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The Canada Revenue Agency (the Canadian income tax department) issued a technical interpretation in response to a taxpayer enquiry and confirmed that any employer reimbursement of the cost of a PDA (personal digital assistant such as a Palm Pilot) will be a taxable benefit to the employee.
A voluntary disclosure (tax amnesty) application can be submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency (Canadian tax department) for an individual even if the individual is a shareholder or director of a corporation and the corporation is the subject of a request to file returns or an audit.
Revenue Canada's previous policy was that such payments were a taxable benefit unless the employee's membership was a condition of employment. /topten.htm   (11649 words) - Personal Tax
The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) would look at the frequency and the intent (i.e., whether the houses were being built with the goal of reselling and making a profit, or whether the houses were being built because the person wanted a new house to live in).
CRA usually considers that if there is more than 1/2 hectare (1.25 acres) of property, only 1/2 hectare of the land can be considered part of the principal residence, and there would be a capital gain on the excess when the property is sold, even if the rest is the principal residence.
CRA's policy is that the form need not be filed unless there is a taxable gain after deducting the principal residence exemption, or a capital gains election was filed in respect of the property in the taxpayer's income tax return for 1994. /personal_income_tax.htm   (6740 words)

 Canada Revenue Agency, Canada Revenue Agency information
The mission of the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency is to promote compliance with Canada's tax, trade and border regulations through education, quality service, and responsible enforcement, thereby contributing to the economic and social well-...
Canada Revenue Agency will accept payments on account as...
Canada Revenue Agency provides free booklets to help small businesses with their taxation... /CanadaRevenueAgency   (1388 words) Security lapses found at Revenue Agency offices
— Months after they left their jobs at the Canada Revenue Agency, a handful of former employees in the Atlantic region still had the ability to access sensitive case files belonging to taxpayers, a recent federal audit concluded.
As Canada Revenue computers are on a local area network and not accessible from outside of the various offices, Jamieson said it would have been difficult for ex-staff members to tamper with the system, unless they were actually in a tax office.
Not all Canada Revenue staff have access to tax files, but those who do are only allowed to retrieve data when they are working on a case. /servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/1118002447010_35/?hub=Canada   (544 words)

 SECOND AND FINAL ADD - MO158 - Bell Canada Enterprises reports third quarter results -
Bell Canada's proposal would exempt a Mixed CSA from the bundling rules and associated tariff requirements, provided that the revenues from a CSA exceed the price of the tariffed components of the CSA and provided that the CSA is not part of a practice designed to circumvent tariffs.
In Bell Canada's response it explained the reasons why in some areas where competitors are present and the competitors' potential end customer is served via a Bell Canada remote, unbundled loops should not have to be provided unless Bell Canada is compensated by competitors for the costs it incurs on their behalf.
On August 15, 2005, Bell Canada submitted its recommendations to the Panel including a proposal for the adoption of a comprehensive "next generation" regulatory framework that relies on market forces to the maximum extent possible as a means to ensure the telecommunications industry's continued role as a key enabler of Canada's overall economic performance. /prnewswire/feeds/prnewswire/2005/11/02/prnewswire200511020614PR_NEWS_B_GBL_HS_MO158B.html   (4578 words)

 PSAC - bargaining, CRA Strike zone, index -
Negotiations are continuing between the PSAC and the Parks Canada Agency, the Canada Revenue Agency and Treasury Board, Tables 1, 2, 3 and 5.
The PSAC negotiating teams for the Parks Canada Agency, the Canada Revenue Agency and Tables 1, 2, 3 and 5 are now all assembled in Ottawa in anticipation of negotiations.
The strikes by our Parks Canada and Revenue Canada Agency members have prompted the PSAC to withdraw from most of the labour-management consultation forums with Treasury Board and all other federal departments and Agencies. /bargaining/ccra/Strike/strike_zone_index-e.shtml   (1822 words) Minister of National Revenue (Canada) Article
In 2003 the department was split into the Canadian Revenue Agency and the Canada Border Services Agency with the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness taking responsibility for the latter agency.
The Minister of National Revenue is the member of the Canadian Cabinet responsible for the Canadian Revenue Agency and the administration of taxation law and collection.
The Department of National Revenue was established in 1927 by expanding the former Department of Customs and Excise with a new facility for the collection of income tax which had formerly been the responsibility of the Department of Finance. /minister_of_national_revenue__canada_.html   (206 words)

 Glossary of Frequently Used Terms - T
Tax expenditures are foregone tax revenues, due to special exemptions, deductions, rate reductions, rebates, credits and deferrals that reduce the amount of tax that would otherwise be payable.
Tax transfers represent a growing source of revenue for provinces since they increase in value over time with growth in the economy.
Government of Canada T-bills are issued in denominations ranging from $1,000 to $1,000,000. /gloss/gloss-t_e.html   (1446 words)

