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Topic: California missions

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  CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: California Missions
In turn the Jesuits were to enjoy the privilege of enlisting soldiers to act as guards for the missions at the expense of the Society, and at time of war these soldiers were to be considered on the same footing with those of the regular army.
During the sixty years that the Jesuits were permitted to labour among the natives of California, fifty-six members of the Society of Jesus came to the peninsula, of whom sixteen, two as martyrs, died at their posts.
The Indians gradually disappeared; the mission property was squandered; the mission buildings given over to destruction; the missionaries one by one died amid the few faithful who shared the poverty of the beloved padre, and the land once cultivated by the neophytes passed into the hands of the avaricious.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/03177b.htm   (4611 words)

 California Guide - The California Missions
Twenty one missions were built in southern California as part of the Spanish colonisation of the eighteenth century, from San Diego de Alcala in the south - the earliest to be constructed, in 1769 - to San Francisco de Solano in the north.
Mission San Diego de Alcala - first built of the 21 missions, San Diego de Alcala is 7 miles from downtown San Diego in a quiet, leafy part of the suburbs yet close to several main roads and the I-8/I-15 interchange.
The mission has one large enclosed central courtyard and other associated gardens, all with flourishing trees, wildflowers, cacti and succulents, fountains and statues, and several hours could be spent exploring all the different areas.
www.americansouthwest.net /california/missions   (724 words)

 Spanish Missions, California (Historic Churches)
The Mission San Gabriel Arcangel was established on September 8, 1771, as one of the chain...
The 18th of the Spanish Missions established in California, this was one of the largest in Alta...
The mission, known as the "Queen of the Missions," was founded on the Feast of Santa Barbara in...
www.ohwy.com /ca/m/missions.htm   (499 words)

 The Spanish Missions of California: History, architecture and art
Historically, the missions were the most effective in contributing to the peaceful colonization of California.
Mission assets would presumably be returned to the Indians, though there is little evidence that this ever happened.
Some of the missions have been restored almost completely, but this task is complicated by the need to protect the structures against earthquakes.
www.geocities.com /TheTropics/6788/missions.html   (637 words)

 California Missions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Mission San Buenaventura was the ninth mission founded and the last to be dedicated by Father Serra.
Mission San Diego de Alcala is the southernmost of the 21 missions which form a chain from San Diego along El Camino Real (The King's Highway) to Sonoma.
Mission San Juan Capistrano, known as the "Jewel of the Missions," was founded in November 1776.
www.padreserra.org /missions.htm   (583 words)

 California Missions Foundation
The missions are an important part of the state's cultural fabric and must be preserved as priceless historic monuments.
The California Missions Foundation, a non-sectarian, nonprofit organization of civic-minded citizens dedicated to the preservation of California's historic missions is leading a statewide campaign---the first major appeal in nearly a century---to raise $50 million to repair the missions and preserve their precious artworks and artifacts.
Founded in 1998 the California Missions Foundation is a California charitable corporation exempt from state franchise and income tax and organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.
www.missionsofcalifornia.org   (672 words)

 Welcome to the California Missions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
If you live in California, there is a good chance that you are within an hour's drive of one or more of the missions.
Most of today's missions are active churches, indeed, some have held mass non-stop since their founding.
Our intention with this website is to bring the present day mission to those who plan on visiting the missions, or those who may not be able to visit all the missions.
www.thecaliforniamissions.com   (212 words)

 California Missions
MY MISSION is a non-sectarian 501(c)(3) statewide non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to restore and preserve the spiritual, historical and educational importance of these monuments.
MY MISSION exists to educate our citizens on the 21 California missions and their ongoing plight for needed funds to restore the buildings and artifacts of these priceless treasures.
The section on the native American indigenous mission people includes interviews with experts and extensive research on the Indians' hunter/gatherers way of life, the spiritual shaman culture, the native American food diet, the Indian sign language (with pictures), the Indian mission life, the California Indian tribe boundaries on a map and the native American plants.
www.mymission.org   (526 words)

