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In the News (Mon 18 Feb 19)

  Canada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Canadian soldiers advance behind a tank at the Battle of Vimy Ridge in 1917.
South of the Gulf, the Canadian Maritimes protrude eastward from the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec.
Particularly, the use of the maple leaf, as a Canadian symbol, dates back to the early 18th century and is depicted on its current and previous flags, the penny, and on the coat of arms.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Canada   (5367 words)

 Canadian Hosting : Terms of Service
Canadian Web Hosting is not responsible for the content or tone of any email or other transmissions of the subscribers to its service or other parties using the Internet.
Canadian Web Hosting, upon receiving notification that certain posts violate this policy, or any provincial or federal law, or infringe on the trademarks or copyrights of another, reserves the right to remove such posts from our news server and to terminate your account.
Canadian Web Hosting will not be responsible for any damage suffered by you, including, but not limited to, loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, mis-deliveries, or service interruptions caused by its own negligence or your errors or omissions.
www.canadian-hosting.com /tos.html   (4586 words)

 Canadian English
Canadian Raising was first brought to the attention of linguists by Joos (1942).
A notable aspect of Canadian pre-rhotic vowels is their resistance to the emergent pattern in American English of substituting [a] for [o] before inter-vocalic [r].
The reason for this property of Canadian English is a matter of conjecture; Boberg does not speculate as to its source.
www.ic.arizona.edu /~lsp/Canadian/canphon3.html   (1557 words)

 CANADIAN RIVER   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
In Oklahoma generally called the "South" Canadian River, the Canadian was known to seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Spanish explorers as the Rio Buenaventura and the Magdalena.
The Canadian formed the southern boundary of the Unassigned Lands from 1866 until that region's opening by the Land Run of 1889.
Various economic activities in the valley of the Canadian have included: in the west, farming and ranching; in the central, ranching, farming, manufacturing, and wholesale/retail operations; and in the east, ranching, farming, mining, and lumbering.
www.ok-history.mus.ok.us /enc/canadian.htm   (816 words)

 Breeds of Livestock - Canadian Horse
The Canadian was used for crossbreeding to improve the strength and hardiness of other breeds, and helped to found other North American breeds such as the Morgan, Tennessee Walking Horse, Standardbred, and the American Saddlebred.
Increasingly, Canadian Horses were exported out of Canada for the Boer war, for working the sugar plantations in the West Indies, and to the United States for use on the stage-lines and for the American Civil War.
Best of all, Canadian Horses are renowned for their kind, sensible, sociable natures, intelligence and willingness to please.
www.ansi.okstate.edu /breeds/horses/canadian   (788 words)

 Canadian Pharmacy, Canada Drugs, Online Pharmacy Prescriptions - Home
ABC is a Canadian pharmacy of choice for purchasing your discount prescription drugs and medication.
Pharmaceutical products (Canadian Drugs) which are not approved for sale in the United States will not be shipped from Canada.
However www.ABC-Online-Pharmacy.com\\\'s Canadian Pharmacy Product dispenser may be able to mail the available alternative prescription drugs or the equivalent only if your physician in the United States agrees to do so.
www.abconlinepharmacy.com   (366 words)

 Famous Canadians Theme Page
This database of Canadian inventions and inventors can be browsed by category of the invention, province where it was invented, or name of inventor (separated by gender).
The Canadian Literature Archive is a project of the English Department of the University of Manitoba.
Heroes of Lore and Yore: Canadian Heroes in Fact and Fiction About a dozen brief biographical sketches plus bibliographies and links to further information on famous Canadians organized in the following categories: Pursuit of Excellence, We are the Land, Voices of the People, and the Mythmakers.
www.cln.org /themes/famous.html   (1340 words)

 Aljazeera.Net - Afghan attack kills Canadian diplomat   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
A car bomber has hit a Canadian military convoy in a southern Afghan city, killing a senior Canadian diplomat and two civilians and wounding 13 others, officials said.
He said three of the 13 wounded are Canadian soldiers and that two are in critical condition.
Paul Martin, the Canadian prime minister, called the attack a "tragic incident" and expressed his condolences to the families of the victims.
english.aljazeera.net /NR/exeres/AE07143C-0077-4550-A101-7B9BF09FB58B.htm   (418 words)