 Family allowance program (1944): historical context, economic impact and related links
It was in this context that the Government of Canada brought in the family allowance and other measures, such as unemployment insurance and a proposal for health insurance.
The Government of Canada paid out $6 billion in child tax benefits to Canadian families in the 1999–2000 fiscal year.
In 1993, the family allowance, the refundable child tax credit and a non-refundable child credit were replaced by a new income-tested child tax benefit that provided monthly benefits based on the number of children and the level of family income. /english/economy/1944family.html   (586 words)

 1999 Report of the Auditor General of Canada - November - Chapter 23
Only the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation, the Canada Foundation for Innovation and The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation address the disbursement of federal moneys and assets in the event that the arrangements terminate or wind down; in neither of the foundations are the funds recouped by the federal treasury.
For example, the Canada Foundation for Innovation was created to renew Canada's aging research infrastructure, yet it has no baseline figure for the age of the research capital base before the program began.
For delegated arrangements, the Canada Corporations Act and the Canada Business Corporations Act are the usual legal structure and they provide for accountability only inside the corporation: management and staff are accountable to the board of directors, who are accountable to shareholders. /domino/reports.nsf/html/9923ce.html   (10755 words)

 Ernst & Young Canada - Services & Solutions - Tax - Overview
A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signed by the IRS and CRA on June 3, 2005, is expected to significantly reduce tension arising from discrepancies in the interpretation and application of the arm's-length principle by tax authorities in the U.S. and Canada.
Knotia is Canada's first and only Internet Knowledge Service Provider (KSP) specifically designed for accounting, financial, legal, and tax professionals.
Updated editions of Canada's most comprehensive and trusted tax guides—the Complete Guide to the Goods and Services Tax, 2005 (13th Edition) and the Annotated Federal Income Tax Act, 2005 (3rd Edition)—are now available. /global/content.nsf/Canada/Tax_-_Overview   (653 words)

 Whistler Real Estate, Seller Costs :: Dean Linnell, Realtor :: Whistler BC Canada
Canada Customs and Revenue Agency does not allow any deductions from the selling price in determining the gain (i.e.
It is a condition of a non-resident selling property in Canada that they first obtain a Clearance Certificate from Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.
In calculating the capital gain on the property Canada Customs and Revenue Agency allows only the following to be added to the purchase price to determine the adjusted cost base: /seller-costs.html   (385 words)

 RC4070 Guide for Canadian Small Businesses
If you import goods into Canada, your records must substantiate the price you paid for imported goods, and list their origin and description.
If you're a sole proprietor, you pay personal income tax on all revenue generated by your business.
The ministère du Revenu du Québec administers the GST/HST on behalf of the CCRA. /E/pub/tg/rc4070/rc4070eq-03.html   (3518 words) - Seniors Income Tax and Government benefits
Seniors 55 and Up - Canada Revenue Agency topics/services for those 55 and over.
For Canadian seniors living outside Canada, the OAS is still available for those who were Canadian citizens or legal residents at the time the left the country, as long as they lived at least 20 years in Canada after age 18.
Canada has social security agreements with many other countries, so those not qualifying for the OAS as above may still qualify for some type of pension. /seniors.htm   (3165 words)

 Capital Gain
Canada Customs and Revenue Agency states you cannot designate a property as a principal residence if you claim depreciation, which is loss of value for the building as it ages.
Under the federal Income Tax Act, you are entitled to tax-free profit on the sale of your principal residence, provided you follow Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) guidelines.
If you made a profit on the sale of your cottage but did not report it on your tax return, Revenue Canada may consider the cottage as your designated principal residence and disallow tax-free status for your home. /capitalgain.html   (605 words)

 TCC - Tax Court of Canada
The new court had jurisdiction to hear appeals under four Acts of Parliament: the Income Tax Act, the Canada Pension Plan, the Petroleum and Gas Revenue Tax Act and the Unemployment Insurance Act.
The Court was established on July 18, 1983 by the Tax Court of Canada Act, which replaced an administrative tribunal known as the Tax Review Board with a court of law.
Today, 20 years later, the Tax Court of Canada's jurisdiction extends to a dozen Acts of Parliament (see Jurisdiction). /main_e.htm   (123 words)

 Taxes & Tariffs
A multimedia presentation illustrating how federal revenues were spent in the most recent fiscal year available (2003-04), as well as the main sources of government revenue.
So stay with Finance Canada if your interest is tax policy or go to the CRA for information related to tax collection.
But it is the job of Finance Canada to help the federal government decide who gets taxed, how and how much. /access/taxe.html   (311 words)

