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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

Caprera is part of the Archipelago of La Maddalena with the islands of La Maddalena, Santo Stefano, Spargi and Spargiotto, Budelli, Razzoli and Santa Maria.
Caprera is connected to La Maddalena by a dam with a swing bridge.
Nowadays Caprera is managed by the Department of Agriculture and Forests who have designated this area as a nature preserve because of its rich flora and fauna.
www.sardiniapoint.it /7097.html   (133 words)

 Caprera e Maddalena
Quando, nel 1855, Garibaldi vi si stabilì, Caprera era disabitata: vi sorgeva una sola, vecchia costruzione.
Garibaldi cominciò a costruirla nel 1856, pochi mesi dopo il suo arrivo a Caprera.
E si ritira ancora una volta a Caprera, ma pieno di un'amarezza che invano tentava di nascondere.
digilander.libero.it /gidial/italia/sardegna/caprera/caprera.htm   (1677 words)

 Giuseppe Garibaldi
On the outbreak of war in 1859 he was placed in command of the Alpine infantry, defeating the Austrians at Casale on the 8th of May, crossing the Ticino on the 23rd of May, and, after a series of victorious fights, liberating Alpine territory as far as the frontier of Tirol.
Their presence put an end to the plan for the invasion of the papal states, and Garibaldi unwillingly issued a decree for the plebiscite which was to sanction the incorporation of the Two Sicilies in the Italian realm.
From the Trentino he returned to Caprera to mature his designs against Rome, which had been evacuated by the French in pursuance of the Franco-Italian convention of the 15th of September 1864.
www.nndb.com /people/150/000089880   (1878 words)

 Two More Red Hat Society Chapters Spring Up in Levittown
Queen Caprera, from the very beginning, has been in the mix of these emerging chapters and is now running one of the chapters herself.
Caprera's chapter is aptly named the Sophisticats, where the women are starting to greet one another by pretending to lick their paws and brush them along their faces, the Queen said, as she mimicked the feline movements.
Queen Caprera began the Sophisticats' chapter in February 2004 after she left the original group she belonged to, which just didn't feel right for her.
www.antonnews.com /levittowntribune/2005/08/12/news   (1036 words)

 Robert G. Caprera - Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy
Professor Robert G. Caprera received his bachelor of arts in 1976 at Duke University.
Professor Caprera served as a Bar Advocate (Public Defender) in Worcester County, Massachusetts, for several years.
Professor Caprera and his wife, Julie, have three children and live in Southbridge, Massachusetts.
www.obcl.edu /faculty/caprera.php   (112 words)

 Caprera - Sardinia - Sardegna.com
Caprera is part of the La Maddalena archipelago, situated on the north-eastern end of Sardinia.
Unfortunately, Caprera has had to deal with fire; in fact part of the wonderful pine wood surrounding Garibaldi's house was destroyed by arsonists.
Caprera offers a rich range of wonders, enjoyable not only during the summer.
www.sardegna.com /code/articolo/TABLE/LOCALITA/id/482/LINGUA/EN   (513 words)

 Tactica Corporation Extends ActiveX Technology to Off-Line Transaction Processing (OFTP)
With Caprera version 2.1 available immediately, Tactica is the first company to extend ActiveX technology to transaction-oriented mobile and remote database applications.
Caprera's OFTP capabilities will reliably extend the reach of Microsoft's enterprise initiatives, like Viper and Denali, beyond office walls to the external organization," said Mr.
Caprera can also be used with forms-based, GUI front-end development products like Visual Basic, Power Builder, and Centura as well as with existing Web browsers and Web servers.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=105&STORY=/www/story/44438   (684 words)

 Caprera - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Caprera, island, 6 sq mi (15.5 sq km), NE Sardinia, Italy, in the Strait of Bonifacio.
It was the residence (1856-82) of Garibaldi, who is buried there.
Travel: Just the kind of place where a soldier can pull off his boots; When he wasn't fighting for the oppressed, Garibaldi would head for the tiny island of Caprera, off Sardinia.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-caprera.html   (229 words)

