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Topic: Canadian federal election, 1984

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  Canadian federal election, 1993 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Canadian federal election of 1993 was held on October 25th, 1993.
The election was called by new Progressive Conservative Party leader Kim Campbell near the end of her party's five year mandate.
The 1988 election had been almost wholly focused on the issue of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States, and similarly the 1993 election was preceded by the agreement on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Canadian_federal_election,_1993   (2613 words)

 Encyclopedia: Canadian federal election, 1979
The Canadian federal election of 1878 resulted in the end of Canada suffered an economic depression during Mackenzies term, and his party was pounished by the voters for it.
In the Canadian federal election of 1965, the Liberal Party of Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson was re-elected with a larger number of seats in the Canadian House of Commons.
The Canadian federal election of 1979 was held on May 22, 1979 to elect members of the Canadian House of Commons.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Canadian-federal-election,-1979   (3337 words)

 canadian federal election   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Canadian federal elections are nation-wide votes that are held to decide who will govern Canada.
By-elections can be held between general elections when seats become vacant.
Canadian election turn-out is generally higher than that in the United States but lower than in most European nations.
www.yourencyclopedia.net /Canadian_federal_election   (916 words)

 Canadian federal election, 1984 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Canadian federal election of 1984 was called on July 4, 1984, and held on September 4 of that year.
The election was fought almost entirely on the record of the governing Liberal Party.
The election was a landslide victory for the Progressive Conservative Party, which won half the popular vote and 211 out of 282 seats.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Canadian_federal_election,_1984   (738 words)

 Canadian federal election, 1993 -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Canadian federal election of 1993 was held on October 25th, 1993 to elect members of the (Click link for more info and facts about Canadian House of Commons) Canadian House of Commons.
The election was called by Progressive Conservative leader (Click link for more info and facts about Kim Campbell) Kim Campbell, who had been (The person who holds the position of head of state in England) Prime Minister for only a few months.
While she was expected to lose the election, she was forced to call one as the Tories' five-year mandate had almost expired.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/C/Ca/Canadian_federal_election,_1993.htm   (1676 words)

 Institute of Island Studies
The record in Canadian federal elections is somewhat better, but the system is hardly efficient at manufacturing majorities; it did so on only half the occasions between 1921 and 1965 when the winning party did not have a majority of the popular vote.
Canadians tend to agitate for PR after particularly appalling distortions, such as the outcome of the 1980 federal election that left the liberal majority government without a seat in the western provinces, despite a healthy share of the popular vote there.
For instance, in the Irish elections of November 1982, 83 per cent of the votes cast helped to elect a candidate; Vernon Bogdanor contrasts this figure to the nearly 70 per cent of votes that were wasted in the British constituency of Barking in 1983.
www.upei.ca /~iis/rep_jac_2.htm   (14065 words)

 Progressive Conservative Party of Canada   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Canadian conservatism has historically more closely resembled that which is practised in the United Kingdom and Europe than in the United States.
As was common amongst 19th century conservative movements, Canadian Tories opposed the rollback of government intervention in social and economic matters advocated by the liberals of the era.
It was with this background that Mulroney fought and won the Canadian federal election, 19881988 election on the issue of the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement/.
www.infothis.com /find/Progressive_Conservative_Party_of_Canada   (2902 words)

 The Ultimate Canadian federal election, 1957 - American History Information Guide and Reference   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Western Canadians also felt alienated from the government which they believed was dominated by Ontario and Quebec interests.
This was the first Canadian election to be televised, and while only a minority of Canadians owned a television, most got some opportunity to see the candidates they were voting for.
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation anchor covering the election famously lit a cigar in satisfaction with the result.
www.historymania.com /american_history/1957_Canadian_election   (718 words)

