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Topic: Call and response (music)

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Music Library Association
Founded in 1931, MLA is the professional organization in the United States devoted to music librarianship and all aspects of music materials in libraries.
Read more about the Music Library Association in a letter from our President.
MLA's Response to the LC Series Authority Decision (PDF)
www.musiclibraryassoc.org   (218 words)

  Call and response (music) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In music, a call and response is a succession of two distinct phrases usually played by different musicians, where the second phrase is heard as a direct commentary on or response to the first.
In West African cultures, call and response is a pervasive pattern of democratic participation -- in public gatherings in the discussion of civic affairs, in religious rituals, as well as in vocal and instrumental musical expression.
Where call and response is most apparent in the secular music arena is in traditional and electric blues, where the most common 12-bar form is an AA'B pattern where the AA' is the call (repeated once with slight variation), and B is the response.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Call_and_response_(music)   (494 words)

 Call and response - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is about call and response in communication.
Call and response is a form of "spontaneous verbal and non-verbal interaction between speaker and listener in which all of the statements ('calls') are punctuated by expressions ('responses') from the listener", as stated by Smitherman [1].
In West African cultures, call and response is a pervasive pattern of democratic participation -- in public gatherings, in the discussion of civic affairs, in religious rituals, as well as in vocal and instrumental musical expression (see call and response (music)).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Call_and_response   (138 words)

 The Influence of African Rhythms
The music of Africa informed the music of Charleston in a very central way; it is impossible to quantify the many influences, but it is possible to highlight three of the most recognizable and important contributions.
Talk of syncopation, call and response, and timbre can get complex and technical, but on a basic level, they are the soul of this new African American music: they give the music "looseness" and excitement, relaxation and drive.
Call and response is also crucial because it involves the audience; it transcends the seperation of audience and performers so common in the west.
northbysouth.kenyon.edu /1998/music/rhythm/rhythm.htm   (377 words)

 Call and Response: Tiger Teeth EP - PopMatters Music Review
In the case of Call and Response the maturation from debut to sophomore effort was quite a juxtaposition.
Call and Response's 2001 self-titled debut album was, like many debut albums, a stylistic mish mash.
Pushing into territory that was described as "impressionistic" and "beautiful", Call and Response may have forgotten about fun during their "maturation" process.
www.popmatters.com /music/reviews/c/callandresponse-tigerteeth.shtml   (662 words)

 Ladytron - 604 (Emperor Norton), Call and Response - s/t (Kindercore)
That style of music is synthesizer-heavy early 80s new wave, somewhere between Kraftwerk and Howard Jones, with a dance-able disco beat.
While these two styles of music are very different, the two bands have some similarities in sound, both being led by multiple female vocalists and both coming from the Stereolab school of analog sound using moogs, organs, and synthesizers, creating plenty of interesting sounds inside their bouncy pop melodies.
Call and Response's debut album is very reminiscent of the work of The Ladybug Transistor, sounding like a new millennium version of The Mamas and the Papas.
www.fakejazz.com /reviews/2001/tronandresponse.shtml   (530 words)

 Music From The Ground Up
Call And Response, a tool used in many music traditions and in many schools, is thousands of years old.
Using sing-alongs, call and response, clapping, scatting, or counterpoint, the audience is an integral part of the show and occasionally turns into a giant, one-of-a-kind orchestra as the conductor leads with his hands and...
Music is arguably the most universal form of communication, and percussive dance ("music in motion") may well be the form of music that uses the largest number of our "multiple intelligences." There simply is no more exciting way of rediscovering music than...
www.usatap.org /mprog.htm   (743 words)

 Using Call-and-Response
She suggests that responses function to affirm or agree with the speaker, urge the speaker on, repeat what the speaker has said, complete the speaker’s statement in response to a request from the speaker or in spontaneous talking with the speaker, or indicate extremely powerful affirmation of what the speaker has said.
Responses can follow from a speaker’s specifically requesting them or eliciting them by manipulating their own discourse, or they can be unsolicited and spontaneously interjected into the ongoing interaction (Foster, 1989).
Analysis of this excerpt along the four dimensions—code, function, mode, and initiator—reveals that it consisted of a verbal call and a musical response; it expressed speakers' attitudes by celebrating learning (i.e., the student’s use of the more sophisticated term injured); it was highly scripted or routinized; and it was initiated by the teacher.
www.cal.org /ericcll/digest/0204foster.html   (1715 words)

 Spirituals and Gospel Music
Spirituals and gospel music are related to each other, but they developed at different times in history: Spirituals rose out of the experience of enslaved Africans in Colonial America, and gospel music developed in the early twentieth century in cities.
Now traditional gospel music is sung by fl and white solists, quartets, and choirs of men or women or both.
A look at spirituals and gospel music reveals that although the musical style of the folk spiritual has changed over hundreds of years (as has much of America’s music), the core beliefs, strengths, and values of African American culture are still intact as expressed in spirituals and gospel music.
www.sbgmusic.com /html/teacher/reference/styles/spirituals.html   (1332 words)

