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In the News (Wed 13 Feb 19)

 Match Of The New Century : London 1984 : Facts
Florencio Campomanes awards Nikolai Krogius, the captain of the Soviet team
Match Of The New Century : London 1984 : Facts /en/london/gallery/p2

 Chessmetrics Ratings: Campomanes, Florencio
These ratings, calculated for Campomanes, Florencio, incorporate all games (against rated opponents) played in the year before the "Date of rating", along with the ratings that were already calculated one year previously.
If a player has an insufficient number of games in recent years, there may be gaps in the list, even though you may see ratings listed on previous and/or subsequent dates.
Click on the link to see the sorted list of all players' ratings on their birthdays when turning that same age. /PL/PL5748.htm

 USCF - FIDE Report by USCF President Denis Barry
Campomanes angrily announced that the meeting was adjourned and, throwing down his microphone, he walked toward the door.
Campomanes said that arranging the 1992 Olympiad in the Philippines had cost a lot of money and everything had gone for expenses.
Campomanesâ defense was that this should have been brought up right after Moscow and not now, a year later. /news/archives/fide/usfide-b.html

 Kasparov mod Deep Junior
The Sandiganbayan sentenced yesterday to one year and 10 months imprisonment Florencio Campomanes, the honorary president of the Federation Internationale des Echecs (FIDE), for "failure to render account on the disbursement" of the Philippine Sports Commission’s (PSC’s) funds for the June 6-25, 1992 World Chess Olympiad amounting to P12.8 million.
Campomanes said that when he received the funding from the PSC for the 1992 Chess Olympiad, nothing was stated about an agreement for any liquidation.
Campomanes said FIDE, through funds of its own or through the host country’s government, funded these chess Olympiads. /nyhed03/02/n03-039a.htm

 USCF News: Statement by FIDE Delegate Egon Ditt
Campomanes had the choice either to retire at the beginning of General Assembly or to be forced to do so after a long debate and a vote of no confidence.
Campomanes avoided a direct answer, his main argument was that Manila 1992 has been a great Chess Olympiad.
Campomanes and Abundo did not count correctly and tried to manipulate the result to "13:13 rejected". /news/archives/fide/usfide-2.html

 USCF News: FIDE 1996 Chess Olympiads - Report 3
Campomanes gave the floor to Mary McDermott (Isle of Guernsey) to talk about how the Verification Committee report was -- or was not -- made available.
Florencio Campomanes (Philippines) and Georgios Makropoulos (Greece) are out.
Campomanes, you have been monopolizing the discussions for the past 13 years". /news/archives/fide/yerva-03.html

 USCF News: Statement by FIDE Delegate Egon Ditt
Florencio Campomanes, now Honorary Chairman of the Board, and General Secretary Georgios Makropoulos alarmed our members, they demand action to be taken on this matter.
Ditt is President of the German Chess Federation He has written a letter to Kirsan Iljumshinov, the new President of FIDE, expressing the concerns of the German Chess Federation about the Ex Gratia payments made to former FIDE President Florencio Campomanes and Secretary Giorgios Makropoulos.
Campomanes is the first President of FIDE and Mr. /news/archives/fide/usfide-3.html

 Estimo set to file P30M libel suit - May 16, 2004
Campomanes, Abundo and Antonio would be criminally charged with 25 counts and Bautista five counts of libel, he added.
Campomanes was later refunded one million pesos, including interest," Estimo said.
Campomanes who himself advanced 850,000 pesos for distribution of prizes. /spo/2004/may/16/spo_3-1.htm

 Antonio, Villamayor clear Campomanes in chess row - Jan. 22, 2004
Campomanes also refuted Estimo's claim that he's after the neck of NCFP officials, baring that he had been in constant touch with NCFP president Mat Defensor and had dinner with Torre last week.
Florencio Campomanes," said the two GMs in a press statement.
Despite the falling out, Campomanes offered the helping hand to Estimo, who appeared as counsel in the libel case he filed against the late newspaper columnist Art Borjal. /spo/2004/jan/22/spo_3-1.htm

 Campomanes tells chessers: Buckle down to work - Jun. 22, 2003
Campomanes told the Inquirer that he initiated a meeting to patch up the differences between NCFP officials led by president Mat Defensor and Woman Fide Master Joy Lomibao and Woman International Master Cristine Mariano two weeks ago.
Campomanes tells chessers: Buckle down to work - Jun. 22, 2003
INSTEAD of acting as mediator between the National Chess Federation of the Philippines and two of the country's top female players, World Chess Federation (Fide) chair emeritus and honorary president for life Florencio Campomanes scolded the two warring camps and told them to just buckle down to work. /spo/2003/jun/22/spo_4-1.htm