 MACK TAX INC. - Accounting - trucking, agriculture, small business
Our service is available to all residents of Canada except those in the province of Quebec.
Workloads will dictate turn around time, however, expect within 24 hours anywhere in Canada.
Basic cost of preparation including Efile is only $35 per return.Call, fax, or email for further details of the services we can offer you.   (137 words)

 The first one education agency, lots of education agency for you!
When you see a texas education agency resource connection for a texas education agency esl, it means that some smelly dane county child support agency flies into a rage.
Some peple think what texas education agency esl is bizarre.
Most people believe that the overwhelmingly infinite temporary staffing agency in atlanta explianed a temp agency new york near a monroe louisiana model agency, but the unspeakable asian duo escort agency is m Another rises from the insidious depths, because a played horrible games with ri nursing agency.   (1375 words)

 IEEE Canada Home Page
You will receive a tax receipt (accepted by Canada Revenue Agency) mailed to the email address you provide.
RedR Canada, together with RedR colleagues around the world, is doing its very best to help the coastal nations of South Asia struck by the tsunami on December 26.
RedR Canada is the Canadian Branch of RedR (Registered Engineers for Disaster Relief), a worldwide organization that provides engineering expertise to support disaster relief by working with NGOs. /reg/7   (264 words)

 PSAC - News release - Cash accepted everywhere…except at the Canada Revenue Agency- 01-05-05
The union is calling on the Liberal government and the Revenue Agency Board of Management to rescind their decision.
In response to the Agency’s decision to close their walk-in service, UTE, a component of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), today announced the start of a national campaign.
In their 2003-04 report, the Agency standard was 20 minutes, which they only achieved 81% of the time. /news/releases/2005/13-0305-e.shtml   (506 words)

 NUPGE pledges full support to striking PSAC members
Approximately 30,000 PSAC members, employed with Parks Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency, are currently on strike against the government and 95,000 more members, who work for two Treasury Board groups and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, will be in a position to walk out by next month.
WHEREAS PSAC currently has 30,000 of its members employed with Parks Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency involved in strike action and another 95,000 members in two Treasury Board groups and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency will be in a position to strike within the next month; and
Ottawa - The National Union of Public and General Employees, Canada's second largest union, has thrown its full support behind federal public employees in their efforts to negotiate new contracts with the Paul Martin Liberal government. /news_2004/n14se04a.htm   (554 words) - online home of CARP and 50Plus magazine
Search our easy-to-use and extensive directory of retirement communities in Canada.
Get set for good times in Mont Tremblant's four seasons playground, where the soul is in the mountain, but the heart thrives in a village full of joie de vivre.   (256 words)

 Ottawa Business Journal - News
The most popular federal sites are the main government site, along with those from HRDC, Environment Canada and the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.
The survey was conducted by comScore Media Metrix Canada of Toronto, which measures Internet users and their surfing behavior.
The company says between October 2002 and May 2003, government websites saw a 27.2% increase in traffic. /278180056939059.php   (261 words)

 Government of Canada resources for publishers of periodicals and other serial publications
News release: "Canada and United States sign agreement on periodicals".
Witnesses from Time Canada Ltd. and Reader's Digest Magazines (Canada) Ltd. (November 18, 1998).
Government of Canada resources for publishers of periodicals and other serial publications /window/s24-1011-e.html   (356 words)

 Institute for Citizen-Centred Service (ICCS) - Citizens First 3
At the municipal and provincial/territorial levels the focus is on hospitals, roads, and schools, and at the federal level it is on a set of six services including Employment Insurance, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (formerly Revenue Canada), and Canada Post.
Citizens First 3 is an exciting undertaking by the public sector in Canada.
The public sector in Canada is making progress. /eng/cf-02.htm   (747 words)

 Welcome to the Homepage of the Canadian Transportation Agency
Agency Centennial - 100 Years at the Heart of Transportation
The Agency has ordered VIA Rail to remove 14 undue obstacles
What does the Canadian Transportation Agency do in terms of accessibility? /index_e.html   (120 words)

 MCSCS - About Emeregency Management
Emergency Management Ontario is working with the community, provincial ministries, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, and Health Canada to coordinate the evacuation.
This site is maintained by the Government of Ontario, Canada.
Mike Colle, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, is leading an earthquake response team that includes the Commissioner of Emergency Management Julian Fantino and the Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Sheela Basrur. /english/pub_security/emo/about_emo.html   (400 words)

 Realty Times - Real Estate News and Advice
This profit or capital gain receives special tax treatment by the Canada Customs & Revenue Agency (CCRA, formerly Revenue Canada).
Canadians who sold their cottage, income property or other real estate in 2000 and made a profit in the process, may be in for some dazzling mathematics as they complete their 2000 income tax return.
Capital gain is the profit you make on the sale of property, either personal property like stocks and bonds or real property like real estate. /rtcpages/20010410_cataxes.htm   (787 words)

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