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  Calw (district) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Calw is a district (Kreis) in the middle of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
During the communal reform in 1973 the district at first was planned to be dissolved and its municipalities split to neighboring district.
The coat of arms, which is nearly identical with the coat of arms of the city Calw, show the lion of the Counts of Calw on top of three mountains.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Calw_(district)   (241 words)

 Calw and the Nikolaus Kappele (Chapel)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Situated on the north edge of the Black Forest, the town of Calw was founded before 1256 by the count Gottfried of Calw.
Calw Cloth Manufacturing and Trading Company, founded in 1650, employed up to 800 cloth-workers and which also triggered the development of sidelines such as timber trade, salt trade, mining as well as other trades.
In the windows one recognizes the coat of arms of many important Calw families (they donated for the chapel renovation) which were added during the renovation in 1926.
www.angelfire.com /co/beisser/page2arms.html   (223 words)

 CALW - LoveToKnow Article on CALW   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The place is in favor as a health resort.
The name of Calw appears first in 1037.
In 1634 the town was taken by the Bavarians, and in 1692 by the French.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /C/CA/CALW.htm   (123 words)

 Stationen Calw   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
In 1886, the family returns to Calw, where the nine-year-old attends the "Reallyzeum." The family first lives in the house of the "Verlagsverein" publishing association and, later, in Ledergasse.
His childhood and youth in Calw are motifs that recur in many of his poems and prose works.
Basel Berne Calw Gaienhofen Maulbronn Montagnola Tübingen
www.hermann-hesse.de /eng/biographie/stationen/calw.htm   (243 words)

 Calw - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Calw is a town in the middle of Baden-Württemberg in the south of Germany, capital of the district Calw.
Strolling down the hidden alleys, the pedestrian area or crossing the market place you cannot help to notice Calw's special historic atmosphere.
Numerous shops, restaurants, bistros and ice-cream parlours bring life into our dreamy little town and, especially during the past few years, Calw has blossomed into a worthy 'large' district town.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Calw   (150 words)

 Hermann Hesse Memorials in Calw
Once the principal`s office of the Lyceum, the Calw high school, of which Hesse was a pupil from July 1886 until February 1890.
This was Calw`s commemoration centre to Hesse 1964 to 1990.
This distinguishing feature of Calw is the oldest stone bridge across the Nagold, it carries the Chapel of St. Nicholas on its central pillar.
www.hermann-hesse.com /html/english/e.calw.html   (2061 words)

 Calw Hôtels - Hôtel Logement à Calw | Baden-W³rttemberg Allemagne
Calw Hôtels - Hôtel Logement à Calw
The Parkhotel Pforzheim is directly located in the center of the old part of the city, situated in a small park with direct connection to the city-hall.
The hotel has a total of 74 rooms and 8 junior suites, which are situated in 1 main building.
www.simplehotels.com /fr/de/calw   (370 words)

 Calw, Germany Cheap Hotels Motels - hotel and motel rooms and reservations available in Calw, Germany
Calw, Germany is a great place to stay in a hotel or rent a car.
When unification belatedly came about in 1871, it was achieved almost exclusively by military might; as a direct result of this, the new nation was.....
Click on a hotel or motel name from the list of hotels and motels available in Calw, Germany to find hotel and motel reservations that are available at this location.
www.eztrip.com /Calw/CALW_DE_INTL.html   (383 words)

 LOWENSTEIN - LoveToKnow Article on LOWENSTEIN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
In 1634 the castle was destroyed by the imperialists.
The county of Lwenstein belonged to a branch of the family of the counts of Calw before 1281, when it was purchased by the German king Rudolph I., who presented it to his natural son Albert.
In 1441 Henry, one of Alberts descendants, sold it to the elector palatine of the Rhine, Frederick I., and later it served as a portion for Louis (d.
30.1911encyclopedia.org /L/LO/LOWENSTEIN.htm   (310 words)

 Calw.de   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Counts of Calw, the town walls with 'The Tall One', the Calw Cloth Manufacturing and Trading Company, Calw's second destruction, modern times, Hermann Hesse –; these are just some highlights which will be referred to in this most interesting and entertaining historical tour of the town.
'Calw is the most beautiful town of all', he once wrote.
The town of Calw as a literary museum – you are free to follow in Hesse’s footsteps.
www.calw.de /englisch/stadtinformation/zurstadt/stadtfuehrungen.htm   (348 words)

 Aurelius Sangerknaben Calw (Boys' Choir) - Short History
Furthermore the solists of the Aurelius Sängerknaben Calw were engaged at the Ludwigsburger Festspielen, the Mozartfesten Würzburg as well as at the operas of Strassbourg, Nice and Toulouse, Lisbon, Madrid, Edinburgh and Graz.
Under the lead of the composer the Aurelius Sängerknaben Calw sang in 2003 together with the Stuttgarter Philharmoniker first the Lukas-Passion and later the Credo by Krzysztof Penderecki.
The Aurelius Sängerknaben Calw took part as an ambassador of Baden-Württemberg at a festival in Moskow and performed at events hosted by the state government.
www.bach-cantatas.com /Bio/ASKC.htm   (548 words)