 California's Missions
In 1769 the Spanish missionary Junípero Serra undertook a land expedition north of Baja California to christianize and "civilize" the Indians of California.
It was mostly the Indians who built the missions and cultivated the land under the direction of the Spanish overseers.
In the past 200 years many of the missions had been destroyed by fires, earthquakes and other causes.
www.radlhammer.com /pictures/missions.htm   (137 words)

 Fourth grade California history review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
California Missions Although there are only 21 missions on the map on page 74 of the Oh, California text, there were at least 22 locations marking missions on some old maps.
The last mission was built by Father Altimira at the request of the Mexican Governor because the influence of the Russian trading post in the Sonoma area.
Answer: The last mission, San Francisco Solano, was built without permission of the Church authorities at the request of the Governor because of the Russian Fort Ross which was located in the Sonoma area.
www.jspub.com /~jsp/4grdch03.html   (559 words)

 California Missions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Called the "Jewel of the Missions" Mission San Juan Capistrano is probably the best known of all the California missions.
In 1796 work was begun on a large stone church that was to be the most magnificent of all the California mission churches.
The devastating earthquake of 1812 destroyed this pride of the California missions.
www.lausd.k12.ca.us /Lomita_Magnet/missions/WW18.htm   (397 words)

 Virtual Reality Panoramas of the California Missions
The nave of the Mission Church, San Juan Bautista.
The east aisle of the Mission Church of San Juan.
Mission San Luis Obispo, next to the statue of Father Serra.
www.virtualguidebooks.com /ThematicLists/CaliforniaMissions.html   (317 words)

 California Missions
They will be able to use the information learned about California Missions (through direct instruction and the game) as a foundation for continued studies of California history.
The ultimate goal of this game is to be the first traveling friar to traverse from the most southern mission (Mission San Diego de Alcala) to the most northern mission (Mission San Francisco de Solano).
California Missions game board - rectangular game board which has an outline of California with spaces to place fate cards and question/answer cards.
edweb.sdsu.edu /courses/edtec670/cardboard/Board/C/Calmission   (1882 words)

 California Missions Photo Tour
The 21 missions of Old California were built as part of an ambitious plan by Spain to colonize the western shores of the new world.
The mission sites were chosen for their convenient location along a planned trade route.
Following the annexation of California by the United States, the missions were returned to the Catholic Church but, by then, most were in ruin.
www.missionart.com /photo-main.html   (176 words)

 Missions of California - Educational Projects
Missions of California Educational Projects are great for introducing students to California's mission history and emphasizing the importance of the missions to the founding of California.
An important tool in understanding what life was like from 1769 to 1823, Mission Projects help children comprehend the enormous obstacles the colonizers faced, and how Spanish exploration changed the New World and the lives of the Native Americans forever.
Quality construction and authentic mission details will make studying the daily lives of the people who occupied the missions interesting and enjoyable.
www.missionsofca.com   (200 words)

 Museum Mania Online Treasure Hunt
Mission life was quite primitive, due to the unavailability of many things that we take for granted; grocery stores, hardware stores, drug stores, doctors, dentists, antibiotics, shoe stores, clothing stores, cars, busses, trains, and airplanes.
Let's go on a treasure hunt up the California Coast and visit a few of the 24 missions that are perched along the way.
To find out where Baja California is located, go to this language translator page that allows you to translate the word Baja, from Spanish to English.
www.museummania.com /treasure6.htm   (694 words)

 California Missions Foundation - Mission San Jose   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
An earthquake destroyed the mission church in 1868.
The California Missions Foundation financed an earthquake retrofit of the convento in 2001-2002.
The mission is on the corner of Washington and Mission.
www.missionsofcalifornia.org /missions/mission14.html   (170 words)

 California Missions
Further we will discover why the missions were built and what purpose they served in the past and present.
Student have many misconceptions about what their role was and what effect it had on the native california populations.
Step Two: Choose one of the 21 missions, using at least two different sources and three pictures, write a report on the chosen mission.
eprentice.sdsu.edu /F049/kschmidt/missions_t.html   (618 words)

 MissionTour Home
As each Mission is visited I'll be adding a complete description, a pictorial tour, maps to help find the Mission, and other useful information as appropriate.
General information about the Mission system and related discussions is available here.
Please keep in mind that the Missions were part of a general Spanish expansion into California over 200 years ago.
missiontour.org   (330 words)

