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Topic: Captain Atom

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  Don Markstein's Toonopedia: Captain Atom
Captain Adam was an officer in the pre-Vietnam U.S. Air Force, stationed at Cape Canaveral, when he had one of those comic book accidents that would disintegrate an actual human, and — surprise — was disintegrated.
One Captain Atom story was illustrated by Rocke Mastroserio (Gunmaster, Nature Boy), then the character was allowed to fade away — it was the Ditko touch that gave it its charm.
In any of his forms, Captain Atom is not a licensing bonanza or a hot property.
www.toonopedia.com /capatom1.htm   (401 words)

  Captain Atom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Captain Atom was created for Charlton Comics but was later acquired by DC Comics and revised for DC’s post-Crisis continuity.
Atom and the Monarch character continued battling through time in the "Armageddon The Alien Agenda" limited series, until he was returned to his own time at the conclusion.
Captain Atom was briefly shown in flashbacks in Alex Ross and Mark Waid's comic Kingdom Come as a member of Magog's Justice Battalion, along with the rest of the Charlton "Action Heroes".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Captain_Atom   (2066 words)

 Hank Hall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The battle caused Atom's suit and Monarch's energy to clash, creating a portal that sent both of them back in time to the age of the dinosaurs.
Captain Atom next causes an explosion on the primitive Earth, which propels both he, and the trigger, forward in to ancient, Emperor Nero (54-68 A.D.) era Rome.
He revealed that Captain Atom was actually a copy of him, created as a side-effect of the process that trapped him in the timestream.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Monarch_(comics)   (1449 words)

 Captain Atom - Oracle Files
As part of the "Captain Atom" experiment, Adam was encapsulated in a shell made of that metal and was seated on an atomic bomb, which was detonated to record the effects of the blast and radiation.
Captain Atom has little time to pursue an active personal life, but he has been romantically linked with several women, among them the super-heroine Nightshade; Sally Stone, owner of a San Franciscan '60s nostalgia store; and Catherine Corbert, the JLE's Parisian liaison.
Eventually clearing himself of the false charges against him, Captain Atom went on to join the Justice League, and has served as the leader of the European branch of Justice League International and also led the satellite team known as Extreme Justice.
www.unstable.com /oraclewiki/index.php?title=Captain_Atom   (911 words)

 DITKO LOOKED UP - 'Captain Atom' Page
Captain Atom flies out to rescue him from certain death, and the Russians are astonished to learn that their man was not the first in space after all, but was in fact preceded by a platinum-haired super-being in a gold costume.
Since Captain Adam is also Captain Atom, he not only survives the explosion but is able to salvage the jet, then attends to the capture of the saboteurs.
Captain Atom senses his distress, and travels with the child through distant space, to where a star radiates a healing force that counteracts the effects of the illness.
www.ditko.comics.org /ditko/crea/crcaptai.html   (2093 words)

 Captain Atom
Note: Captain Atom was published in the pages of Space Adventures by Charlton Comics and only lasted for half a year before the publisher reverted the title back to its former science fiction stories.
Captain Atom along with other Charlton superheroes would appear in DC continuity during the Crisis on Infinite Earths and later be published in his own series from 1987 to 1991.
Captain Nathaniel Adam was making final adjustments to an Atlas missile before its test flight, when he dropped his screwdriver.
spider-bob.com /heroes/dc/CaptainAtom.htm   (313 words)

 BUZZSCOPE :: Captain Atom: Armageddon #2
Captain Atom: Armageddon #2 is much stronger than the first issue, giving a better sense of the WildStorm Universe and how it differs drastically from the DCU.
Grifter finds out that Captain Atom and Void are made of the same kind of energy, and at the same moment that he appeared, Void’s energy signature also appeared after years of lying dormant.
Captain Atom: Armageddon #2 offers a little more insight on what’s happening between the two universes and the man caught in the middle of it than the first issue did.
popcultureshock.com /reviews.php?id=5224   (577 words)

 Charlton's Captain Atom
Powers/Abilities: Captain Atom's powers are derived entirely from the alien alloy that has merged with his body; by covering his body with this alloy at will he gains the standard set of superhero powers (flight, super strength, and invulnerability) and several others.
Captain Atom has an energy absorption power that's second to none in the DCU, he is able to absorb just about any form of energy and store it in his person; however, if he absorbs too much at any given time he will more-or-less skip into the near future.
Captain Atom appeared in the first episode of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, his powers and nature had been changed to the point where he had more in common with the terrible electric Superman of the late 90s than with the Captain Atom we all know and love.
www.internationalhero.co.uk /c/capatom2.htm   (1141 words)

 Crey Industries : Hero Threat Database   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Captain Atom a key player during the Nemesis crisis in Washinton DC in 1946.
Captain Atom was killed in the line of duty when he saved two younger heroes from the Rikti assault.
Captain Atom's body was retrieved by First Team 00X7 under the direction of R and D to procure a recently deceased hero for the newly dubbed Revenant Project.
www.creyindustries.com /viewhero.php?id=16957   (1062 words)

 The Marvel Family Web » Who's Who » Mr. Atom
Atom escaped with the Comet Men in their spaceship and was apparently destroyed when the spaceship blew up.
Atom handily defeated the Golden Age Flash of Earth 2 and The Flash of Earth-1 and Mercury as well as Ibis the Invincible and the Green Lanterns.
Atom was also created by Dr. Charles Langley except this time the sentient robot sought out help for the doctor by capturing Mary Marvel and taking her to Langley's labratory.
www.marvelfamily.com /WhosWho/whoswho.asp?castid=344   (718 words)