 Badman Recording Co. - Bands
Call and Response released their new full-length album Winds take no shape in spring of 2004.
Uncut called it "a magnificent surprise" and Jane magazine said "the uncorny indie-rock answer to Sade, moody wake-and-bake vibes." With this record, the band innovated a sound that was impressionistic, mystical, and beautiful.
In November of 2004, we get to take a step back to experience a time when Call and Response were in between the California twee pop sound of their debut and the matured radiance of their recent full length.
www.badmanrecordingco.com /bands/default.aspx?productDetail=tiger   (701 words)

 Reviews of Call and Response - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
The music the members compose is filled with rhythm, harmony, and warmth.
Call and Response formed in 1998 when Simone Rubi (keyboards, vocals) and Daniel Judd (guitar), who shared a love of obscure pop music, film soundtracks, and synthesizers, decided to collaborate on a musical project in their hometown of Santa Barbara.
Call and Response finished recording a new album with Dylan Magierek (Mark Kozelek, Low, Erlend Oye) in January 2004.
music.download.com /3640-8591_32-100333812.html?sb=2   (705 words)

 GRADE 4   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Traditional music is performed at weddings, naming ceremonies, royal events and other special occasions, as well as ordinary children's songs, work songs and lullabies.
Christian music was introduced to Liberia by American missionaries, and Christian songs are now sung in native languages in a style that mixes American harmonies with West African rhythms and a call-and-response format.
Music includes massive and sacred drums, and vibrant dances called the bakisimba.
gouchercenter.edu /nbenton/grade5.htm   (280 words)

 Tucson Weekly : music : Call and Response
Call and Response opens for The Sunshine Fix at 9 p.m.
Talking to Simone (pronounced see-moan) Rubi of San Francisco's Call and Response is a bit like listening to her band's music: Neither stays on course for very long before veering off in a different direction.
Kinda like the old groups, y'know?" But while the Call and Response sound was beginning to take form and the members were having a blast writing songs, the shows the band played in Santa Barbara were far less than successful.
www.tucsonweekly.com /gbase/music/Content?oid=oid:44750   (1113 words)

 KQED | Arts and Literature: Music and Sound: Noise Pop Mix Tape: Call and Response
Again, music I feel super-connected to because of the tone of her voice and the rad keyboards.
Call and Response formed in 1998 when Simone Rubi (keyboards, vocals) and Daniel Judd (guitar), who shared a love of obscure pop music, film soundtracks, and synthesizers, decided to collaborate on a musical project in their home town of Santa Barbara.
Call and Response finished recording a new album in January 2004.
www.kqed.org /topics/arts/music/noisepop/call-and-response.jsp   (965 words)

 Call and Response: Winds Take No Shape: Pitchfork Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Their music is still lighter-than-air, but a newfound strain of wistfulness brings it closer to earth.
The clearest precursor to Call and Response's current sound is mid-era Stereolab; the similarity of Clough's singing to Laetitia Sadier's goes beyond having the same detached air to include sharing melodic themes, and the propensity to stress awkward syllables.
Call and Response still fall into pop hooks, and the swing can give way at any point to the plodding bass drum of a soft and muted disco chorus.
pitchforkmedia.com /record-reviews/c/call-and-response/winds-take-no-shape.shtml   (626 words)

 Temiar Music
Originally hunter-gatherers, their main form of music is vocal, accompanied by bamboo stampers or awar and one or two Temiar frame drums or batak, sometimes punctuated by a single gong.
Call and response singing is an intricate part of Temiar healing "services".
Instrumental music is monophonic, and is performed during daylight hours, as opposed to call and response singing which is designated as a night activity.
www.musicmall-asia.com /malaysia/folk/temiar.html   (186 words)

 Musical Notes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Call and response is a kind of music that goes back and forth between two people or groups.
Sometimes the call is a question and the response is an answer.
We have sung several call and response songs and we played call and response patterns on various instruments in the room.
www.mcps.k12.md.us /schools/highlandviewes/webupdate403/webupdate403.htm   (908 words)

 History Of Gospel Music
During this time, hymns were lined and repeated in a call and response fashion and the Negro spirituals and work songs came on the scene.
The worship music (hymns) of the whites masters became the backdrop for the music the enslaved Africans would use at their eventual worship meetings.
In the tradition of the fl church, call and response in singing and in speaking has been and continues to be a foundation on which the gospel is delivered.
bostoncommunitychoir.org /history_of_gospel_music.htm   (782 words)