 Canadian Forests - forestry, Canada, careers, jobs, forest products, wood, paper, parks, trees, research, logging, ...
The Americans claim that Canadian lumber is subsidized and unfairly competes with their producers.
The Canadian forest industry and the provincial governments strongly dispute that claim.
In response to the public's demand for more information on how Canada's forests are being managed, the Canadian Institute of Forestry has developed a new feature on their website that explains Canadian forestry practices.
www.canadian-forests.com   (497 words)

 FinAid | Other Types of Aid | Financial Aid for Canadian Students
Canadian Guidance Services publishes a 250-page book of scholarships and awards intended for Canadian high school students entering Canadian universities.
Canadian students may borrow up to the full cost of education.
NSERC is the Canadian equivalent of the United State's National Science Foundation (NSF).
www.finaid.org /otheraid/canadian.phtml   (472 words)

 Canadian   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Bogaert studied four groups of Canadian men, a total of 944 people, analyzing the number of brothers and sisters each had, whether or not they lived with those siblings and whether the siblings were related by blood or adopted.
Canadian real estate - canada homes for sale by owner, canada residential real estate agent resources and property listings in Canada.
Canadians can now quickly obtain quotes from top Canadian insurance companies such as AIG Life Insurance Company, Allstate Insurance Company of Canada,...
www.ljseek.com /Canadian_s4.html   (825 words)

 Canadian Immigration - Our CSIC licensed Canadian immigration consultant can help you immigrate to Canada.
Canadian Immigration - Our CSIC licensed Canadian immigration consultant can help you immigrate to Canada.
Canreach was established in Canada in 1998 with the primary objective of providing quality Canadian Immigration consultancy services for migrants from all corners of the globe.
We stress the importance of such membership because all of its members are bound by a strict code of ethics while dealing in Canadian Immigration.
www.canreach.com   (326 words)

 Official site of Canadian Idol - CTV's search for Canada's best.
Monday's show was the first live performance for most of guys in the Top 22, but you wouldn't have known it watching them sing.
Canadian Idol fans can have double the fun Tuesday night with an MTV special starring Jacob Hoggard airing an hour before Idol.
Canadian Idol is a trademark of FremantleMedia North America Inc.
idol.ctv.ca   (169 words)

 Canadian Pharmacy Choice - Online Pharmacies Canada Pharmacy Canadian Drugs Pharmacy Canadian Medications Online ...
Our Canadian pharmacy is regulated by Health Canada, and all the prescriptions drugs we sell have been approved by Health Canada 's Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD).
The TPD is the Canadian federal regulatory board that tests pharmaceutical products to determine their safety and quality.
Canadian standards are considered to be among the highest in world.
www.canadianpharmacychoice.com   (640 words)

 Embassy Washington :: Study in Canada / Canadian Studies :: Study in Canada
Canadian universities maintain a high standard of academic excellence.
Canadian universities are degree granting institutions (BA- PhD) and offer the same training as 4 year American colleges.
Co operative programs are available at some Canadian schools and give the student the opportunity to work in a field related to their degree while earning credits.
www.dfait-maeci.gc.ca /can-am/washington/studies/studyincanada-en.asp   (477 words)

 VIA Rail Canada / Train trip between Toronto, Jasper and Vancouver
The Canadian is one of VIA Rail's proudest services, offering the ultimate Canada train trip.
It travels between Toronto and Vancouver, crossing the scenic lakelands of northern Ontario, touring the western plains of the Prairies and the splendid Canadian Rockies, and finishing its journey on the Pacific coast of British Columbia.
Expand your Canadian tour by taking one of the ferries that ply the waters between Vancouver and Vancouver Island or taking a train trip on the Malahat between Victoria and Courtenay.
www.viarail.ca /trains/en_trai_toja.html   (800 words)

 Canadian raising and other oddities
Canadian raising is a phonological process characteristic of several varieties of Canadian English, in which the onsets of the diphthongs /ay/ and /aw/ raise to mid vowels when they precede voiceless obstruents (the sounds /p/, /t/, /k/, /s/, and /f/).
Canadian raising is especially rampant among natives of
Allen, Harold B. Canadian Raising in the Upper Midwest.
www.yorku.ca /twainweb/troberts/raising.html   (281 words)

 Canadian Food - Canadian Favourites, Food from Canada - a Unique Taste of Home
Chances are it's a Favourite Canadian Food you're craving.
Canadian souvenirs and gifts and some health and beauty items.
If you are visiting us for the first time please view the About Us, FAQ and Shipping pages before using the shopping cart.
canadianfavourites.com   (132 words)