 Cabasse Capreras loudspeakers [English]
Straight away it was clear that the Capreras were voiced to be much more even in the midband with much less 'character'.
The Caprera's on the other hand were quite happy with FFRC cable (which the others found too bright) and were content both against the wall and a couple of feet out from it.
But the Capreras didn't do this, I was quite happy to use them through the test period and a friend who heard them here went out and bought a pair, which considering what a skinflint he is, is no bad recommendation...
www.tnt-audio.com /casse/cabasse-caprera_e.html   (1380 words)

 Nuova pagina 1
This area is well-known as the divers' "Mediterranean Sanctuary", for its unique flora and fauna, its clear water and its particular morphology, due to the configuration of the granite stone spread on the splendid coasts.
With good sea conditions, the dives are effectuated on shoals in the open sea, raising from the sandy ground of approximately 35 /40 meters to the apex (hat), which normally remains at the depth of 16 to 5 meters.
The dives of Caprera are effectuated near the coast (ideal also for snorkeling), on sea grounds and walls quickly reaching the depth of 40 meters.
www.orsodiving.com /imm/imm_eng.htm   (2452 words)

 Hotel Caprera Venice Italy - Hostel Reviews & Ratings
Hotel Caprera is situated in Venice's historical and artistic city centre, a short walk from Venice railway station Santa Lucia and 10 minutes from the parking facilities at Piazzale Roma and Tronchetto.
In the nearnees of the hotel is possible to visit the antique 'Ghetto of Venice', the 'Church dei Frari', the 'Scuola Grande di San Rocco' and the 'University of Ca' Foscari'.
The Hotel Caprera is founded and directly of the same family until 1953; it's completely restored in March 2005 and has 14 rooms with private bath, all equipped with telephone with direct call and satellite TV.
www.hostelworld.com /hosteldetails.php/HotelCaprera-Venice-14658   (547 words)

 Caprera - Sardegna - Sardegna.com
L'isola di Caprera fa parte dell'arcipelago della Maddalena, che si trova all'estremità nord-orientale della Sardegna.
Giuseppe Garibaldi sapeva avrebbe trascorso l'ultimo atto della sua esistenza a Caprera, ed e' l'ultima eredità affidata alla storia dal grande generale.
Caprera offre un ricco campionario di meraviglie, da godere anche lontano dalla stagione calda, quando l'isola diventa un punto di riferimento turistico straordinario.
www.sardegna.com /code/articolo/TABLE/LOCALITA/id/482/LINGUA/IT   (629 words)

 Diffusori Cabasse Caprera [Italiano]
Passando alle mie IPL le Caprera si dimostrano un po' indietro sull'estensione dei bassi rispetto a questi "maestri del basso", ma si riprendono un po' sulla velocità.
Succede raramente e in effetti in questo aspetto le Caprera sono parecchio lontane.
D'altra parte le Caprera vanno abbastanza bene con i cavi FFRC (con i quali le altre erano troppo chiare), il posizionamento può andare da attaccate alla parete di fondo fino a una sessantina di cm da questa.
www.tnt-audio.com /casse/cabasse-caprera.html   (1254 words)

 SARDINIA Vacation - SARDINIA: Club Med
In the North-east of Sardinia, 7 km from the Madalena archipelago, our straw hut Village in Caprera is facing the Costa Smeralda.
This picturesque destination, nested in the shade of a vast pine forest, is only 20 minutes on foot from Garibaldi's home and grave.
At Caprera, the wind is right for all ages and levels.
www.clubmed.net /all_inclusive_resort/caprera.html   (186 words)

 Tactica Corporation Brings Off-line Transaction Processing (OFTP) to HP/UX, SUN Solaris, and IBM MVS
Caprera for SUN Solaris and HP/UX server platforms will begin shipping on August 8, 1997.
Caprera's open architecture provides a flexible environment allowing corporations to integrate with their business partners' environments and removing a key obstacle in business-to-business commerce.
NOTE: Tactica, Caprera, and The OFTP Company are registered trademarks of Tactica Corporation.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=105&STORY=/www/story/6-25-97/264717   (550 words)