 Liberal Party of Canada   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Canadian federal election, 1988 1988 election was notable for John Turner's strong opposition to the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement negotiated by Progressive Conservative Party of CanadaProgressive Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.
In the June 28th, 2004 Canadian federal election, 2004federal election, the Martin Liberals were returned to governemnt, despite fierce competition from the Conservative Party of CanadaConservative Party led by Stephen Harper.
When the Liberals formed a majority government after the Canadian federal election, 19931993 election with Chrétien at the helm, party unity was assured by placing Martin, whom Chrétien had defeated for the Liberal leadership conventionsparty leadership in 1990, in the crucial role of Minister of Finance (Canada)Minister of Finance/.
www.infothis.com /find/Liberal_Party_of_Canada   (3207 words)

 Canadian federal election, 1872 -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Canadian federal election of 1872 was held on July 20, 1872, to elect members of the (Click link for more info and facts about Canadian House of Commons) Canadian House of Commons.
Had the Liberals won the election, he likely would have been offered the position of (Click link for more info and facts about Prime Minister of Canada) Prime Minister of Canada.
For a list of candidates elected in the 1872 election, including by-elections held before 1874, see (Click link for more info and facts about 2nd Canadian parliament) 2nd Canadian parliament.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/C/Ca/Canadian_federal_election,_1872.htm   (460 words)

 The Ultimate Canadian federal election, 1940 - American History Information Guide and Reference   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The election was overshadowed by the Second World War, which caused many Canadians to rally around the government.
Though Manion was personally opposed to conscription, the Liberals faced intense pressure in Quebec on the question and promised not to institute the measure.
It is unlikely that this was related in any way to the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation's adoption of this name in 1960.
www.historymania.com /american_history/1940_Canadian_election   (324 words)

 ISUMA : Unsteady State: The 1997 Canadian Federal Election   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
There is no evidence in the Canadian election survey of voters punishing the Liberals for their shift to the right (as exemplified by cuts to social programs in order to eliminate the deficit).
Perhaps the tight focus on the 1997 election was achieved at some cost to a fuller and more probing examination of the historical context for the election.
It’s not clear enough, for instance, whether this election survey and the analyzes that form the core arguments of this book represent a continuation and confirmation of the claims of previous studies, or a significant departure therefrom.
www.isuma.net /v01n02/bickerton/bickerton_e.shtml   (1762 words)

 Angry in the Great White North   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
So the Canadian government, as ordered by Paul Martin, is working towards promoting the effectiveness of global governance (which I take to mean the power of the UN to usurp the sovereignty of member nations) under the leadership of the UN Secretary General, a strong contender for the post being Maurice Strong.
It's not like the federal NDP are going to be helping you in an election, even if you flip-flop again and give them their $.46 billion social program boost back.
Layton, who persuaded Martin to excise billions in corporate tax cuts from his federal budget and replace it with $4.6 billion worth of social spending, said he was upset when he heard Martin planned to proceed with the cuts in a separate piece of legislation.
angrygwn.blogspot.com   (2804 words)

 Canadian election surveys and data
Includes names of all the candidates to all the federal elections as well as a description of all the ridings.
A research collection of district level election results for approximately 350 national legislative elections in 26 countries.
The objective of the Archive is to systematically collect election statistics in as much detail as possible, including, as a minimum, the results at the level of the individual election districts in which votes are converted into seats.
www.chass.utoronto.ca /datalib/major/election.htm   (657 words)

 Political Parties and Elections in Canada (Federal) - Les élections et les partis politiques au Canada (Niveau ...
Canadians from all points on the political spectrum, all regions and all walks of life are joining FVC to demand a fair voting system – a fundamental requirement for healthy representative democracy and government accountability."
One that is to be held responsible to ALL Canadians.
Elections Canada - Everything you want to know about the federal elections process in Canada.
www.canadiansocialresearch.net /politics.htm   (6202 words)

 Canadian federal election, 1984 Did You Mean Canadian federal election, 1984   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Canadian federal election, 1984 Did You Mean Canadian federal election, 1984
This was a key turning point of the campaign, and cemented the view of many voters that Turner did not represent change from the discred Liberal Party of Pierre Trudeau.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
www.did-you-mean.com /Canadian_federal_election111984.html   (767 words)

