work, and play.
After a video session on the water at Pillar Point Harbor, we'll review the tape in our comfortable classroom; the keen eyes of our expert instructors can pick out the key components of each stroke necessary to take your paddling to a higher level.
California Canoe & Kayak’s 8th Annual Autumn Classic will be held Sunday, October 23rd, 2005.
www.calkayak.com   (585 words)

 California Adventure : Online Adventure Directory
Adventure Center offers walking and hiking vacations, cultural tours, African safaris, Antarctic expedition cruises, and much more with a range of over 700 adventure vacations worldwide.
When you enter California Adventure under a stylized Golden Gate Bridge flanked by two tiled murals representing California's riches, you enter the essence of
Disneys California Adventure will be an all new 55-acre theme park adjacent to Disneyland and will to open in 2001, Disneys California Adventure will celebrate the beauty and
www.all-adventure.net /california_adventure/4.htm   (274 words)

 Disney's California Adventure Park - Disneyland Anaheim California
This is also where guests will find the tickets booths and a set of huge letters spelling out California, which serves as the entrance.
This California Adventure district showcases some of the name sakes various cultural and historical highlights.
Come along with Califia, the Queen of California, as she makes a dazzling entrance into the theater and invites you on a magical journey.
www.kingdommagictravel.com /disneyland/theme_parks/california_adventure.htm   (1403 words)

 California Adventure ( All Day )   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Because 2001 marks the grand opening of Disney's California Adventure Park, an entirely new, 55-acre Theme Park filled with Disney-style fun and adventures that celebrate the California experience.
The beauty and bounty of the land and the diverse people who call it home are the inspiration for this section of the Park.
A journey through the wonders of Disney's California Adventure Park is sure to leave you in an exhilarated "Golden State of Mind".
www.viptoursandcharters.com /tourlisting.cfm?tNum=18   (455 words)

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