 Mobile Users Stay Connected Via Tactica Caprera, The First Offline TP Monitor   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The package Tactica sent us was named simply Caprera, but, just as we finishe d testing, Tactica tacked the qualifier "Mobile" onto its name.
Caprera claims to supply a database infrastructure and conflict-resolution mechanism for temporarily offline workers.
To explore its capabilities and determine its usefulness, we put Caprera through its paces, issuing updates (consisting of sales, returns and restockings) against an inventory database of goods for sale.
www.networkcomputing.com /906/906r2.html   (644 words)

 [No title]
L’isola di Caprera, pur essendo per molti versi abbastanza simile alle altre isole dell’arcipelago, merita una particolare attenzione per alcuni dettagli che in qualche modo la distinguono dal mondo che la circonda.
All’estremo lembo meridionale di Caprera, la morfologia rupestre ed accidentata relativa al paesaggio granitico è interrotta da una formazione gneissica pressoché pianeggiante o, al più, con bassi rilievi a dolce pendio.
I rilievi operati sull’isola di Caprera, confortati dalle ricerche di laboratorio, hanno infine condotto alla identificazione di un vasto corteo filoniano che, in analogia con gli allineamenti relativi a tutto l’Arcipelago, appare distribuito secondo direttrici essenzialmente meridiane e trasversali, con più larga ed imponente prevalenza delle prime.
web.tiscali.it /quasarminerali/caprera1.htm   (738 words)

 LA MADDALENA, Arcipelago di La Maddalena
Per visitare Caprera si supera il quartiere Moneta, raggiungendo il Passo della Moneta, ponte-diga molto panoramico che unisce le due isole; percorrendo la suggestiva pineta si giunge in breve al Compendio Garibaldino, con la casa Bianca ieri dimora di Giuseppe Garibaldi ed oggi Museo.
La visita a Caprera è ampiamente giustificata anche dalle sue notevoli caratteristiche paesaggistico-ambientali.
Anche la costa nord-occidentale di Caprera offre vari angoli interessanti e solitari, più che altro raggiungibili con imbarcazioni a causa della difficoltà dei sentieri: subito a sud di Punta Galera, la Cala Napoletana e poi la Cala Caprarese, e infine le splendide scogliere fino alle isole degli Italiani che si trovano all'imboccatura di Cala Garibaldi.
www.lamaddalena.com /itinerari/caprera.php3?l=   (193 words)

 Maddalena and Caprera
The appointment is to the bring of Palau to embark for the Maddalena.
For the most adventurous a visit to the old fascist fortifications is planned.
We advise layers in order to cater for physical effort and for all possible weather conditions.
www.agriturismolachina.com /offerte/treken/treksmera02.htm   (227 words)

 [No title]
The Orso Diving Club of Poltu Quatu is located in the heart of the Marine Park of La Maddalena, only 2 miles from Caprera, 16 miles from the Island of Lavezzi and 18 miles from the Island of Tavolara.
They'll be surprised by the morphologic beauty of this grounds with enormous granite rocks and monoliths forming passages and small caves: a true labyrinth of tunnels, where underwater life of any kind abounds.
In particular the dives in the sea of Caprera have two great advantages: on one side, they are sheltered from the common north-west wind; on the other, their position guarantees the absence of strong drifts.
web.tiscali.it /orsodive/imm_eng.htm   (2403 words)

 In Caprera under the Stars
Ente Parco Nazionale dell'Arcipelago di La Maddalena, in collaboration with Associazione Sarda di Astronomia, organizes in the night of the shooting stars an astronomical event in the island of Caprera.
The town of Stagnali (SS), situated in a corner of Caprera completely open to the sky and with no natural obstacles, will be transformed into an ideal place for an astronomical observation.
In the Environmental Education Center of Stagnali, from 10.00 p.m.
db.parks.it /eventi/Edettaglio.php?id=11362   (175 words)

