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In the News (Sun 17 Jun 18)

  Canuck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Johnny Canuck was revived in 1942 by Leo Bachle to defend Canada against the Nazis.
Operation Canuck was the designated name of a British SAS raid led by a Canadian captain, Buck McDonald in January 1945.
"Canuck" is a nickname for the Curtiss JN4 and Avro CF-100 aircraft.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Canuck   (432 words)

 Johnny Canuck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Johnny Canuck was a Canadian cartoon hero and superhero who was created as a political cartoon in 1869 and was later re-invented, first in 1942, then in 1975.
Johnny Canuck was created as a national personification of Canada.
Created by Richard Comely (who was unaware of the earlier Johnny Canuck character) Captain Canuck was a superhero rather than just a hero, he wore red tights, and bore a red maple leaf emblazoned on his forehead.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Johnny_Canuck   (373 words)

 All-time Canuck Teams   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The Canucks never missed the playoffs while he was in town and Courtnall contributed 61 points in 65 playoff games.
Larry Cahan played four seasons for the Canucks in the decade and was named to the WHL All-Star team in three of those seasons (second team once and first team twice).
The Canucks have had some players that excelled right from the start (this team is based on what they did during their rookie year with the Canucks -- not during their career).
www.comnet.ca /~dmarchak/canall.htm   (2270 words)

 Canuck: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The crazy canucks were a group of canadian alpine ski racers who dominated the world cup in the 1970s....
Captain Canuck had enhanced strength and endurance thanks to being bathed in alien rays during a camping trip.
Operation canuck was an operation of world war ii conducted by the canadian captain buck mcdonald and a small team of special air service troopers in january,...
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/c/ca/canuck.htm   (1798 words)

 NationMaster.com - Encyclopedia: Johnny Canuck   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Johnny Canuck was a Canadian cartoon hero and superhero who was created as a political cartoon in 1869 and then was re-invented in 1942 and 1975.
Johnny Canuck re-emerged during World War II in the February 1942 issue of Bell's Dime Comics No.1.
Johnny Canuck is also the name of a Canadian comic-book hero introduced in 1941, a caped strong-man who protected Canadians from the Nazi menace.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Johnny-Canuck   (941 words)

 CANUCK   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
A Dictionary of Americanisms defines Canuck, Canack, and Cunnuck as "colloquial slang appellations for a native of Canada, although (within Canada) almost solely understood to be a French Canadian.
The new logo is in the shape of a capital C with the top part of the letter being formed by a leaping killer whale.
"Johnny Canuck was depicted as a wholesome young man, wearing the garb of a habitant, farmer, logger, ranger, or soldier.
kpearson.faculty.tcnj.edu /Dictionary/canuck.htm   (689 words)

 Captain Canuck
In No.5, the issue in which Captain Canuck's origins are revealed, his costume shows the minor restyling that appears on the postage stamp--the red Canadian maple leaf on his mask is larger and the gloves and boots are no longer flared.
Secretly, as Captain Canuck, he exposes the conspiracy, His sidekick Splatter uses a high-powered paint gun to mark wanted criminals caught in the act.l Soon, newspapers are writing about the two masked marauders on the streets of Toronto who paint and apprehend crooks, making the city the costumed crusader capital of the world.
Some of the early Captain Canuck comics and collateral material are still available from Comely and were used by the author to produce some philatelic souvenirs.
www.skypoint.com /members/schutz19/ccanuck.htm   (973 words)

 Canuck Defined   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Wherever the word came from, by the mid 1800's "Canuck" was regularly used to describe a Canadian.
Johnny Canuck was depicted as a wholesome young man, wearing the garb of a habitant, farmer, logger, rancher or soldier.
Canuck was a caped strong man who protected Canadians from the Nazi menace.
www.comnet.ca /~dmarchak/candef.htm   (625 words)

The Curtiss Canuck was a variant of the Curtiss Jenny that was built in Canada.
The major visible differences are the shape of the rudder, which is more rounded on the Canuck, and the installation of ailerons on both the top and bottom wings.
By mid-1918, the Canucks were being phased out, and in early 1919 a large number were sold to the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Corporation for resale.
www.vintageaviation.org /aircraft/canuck   (287 words)

 Canuck Place | Our Programs | Services
Canuck Place ensures that its children have ample opportunities to do what all children want and need to do — play, have fun and just be kids.
Canuck Place has a full-time certified recreational therapist whose work is supported by many volunteers who have a keen interest in recreational and leisure activities.
Canuck Place also has excellent on-site play and recreational facilities and has pioneered a number of innovations.
www.canuckplace.com /our_programs/services.php?id=8&press=1&draw_column=1:4:2   (256 words)

 comicreaders.com - Canceled - Captain Canuck
That hero was Captain Canuck and for a period spanning the mid-70s to the early 80s, he was Canada's superhero.
Captain Canuck was a Canadian comic originally published in the mid-70s and the early 80s.
The character of Captain Canuck was openly portrayed as religious and it was not uncommon for minor miracles to happen when the Captain and his friends were in dire straits.
www.comicreaders.com /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=392   (1900 words)

