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Topic: Capital Metropolitan Area

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 Seoul National Capital Area - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Seoul National Capital Area is a region located at the center of the Korean peninsula and is home to the capital of South Korea, Seoul.
The first capital to be constructed in the region was that of Baekje, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea.
In the Korean War (1950-1953), the Capital Metropolitan Area became the focus of battles so destructive that most of Seoul and the surrounding regions were eradicated.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Seoul_National_Capital_Area   (941 words)

 Capital University - The Education You Want. The Attention You Deserve.
Capital University was founded by the Lutheran Church in 1830.
Capital also offers professional education for Central Ohio employees and employers through The New Center for Professional Development, located in the Arena District.
All Capital students benefit from the cultural, social, educational and athletic events offered by this growing and prosperous metropolitan area.
webserv3.capital.edu /wel   (201 words)

 The Austin Chronicle: Politics: At the Crossroads
Starting this week, Capital Metro GM Karen Rae and board chairman Lee Walker are rolling out a big-deal outreach campaign dubbed AIM, for "Austin Area in Motion," to capture the vox populi on matters of transport.
Capital Metro's fourth general manager in 10 years has been on the job a little more than six months -- it seems longer, after the lengthy, high-visibility selection process that found Rae in Buffalo and brought her down here.
It needs to be noted that Capital Metro is already in the funding pipeline with the Federal Transit Administration for a rail system, and is moving forward with its application for "new starts" money even as the AIM process puts a question mark next to light rail.
www.austinchronicle.com /issues/vol18/issue32/pols.capitalmetro.html   (2918 words)

 EPA: Federal Register: Environmental Impact Statement on Transportation Improvements Within the Proposed North/South ...
Due to tremendous growth in the Austin Metropolitan Area over the past decade, major north-south freeways and arterials serving three major employment centers are severely congested.
Scoping The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) in cooperation with the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Capital Metro), intends to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed North/South Central and Southeast Corridors in Austin, Texas.
The Austin Metropolitan Area is one of the fastest growing regions in the United States.
www.epa.gov /fedrgstr/EPA-IMPACT/2000/May/Day-19/i12637.htm   (886 words)

 About Capital Metro - News and Info - Capital Metro Transit - Austin, Texas
Capital Metro's life story begins on January 19, 1985, when voters in Austin and the surrounding area approved the creation of the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
It replaced Capital Metro's seven-member appointed Board with a five-member interim Board appointed by the Austin Transportation Study which is now known as the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization or CAMPO.
The term of the Capital Metro board membership is two years, and a board member may be re-appointed but may not serve more than eight years.
www.capmetro.org /news/history.asp   (772 words)

 VHB.com : Capital One Corporate Headquarters Campus
Capital One Financial Corporation is a rapidly growing major financial services organization with more than 20 million customers worldwide.
Occupying more than 20 separate facilities in the Richmond, Virginia, metropolitan area, Capital One retained VHB to prepare a site evaluation, due diligence study, and proposed master development plan to determine the feasibility of moving to a consolidated headquarters campus.
Capital One viewed a campuslike setting as essential to fostering a high-quality corporate environment, good employee interaction and collaboration, and a loyal workforce.
www.vhb.com /template_project.asp?pagename=proj_Capital_One_1435DF   (304 words)

 Press Releases
The Board of Directors of Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSS/NCA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Melissa Graves as the agency’s Executive Director.
July 29, 2006 -- Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area will present special awards to representatives of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and their mission congregation, Grace Ethiopian Church in recognition of their collaborative work in the resettlement of Ethiopian refugees resettled to the National Capital Area this past September.
Area teens will work together to create a highly mobile, resourceful and creative leadership team which will be able to assist local churches in providing a multicultural outreach to children in their neighborhoods.
www.lssnca.org /press_releases.htm   (1129 words)

 New Delhi is the Government Capital of India   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Although Mumbai is the financial and entertainment capital of India, the three municipalities that make up the metropolitan area of Delhi is the real national capital.
The metropolitan area is made up of the National capital territory (NCT), New Delhi, and Delhi Cantonment.
One of these was the British Empire, which moved the capital to Calcutta until the early part of the 20th century.
www.indiatraveltips.com /india-delhi.shtml   (391 words)

 Org Guide Additional Info   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The CAMPO planning area encompasses all of Hays, Travis and Williamson Counties.
It is not intended to duplicate the work of the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO), which plans for all of Travis County, Williamson, and Hays Counties.
The geographic district responsible for highway development in the Capital Area is the Austin District.
www.catransco.org /Links/OrgGuide_More.htm   (2880 words)

Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) shall include the local governments of the Municipalities and the Counties, the North Carolina Department of Transportation; a Transportation Advisory Committee hereinafter defined, a Technical Coordinating Committee hereinafter defined, and the various agencies and units of local, regional, and state government participating in the transportation planning for the area.
The Urbanized Area Boundary and the Metropolitan Area Boundary shall be periodically reviewed and revised in light of new developments and basic data projections.
Transportation policy decisions within the planning area are the shared responsibility of the North Carolina Board of Transportation, the Transportation Advisory Committee and the governing bodies of the participating local governments.
www.townofcary.org /agenda/councilmin05/cm081105b1.htm   (2880 words)

