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Topic: Canton of Zug

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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

  Canton of Zug - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
To the north, the canton is bound by the Canton of Zurich, whereas to the west and south lies the Canton of Schwyz.
The Lorze river is the principal drainage in the canton.
The eleven municipalities of the canton are: Zug, Oberägeri, Unterägeri, Menzingen, Baar, Cham, Hünenberg, Steinhausen, Risch, Walchwil, Neuheim
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Canton_of_Zug   (941 words)

 Canton of Zug - the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Zug (French: Zoug, Italian: Zugo) is one of the 26 cantons of Switzerland.
To the north, thecanton is bond by the Canton of Zurich, whereas to the west andsouth lies the Canton of Schwyz.
The Lorze river is the principal drainage inthe canton.
www.encyclopedia-of-knowledge.com /?t=Zg   (799 words)

 Zug - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1385 Zug joined the league of the Swabian cities against Leopold III of Austria and shared in the victory of Sempach, as well as in the various Argovian (1415) and Thurgovian (1460) conquests of the Confederates, and later in those of Italy (1512), having already taken part in the occupation of the Val d'Ossola.
Between 1379 (Walchwil) and 1477 (Cham) Zug had acquired various districts in her own neighbourhood, principally to the north and the west, which were ruled till 1798 by the town alone as subject lands.
In 2001 eleven members of the local (cantonal) parliament and three members of the (cantonal) government were shot and killed in Zug by the assassin Friedrich Leibacher.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Zug   (843 words)

 Zug canton (Switzerland)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The original owners of Zug were the counts of Lenzburg whose arms were a blue disk on a white field.
Thus the Zug flag and arms appear to be derived from Hapsburg and Lenzburg.
Zug was a town of the Austrian dukes and waged war against the Swiss Confederation, most notably at the battle of Mortgarten in 1315.
www.fotw.net /flags/ch-zg.html   (342 words)

 Forum Romanum
of the parliament of the canton of Zug.
> of the parliament of the canton of Zug.
> > of the parliament of the canton of Zug.
www.novaroma.org /forum/mainlist/2001/2001-09-28.html   (7571 words)

 Lake of Zug
The Lake of Zug is one of the minor Swiss lakes, on the outskirts of the Alps and north of that of Lucerne.
For the most part the lake is in the Canton of Zug, but the southern end is, to the extent of 33/4 square miles, in that of Schwyz, while the Canton of Lucerne claims about 3/4 square miles, to the north of Immensee[?].
Three railways tangent Lake of Zug, one from Zürich via Zug and Arth-Goldau[?] to the St Gotthard[?], one from Luzern via Arth-Goldau to the St Gotthard and one from Zürich via Zug to Lucerne.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/la/Lake_of_Zug.html   (445 words)

 Zg   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The canton of Zug is one of the smallest cantons, both in size and population, its total area is only 239 km²;.
To the north, the canton is bond by the Canton of Zurich, whereas to the west and south lies the Canton of Schwyz.
The Hohe Rohne is the highest elevation (1,205 m) in the east of the canton.
www.tuxedo-shop.com /search.php?title=Zg   (868 words)

 The Times | Business City Guide
Zug is situated near the Zuger See (Lake Zug), approximately 22 kilometres north west of Lucerne and 23 kilometres south of Zurich, and has a multinational population that has doubled in the last 40 years to around 22,000 people.
The city is also capital of the canton of the same name, which is one of the smallest cantons in the country, covering an area of just 240 square kilometres and having about 93,000 inhabitants.
Zug benefits from a strategic position in the centre of the country and is well connected to Switzerland's other main cities.
www.bcglocations.com /switzerland/zug/zug_intro.html   (472 words)

 Zug Canton - Search Results - ninemsn Encarta
Zug Canton, canton in north-central Switzerland, bordered by the cantons of Schwyz to the east and south, Lucerne and Aargau to the west, and Zurich...
In September 2001 a gunman broke into the parliament building of the regional assembly of the Zug Canton and killed 14 people before committing...
The town, the capital of Zug canton, lies on the eastern shore of the Lake of Zug, 24 km (15 mi) south of...
au.encarta.msn.com /Zug_Canton.html   (105 words)

