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 Camp Delta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Camp Delta, composed of detention camps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and Camp Echo, is a permanent 612-unit detention center at Guantanamo Bay that replaced the temporary facilities of Camp X-Ray.
Camp Iguana was a low-security detention center for juvenile detainees aged 13 to 15, which was converted in 2004 to a low-security center to house detainees no longer classified as illegal enemy combatants, but who cannot return to their homelands due to concerns for their safety.
Camp Echo is a detention center where pre-commissions are held. /wiki/Camp_Delta   (630 words)

 TROA: Reviewing Camp X-Ray
Camp X-Ray, isolated on a far end of the base at the foot of the Cuban hills, was built with hurricane fencing and locally scavenged poles, with concertina wire around the perimeter.
It would, in a matter of days, start running the detention facility that was to be called Camp X-Ray.
The camp is sprayed at dawn and sunset to kill the insects. /magazine/July2002/f_xray.asp   (2001 words)

 The opacity of Camp X-Ray
Camp X-Ray sidesteps these conventions (as also the U.S. statutory law, Title 18, Section 242 of the U.S. Code, that prohibits the transportation of persons for torture) to allow the "torture of conditions" to "break" the prisoners' fortitude.
To most of the world, Camp X-Ray is another example of the U.S. flagrantly violating international norms in its own interests, unconcerned about the niceties of law and precedent or the criticisms of even its own allies.
Short of that, the brutal conditions at Camp X-Ray may assist the U.S. intelligence officers to extract information on Al Qaeda networks in Indonesia, the Philippines and the rest of the oil lands, in order to enable the U.S.' ongoing operations in the area. /fl1904/19040610.htm   (1656 words)

 Eyeballing Guantanamo Now and Then
Camp X-Ray, where the original detainees from Afghanistan were held, sits abandoned Wed., April 13, 2005 at the U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.
Camp Five is a maximum-security detention and interrogation facility that can house up to 100 detainees and allows the U.S. military to focus specifically on detainees of high intelligence value.
The Supreme Court will hear its first case arising from the government's anti-terrorism campaign following the Sept. 11 attacks, agreeing Monday, Nov. 10, 2003 to consider whether foreigners held at a U.S. Navy base in Cuba should have access to American courts. /gbay   (2021 words)

Camp X-Ray was originally one of the temporary camps established in 1993 during the Haitian migrant operation at Guantanamo Bay.
The trip included a tour of Camp X-Ray, a briefing by base engineers, a tour of the temporary hospital providing medical care for the detainees, and lunch with service personnel.
To identify the camps, a name was designated for each camp corresponding with the phonetic alphabet used for official military communications (Camp Alpha, Camp Bravo, etc.). /hobson/cubatrp.htm   (507 words)

 Camp X-Ray
Defense Department officials have indicated that the detention of prisoners at Camp X-Ray is "indefinite." Further color was provided by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, who said that he felt it was "reasonable" to hold the prisoners for the "duration of the conflict," with the conflict in question being the War on Terrorism.
rotten > Library > Crime > Prison > Camp X-Ray
After arrest, prisoners come to the camp restrained by a series of safeguards previously only used on visitors to the Batcave. /library/crime/prison/camp-x-ray   (931 words)

 Guantanamo Bay - Camp X-Ray
Detainees at Camp X-Ray are housed in temporary 8-by-8 units surrounded by wire mesh.
As of February 1, 2002, detainee in-processing and questioning at Camp X-Ray had been limited to such subjects as basic name, place of birth, time of birth, name of parents, siblings and education, though according to Sen. Inouye more in-depth interrogations was to start soon thereafter.
The validity of that claim was questioned by some following the release by the DoD of pictures of the detainees at Camp X-Ray and amid concerns that the United States was applying international law selectively. /military/facility/guantanamo-bay_x-ray.htm   (1583 words)

