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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Cambridge University Press   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Cambridge University Press publishes the finest academic and educational writing from around the world.
As a department of the University of Cambridge, its purpose is to further the University's objective of advancing knowledge, education, learning, and research.
Cambridge is not just a leading British publisher, it is the oldest printer and publisher in the world and one of the largest academic publishers globally.
www.cup.cam.ac.uk   (63 words)

  Cambridge University Press - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cambridge University Press is a publisher given a Royal Charter by Henry VIII in 1534, and one of the two privileged presses (the other being Oxford University Press).
It is both an academic and educational publishing house, a printing factory, and the printer for official documents for the University of Cambridge.
The Press is now a global organisation with a regional structure operating in the Americas, in UK/Europe/Middle-East/Africa, and in Asia-Pacific.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cambridge_University_Press   (299 words)

 Solution at Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University Press is known the world over for the range and quality of its academic publications.
CUP is unusual in that it brings together within one organisation the activities of publisher, printer and distributor.
CUP’s directors had a global vision of the way they wanted the business to develop and decided to review all the costs related to the life cycle of the book, from reception of the original copy through to production, distribution and storage.
www.oce.com /en/Cases/Cambridge+University+Press.htm   (1569 words)

 AuthorNet - Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University Press is keen to evaluate proposals for books on subjects in the humanities and social sciences.
Cambridge University Press is an integral part of the University of Cambridge and is constitutionally devoted to printing and publishing for 'the acquisition, advancement, conservation and dissemination of knowledge in all subjects'.
The Press is governed by a University Syndicate, an official committee comprising 18 senior University academics from a wide variety of disciplines, which was first established in the sixteenth century.
authornet.cambridge.org /information/proposaluk/hss   (1717 words)

 eIFL.net - Services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Cambridge University Press was established in 1534 and is committed by its charter to disseminate knowledge as widely as possible across the globe.
CUP is the publishing division of the University of Cambridge, England.
Cambridge Journals invests heavily in technology and research to remain at the forefront of electronic publishing and at the heart of the academic community world-wide.
www.eifl.net /services/services_sci_cup.html   (367 words)

 JSTOR: Cambridge University Press
Published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of the Association for Jewish Studies
Published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of the School of Oriental and African Studies
The editorial policy of the journal pursues the aims of the Institute: to promote the study of philosophy in all its branches: logic, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, social and political philosophy and the philosophies of religion, science, history, language, mind and education.
www.jstor.org /journals/cup.html   (2281 words)

 Fathom :: The Source for Online Learning
The world's oldest printing and publishing house, Cambridge University Press was founded on a royal charter granted to Henry VIII in 1534 and has operated continuously since the first Press book was printed in 1584.
The nature of communication and language acquisition is a complex study that encompasses the disciplines of psychology, linguistics, and sociology.
In this free seminar, based on her lectures at the BBC in 1996, Jean Aitchison, professor of Language and Communication at the University of Oxford, addresses the issue of child language acquisition.
www.fathom.com /partners/cup/index.html   (266 words)

 Cambridge University Press - the Americas
Cambridge University Press advances learning, knowledge, and research worldwide.
Cambridge University Press publishes the finest academic and educational writing from around the world and is dedicated to advancing knowledge, education, learning and research.
Cambridge University Press is pleased to announce that An Introduction to Clinical Emergency Medicine is a 2006 AMWA Award Winner: Physicians Category.
us.cambridge.org   (349 words)

 SGML: Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University Press – Samuel Johnson: A Dictionary of the English Language on CD-ROM
The CD-ROM was published by Cambridge University Press in March 1996 and is available at a price of £195.00/$295.00 (standalone).
The CD-ROM was published by Cambridge University Press in June 1996 and is available at a price of £150.00/$240.00 (standalone).
xml.coverpages.org /cup.html   (840 words)