 California Missions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The chain of 21 missions along California's El Camino Real ("The Royal Highway") represent the first arrival of non-Native Americans to California.
In addition to Christianity, the missions brought many other things to California such as livestock, fruits, flowers, grains and industry.
Every one of the California missions tell a story about the history of California.
missions.bgmm.com   (149 words)

 Amazon.com: Books: California Missions (Sunset Pictorial)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The beginning of the mission chain: two widely separated mission settlements established a year apart at the major ports of San Diego and Monterey.
This book describes not only how and why the Missions were established, but also gives a history and brief description of each individual mission in the California system.
It provided us with a good sense of the history of the missions, and gave a idea as to the extent of restoration and rebuilding that had occured at each mission.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0376051728?v=glance   (1429 words)

 Missions of California (1769-1834)
The natives would live in the missions until their education was complete.
The missions created a considerable wealth and economy with agriculture and large numbers of livestock.
In 1813, regulations from Mexico and California were issued to disbanded the missions.
www.kidport.com /RefLib/UsaHistory/Missions/Missions.htm   (281 words)

 NetLink on California Missions-4th grade
On a summer day in 1769 in the Spanish territory of California, the first permanent Catholic mission was established in San Diego.
By 1823 there were 21 missions stretching along the California coast from San Diego to San Francisco.
The development of towns and cities in California is linked to the locations of the missions.
www.suhsd.k12.ca.us /mvm/netlinks/1missions4/1missions4.html   (224 words)

 Implementation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Be sure that when the children visit the addresses site that they understand that the mission addresses are not in order of location along the coast of California; they will need to scroll up and down.
Once the children have completed the Mission Placement Worksheet they are ready to create their maps of California depicting the mission placements.
Now that you know what missions are, where they are placed in California, and their typical layout and architecture, it is time for you to become an expert on the changes that these missions brought about.
projects.edtech.sandi.net /encanto/californiamissions/t-process.htm   (1127 words)

 Annotated Links to California Missions Web Sites   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Although often referred to as a mission, San Antonio de Pala was a sub-station of Mission San Luis Rey and did not have a resident priest in the Hispanic period.
California's financial involvement in the American Revolution (a donation of over $4,000) is very briefly noted in the larger context of multiple ways in which Spain aided the American side against Great Britain.
California Missions Resource Center  HYPERLINK "http://www.missionscalifornia.com/" http://www.missionscalifornia.com/ Richly illustrated and informative site;Ý among its many features are an interactive map, a timeline 1769-1848 which integrates CaliforniaÝ and eastern U.S. history 1769-1848;Ý a quiz based on visual clues; samples from mission music CDs;Ý multiple pictorial resources;Ý and a FAQ section.
www.ca-missions.org /links.html   (9648 words)

 Research Starters: Spanish Missions of California
Late in the century, Franciscan missions sponsored by Spain and the Roman Catholic church played an important role in establishing European settlement in the region.
The first Franciscan mission in California (Mission San Diego de Alcalá) was established by Father Junípero Serra in what in now San Diego.
Official home page of the state of California provides useful links to a host of related sites, including California government Internet servers; a guide to official agencies and laws; and historical, cultural, and economic information.
teacher.scholastic.com /researchtools/researchstarters/missions   (813 words)

 Amazon.com: Books: The Missions of California   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Established by Spanish friars, built by native Indians, and preserved by historians, the missions are enduring testimony to the faith and craftsmanship of the Golden State's inhabitants over the years.
The Missions of California pairs Melba Levick's excellent photography with back story by Stanley Young for a complete tour of each mission, from sun-kissed Mission San Gabriel to stately Mission Dolores.
The beginning of the California missions was by no means auspicious.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0811819388?v=glance   (1048 words)

 California missions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
California missions -- Visit the 21 missions in California.
California Missions -- See historic photographs of all 21California Missions, from as early as 1895.
Virtual Tour of a Mission -- visit the rooms and learn about life in mission days
www.ellwood.goleta.k12.ca.us /missions.html   (53 words)

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