 [Bonobos] "Inside the New Camp X-Ray"
Camp Delta is designed as a permanent prison - a grim monument of rigid= metal, steel and razor wire to President Bush's determination to contin= ue offending basic human rights.
On our two visits to the camp there wasn't a sound and it was hard to believe ther= e was any life behind the wire at all.
For 167 of the 168 hours in a week their world is a cramped 8ft x 6ft 8= in cell. /pipermail/bonobos/Week-of-Mon-20020916/000919.html   (1771 words)

 Guantanamo Bay - Camp Delta
Camp 5 differs from other camps at Camp Delta in that it is a two-story maximum-security multi-winged complex made of concrete and steel.
Camp 6 was expected to comply with American Corrections Association standards regarding the prison's daily operations and to be used for long-term incarcerations and rehabilitations.
Detainees in Camp Echo are not in solitary confinement. /military/facility/guantanamo-bay_delta.htm   (4592 words)

 'Eid al-Adha Observed at Camp X-Ray
Camp X-Ray was named after the phonetic word for the letter x, in a subtle reference to its remote location on the periphery of the naval base.
JTF's policy is that upon arrival to Camp X-Ray, "they are allowed to re-grow the hair on their head and facial hair if they so desire," said Cox.
The guard rosters rotate the personnel at Camp X-Ray every eight hours, and while on duty the guards eat prepackaged meals that closely resemble the normal cuisine eaten by the detainees. /file2002_02/alia/a2022606.htm   (1115 words)

 Camp X Ray Torturing Prisoners and ignoring Geneva Convention
The incredibly brave spook torturers at Camp X Ray are proceeding with their rerun of the Spanish Inquisition, happy in the belief that they are immune from prosecution.
Another way this posture could be created in all of the men would be by electrodes applied to the genitals, though this seems unlikely in the confines of a quasi-military establishment like Camp X Ray.
No provisions exist at all for prisoner of war or concentration camps. /torturevictim/cuba.html   (2144 words)

 DefenseLINK News: Officials Decry Use of Outdated Images to Portray Gitmo
But officials stress Camp X-Ray was a hastily built structure to deal with a rapidly changing situation in the war on terrorism.
Detainees in Camp 4, a part of Camp Delta and the least restrictive of the base's detention facilities, live in communal 10-man bays and have nearly full-time access to exercise yards.
Detainees walk in an exercise yard in Camp 4, where they live in 10-man bays with nearly all-day access to the yard and other recreational privileges. /news/Nov2005/20051129_3476.html   (576 words)

 Democratic Underground Forums - Auschwitz, Dachau, Treblinka and....Camp X-Ray?
You are not saying that Camp XRAY IS a concentration camp, but rather it is the first step down a precipitous slope which could possibly lead there.
Camp X-Ray's reason for being is not to eliminate Muslims.
Assuming it continues killing prisoners at the current rate, Camp X-ray will overtake Aushwitz in the year 552,202 AD. /duforum/DCForumID66/6229.html   (2414 words)

 Guantanamo Bay Naval Base - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Beginning in 2002, a small portion of the base was used to imprison suspected al-Qaeda and Taliban prisoners captured in Afghanistan and elsewhere at Camp Delta, Echo, Camp Iguana, and the now-closed Camp X-Ray.
Since 2001, the naval base has contained a detainment camp for persons alleged to be militant combatants captured in Afghanistan and later in Iraq that the U.S. says are not covered by the Geneva Convention.
These refugees were held in a detainment area called Camp Bulkeley until United States District Court Judge Sterling Johnson Jr. /wiki/Guantanamo_Bay   (1621 words) News - International - Camp X-Ray detainee's claims dismissed by UK
Camp X-Ray detainee's claims dismissed by UK CLAIMS made yesterday by a former Guantanamo Bay detainee that a British intelligence officer interrogated him before he was handed to United States authorities have been dismissed by the Home Secretary, Charles Clarke.
Mr Mubanga, an aspiring rap artist, was sent to Camp X-Ray in Cuba, where he claimed he was tortured and racially abused.
Days later he was deported to the American-run prison camp. /international.cfm?id=143002005   (618 words)