 The Chronicle: 6/7/2002: The Life and the Mind: More and More Biographies of Philosophers Are Being Written. Do They ...
In Martin Heidegger: A Political Life, Hugo Ott, a professor of history at Freiburg University, argues that the German philosopher's attraction to Nazism was no accident, and that his political commitments should be viewed against the backdrop of the provincialism, xenophobia, and antimodernism that characterized his upbringing in the mountainous Black Forest region.
In The Metaphysical Club, Louis Menand, a professor of English at the Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York, argues that the quest of the founders of American pragmatism for a philosophy free of absolutes was a collective response to the traumatic impact of the Civil War on their generation.
Monk's being a professional philosopher (he teaches philosophy at the University of Southampton in Britain) with technical training in the area in question (he had written a dissertation on Wittgenstein's philosophy of mathematics).
chronicle.com /free/v48/i39/39a01601.htm   (3055 words)

 About "Cambridge University Press"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Cambridge University Press is the printing and publishing house of the University of Cambridge.
Founded in 1534, the world's oldest press is today one of the largest educational and academic publishers, producing more than 2,000 titles a year in print and electronic form.
The Press is an international publisher, drawing authors from more than 100 countries and distributing its products to almost 200.
mathforum.org /library/view/7058.html   (95 words)

 Cambridge University press
The book is written for teachers, learners, educators, and researchers who are interested in experimenting with alternative ways of organizing teaching and learning, or who are concerned with promoting a philosophy of cooperation, and who wish to create an environment in which teachers, learners and researchers can work together and learn from one another.
Three chapters are devoted to tones and their communicative value.This is an important and controversial work, which has influenced scholars in the field and ELT materials writers alike.A cassette containing all the examples of intonation features in the book is available.
English for the Teacher is a course which enables teachers to improve their language ability for a number of purposes--using English in the classroom, making professional contacts, reading about the teaching of English and discussions with colleagues and students.
www.allecto.ee /cam3.htm   (8643 words)

 creativepro.com - Cambridge University Press Certifies PDF Workflow
Most of the content of the books originates from the university but a portion of the work, such as the typesetting, is outsourced - in some cases to India.
Tovee continues, "CUP's PDF Profiles are a subset of the PDF specifications developed by the Ghent PDF Workgroup.
Cambridge University Press is the oldest printing and publishing house in the world and has a deserved reputation worldwide for producing high quality academic books and journals.  CUP publishes more than 2,000 books and 150 journals a year across 200 countries.
www.creativepro.com /story/news/23354.html   (451 words)

 ARPA: There has to be a better way
The detention of women and children is universally condemned and may breach other Conventions, including the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
Dr James Jupp is Director of the Centre for Immigration and Multicultural Studies at the Australian National University.
He is editor of the encyclopaedia The Australian People (Cambridge University Press, 2001)and has just completed a book on Australian immigration policy, From White Australia to Woomera, to be published in September.
www.australianreview.net /digest/2002/08/jupp.html   (2337 words)

 University of Cambridge Official Map
This map and the associated index show the location of the Colleges, departments, research institutions, main libraries, lecture theatres and administrative offices of the University of Cambridge.
This online edition of the University's Official Map is maintained by the University of Cambridge Computing Service using digitised cartographic data provided by Cambridge University Press.
Press Bookshop, 1 Trinity Street, Cambridge, CB2 1SZ (
www.cam.ac.uk /map   (138 words)

 Cambridge University Press
More books on Current Events from Cambridge University Press...
More books on Political Science from Cambridge University Press...
The material you see here is compiled by Cambridge University Press, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Worldpress.org or its editors.
www.worldpress.org /library/books/index.cfm/hurl/publisherid=31   (280 words)

 Bookpool: Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University Press, Published 1989, 2nd edition, ISBN 0521370957
Cambridge University Press, Published 2002, 2nd edition, ISBN 0521750334
Cambridge University Press, Published 1999, 4th edition, ISBN 0521643147
www.bookpool.com /ss/L?pu=CP   (98 words)