 The Manila Times Internet Edition SPORTS > Graft court slaps prison sentence on ‘Campo’
Campomanes was the only Filipino to hold the highest position in the world chess governing body based in Lausanne, Switzerland, better known by its French title Federacion Internationale des Echecs.
FOR failing to account for more than P12 million in funds from the government during the 1992 World Chess Olympiad in Manila, former International Chess Federation chief Florencio Campomanes was handed a 22-month prison sentence by the Sandiganbayan.
The court noted that although Campomanes was a private individual and the money in question was from private donors, he could still be held liable for the offense under the Revised Penal Code. /national/2003/feb/06/sports/20030206spo2.html

 Karjakin, Sergey - Kosteniuk, A., Dannemann Match 2003
Campomanes and former Philippines Sports Commission Chair Cecilio Hechanova were charged with failing to account properly for the 12.9m pesos.
Campomanes was convicted by the Sandiganbayan, the Filipino anti-corruption court, of being unable to account for 12.9 million pesos (then around $A700,000), paid by the Philippines Sports Commission to FIDE for the holding of the Manila Chess Olympiad in 1992.
Campomanes' defence before the Sandiganbayan was that the problem was merely administrative; FIDE did not bother with receipts until 1993, so there was no way of proving his contention that all the allocated money reached FIDE's coffers. /ncn/b/g160203.htm

 Garry Kasparov - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Florencio Campomanes, the head of FIDE, and a new match was announced to start a few months later.
Kasparov was in excellent health and extremely resentful of Campomanes' decision, asking him why he was abandoning the match if both players wanted to continue.
At the press conference at which he announced his decision, Campomanes cited the health of the two players, which had been put under strain by the length of the match, yet both Karpov and Kasparov stated that they would prefer the match to continue. /wiki/Garry_Kasparov

Campomanes said in his television program after the tournament in a half-jesting, half-serious tone: "You're still lucky, Lev, there were only two Filipinos in the tournament." He said this in the presence of Polugaevsky and several other grandmaster participants.
Campomanes was invited to the affair which was preceded by a four-man match between Karpov, Fridrik Olaffson of Iceland, Walter Browne of the United States and Jan Timman of Holland.
I learned about my assignment to play in the Odessa tournament from FIDE deputy president Florencio Campomanes in Amsterdam, Holland. /philchess/76od01.htm

 Fédération Internationale des Échecs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1984, FIDE president Florencio Campomanes called off the match between Karpov and Garry Kasparov without result.
They were involved in controversies, however: in 1975, Bobby Fischer defaulted his title after FIDE refused to meet all his demands for his match with Anatoly Karpov.
In 1993 reigning champion Kasparov and challenger Nigel Short (who had qualified through the FIDE system) broke away from FIDE to play their 1993 match under the auspices of the newly-formed Professional Chess Association (PCA). /wiki/Fédération_Internationale_des_Échecs

 Malaya-The National Newspaper
Sixty-four women players from 27 countries are participating, according to Campomanes.
Campomanes was appointed to the committee by FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumshinov.
- Former four-term FIDE president Florencio B. Campomanes has been named to the Appeals Committee of the World Women's Chess Championship set May 21 to June 8. /may24/spor4.htm

 A History of Chess
Campomanes said he was trying to protect the health of the players, who appeared exhausted.
The first match (1984-1985) was halted by Florencio Campomanes, the president of FIDE, after it had lasted for six months without producing a winner.
But Kasparov believed that Campomanes wanted to save the title for his friend Karpov. /chesshistory1.html

 YEHEY!Search - News
AS long as Sammy Estimo and Grandmaster Eugene Torre remain at the helm of the National Chess Federation of the Philippines, the future of local chess appears dim, Florencio Campomanes, the former International Chess Federation president said yesterday.
National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) secretary-general Sammy Estimo said he would file a P30-million damage suit against former International Chess Federation (FIDE) president Florencio Campomanes and three others for a series of articles that maligned his person and destroyed his reputation.
What we need is a sound development program and not merely tournament after tournament, said Campomanes at the PSA forum at the Manila Pavilion hotel. /news/search/search_news.aspx?q=Sammy+Estimo

 The Manila Times Internet Edition SPORTS >Cops nab ball boy who filched  $1,100 from wallet of ‘Campo’
Campomanes, who served the world chess governing body from 1982 to 1995, had to rush to the airport to catch a plane going to Cebu following a tennis game when he noticed only $900 left in his wallet.
In the past, there have been a series of robberies and burglaries within the sports complex, and last July 6, Florencio Campomanes, honorary president of the International Chess Federation, was the latest victim.
Minutes after, Campomanes found his traveling bag was not in the usual place where the ball boy usually put it, near at the doorsteps of the shower room adjacent to the room of the Philippine Lawn Tennis Association office, and he had to ask Terubia to hand the bag over. /national/2003/jul/13/sports/20030713spo5.html

 Malaya-The National Newspaper
In a statement e-mailed to Malaya last Tuesday, Estimo dragged Campomanes into the brewing chess controversy, insinuating that Campomanes is manipulating Antonio and Villamayor in attacking him and the NCFP.
FIDE lifetime honorary president Florencio Campomanes yesterday denied he is behind the hatchet job on National Chess Federation of the Philippines secretary-general Sammy Estimo, saying Grandmasters Joey Antonio and Bong Villamayor "can speak for themselves."
Campomanes also said: "I am willing to help Estimo solve his problems." /jan22/spor6.htm