 CBC News: Canadian held at Guantanamo charged with murder
A Canadian teenager being held by U.S. authorities at its special detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has been charged with murder and conspiracy.
Omar is the son of the late Ahmed Khadr, an Egyptian-born Canadian who was close to Osama bin Laden.
Three Canadian directors who have found fame on national, U.S. and international stages will be "coming home" to the Stratford Festival as its new artistic directorship team.
www.cbc.ca /story/canada/national/2005/11/07/omarkhadr051107.html   (826 words)

 Canadian culture test
Both are English Canadian; there is a separate Québecois culture test.
Hockey is the sport of passion and (if you're male) you know almost every Canadian player in the NHL and what team they play for.
You also know baseball, basketball, and both American and Canadian football (which has 10 extra yards on the field; unfortunately, the CFL has been something of a disaster).
www.zompist.com /canada.html   (2862 words)

 Canadian Hung Kuen Kung Fu School
The Canadian Hung Kuen Kung Fu School in Regina, was established in 1985 and has been serving the Regina area for over 20 years.
The Canadian Hung Kuen Kung Fu School's website has a new look, and a new focus.
The C.H.K.A. site is still accessible, but only to members of the Canadian Hung Kuen Association.
www.fuhok.com   (179 words)

 Canadian Customers Can Now Order Online from Directron.com!-Best Computer Online Store Houston Buy Discount Prices ...
We now also accept Canadian credit cards in addition to our former wire transfer system.
Warning: Canadian customers are responsible for any customs or duties the carrier may charge.
A quote will be e-mailed to you with shipping cost for the shipping method of your choice as well as tax and duty if any.
www.directron.com /canada.html   (833 words)

 The Cookbook Store: Canadian
The photography is breathtaking and the attention to local culture gives the whole feel of being right there in the markets, in the homes, alas no plane tickets are included.
This facsimile edition of the beloved Canadian cookbook joins The Five Roses Cookbook and The All New Purity Cookbook (each $16.95) in Whitecap's Classic Canadian Cookbook series.
Please note that all prices are in Canadian dollars, and are subject to change without notice.
cook-book.com /canadian   (2770 words)

 Jokes: You Might Be Canadian If... - Patriotism Canada   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
You scream passionately at the television when your favourite Canadian performers are overlooked by their respective academies.
You're such a hardcore Canadian punk you used ketchup-flavoured potato chip 'residue' to dye your hair.
You know that Canadian Tire on any Saturday is busier than the toy stores before Christmas.
www.indefual.net /canada/jokes/mb-cnd.html   (2053 words)

 "I Am Canadian" Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
An appealing Canadian family website dedicated to love, family, children, preemies, poetry, collections, Canadian artists, nurses and police.
We hope to provide an opportunity for Canadians to meet on another and to act as a resource of information.
Canadian teaching english in Korea writes about her new adventures and adaptation to a new people, culture and life.
www.ringsworld.com /canadian   (365 words)

 Canadiana -- The Canadian Resource Page
Canadian Passenger Rail Services, including VIA Rail Canada (courtesy the Cyberspace World Railroad)
Canadian Government foreign policy and programs, courtesy The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs
Canadian Confederation, from the National Library of Canada
www.cs.cmu.edu /Unofficial/Canadiana/README.html   (518 words)

 Canadian Financial Network
The CFN collection of well over 6000 international online financial resources is gathered to save time for investors by describing these resources in sufficient detail to allow you to stop surfing and start targeting the information that you want.
is available at most Canadian bookstores, and with this second edition, around the world.
The information contained has been drawn from sources believed to be reliable, but the accuracy or completeness of the information is not guaranteed nor in providing it does Canadian Financial Network Inc. or contributors to this site, assume any responsibility or liability.
www.canadianfinance.com   (250 words)

 Canadian Links - Links to Canadian, Texas   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
This is a page devoted to the amount of information one may collect on the Internet regarding a small Texas town.
Canadian is one of my hometowns and is where many of my friends still live.
Canadian, Texas - Oasis of the Panhandle (21)
canadian.radtx.com   (280 words)

 Canadian Medical Clinics, Medical Therapies, and Medical Treatment
Canadian Biologics Naturopathic Medical Clinic is a multifaceted centre with locations all over the world.
Then in 1989, Dr. Paul Conyette took over Naturopathic Physician's Clinic after graduating from Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.
Canadian Biologics is the only clinic in Manitoba run by a Naturopathic Physician who is also a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, a Doctor of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Consultant in Rehabilitative Medicine.
www.canadianbiologics.com   (207 words)

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