 Amazon.com: Elementary Particles and the Laws of Physics: The 1986 Dirac Memorial Lectures: Books: Richard P. ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
'Cambridge University Press are to be congratulated on making these two excellent and thought provoking lectures available.
Developing a theory that seamlessly combines relativity and quantum mechanics, the most important conceptual breakthroughs in twentieth century physics, has proved to be a difficult and ongoing challenge.
Given for nonspecialists and undergraduates, the talks transcribed in Elementary Particles and the Laws of Physics focus on the fundamental problems of physics and the present state of our knowledge.
amazon.com /Elementary-Particles-Laws-Physics-Lectures/dp/0521658624   (1475 words)

 Cambridge University Press RC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Uses the facilities of Cambridge University Press Sports and Social Club.
The fixtures below are intended as an indication of events which are regularly promoted by Cambridge University Press RC.
However all good things come to an end, so please make contact with the club to establish that this event is taking place this year, and confirm the exact date.
www.british-athletics.co.uk /clubs/club0437.htm   (60 words)

 Cambridge University Press
We are delighted to be able to offer Cambridge-Hitachi Software to bundle with your Cambridge Interactive Whiteboard.
Cambridge-Hitachi is curriculum based software that has been written especially for use with the interactive whiteboard and includes:
The titles under the Cambridge - Hitachi range are divided into two main areas as follows:
www.dsit.co.uk /CambridgeUniversityPress.html   (179 words)

 Cambridge Journals Online
Subscriptions are available to most Cambridge Journals in Print + Online, Print Only and Online Only formats
With over 230 titles to choose from our extensive list of journals ensures you will always find your suitable target audience.
Cambridge Journals are pleased to work with subscription agents in every country, whether those agents are multinational or specialized local companies.
www.journals.cambridge.org   (208 words)

 JFP: Submission   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
A capsule review differs from an abstract in that it is more free to reflect value judgments, helping to set the context or emphasise the importance of a contribution.
On publication, authors must assign copyright of their paper to Cambridge University Press.
The right to (continue to) post the contribution on their personal or departmental web page, provided the first screen contains the statement that the paper has been accepted for publication in Journal of Functional Programming published by Cambridge University Press, together with the appropriate copyright notice.
www.dcs.gla.ac.uk /jfp/submission.html   (1372 words)

 Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Published by Cambridge University Press, this handbook has become an essential reference for space astronomy and astrophysics.
The complete 2nd edition (Copyright Cambridge University Press, 1982, 1990) is now available at your electronic desktop.
Citation form: Zombeck, M. Handbook of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Second Edition (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press).
ads.harvard.edu /books/hsaa/index.html   (175 words)

 Cambridge University Press   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Cambridge University Press is planning to shed up to 30 jobs at its printing operation in Cambridge.
Cambridge University Press is to shed 60 of the 750 jobs in its publishing and printing departments in Cambridge over the next three years.
The information above comes from the UK Activity Report.
www.ukbusinesspark.co.uk /cas61715.htm   (50 words)

 Cambridge Dictionaries Online - Cambridge University Press
We publish dictionaries for people learning English all over the world.
Subscribe to Cambridge Dictionaries Online Extra for audio pronunciations, thesaurus, extra example sentences, and much more!
Get all the words you need at your fingertips with Cambridge Dictionaries Online Extra - the new online subscription site for learners of English as a foreign language.
dictionary.cambridge.org   (55 words)

 ELT - Cambridge University Press   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
This month Ron Carter, author of the Cambridge Grammar of English, answers your questions.
If you enable JavaScript, you can double-click on any word within the Cambridge ELT website to look it up in Cambridge Dictionaries Online.
See the notes towards the bottom of the page on web browsers to see what else you're missing.
www.cambridge.org /elt   (101 words)

 Econometric Books Links Econometrics Journal
Baltagi (Ed.) (2005), Edward Elgar, CRC Press, i.a Tanizaki (2004), CUP i.a.
JAI press is now (2000) subsidiary of Elsevier.
Oxford University Press (OUP) [UK], [US], [CA], [AU]
www.feweb.vu.nl /econometriclinks/books   (742 words)

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