 NMRC Scholars and Experts
He is one of the few economists to have served as a federal regulatory commissioner, and the only one to have served on the Federal Communications Commission.
He was admitted to the District of Columbia bar in 1982; the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in 1983; the U.S. District Court, District of Maryland in 1984; and the Maryland and U.S. Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit; U.S. Supreme Court in 1988.
Nakahata was the Chief of Staff of the Federal Communications Commission under Chairman William E. Kennard and Deputy Chief of the Common Carrier Bureau, Associate General Counsel for Competition, and Senior Legal Adviser to FCC Chairman, Reed E. Hundt.
newmillenniumresearch.org /experts   (13163 words)

 Databases: ALL DATABASES: Abstracts/Fulltext/Indexes
Contains transcripts of speeches, television ads and debates of twelve United States general election Presidential campaigns from 1952 through 1996.
Detailed information on risk analysis and financial solvency can also be found for most securities.   Note: Bloomberg is available on a laptop computer which students and faculty can borrow: one hour for students and an three hours for faculty in order to facilitate classroom instruction.
Contains summaries of more than 140,000 criminal justice publications, including federal, state and local government reports, books, research reports, journal articles and unpublished research.
www.library.villanova.edu /articles/databasetitle/dblis.htm   (7863 words)

 Canadian Political Parties, Elections and Politics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Election Firsts in Canada; Milestones in Canadian Elections
Election results of the 1991 provincial elections in B.C. British Columbia 1996 Provincial Election Forecaster
Election Results for General Election November 3, 1997
www.library.ubc.ca /poli/cpwebpr.html   (651 words)

 Canada 2004 · Federal Election Results · Canadian Federal Election 2004
Canada 2004 · Federal Election Results · Canadian Federal Election 2004
Note: This site is not affiliated with or sponsored or by any political party, candidate, entity, or organization.
It does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of external sites.
www.nodice.ca /election2004/electionresults.html   (43 words)

 About White Pine Pictures: PETER RAYMONT
He is the recipient of 35 international awards including the Canadian Genie for "Best Documentary" for The World Is Watching, a critical examination of the role of the media in Nicaragua.
The first project was the 1979 documentary, History On The Run, an examination of the work of journalists covering the Canadian federal election campaign.
A 3-hour cinema-verité documentary on the work of Canadian Immigration officers in the wake of September 11, 2001.
www.whitepinepictures.com /peter.html   (2315 words)

 Canada 2004 · Voter Turnout · Canadian Federal Election 2004
Canada 2004 · Voter Turnout · Canadian Federal Election 2004
In many general elections, several electoral districts were won by acclamation, hence, no eligible voters nor actual votes were recorded.
Furthermore, in some of the more remote districts, votes were cast but no voters' lists had been prepared.
www.nodice.ca /election2004/voterturnout.html   (92 words)

 Canadian Federal Election 2000
"First, we must vote for candidates and parties that uphold the right to life for all Canadians and for all human beings everywhere.
BOSTON, Oct 23, 2000 (LSN.ca) - The Bishops of the four Roman Catholic dioceses in Massachusetts have issued an election statement calling on Catholics to exercise their "moral obligation" to vote and to recognize the "absolute centrality" of the protection of human life when choosing candidates on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7.
According to the Bishops' statement, Faithful Citizenship in Massachusetts: "It is our responsibility to vote for candidates who will promote life and the culture of life over the culture of death." The statement emphasizes that support of abortion and euthanasia by any candidate "is always wrong and can never be justified."
www.theinterim.com /2000/election2000/moralobligations.html   (1986 words)

 Canadian federal election, 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The voter turnout fell by more than 3% from the 2000 federal election which had 64.1% turnout http://www.elections.ca/gen/rep/37g/table3_e.html.
However, things progressively changed during 2003, partly because of the decline in popularity of the Liberal Party of Quebec government of Jean Charest, and partly because support for independence in Quebec rose again (49% in March).
CBC - Canada Votes (includes video files of the whole English debate)
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/C/Canadian-federal-election,-2004.htm   (2444 words)

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