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Topic: Calypso

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  Calypso - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Calypso
At the hero's departure, Calypso died of grief.
Calypso is a traditional song form of Trinidad, a feature of its annual carnival, with roots in West African praise-singing.
Mighty Sparrow (1935– ) is Trinidad's best-known calypso singer.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Calypso   (282 words)

 Calypso music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Calypso is a style of Afro-Caribbean music which originated in the British and French colonial islands of the Caribbean at about the start of the 20th century.
By the 1920s, calypso tents were set up at Carnival for calypsonians to practice before competitions; these have now become showcases for new music.
The most well-known calypso, however, is the "Banana Boat Song", a traditional Jamaican folk song, whose best-known rendition was done by Harry Belafonte on his 1956 album Calypso; Calypso was the first full-length record to sell more than a million copies.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Calypso_music   (581 words)

 Saturn's Trojan Moon Calypso
Calypso [ka-LIP-so] and Telesto [tah-LESS-toh] are called the Tethys Trojans because they circle Saturn in the same orbit as Tethys, about 60 degrees ahead of and behind that body.
Calypso is 34 by 22 by 22 kilometers (21 by 14 by 14 miles).
Calypso trails Tethys in its orbit by 60 degrees.
www.solarviews.com /eng/calypso.htm   (256 words)

 Calypso 3, Greek Mythology Link.
The goddess Calypso 3, who dressed a certain day in a long silvery mantle, with a golden belt round her waist, and a veil over her head, received the shipwrecked Odysseus in her home with kindness and love, offering to make him immortal and ageless.
Straight away after this oath, Calypso 3, disregarding the fact that just a little while ago she had protested against Zeus' decision, told Odysseus that she did this because after all she had a righteous mind and a heart that, not being indeed of iron, had compassion.
Calypso 1 is counted among the NEREIDS, and Calypso 2 is one of the OCEANIDS.
homepage.mac.com /cparada/GML/Calypso3.html   (1445 words)

 Ithaca Greece - Calypso Apartments on Ithaca Island - Vathi
Calypso Apartments in Vathi, on the Island of Ithaca Greece
Calypso is a newbuilt apartment estate 1 km away from Vathi to Perachori,hanging over the picturesque small port Vathi.
Also Calypso offers you a parking lot, a garage, conference room, a beautiful bar with a roof garden, which is used for serving breakfast and for our quests' enjoyment.
www.ithaki-calypso.com   (276 words)

 Barbados Music: Calypso   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Calypso is a unique form of music that is an integral part of the Barbadian cultural landscape.
Calypso became highly organized in Barbados in 1974, with the revival of the Crop Over Festival.
Today, calypso is an integral part of the festival, with the Pic-O-De-Crop Calypso Competition being one of the most popular events.
www.barbados.org /music/calypso.htm   (315 words)

 Obi's Favorite Kaisos
So that calypso is a product of Caribbean people's struggle with the elements of their island jails and with colonialists past and present in a quest to survive in an environment of orchestrated repression.
The calypso does not reflect only "the outstanding social events that have occurred in our society", but it does a lot to "propagate our way of life." There is an interesting link too between calypso and morality.
It must be a "good" calypso for, according to Comrade Mzala "the greatest impact made by an art work is when it influences the feeling and the imagination of the recipient without his being conscious of it.
www.swagga.com /calypso2.htm   (811 words)

 Calypso® Medical Technologies, Inc.
Calypso® Medical Technologies, Inc., is sponsoring a clinical study for patients with non-metastatic prostate cancer who will receive external beam radiation therapy...
Calypso® Medical Technologies, Inc. is a medical device company dedicated to improving the delivery of targeted cancer therapies.
Calypso® Medical Technologies is a privately held life science company, founded in 1999 and based in Seattle, Washington.
www.calypsomedical.com   (154 words)

 Trinidad and Tobago Carnival '96: Calypso   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Calypso, the indigenous music of the people of Trinidad and Tobago is as culturally diverse as the people themselves.
In addition there was always the witty, lewd calypsoes that told tales of men's masculinity, women's beauty and the excitement of the relationship between the sexes.
In today's kaiso, as calypso also known, the influences of reggae, chutney, dancehall, and pop music are all to be found.
www.tidco.co.tt /local/carnival/CAR13.HTM   (356 words)

 Caribbean Music 101 - Trinidad's Calypso Music; Origin, Calypsonians, Influences
Calypso rhythms can be traced back to the arrival of the first African slaves brought to work in the sugar plantations of Trinidad.
They used calypso, which can be traced back to West African kaiso, as a means of communication and to mock the slave masters.
Calypso singing competitions, held annually at Carnival time, grew in popularity after the abolition of slavery by the British in the 1830s.
caribplanet.homestead.com /101.html   (1559 words)