 Zug Definition / Zug Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Zug, capital of the Swiss canton of that nameZug (French: Zoug, Italian: Zugo) is one of the 26 cantons of Switzerland.
ZUG is the world's only comedy site, featuring articles, opinions, and conversations from the world's funniest comedy community.
Zug is a rail junction, situated at the point where a line from Luzern in the.
www.elresearch.com /Zug   (388 words)

 Zuger Treuhändervereinigung
The association is a community of professional interests in the region of the Canton of Zug independent from other national professional organisations.
The objective of the Trustee Association, Zug (ZTV) is to make a decisive contribution towards the preservation and promotion of the good reputation of the profession of the Canton of Zug.
An application can basically be handed to the board by any individual person who is active in the trustee sector in the Canton of Zug, either self employed or in a managerial function.
www.ztv-zug.ch /en/profil   (667 words)

 MORGARTEN - LoveToKnow Article on MORGARTEN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
, the name of the pasture slopes that descend westwards to the south end of the lake of Aegeri in the Swiss canton of Zug, about 2 m.
It was at the foot of these slopes and on the shore of the lake that the small Swiss force defeated the large Austrian army, advancing from Zug on Schwyz, on the 15th of November 1315, and so laid the foundations of Swiss liberty.
It seems most probable that it took place near the Haselmatt Chapel, in the territory of Zug, where is the official monument, but some hold that the real site was in Schwyz territory, near the old tower and battle chapel of Schornen, in the gorge between the lake and Sattel.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /M/MO/MORGARTEN.htm   (201 words)

 The latest on Danzer | Greenpeace International
Zug, Switzerland — In June and November 2004, Greenpeace International released two reports on the activities of the timber company Danzer Group and its African subsidiary Interholco.
These documents showed that the Liberian trading partners of the Danzer Group, with headquarters in Baar (Canton of Zug, Switzerland), were involved in highly questionable activities.
The complaint of suspected forgery (2) still remains to be investigated by the competent authorities of the Canton (District) of Zug.
www.greenpeace.org /international/news/the-latest-on-danzer   (521 words)

 Mass shooting reveals dark side of Swiss society
Leibacher was born in the canton of Zug in 1944, spending the last 30 years drifting restlessly around the world.
The canton of Zug, situated near a small lake in the middle of Switzerland between Zurich and Lucerne, epitomises the mixture of idyll and conflict that mark Switzerland as a whole.
After the bloodbath in Zug, people have given vent to their concerns about political conditions in letters to the press, calling into question the competence of the state and the integrity of politicians.
www.wsws.org /articles/2001/oct2001/swit-o09_prn.shtml   (1436 words)

 BBC News | EUROPE | Zug: Switzerland's 'offshore island'
Many people outside Switzerland had never heard of the canton of Zug until a man opened fire in its regional assembly, killing 14 people in one of the most violent incidents the country has seen.
Press releases from the Zug police force before the horrific shootings detail the usual incidents of small-town life: a break-in at the schoolhouse in Feldheim, a collision between a cyclist and a car.
Mark Eisenecker, a sociologist at Zurich University, says that when Zug hits the headlines at all, it is with stories of money-laundering and other financial crimes.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/europe/1566935.stm   (389 words)

 Holding companies in Zug
Despite the other Swiss Cantons, the Canton Zug does not demand that the Holding should be established only as a compagny managing the other companies.
As in the theory of the communicating vessels, the excessive "liquid" of one company can be used in favour of the other companies using the method of the mutually beneficial management basing on the fiscal advantage system.
At the federal level, the holding and the domiciled companies in Zug are equivalent to the other companies and pay 8,5% of the profit, while there is no tax paid on the nominal capital.
www.miralux.ch /holding_ing.htm   (470 words)