 Captain Canuck History
Captain Canuck comic books were ahead of the times in a number of ways.
Captain Canuck was published on a shoestring budget and originally produced and published by one person, Richard Comely, who did absolutely everything - write, draw, colour, sell ads, sell comics to dealers, etc. etc.
Captain Canuck was "born" in 1971 when art student Ron Leishman met Richard Comely.
www.captaincanuck.com /history/history_main.html   (1891 words)

 Canadiana - Captain Canuck
Tom Evans AKA Captain Canuck, a former Mountie, was a costumed superhero who worked as a super agent for the Canadian International Security Organization (CISO), and battled enemies of Canada with his sidekicks Redcoat and Kebec.
Captain Canuck's modest super powers were created when aliens infused him with Z-rays that made him super strong and super fast.
Captain Canuck is still a Canadian icon along the same lines as Uncle Sam in the States or John Bull in Britain.
www.frymybacon.com /articles/articles.php?article_ID=103   (222 words)

 Canuck Place | News & Events | News
Canuck Place completed our self-assessment and rating of the test standards for community hospice organizations and submitted all the required information to the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation (CCHSA) on January 15, 2006.
Henderson Development presented Canuck Place with a cheque for $5,880 from the International Year of the Dog Celebration held January 27 to January 29, 2006.
Canuck Place Children's Hospice is one of ten sites participating in the pilot testing of new accreditation standards.
www.canuckplace.org /news_events   (1116 words)

 Canadiana - Johnny Canuck   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Johnny Canuck was a staple of early political cartoonists until the early 1900's, when he slowly faded from use.
In these early comic-books, Johnny Canuck was a stalwart defender of Canada, and of all who would oppress freedom.
Johnny Canuck would never be corrupted, and would fight to his last breath to defend our nation against evil and villainy.
www.frymybacon.com /articles/articles.php?article_ID=383   (343 words)

 The Fleet Canuck
Needless to say this does not reflect on the quality of this craft, which was conceived to meet the difficult conditions encountered in the all‑season flying in the north, but rather it denotes the same overproduction as compared to limited market that exists in our country.
You who have never tried float models on neighborhood ponds and water puddles have a real treat in store, for seeing a little rubber powered ship skim across the water and then arc skyward is a refreshing change from the usual flying.
Now that everything is assembled, several costs of clear dope may be brushed on the entire model, and it would be well to apply at least two additional coats to the floats.
www.theplanpage.com /esp/canuck.htm   (1955 words)

 Air Canuck 80 Inc. - Bienvenue à bord !
Canuck, whose tubular type of construction in comparison with the monoshell plan, has a life much longer and a tiny cost of repair.
The fuselage of Canuck is a ‘’1025’’ and ‘’1040’’ content steel tubular manufacture, originally welded with oxy-acetylene and now welded with argon, covered with nylon fabric.
The word Canuck comes from the appelation given by the foreign soldiers to the Canadian soldiers during the Second World War.
www.aircanuck.com /english/patrimoine.html   (485 words)

 CBC Arts: Captain Canuck returns
WINNIPEG - Captain Canuck, the Canadian superhero who fought neo-Nazis, drug kingpins and aliens for 15 issues in the 1970s, is returning to comic-store shelves.
In the new series, RCMP officer David Semple is a former peacekeeper with a background in gymnastics and judo who becomes a costumed crime fighter because of his thrill-seeking nature.
In Captain Canuck No. 14, the Captain was transported back in time to the year 1980.
www.cbc.ca /story/arts/national/2004/09/21/Arts/captaincanuck040921.html   (480 words)

 Team Canuck - RoboCup 2002
Team Canuck was in the news on June 17, 2002.
Team Canuck was in the news on June 16, 2002.
Team Canuck was in the news in the Summer edition of the Design Engineering magazine.
www.cs.ualberta.ca /~robotics/robocup/news.htm   (654 words)

 The Caroling Canuck
The Canuck has always been kind and supportive and has always been more than willing to be a friend to those in need of comfort during hard times.
I truly must say, The Caroling Canuck is a fine lass indeed, and I honestly wish for her to remain here within the gold-plated borders of the United States.
However, he too has benefited greatly from his marriage to the Canuck, and since the day of their union, has been far happier than I ever knew him to be previously.
www.geocities.com /kingvice2000/Allies/Canuck   (1040 words)