 Keeping Guantanamo Peaceful
Camp X-Ray's main purpose is to separate known criminals, or those who demonstrate violent behavior, from the general migrant population.
These migrants were sent to Camp X-Ray after their identification by the Department of Justice.
Another part of the camp is set aside as a temporary holding area for migrants who commit minor violations in the other camps. /soldiers/dec95/p22.html   (909 words)

 Inside CAMP X-RAY
Many arrived at Camp X-Ray with battle wounds from bullets and shrapnel, and in some cases had been treated by their comrades in the war zone, Alford said.
But it is an integral part of Camp X-Ray, the temporary prison compound that opened in early January at the naval station at Guantanamo Bay, the only U.S. base on communist soil.
The isolated base was a staging facility and air field for Navy and Coast Guard operations in counternarcotics and migrant interdiction in the Caribbean Sea until late December, when the government announced plans to move captured al-Qaida and Taliban fighters there. /focus/f-news/648763/posts   (2141 words)

 Search Tuna Report for Ray
Ray's links to fiscal economics and tax law
If you want to use text or images for any commercial purpose please note Copyright in all the images and text remains with the Man Ray Trust....
Ray Charles born Ray Charles Robinson September 23, 1930 June 10, 2004, was a pioneering pianist and soul singer who helped shape the sound of rhythm and blues and brought a soulful sound to everything from country music to pop standards to a now-iconic rendition of America the Beautiful.... /ftlive2/3811.html   (1403 words)

 Worldandnation: 72 hours at Campa X-ray
When the detainees arrive at Camp X-Ray, they are told they're in Cuba and then undergo a 45-minute intake process, which, like the airstrip landing, is monitored by the Red Cross.
The growth of the base has left Camp X-Ray surprisingly close to a suburban-style military community of beige, green and yellow houses in subdivisions with names like Caribbean Circle and West Iguana.
As the detention camp reaches capacity, reporters are invited to watch the interplay between detainees, guards and doctors. /2002/02/20/Worldandnation/72_hours_at_Campa_X_r.shtml   (2291 words)

 ZNet Terror War I Know What Camp X-Ray Feels Like
It sounds like Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to which the United States military is deporting men it has captured in Afghanistan.
An American may some day be arrested or kidnapped by those whose sympathies lie with the Camp X-Ray detainees.
A government spokesman was quoted as saying, after a British delegation toured the camp last Friday: "There were no gags, no goggles, no earmuffs and no shackles while the detainees were in their cells." /content/TerrorWar/glass_campxray.cfm   (906 words)

 Military Doctors Attend to Detainee Maladies at Camp X-ray, February 28, 2002
Within Camp X-ray, there is a level-one first aid station equipped to handle up to 50 detainees at once and capable of responding to basic lifesaving steps and routine matters at the daily sick call such as changing bandages, treating wounds and dispensing medication.
A psychiatrist is in residence, and is treating two detainees at Camp X-ray with medication for mental illnesses.
The various efforts being made by the JTF to provide health care to the detainees are closely monitored by the ICRC, which "continues to enjoy full access to Camp X-ray," according to General Lehnert. /file2002_02/alia/a2022810.htm   (1243 words)

 Camp X-Ray captives to get new cells
At Camp X-Ray, they must repeatedly shackle the prisoners and escort them from their cells to portable toilets, except in emergencies when the prisoners use plastic buckets in their cells.
The new camp has 408 cells finished and another 204 scheduled to be completed by the end of May, an indication that more prisoners held in Afghanistan will be sent to Guantanamo.
The new camp is made up of long rows of cells in sand-coloured buildings that look like elongated mobile homes. /focus/f-news/673889/posts   (1011 words)