 EU Questions Swiss Cantonal Tax System
The Swiss Canton of Zug has denied that its corporate tax regime breaches a 1972 Free Trade Agreement between Switzerland and the European Union.
Guido Jud, head of corporate tax in canton Zug, told swissinfo that he was "surprised" by the EU's viewpoint.
In Switzerland, cantons are free to set their own tax rates within the framework of the 2001 Tax Harmonisation Act.
www.tax-news.com /asp/story/story_open.asp?storyname=21457   (579 words)

 Encyclopedia Search   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
It is one of the smallest cantons, both as regards area and as regards...
, capital of the Swiss canton of that name, a picturesque little town at...of the lake of
99000 239 416 11 German FR Fribourg-(canton) Fribourg (canton)...
www.encyclopedian.com /search.php?searWords=Zug   (166 words)

 Swiss Genealogy : Canton Zug   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
You are further invited to discuss your questions with other researchers interested in canton Zug on the "Genealogieforum Zug" (dialogue in German or French).
The archive is open to visitors to read; in order to be able to respond or start a new thread, however, registration (free of charge) is required.
When posting, please, keep in mind that only topics related to Zug should be placed here; for topics related to other regions, please, change to the corresponding canton or to the forum for Switzerland in general (dialogue in German or French).
www.swissgenealogie.ch /kant/zgallg-e.htm   (126 words)

 PRESS RELEASE January 5, 2006: Zug: Staying one step ahead
After systematically promoting its favorable location between Zurich and Lucerne over the last decades, the canton of Zug has become a leading economic center, with a supraregional labor market.
The Canton's promising economic sector portfolio has become highly competitive, allowing Zug to stay one step ahead of the other cantons.
One of the distinctive features of Zug is its double attractiveness as a commercial and residential location.
www.credit-suisse.com /news/en/media_release.jsp?ns=39599   (161 words)

 Car hire Zug Switzerland car rental Zug car hire airport Zug Car Rentals
Beneluxcar can help you to rent a car in Zug Whether it is one way interstate rental car Zug, Beneluxcar has just the right car hire for you.
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www.beneluxcar.com /car-rentals/switzerland/zug   (301 words)

 Swiss Canton of Zug - switzit.co.uk
The smallest canton in Switzerland, it is a forested and mountainous region with orchards, meadows, and pastures in the valleys.
Fruit cultivation is a main occupation, and the region has industries in textiles, beer, and metal goods.
Owned by the counts of Kyburg and later by the Hapsburg family, Zug joined the Swiss Confederation in 1352 and again in 1364, after a return to Hapsburg domination.
www.switzit.co.uk /places/canton_ZG.htm   (106 words)

 Fourteen people killed here in Canton of Zug, Switzerland - ABXZone.com Forums
Our Canton was struck by a terrible crime, killing 14 people, three members of our Government and 11 members of our parliament.
This Canton, the smallest of the Cantons in Switzerland, with only about 100'000 inhabitants, was so peaceful until now.
The crime took place at only two miles from where my office is and only 5 miles from where we live.
www.abxzone.com /forums/showthread.php?t=9048   (512 words)

 Swiss Institutional Investors Increase Their Holdings in iQ Power
ZUG, Switzerland, December 23 -- iQ POWER AG (OTCBB: IQPOF) reports that between late November and early December Swiss institutional investors subscribed 1.6 million shares of iQ POWER at a price of EUR 0.75 each.
The associated capital increase was recorded pursuant to Swiss law in the commercial register of the Canton of Zug on 22 December 2005.
There are currently a total of four institutional investors, including two first-tier capital providers, involved in iQ POWER through financing measures.
www.theautochannel.com /news/2005/12/23/188504.html   (199 words)

 ESPN.com Soccernet Global: News - Three arrested in probe of bankrupt FIFA partner ISMM
Three arrested in probe of bankrupt FIFA partner ISMM
ZURICH, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Authorities in the Swiss canton of Zug arrested three people and seized evidence in raids that were part of a probe of bankrupt sports marketing firm ISMM, a magistrate said on Tuesday.
ISMM was the long-term marketing partner of world soccer's governing body FIFA before the debt-laden group went under in May 2001.
www.soccernet.com /global/news/2002/1119/20021119ismmarrest.html   (193 words)

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