Calypso was a nymph, the daughter of the Titan Atlas.
After the last of Odysseus' men had perished at sea, Odysseus himself was washed ashore on Ogygia, where Calypso became enamored of him, taking him as her lover and promising him immortality if he would stay with her.
Calypso complied reluctantly, allowing Odysseus to construct a small boat and set sail from the island.
www.pantheon.org /articles/c/calypso.html   (129 words)

Telesto and Calypso orbit in Tethys' Lagrange points (60 degrees ahead and behind Tethys in the same orbit).
In Greek mythology Calypso was a sea nymph who delayed Odysseus on her island for seven years.
Calypso and Telesto are among the smallest moons in the solar system.
www.nineplanets.org /tethys.html   (440 words)

 Calypso   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Calypso wash motion technology will enable consumers to thoroughly wash bulky items like comforters and rugs, yet it is gentle enough to care for washable delicates like silk and cashmere.
Calypso wash motion technology can also care for delicate fabrics like silk and cashmere because it cleans clothes by gently bouncing them around the basket.
The Kenmore Elite with Calypso wash motion is available at Sears, Roebuck and Co. stores around the country in white-on-white, graphite and bisque-on-bisque, and costs $1099.
www.instituteoffabricscience.org /WIFS/press_calypso.asp   (685 words)

 The Evolution of Jamaican Calypso Music - ReggaeFusion.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Originally the musical output of Trinidad and Tobago — Calypso, steel band music, and soca — is centered around the carnival season that begins shortly after Christmas and culminates with Carnival Tuesday, the day before the Catholic feast of Ash Wednesday.
Calypso sprang from the Carnival of Trinidad around the beginning of the 20th century.
Recordings of calypso (whose more uptempo contemporary form is called "soca," from the words "soul" and "calypso") feature a fairly standard formula of programmed drums and rhythm section, calypso guitar, occasional lead or tenor pans (steel drums), horns, and a syncopated bass guitar that gives the music its true soul.
www.reggaefusion.com /Evolution/Calypso/Index.html   (437 words)

 Mountain Project: Climbing Calypso > The Wind Tower > Eldorado Canyon SP > Boulder
Calypso has one of the highest accident rates of any climb in Eldo, with at least 2 fatalities in recent years.
The walkoff to the left is sketchy with loose rock, and continuing to the summit is annoying (although it is a cool summit) this rap station is a nice thing to know about, you can use it to descend from routes on the South Face too.
Did Calypso today, real fun, first pitch was sweet, did.8 (i'm told) variation at start of second pitch, if it was.8 it seemed easy but a fun airy move.
www.mountainproject.com /v/colorado/boulder/eldorado_canyon_sp/105748391   (3801 words)

 HMSF Calypso - a world music
Calypso, a form of topical song that originated in Trinidad, was one of the first popular music traditions from outside North America and Europe to be commercially recorded.
Though the craze soon faded, calypso remained a component of the folk music revival of the late 1950s and 1960s and continued to be popular with vacationers in the Caribbean.
Calypsos were recorded and performed in France, Germany and other European countries, and became an integral component of the Caribana festival in Toronto's large West Indian community.
www.casbah.ac.uk /newsreport4.stm   (1952 words)

 Calypso   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Calypso is said to have its origin in Trinidad.
Despite the media’s effort to ensure that the Calypso tradition is upheld throughout the year, it is the novice Calypsonians who continue to suffer under hardship.
During the last four years workshops have been conducted for “Calypso Judges” This Criteria for Judges in addition to the knowledge of Calypso basically are that there must be a “Great” love for the Calypso Art Form because it is very time consuming and they are often criticized.
www.antiguacarnival.com /calypso.htm   (1503 words)

 Calypso & Circe
She is a Goddess with several functions, a complex character, and as an individual she represents the dual nature of the feminine as both light and dark in a subtle, integrated/harmonious/in accordance way.
Therefor Calypso is the pure, remote feminine, untouched and inaccessible, separate, distinguished and different from the world of men,(or the view of the world by men).
Calypso passes "her golden shuttle to and fro" and Circe weaves "ambrosial fabric sheer and bright by that craft known to the Goddesses of heaven." The rhythmic, trance inducing act of weaving is an activity archetypal of the Great Goddess.
www.perseus.tufts.edu /classes/AL1.html   (4752 words)

 Calypso Email Client FREE! - Get it here   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
While we don't see how Calypso can be improved upon much, other than resolving some possible compatibility issues with Windows XP (we've never found any), we extend our heartiest best wishes and hopes for success to Rose City for their continued development of the program.
The Calypso dictionary files for different languages, which to our knowledge cannot be found elsewhere, are still available from here.
If you would like to continue to use Calypso or need to reinstall, you can download the last version (v3.30)...This is a full-featured, fully activated version that will not need to be registered after installing.
10xshooters.com /calypso-free   (352 words)