 Roz'z Rantz - Camp X-Ray, the New Alcatraz?
Camp X-ray has had visits from Amnesty International and the Red Cross.
The reputation of Alcatraz, like the solid ground it was built on, represented a lasting reminder that no one is above the law, and for some, it was a life long payback for their crimes against humanity.
Some in the British press find it unconscionable that we have not declared these detainees POWs and even accused the U.S. of torture and inhumane treatment, saying that the detainees are treated like "wild beasts" in 8 by 8 foot "cages". /roz/rozrantz002.html   (1548 words)

 Camp X-Ray: Ghosts of Guantánamo Bay (2004)
Camp Xray will become a cult classic in time but it needs to be seen by a wider audience.
The story was amazing and the way the so-called 'enemy combatants' were treated in Cuba's Camp Xray was brutal to say the least.
The film has a strong anti-war message but I guess for the horrors of the 'war on terror' to be exposed the director had to show gut wrenching scenes to make his point. /title/tt0418587   (376 words)

 Camp X-ray reeks of unpleasant memories -DAWN - International; October 15, 2005
But Camp X-ray definitely was not a place where much thought seemed to have been given to the rights granted to a prisoner under relevant international agreements.
CAMP X-RAY (Guantanamo Bay): The prisoners are gone.
The camp was built in 1994 for Haitian refugees and was used to keep Al Qaeda and Taliban suspects when they first arrived at Guantanamo in January 2002. /2005/10/15/int12.htm   (626 words)

 Bush’s prison camp
In Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, Camp X-Ray, later replaced by Camp Delta, is where the Bush administration has sent foreign soldiers captured in the "war on terror." It was supposed to house the worst of the worst--hardened terrorists and al-Qaeda operatives.
In fact, the majority of Camp Delta prisoners today are held in maximum security cells that are often even smaller than those at Camp X-Ray.
The Bush administration promised that conditions would get better once the temporary Camp X-Ray was replaced with the more "permanent" Camp Delta. /2004-1/482/482_05_CampDelta.shtml   (1267 words)

 Internet Archive: Details: Camp X-Ray Art Installation in Manchester, UK--Woman
The camp has been well received by the local population and especially by the family of one of the British prisoners in Guantanamo Bay who live nearby.
Redman also says that the camp "guards" almost mutinied after a few days because they could not bear the way they were having to treat the "prisoners".
It runs as far as possible on the same basis as the real camp and photos from the mainstream media were used as guidelines for its construction. /movies/details-db.php?collection=opensource_movies&collectionid=Camp_X_Ray_Woman_Guard   (428 words)

 Camp X-Ray
Camp X-Ray was the first detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for prisoners-of-war captured in the American war in Afghanistan.
Usually, this is the part where I assume that you know all about Camp X-Ray, but if you're from America, then chances are you don't know much of anything about it.
Of course, the Bush administration decided to classify their guests not as POWs, but as "unlawful combatants." Doing so absolves the United States of any obligations under the Geneva Conventions and international law. /gallery/digital/campxray.htm   (889 words) - UK faces Camp X-Ray legal threat - February 26, 2002
LONDON, England -- The British government faces legal action from the lawyers of a British man held by the U.S. military at Camp X-ray Cuba.
Lawyers for 22-year-old Feroz Abbasi plan to seek a judicial review after a self-imposed deadline of midnight Tuesday expired and the government had not pushed for access to the prisoner.
Lawyer Louise Christian told Britain's Press Association that United Nations guidelines implicate Britain in the use of controversial conditions at the camp. /2002/WORLD/europe/02/26/   (585 words)

 DefenseLINK News: Rumsfeld Visits, Thanks U.S. Troops at Camp X-Ray in Cuba
The U.S. servicemen and women at Camp X-Ray "are doing a first-rate job," Rumsfeld noted during an afternoon press conference at the facility.
However, he added, the strict security rules in place at Camp X-Ray are warranted.
Upon arrival at Guantanamo, Rumsfeld and party traveled to the camp and went inside the detainee compound to speak with guards, medical officers and other support personnel. /news/Jan2002/n01272002_200201271.html   (866 words)

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