 Vancouver Canucks Booster Club - Canuck Links   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Canucks Almanac Postings of current articles, plus several articles on the history of the Vancouver Canucks.
Canucks Blueline A comprehensive site with plenty of information, game recaps, lots of photos and videos on the current group of Canucks.
Canucks Desktop Designed and created with fans and their computers in mind.
canuckboosters.org /the_canucks/canuck_links.php?...   (1067 words)

 The Mavens' Word of the Day   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The term Canuck is first recorded about 1835 as an Americanism, originally referring specifically to a French Canadian.
Or Canuck could be a blend of the first syllable of Canada and the Indian noun ending -uc, -uq.
(Canadian French canaque originally meant 'canoeman'.) Or Canuck may be an Anglicization of an Indian word for a resident of a kanata, or 'village community.' The source is definitely not Johnny Canuck, since this cartoon character dates from 1869.
www.randomhouse.com /wotd/index.pperl?date=20001031   (431 words)

 Johnny Canuck   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Just as Superman had devoted his attention to the Axis powers, Johnny Canuck was Canada's answer to Nazi oppression.
Canada Post's stamp shows him in color, dressed for action in his air force flight jacket, goggled headgear, and boots as he appeared in the comics.
Between 1947 and 1952 Bell sold all of his equipment and stock, and the original Canadian comic heroes fought their last fight.
www.skypoint.com /members/schutz19/jcanuck.htm   (295 words)

 Captain Canuck Version 1
The original Captain Canuck title premiered in 1975 and ran for 14 issue, plus one Summer Special; a 15th issue, would be eventually released in limited numbers.
A new version of the character (Captain Canuck) was launched in the early 1990s, followed a few years later by another Special (Captain Canuck: Utopia Moments); this had two different versions released, with two different end pages.
In 2004 a mini-series was released, Captain Canuck: Reborn, debuting a third version of the character (but nicely tying all three Captain Canuck's into the same reality).
www.internationalhero.co.uk /c/cpcanuk1.htm   (610 words)

 Protecteurs du Nord - Profils des superhéros - Captain Canuck
Canuck réalise que le Cat travaille pour le mystérieux David Waller et décide de pénétrer dans le manoir de ce dernier pour en savoir plus sur les intentions du géant de la haute technologie.
Canuck apprend ensuite que David Waller s'est rendu en Alberta pour tenter de sauver son neveu, Jordan Zehr, qui s'est engagé dans un groupe dangereux de « suprémacistes » blancs, le Nouvel Ordre aryen.
Canuck, qui fait des affaires en Alberta, décide de garder un œil sur Waller.
www.collectionscanada.ca /superheros/t3-305.1-f.html   (1253 words)

 Looney Canuck
I think that I'm more with the latter argument, because the hype will die down, as it always does, and the book and novel will end up in the dustbin of history of fads.
Until recently, I was inclined to think that an American withdrawal from Iraq would lead to chaos and a humanitarian disaster.
Maybe also, the trend is that national sovereignty as we have always understood it is an overrated concept anyway.
looney-canuck.blogspot.com   (1112 words)

 Mad Canuck   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
For those of us here in the United States, you should get used to seeing this face, as you'll probably be seeing her in the news a lot in the coming years.
Fortunately, the jury was able to see through Moussaoui's façade and through all the hype and rhetoric surrounding this case, and was able to reach a just sentence.
However, in today's society, the same situation that created the GED no longer exists, and the fact that we leave it on the table as an option only encourages some frustrated teenagers to look at it as a valid option.
madcanuck.blogspot.com   (13623 words)

 Canuck Audio Mart: Privacy Policy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Canuck Audio Mart will only use the aforementioned information to facilitate your transactions on our site and to enhance you overall experience of the site.
Canuck Audio Mart will take reasonable precautionary measures to protect and safeguard all information gathered about you while using our site.
Canuck Audio Mart does not, however, take any responsibility for any breach of security, accidental disclosure, theft, or tampering of your information.
www.canuckaudiomart.com /privacy.php   (524 words)

 Canucks.com -  Community - Canucks for Kids Fund - Canuck Place   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The primary focus of the Canucks For Kids Fund's fundraising efforts for the past five seasons has been Canuck Place Children's Hospice.
Canuck Place offers specialized care for both child and family when the child is living with a progressive life-limiting illness.
Canuck players take part in several activities throughout the hockey season at Canuck Place.
www.canucks.com /subpage.asp?sectionID=168&month=8&year=2004#calendar   (118 words)

 IGN Boards - *~*~*~*~Vancouver Canuck Chat~*~*~*~* talk about your team here!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The Vancouver Canucks locked up one of the NHL's premier power forwards Sunday, signing Todd Bertuzzi to a new four-year, $27.8 million US contract that commences this season.
Bertuzzi, known as Bert by his teammates and the rabid Canucks fans, had a breakout season last year.
Canucks playing LA right now..should be a good one.
boards.ign.com /Hockey/b5111/35782320/p27   (1049 words)

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