 An Organization of TR Enthusiasts in the Washington, DC Area   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
To be eligible for consideration, the individual must be a full-time employee of a federal, state or local law enforcement agency in the Washington DC metropolitan area and have experienced a serious physical handicap, illness or injury and returned to work.
The Capital Area Chapter was formed in 2003, joining chapters in New England, Texas, Nashville and Portland, OR.
The Capital Area Chapter of the TRA launched a website today aimed at helping fans of our 26th President pass a bill for a commemorative coin to be minted in his honor.
www.capitalareatra.org /news.asp   (630 words)

 CAMPO - - www.campotexas.org
The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is that organization designated by the Governor as being responsible, together with the state, for carrying out the provisions of 23 USC 134 (The Urban Transportation Planning Process) and 49 USC 5303, as amended.
The structure of the Metropolitan Planning Organization consists of the Transportation Policy Board, the Executive Committee, the CAMPO Office and Special Committees, all as described in subsequent paragraphs of these bylaws and operating procedures.
Adopted unanimously by the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Transportation Policy Board on June 10, 1996; revised by resolution on February 8, 1999, April 14, 2003, and February 13, 2006.
www.campotexas.org /comm_bylaws.php   (1686 words)

 National Capital Area Paralegal Association
The National Capital Area Paralegal Association (NCAPA) is a voluntary, non-profit organization composed of paralegals interested in furthering their professional development, and we are dedicated to the advancement of the paralegal profession.
NCAPA was formed in 1974 by paralegals living or working in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area in response to the growing need for an organized professional association for paralegals.
NCAPA defines a Paralegal or Legal Assistant as a person that is qualified through education, training, or work experience to perform substantive legal work that requires knowledge of legal concepts, and work that is customarily, but not exclusively, performed by an attorney.
ncapa.com   (498 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions: IH 35 Study
The number of lanes on IH 35 that are feasible in the central downtown area, will reflect upon the capacity of IH 35 as it radiates from the downtown area to the cities north and south of Austin.
We must remember that the Austin metropolitan area will double in size by the year 2020 and the travel demand for the IH 35 corridor will be greater than that which can be provided within the corridor.
SH 130, however, is an important and integral part of the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization’s plan and truck traffic will use the facility.
www.i35austin.com /faq.shtml   (1094 words)

 Capital Business Brokerage - Home
Capital Business Brokerage serves business Sellers and Buyers in Suburban MD, Northern Virginia, the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, the Baltimore Metropolitan Area, the State of Delaware, and on the Delmarva Peninsula who have a target transaction value of between $250,000 and $25,000,000.
Capital’s Business Brokers and Intermediaries have successfully brokered the sale of hundreds of business transactions.
C and D Commercial Brokerage, Inc., the parent company of Capital Business Brokerage, was founded in April 1990 as a business brokerage company and is also a fully licensed commercial real estate company that handles the sale and leasing requirements of our clients.
www.capitalbusinessbrokerage.com /default.htm   (206 words)

 Hospice · Physician Fellowship Program   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship at Capital Hospice trains physicians in the many aspects of the practice of palliative medicine.
The goal of care is to achieve and sustain the highest quality of life by providing expert pain and symptom management and psychosocial and spiritual support to ameliorate suffering.
Capital Hospice has provided expert, compassionate, end-of-life care in the Washington DC metropolitan area since 1977.
www.capitalhospice.org /healthcare/educational/fellowship.asp   (468 words)

WHEREAS, the Planning Committee, at its May 4, 2005 meeting, recommended approval by the Capital District Transportation Committee of the 2005-10 Transportation Improvement Program for the Capital District metropolitan area.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Capital District Transportation Committee endorses the 2005-10
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Capital District Transportation Committee endorses the conformity analysis performed in the context of the 2005-10
www.cdtcmpo.org /tipdoc05/res3.html   (551 words)

 megalopolis - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Megalopolis, capital of the Arcadian League in the 4th century bc and part of the Achaean League beginning in the 3rd century bc.
description of the Northeastern U.S. Megalopolis region, Miami metropolitan area, originator of term, states included in Northeastern Megalopolis,...
Each member state or town of the league was autonomous, but all members participated in a council that met twice...
encarta.msn.com /megalopolis.html   (107 words)

 points of interest
Washington, the capital of the United States, is located in and coterminous (as of 1878) with the District of Columbia, a
The city is the center of a metropolitan area that is the eighth most populous in the country.
The population of the city proper is 637,651 (1980), and that of the metropolitan area, 3,060,240.
www.acm.org /sigada/conf/sigada2000/points_of_interest.html   (412 words)