 The Hindu : German aid for Thalassery school
The strong ties between the town of Calw in Germany and Thalassery thanks to the common legacy of the German missionary, Hermann Gundert, are all set to be boosted through philanthropic gestures of the people of the German town to help the Dr. Hermann Gundert Foundation School here.
The bond between the two towns has been strengthened since the visit here of a delegation from Calw and the return visit of a delegation from here in connection with the festival to mark 125{+t}{+h} birth anniversary of the German author, Hermann Hesse, the grandson of Dr. Gundert, in 2002.
Photographs taken by Josefine Koblitz, Irmhild Mannsfeld, Beatrix Weis and Sigrid Weis, during their visit to Thalassery as part of the delegation from Calw headed by its Mayor, Werner Spec, were displayed near the town hall of Calw for the fund collection.
www.hinduonnet.com /2004/02/22/stories/2004022205410300.htm   (297 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
its vertices $\calv=\calw\coprod\cala$ consist of the nonarrowhead vertices $\calw$ (corresponding to the irreducible exceptional divisors), and arrowhead vertices $\cala$ (correponding to the strict transform divisors of $D$).
Since $G_f$ is a tree, one has: $$(2.1)\hspace{2cm} \#\calw+\#\cala=\#\cale+1.\hspace{2cm}$$ For any $w\in \calw$, we denote by $\calv_w$ the set of vertices $v\in \calv$ adjacent to $w$.
With some additional blowing ups, we (can) keep the invariants $\mu,\nu,\ m_{w_a}$ constant, but increase $\#\calw$ arbitrarily high.\\ 4.25.\ For general germs $f:(X,x)\to (\bfc,0)$ (where $(X,x)$ is a normal surface singularity) it is not true anymore that $\sum_am_{w_a}$ is ``big''.
home.imf.au.dk /esn/preprints/059   (3258 words)

 International Civic Heraldry-Deutsche Kreiswappen-CALW   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The arms are based on the arms of the city of Calw, with the addition of a fountain in the lower part.
Until 1934 the (smaller) district of Calw used a seal with a natural lion on a mountaintop.
From 1934-38 the district used divided arms with right the arms of the city of Calw and in the left part a pine tree, representing the many forests in the district.
www.ngw.nl /int/dld/kreis/calw.htm   (211 words)

 Fodor's Travel Guides | Forums Messages
I wasn't so impressed with Calw either the day I drove through there many years ago.
From Calw it is not very much further to places more in line with your criteria such as Herrenberg (21km to the SE) and Wildberg (only around 12km due south.
Calw is not that big, half an hour by walking and You have seen most things.
www.fodors.com /forums/pgMessages.jsp?fid=2&tid=34612686&numresponses=3&start=0   (339 words)

 Travelogue 1995 / Episode Eleven
Rolf and I were planning to visit Calw again, to run a few errands there.
I was able to see a bit of Calw that I had not been able to visit while we ran our errands.
The woman behind the counter offered two different plates one that was plain white, and another with a small blue field on the left of the plate, with a white capital D surrounded by the European Union stars.
www.rohdesign.com /95episode11.html   (1694 words)

 Pension Kugele, Calw-Spesshardt im Schwarzwald   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
a warm welcome to Pension Kugele, here in Spesshardt, a small village and suburb of the city of Calw, idyllically situated in a small valley on the high plain between the rivers Enz and Nagold, surrounded by large fir tree forests and flowering meadows.
We especially recommend a visit there in spring, when countless crocus flowers in the surrounding meadows are in full bloom.
There's also a bus connection to Calw Hirsau and Bad Liebenzell, another spa resort with its well-known Paracelsus-Thermalbad.
www.schwarzwaldmotorrad.de /kugele/english2.htm   (475 words)

 Calw : Planning a Trip   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
By Train -- Trains arrive at Calw's Bahnhof at hourly intervals from both Stuttgart and Karlsruhe.
From the A8 Autobahn, exit at the signs indicating Calw.
The Tourist Information office in Calw is at Marktbrücke 1 (tel.
www.frommers.com /destinations/print-narrative.cfm?destID=861&catID=0861010002   (96 words)

 Travelogue 1995 / Episode Three
It was still drizzling, which added to the atmosphere of Calw as we neared middle of town.
The city of Calw is situated in a valley, and the Nagold river flows directly through it.
I suggested that Mats show me his school, which is in Calw and was Martin's school before him.
www.rohdesign.com /95episode3.html   (1918 words)