 Environmental protection, waters systems - Cousteau Society
With Calypso in 1951, Captain Cousteau found a ship that would let him realize his vision: to use his inventions as a pioneer in unveiling the continental shelf.
Calypso was transformed by Cousteau from top to bottom into an oceanographic vessel.
So it is only right that, in her retirement, she should tell the story of her magnificent history, inseparable from that of Captain Cousteau.
www.cousteau.org /en/cousteau_world/our_ships/calypso.php   (87 words)

 Putumayo Presents Calypso
In the 1950s, calypso and other Caribbean folk music experienced a global surge in popularity after Harry Belafonte's 1956 album Calypso became one of the best-selling records of all-time.
Putumayo's Calypso features a cache of classic songs from the legendary ART Records library, as well as a few other gems from various periods in Caribbean music history.
Most of the songs on Calypso have been remastered from the original reel-to-reel masters, and are unavailable on CD.
www.putumayo.com /cd_caribbean/calypso.html   (224 words)

 Habits of Waste - Calypso 101 - a review of calypso music in Trinidad and Tobago
Calypso rhythms, as an identifiable music genre in Trinidad and Tobago, can be traced to the arrival of the first African slaves, brought to work on the sugar plantations at the end of the 19th century.
Many of these early calypsos, led by colorful individuals called griots, were sung in a French-Creole dialect called patois (a reflection of the multi-colonial heritage of the island of Trinidad and Tobago, colonized by Spain, France, and Britain), often accompanied by the traditional African drums and chorus.
The original bamboo structures, which characterized traditional calypso tents built in the 1930s and 1940s, have been replaced by more grandiose structures, with names aptly reflecting their physical eminence, and perhaps, the stature of the performers they accommodate: Calypso Revue, Calypso Spektakula, Kaiso House, Kaiso Showkase, The Lion’s Den.
www.habitsofwaste.wwu.edu /issues/7/iss7art2a.shtml   (628 words)

 St. John sailing, Virgin Islands boating on Calypso
Calypso then sails you to White Bay on Jost Van Dyke and pulls up to the Soggy Dollar Bar.
Calypso catamaran departs from St. John US Virgin Islands and sails off onto the Caribbean seas for the evening’s show.
The crew on Calypso looks forward to sharing in your Caribbean St. John sailing and St. John snorkeling experiences.
calypsovi.com   (396 words)

 About Us
Calypso delivers a range of complete waterjet cutting systems designed to meet the needs of fabricators and manufacturers.
At Calypso, we design and manufacture complete waterjet cutting systems that are both highly accurate and high quality.
Driven by continual product design innovation, each Calypso system combines state of the art equipment with the most advanced software available to deliver the latest in waterjet technology.
www.calypsowaterjet.com   (207 words)

 Calypso Cabaret Bangkok Thailand - Pictures of the best Cabaret in Bangkok
The Calypso Cabaret in Bangkok offers you an evening of laughter, dazzling lights, beautiful 'women' and a lot of fun.
With a capacity to hold 350 visitors the Calypso Cabaret is one of the biggest in Thailand.
Each night more than 50 performers will amaze you with a spectacle that would not be out of place any where in the world.
www.asiatraveltips.com /CalypsoCabaretBangkokThailand.shtml   (115 words)

Caly bonded great with Dazzle as long as it was only those 2 but she just seemed so scared all the time.
Calypso's territory was always our entire home but she was nice enough to share her space with us.
The one with her and Snugglebunny was taken on 11/29/02, as I left for the vet.
www.mybunnies.com /calypso.htm   (2089 words)

 Calypso (Trinidad)
The calypso world lost an icon on February 11, 2000, when Aldwyn Roberts, Lord Kitchener died at the age of 77.
The popularity of calypso tents continued to grow in the new millennium with the addition of comedians.
As a result, the number of tents operating during Carnival season increased as audiences flocked to the tents to be treated to humor, in addition to calypso.
bestoftrinidad.com /calypso00s.html   (269 words)

 Welcome to Calypso Publications, Books and CD's The site for fish, ichthyological and aquarium information
Calypso has built up a famous and extensive photographic reference library which is used to illustrate the books.
Calypso Publications was established in 1978 as the publishing arm of Calypso Research.
Calypso is both self-financing and totally independent and actively supports several other prestigious aquatic-based organizations.
www.calypsofish.freeserve.co.uk   (346 words)

 Technorati Tag: calypso
Bahama Island Music Calypso music represents the base music for which the Bahamas is famous for.
Calypso CMM Programming from ACE, Inc Offering CMM part programming, training, contract inspection, CMM fixtures and probes, complete turn-key systems and more.
Calypso in San Antonio 1-2-3 MoveForFree to Calypso in San Antonio, TX.
www.technorati.com /tag/calypso   (395 words)

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