 Landsknecht: Total War - Total War Center Forums
I'd say concentrate on a small period of time and ideally a small part of Europe as well.
It goes from Paris to Naples and even if it looks quite small, think about seeing every small town on northern Italy or all the valleys of Switzerland...
We are still not sure about Hungary and Ottoman Empire roles as their a part of their territories is included in the map...
www.twcenter.net /forums/showthread.php?t=47006   (1459 words)

 Piazza Caprera and the Basilica of Santa Margherita Ligure - PanoViews - 360° Panoramas & Virtual Tours
Piazza Caprera and the Basilica of Santa Margherita Ligure
Santa Margherita’s one landmark of note is its namesake Basilica di Santa Margherita, just off the seafront on Piazza Caprera.
The church is open daily from 8am to noon and 3 to 7pm and is well worth a visit to view the extravagant, gilded, chandeliered interior.
www.panoviews.com /index/home_en/comments/piazza-caprera-basilica-of-santa-margherita-ligure   (488 words)

 Consorzio Costa Smeralda   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In this area havens and places for shelter are so numerous that you can stop when you want if conditions should become too demanding.
On leaving Caprera you can sail along the coast of the island of Santo Stefano where there are the installations of the American military base and the chance perhaps of meeting with a passing sub-marine.
On Spargi there are lots of wild boar and in the evening, at quiet times, they come down to the beach to eat the tourists’ left-overs.
www.consorziocostasmeralda.com /en/itinerari/itinerari3.html   (1053 words)

 Stripe Linens from Elegant Linens
Caprera is light and airy with soft hued stripes decorating the fine 100% linen bedding.
A combination of stripe, dark rose, and bruciato merge to create a lovely stripe linen bed ensemble.
This yarn dyed bed linen collection was inspired by the Italian island of Caprera.
www.elegantlinenspc.com /stripe-linens.htm   (134 words)

 Giro d'Italia to open on island of Caprera | Breaking news | Guardian Unlimited Sport   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Giro d'Italia to open on island of Caprera
ROME, Dec 2 (Reuters) - Next year's 90th Giro d'Italia will open with a 24-kms team time trial on the tiny island of Caprera off the north coast of Sardinia on May 12 and finish in Milan on June 3, organisers said on Saturday.
The field will travel up the west coast of Italy through the central regions of Lazio, Umbria, and Emilia Romagna then cross the mountains on the country's northern border with brief forays into France and Austria.
sport.guardian.co.uk /breakingnews/feedstory/0,,-6254176,00.html   (230 words)

 Isle of Wight accommodation: Caprera Hotel, Sandown, Isle of Wight.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Isle of Wight accommodation: Caprera Hotel, Sandown, Isle of Wight.
The Caprera Hotel is conveniently located close to the town with it's many shops, restaurants and pubs.
We are also only a few minutes walk from Sandown's safe, sandy beach and pier for seaside attractions and entertainment.
www.netguides.co.uk /wight/caprera.html   (196 words)

 HOTEL CAPRERA - Venice - Hotels in Italy - Online Booking
Hotel Caprera is situated in Venice's historical and artistic center, in "sestiere" of Cannaregio, one of the most tipical and populated in Venice.
It's preferred for its position, because it's easy to reach for whom ever arrives in Venice by train, car or plane.
Hotel Caprera is founded and directed by the same family since 1953, completely restored in March 2005 and it is runed directly by the owner providing a friendly environment and an excellent service, making everything easier for our guests.
www.traveleurope.it /see2.php?id=3432&lingua=eng   (301 words)

 Find in a Library: The Lion of Caprera; a biography of Giuseppe Garibaldi.
Find in a Library: The Lion of Caprera; a biography of Giuseppe Garibaldi.
The Lion of Caprera; a biography of Giuseppe Garibaldi.
WorldCat is provided by OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. on behalf of its member libraries.
www.worldcatlibraries.org /wcpa/ow/eb2b893f164132c6.html   (74 words)

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