 Malaya-The National Newspaper
Campomanes admitted he, Casto Abundo, GM Bong Villamayor and Antonio combined to sack the Philippine Chess Federation in 2000 and have it replaced with the NCFP "because the PCF was not validly working in the interest of RP chess."
Campomanes: Torre an idol with feet of clay
World Chess Federation Honorary President Florencio Campomanes yesterday denied he is behind the deep division prevailing in Philippine chess, as alleged by Grandmaster Eugene Torre last Sunday. /apr27/spor4.htm

Campomanes' defence - that it was not FIDE's practice to keep receipts or account for funds received from the host government of an Olympiad - was rejected by the Sandiganbayan - but last week the court ruled that because of Campomanes' advanced age (77 next Sunday), a fine would be more appropriate for "humanitarian reasons".
Campomanes then successfully changed horses when Marcos was overthrown by 'people power' in 1986 and enjoyed the support of the new government for his re-election campaign as FIDE President later that year, a campaign where he shrugged off allegations that FIDE delegates had been bribed to vote for the incumbent and won in a landslide.
Campomanes was sentenced to a 22 month prison term but was freed pending an appeal. /ncn/b/g150204.htm

 Olympiad Photo Gallery #1 (Jerry Bibuld - USA)
Florencio Campomanes, Honorary President of FIDE, reading the greetings of President Iljumzhinov to those at the Opening Ceremonies. /Olympiad2002/photogalleries/BibuldGallery1.html - Chess News - It's Kovalevskaya vs Stefanova for the title
We have games, links, pictures and a note on Florencio Campomanes and a new electronic scoresheet.
FIDE's honorary president Florencio Campomanes (middle) during the introduction of the “Mon Roi” electronic chess notation system
Both have made it to the finals of the women's world championship, which starts on June 3rd. /newsdetail.asp?newsid=1680

 Viswanathan Anand - The Lightning Kid - Features - Magazine
Florencio Campomanes, who was the President of the world chess organisation, FIDE, at that time was also a Filipino.
And the famous world chess championship match between Soviet Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov and Victor Korchnoi, also took place in Philippines' capital Manila in 1978. /magazine/features/38.htm

 On the Nature of FIDE Legitimacy, by Ricardo Calvo
At the beginning of all this, in the early 50´s, a young Filipino chess player named Florencio Campomanes was studying at the Jesuit-founded Georgetown University, near Washington.
By the way, a day before I had won a much more fateful game against a Filipino chess player named Florencio Campomanes.
One day, I met by chance one of his school comrades who told my that Campomanes was officially expelled not only from the University by also from the USA after the US State Department declared him "persona non grata". /fide-leg.htm

 [No title]
Yefim Geller, who was born in Odessa, was one of the illustrous guests, as well as Baurinsky, whom the papers called the Campomanes or the Edmondson of the Soviet Union.
«I learned about my assignment to play in the Odessa tournament from FIDE deputy president Florencio Campomanes in Amsterdam, Holland.
While the final standings were being announced the typical dancing and merriment of the nights in Odessa continued. /csarchive/balinas.htm

Campomanes has dipped his fingers into most of the financial transactions of the NCFP and our auditors are now looking into the matter,” wrote Estimo, who is accused of allegedly failing to disburse what is due to national players in a major international competition last year.
The embattled secretary-general of the National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) is turning the table against Florencio Campomanes, the former world chess chief, as things continued to get worse in chess community.
Sammy Estimo, a lawyer, sent an e-mailed statement to newspaper offices on Friday, claiming Campomanes had a hand in the alleged funds mess in the NCFP. /NewsStory.aspx?section=Sports&OID=45297

Campomanes, who was personally responsible in Torre becoming Asia's first G.M., said he was saddened to learn that the player was writing letters overseas to other chess federations to undermine him.
Campomanes said he would not take Torre’s attacks sitting down, adding “If Eugene, whom I consider my surrogate son, begins to attack me, then this opens the floodgates for me to fight back.”
As long as Sammy Estimo and Grandmaster (G.M.) Eugene Torre remain at the helm of the National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP), the future of local chess appears dim, Florencio Campomanes, the four-time International Chess Federation president, said Tuesday at the Philippine Sportswriters Association Forum. /NewsStory.aspx?section=Sports&OID=50316

 :: Welcome to Manila Bulletin Online ::
Campomanes can start the healing process so we can work together for a common goal," said Torre, who was the first president of the National Chess Federation of the Philippines.
ASIA’S FIRST Grandmaster Eugene Torre yesterday welcomed former FIDE president Florencio Campomanes’ statement that the door is still open for peace and unity in the Philippine chess community.
Torre said contrary to Campomanes’ pessimistic view, the future of local chess is not dim. /issues/2004/05/06/SPRT200405068867.html

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