 The Austin Chronicle News: Capital Metro's Labor Woes Continue
Due to conflicting state and federal law, drivers are given bargaining rights, but Capital Metro can't bargain with its employees – hence contractor StarTran's role in the whole process.
At Monday's Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization board meeting, Mayor Pro Tem Danny Thomas delayed reappointment of Lee Walker to Cap Metro's board over the union's allegations of impropriety (see right); however, Wyatt's critical words may be the only card (albeit a flimsy one) the union holds in negotiations.
Capital Metro unveiled its streetcar circulator route for Downtown and Mueller at its recent board meeting, but the agency still managed to see that announcement upstaged by a proposal to double current bus fares and a likely impending labor squabble.
www.austinchronicle.com /gyrobase/Issue/story?oid=oid:290821   (938 words)

 Mason Area Chamber of Commerce - Homepage
The clock tower of the historic Ingham County Courthouse is a beacon in the heart of the community and the Courthouse is the centerpiece of our historic downtown area.
The Mason area is a community of about 8,000 people and is only minutes south of Lansing, the state capital.
Quiet and attractive neighborhoods, a historic downtown area, our Cobblestone Village district, rural charm, affordable homes, a high-quality school system and convenient, quick access to the Lansing metropolitan area are just some of the reasons people enjoy living in the Mason area.
masonchamber.org   (131 words)

 Capital Area Food Bank | Donation
The Capital Area Food Bank's mission is to feed those who suffer from hunger in the Washington Metropolitan Area by acquiring food and distributing it through our network of member feeding programs; and to educate the community about the issues surrounding hunger and poverty.
The Capital Area Food Bank is a critical resource in the struggle against hunger throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area.
The Capital Area Food Bank wishes to express our thanks to artist Ron Schwerin and the Zenith Gallery (www.zenithgallery.com) for the beautiful still life painting "Pears, Eggplant, Asparagi & Bread" featured above.
www.capitalareafoodbank.org /donation/donate.cfm   (208 words)

 Capital Restaurants Inc.
Capital Restaurant Concepts, Ltd. is the premier restaurant group in the Washington D.C./Baltimore metropolitan area.
Creativity and diversity are hallmarks of Capital Restaurant Concepts.
High profile locations, exhibition kitchens, exceptional food prepared by professionally trained chefs, genuine and caring service which is theatrical in style and focused on every detail — all of this with great value, make Capital Restaurant Concepts, Ltd. a major force in the restaurant industry.
www.capitalrestaurants.com   (111 words)

 The Capital Scot ® - Site Map
About Capital Scot This page provides information about The Capital Scot®: the site, the service, the person, the brag book.
Scottish Events in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area and Surrounding Areas This page lists links to sites with information about local events and places of interest in the Washington, DC area.
The Capital Scot web site does NOT obtain personally-identifying information about you when you visit unless you choose to provide such information such as on a form or in an e-mail.
thecapitalscot.com /site-map.html   (879 words)

 Capital Rowing Club   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Capital Rowing Club will host a Learn to Row Demonstration as part of the Anacostia Cherry Blossom Festival.
The benefits of rowing, such as discipline, camaraderie, fitness, knowledge of water safety, and the appreciation for the Anacostia River as a valuable natural and recreational resource should be available to everyone.
Capital strives to promote the Anacostia River as a valuable natural and recreational resource for our community.
www.capitalrowing.org /category/default.aspx?ID=4   (162 words)

 About the Area - Lansing, Michigan
Located centrally in the state, Lansing is Michigan's capital city with a metropolitan area population of approximately 130,000, with the greater Lansing area and environs nearing 480,000.
The Lansing area also offers a variety of performing arts options, including Boarshead Theater, Riverwalk Theater, and the Greater Lansing Symphony Orchestra.
Lansing area residents enjoy a lower cost of living relative to other cities in the United States, including more affordable housing.
www.im.msu.edu /applicants/abtarea2.htm   (252 words)

 Capital Bank - Welcome
Capital Bank is a community bank dedicated to providing excellent service to businesses, professionals, not-for-profit organizations, and investors in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.
We understand the needs of small businesses and individuals and stand ready to tailor our services in a uniquely personalized way.
Contact us soon to experience the Capital Bank difference in banking services.
www.capitalbankmd.com   (71 words)

 Cushman & Wakefield Promotes Robert Donnelly, Jr. to Director
After working as a leasing and sales broker in Cushman and Wakefield’s Parsippany office for two years, Donnelly, of Allamuchy, N.J., joined the Metropolitan Area Capital Markets Group in early 2004 and immediately carved a niche that has expanded the team’s activity notably.
During the past decade, the Metropolitan Area Capital Markets Group has completed more than $11 billion worth of transactions concentrated in northern New Jersey; Fairfield County, Conn.; and Long Island and Westchester County, N.Y. For the past three years, this included more than $1.5 billion in transactions annually, reaching $2.5 billion in 2005.
“Our Metropolitan Area Capital Markets Group is one of the largest and most successful real estate investment sales teams in the tri-state area,” Medina said.
www.prweb.com /releases/2006/9/prweb442418.htm   (674 words)

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