 [No title]
After exemplary behavior in a school for mentally retarded and emotionally disturbed children, Hesse was allowed to return to Calw.
Hesse subsequently spent his time in Calw gardening, assisting his father in the Calw Publishing House, and reading avidly in his grandfather's library.
The cycle of discontent and early rebelliousness seemed to temporarily subside when Hesse began an apprenticeship in the Heckenhauer bookshop in in the university town of Tübingen on October 17, 1895.
blue.butler.edu /~dluechau/handouts/mba510hessebio.doc   (4715 words)

 BE - Fine Arts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Although there is room for further expansion, Jakobi-Mirwald's is already an important, reasonably priced standard work that contributes to the unity and clarity of the terminology of this area of art history.
Similarly, the variety of his production mirrors the multiplicity of artistic styles in the first half of this century, styles that ranged from dadaism to surrealism.
While Schlichter's paintings have received considerable exposure, a 1998 exhibition in Calw was the first major effort to focus attention on his literary work and book illustrations.
www.rre.casalini.com /1999/be.html   (2007 words)

 Aurelius Sängerknaben Calw - Kontakt   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The following 10 years he spent as a cantor in Böblingen while he also held an invitation to lecture at the Aufbaugymnasium in Schwäbisch Gmünd.
1992 he got called by Hans-Jörg Kalmbach to the Aurelius Sänger Knaben in Calw, where he got to know all aspects of a professional boy choir in his work as choir leader and voice trainer.
For his work he received considerable recognition in 2002 when he achieved the first price at the "German Choir Contest" at Osnabrück with his men ensemble and got rewarded by the Bruno-Frey-Preis for outstanding musical performance by the `Landesakademie for the music making youth´ in Baden-Württemberg.
www.aurelius.de /eng/orgae.html   (253 words)

 Kern Family Genealogy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
was born 1477-1523 in Ottenhausen, Calw, Wurttemberg, Germany, and died 1516-1603 in ?.
was born 1516-1549 in Ottenhausen, Calw, Wurttemberg, Germany, and died Bef.
was born July 30, 1567 in Ottenhausen, Calw, Wurttemberg, Germany, and died February 12, 1624/25 in Ottenhausen, Calw, Wurttemberg, Germany.
webpages.charter.net /boyceweb/KERN.html   (981 words)

 Das Hermann Hesse-Museeum in Calw   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
In 1990, the town of Calw inaugurated a lavishly appointed museum dedicated to its famous son Hermann Hesse.
Visitors to the town in the Black Forest will find this to be Europe's largest permanent museum showcasing the writer and his works.
In an historic building overlooking the marketplace and the house in which Hesse was born, the Hermann-Hesse-Museum Calw boasts a total of ten rooms charting the history of the life, work and influence of the world's most popular and most widely read German-language author of the 20th century.
www.hermann-hesse.de /eng/museen/calw/calw.htm   (126 words)

 Calw Hotels
Calw, Germany Hotels, Resorts, Bed and Breakfasts, Motels
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 Calw Hotel Reservations – Discount Calw Hotels
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www.provcc.com /EU/germany/calw.asp   (27 words)

 Accommodation in Calw Hotels, Guest Houses, Bed and Breakfasts, Inns, Lodgings, Motels
If you run a hotel, guest house or bed and breakfast and would like to be included in A1 Tourism's Hotel and Guest House Directory, please contact us
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If you require more information about Calw, you may be able to obtain it from the Calw Tourist Board.
www.a1tourism.com /germany/calw.html   (124 words)

 Calw tourism - Calw vacation reviews - Calw vacations - TripAdvisor
TripAdvisor provides unbiased reviews, articles, recommendations and opinions on Calw vacations.
Have we missed the key attraction in Calw?
Submit the article, for example, to alert us to a new attraction.
tripadvisor.com /Tourism-g187280-Calw_Black_Forest_Baden_Wurttemberg...   (347 words)

 Conrad GABEL/Maria Catharine SCHROB
Born: 14 JAN 1754 at: Martinsmoos, Calw Oa, Wuerttemberg Married: 26 OCT 1779 at: Zwerenberg, Nagold Oa, Wuerttemberg Died: 5 DEC 1835 at: Martinsmoos, Calw Oa, Wuerttemberg Father:Heinrich GABEL Mother:Agatha SCHAIBLIN Other Spouses:
Name: Michael GABEL Born: 1 JUN 1783 at: Martinsmoos, Calw Oa, Wuerttemberg Married: 19 MAY 1808 at: Zwerenberg, Nagold Oa, Wuerttemberg Died: 15 NOV 1831 at: Martinsmoos, Calw Oa, Wuerttemberg Spouses: Anna Maria HERTEN
Name: Conrad GABEL Born: 21 JUL 1795 at: Martinsmoos, Calw Oa, Wuerttemberg Married: at: Died: 21 JUL 1795 at: Martinsmoos, Calw Oa, Wuerttemberg Spouses:
members.fortunecity.com /heselschwerdt/html/fam00347.html   (456 words)

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