 African Music Encyclopedia: Glossary: African Styles of Music
Also called mbira-based music, one of the best examples of this sound is the music of Thomas Mapfumo.
Morrocan music of people descended from the slaves brought from Mali in the 16th century.
A Muslim style of music performed most often as a wake-up call for early breakfast and prayers during Ramadan celebrations.
africanmusic.org /glossary.html   (792 words)

 Call and Response: self-titled - PopMatters Music Review
Northern California's CAR have the musical talent that I so clearly lack, but they also have similar pop inspirations and manifest their influences in an unwavering tribute to '60s pop, the finest disco, Motown and Sarah, while also keeping their sound fresh and uniquely animated in this age.
Call and Response has been a record to save my summer, but its winter release date and unabashedly bright-eyed wonder make it a necessary addition to the Slumberland/Sarah/Creation fan's record collection for all seasons.
Yet they miss the point; Call and Response is not a substitute for your overly cerebral Radiohead and Tindersticks records, but a complement to them.
www.popmatters.com /music/reviews/c/callandresponse-st.shtml   (693 words)

 Badman Recording Co. - Bands   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Call and Response are a musical ensemble hailing from the Bay Area, California.
With their debut self-titled album, Call And Response hopped from one label to the next (namely Kindercore and Emperor Norton), and looks like they've hopped one more time for their sophomore effort -- landing them on Badman Records.
On paper, Call and Response don't seem like much: A band that's absorbed the cleaner, quieter side of post-rock (American Analog Set, the Sea and Cake) into their collective bloodstream, plus not one but two female vocalists who might have made serious coin - or at least Chris Douridas' playlist - during trip-hop's heyday.
www.badmanrecordingco.com /bands/default.aspx?productDetail=winds   (1269 words)

 Section 2, Interactive Projects, Experiencing Choral Music, Glencoe Online
Call and response is a song style that follows a simple question-and-answer pattern.
Listen to the call and response in "Down by the River." Notice that the lead vocals enter at 0:45 as the "call." The organ mimics the lead vocals as the "response."
Although call and response is not unique to African-American music, it has been developed strongly in blues, gospel, jazz, and funk.
www.glencoe.com /sec/music/ecm/student/sfb/section2.php/ct   (245 words)

 Call and Response songs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Many of the call and response songs sung by the children that night reflected what was learned during these rites-of-passage, while others were fishing, planting and harvesting songs.
The typical pattern is the call and response pattern, greatly utilizing group participation.
With call and response songs, the response is usually the same, while the calls are different.
www.newwway.org /strategy_network/call_and_response_songs.htm   (1565 words)

 Jawaahir - Educational Articles - Music
The tar is used mainly in popular and folk music and is also referred to as the duff or the bendir.
The resulting music traditions are deep and varied, but always evolving as each generation adds its innovations while honoring the forms and work of the past.
Love is a major theme in Middle Eastern music, in all its aspects - love of family, country, nation, nature, and of course, the beloved, whether close at hand or separated by oceans.
www.jawaahir.org /edu_music.htm   (1385 words)

 Non Sequitur Music Publishing - Call and Response for Alto Saxophone and Piano   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The interplay of call and response has been around for a long time, afterall, so sing the birds.
Call and response could very well have been the first form of human dialogue and from it derived the amazing yet mysterious acquisition of language.
Though in a broader context, the concept of call and response can be understood to have significance associated with the drama of life, what life asks of us, and how we respond to these nudges.
www.nonsequiturmusic.com /call.htm   (114 words)

 African_Traditions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Characteristics incorporated into spirituals and consequently,different forms of American music, consist of call and response, poly-rhythms (multiple rhythms at once), syncopated rhythms (accentuation of the off beats of a song, i.e.
The most influential structural tradition, call and response requires an exchange between a leader and the audience or congregation.
Whether it be between a preacher and his congregation, a bluesman and his guitar, or a caller and the rest of the field hands, this African tradition continues to thrive.
northbysouth.kenyon.edu /2002/Music/Pages/africantraditions.htm   (274 words)

 Local Band Tickles the Texans / San Francisco's Call and Response charms audiences at the Austin music conference
The members of San Francisco's Call and Response have just released their self-titled premiere album, and the grapevine is humming.
For Call and Response, the timing this year is ideal: A recent rave review on National Public Radio gave the band a healthy early push, and they are capitalizing on it in Austin.
Call and Response is just one of about three dozen Bay Area bands to converge on Austin this year.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2001/03/17/DD102644.DTL   (770 words)

 >>>Indiepop.it: Call and Response Interview
We were listening to a lot of bubblegum pop and funky soul jams; music that had a naive playful quality to it.
The musically that makes me the most happy is the blend between pop and experimentation, when it is done right it can't be beat.
My favorite kind of music lately is the kind that grows on you and makes you feel like you are actively learning while you are listening.
www.indiepop.it /articoli/callandresponse_int_eng.htm   (1323 words)

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