 Captain Atom
The government then invented an elaborate background and history for Captain Atom that omitted all of his military connections and presented him to the unsuspecting public as the newest superhero sensation.
Captain Atom made the ultimate sacrifice, however, in defiance of his country and President (Luthor).
Captain Atom was originally published by Charlton Comics, which was later bought by DC Comics.
www.mykey3000.com /cosmicteams/profiles/captainatom.html   (1472 words)

 Dave's Long Box: CAPTAIN ATOM ANNUAL #1 DC Comics 1988
Captain Atom was one of the Charlton Comics characters that DC bought the rights to, along with Blue Beetle, Nightshade, and Judo Master.
Captain Adam!!!) was tried and convicted of treason, despite his protests that he had been framed.
To be fair to Captain Atom, most of the times he was acting on the behalf of the US government, it wasn't entirely his choice.
daveslongbox.blogspot.com /2005/04/captain-atom-annual-1-dc-comics-1988.html   (879 words)

 Original Justice League | Captain Atom   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Unjustly court-martialed for murder and treason, Air Force Captain Natheniel Adams lost his freedon, his family and seemingly his life as a "volunteer" for the government's "Captain Atom Project".
Captain Atom also remained an unwilling governement operative, even as a member of the Justice League, until Adam Kelly, overthrew the United States government in 2030, finally clearing Adams of all charges.
However in 2043, during the battle for the Creator's powers, known as the Battle for All Time, Captain Atom's indestructible body was not indestructible enough for the equally indestructible Visharon.
www.angelfire.com /hero/ak_comics/CapAtom.html   (211 words)

 Justice League Unlimited: Initiation Recap - TV.com
Captain Atom was originally a character created by Steve Ditko at Charlton Comics who first appeared in Space Adventures 33 (March 1960).
Captain Atom is the character upon which Dr. Manhattan of the Watchman graphic novel is based upon.
There seems to be a fascination with the Charlton heroes: Captain Atom, Nightshade, and the Question (although Blue Beetle, an actual member who is fairly popular, is absent as another company holds the rights to the character at the moment so DC can't authorize Warner to use him).
www.tv.com /initiation/episode/320624/recap.html   (1361 words)

 OAFE - DC Direct Public Enemies: Captain Atom review
The original Captain Atom, from Charlton Comics, was one of those guys who was involved in an accident that, in real life, would have killed him.
Though DC could have gotten away with just repainting Superman's head, they didn't - Captain Atom is nicely coiffed, though that big wave in the front doesn't look strictly "military regulation." His eyes are yellow and rimmed with fl, and he's got a big frown on his face.
Captain Atom is a surprisingly interesting character, considering that he's never been able to hold down his own comic for very long.
www.oafe.net /yo/dcdpe1a.php   (828 words)

 KMC Forums - Captain Marvel vs Captain Atom
Captain Atom is not as strong as either Superman or Captain Marvel.
I've seen Captain Atom sliced open with a Katana and he was dying until Plastique cauterized his wounds with her energy blasts...
Also, the katana was made to cut through the same metal as Captain Atom's skin, as revealed later in the book where they used the material to cut the metal skin from the Silver Shield, and alloy it into CA and test it on him by dropping a nuke on him.
www.killermovies.com /forums/f77/t380452.html   (780 words)

 Superman Homepage
Captain Atom piloted the Composite Superman/Batman rocket ship in a last ditch attempt to prevent a tremendous green Kryptonite meteor from striking the Earth.
Though it's believed Captain Atom died in the blast, he was transported to a parallel Earth inhabited by the heroes of the Wildstorm Universe including Majestic.
Powers: Captain Atom gains his powers primarily from the alien alloy that coats his body and doubles as a costume.
www.supermanhomepage.com /comics/who/who-intro.php?topic=captain-atom   (906 words)

Captain Atom is a traditional, nuts-and-bold superhero, while the WildStorm Universe has always been about finding a new modern, postmodern, spin on the concept of the superhero.
So, figuring Captain Atom's time-jumping history combined with the fact that he was bouncing from one universe to another gave us the option of including that scene, making it part of the story, but never completely explaining just what happened.
Captain Atom is still a pretty powerful guy, and as we'll see as he goes up against some of the other heroes of the WildStorm Universe, he knows how to use those powers in some imaginative ways.
www.newsarama.com /images/interviews/2005/pfeifer/PfeifferCap.htm   (1155 words)

 Midtowncomics.com :: Online Comics Store, Spiderman, Superman, Batman Comic Books and Toys   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Captain America and Diamondback are reunited after all these years — but their reunion is bittersweet, as Cap is consumed with remorse over recent cataclysmic events involving the Avengers.
Haunted by his personal failures, Captain America comes to suspect that he has been under psychological attack from the rogue Navy Intelligence unit that created the so-called "Anti-Cap" Super Sailor...
In a story ripped from today’s headlines, the U.S. government taps Cap to embark on what might be his most life-changing mission ever — to serve on a military tribunal being held for a foreign antiwar...
www.midtowncomics.com /eshop/searchresult.asp?skey=Captain   (617 words)

 Untitled Document
Bonuses and Limitations: Energy Absorption is actually unlimited, but if Captain Atom chooses to absorb more than 12 APs of energy he is instantaneously transported forward in time a number of APs equal to the number of APs of energy he absorbed.
Captain Atom has had a long and distinguished career in the DC Universe.
During the mission to capture the Parasite (who had absorbed the combined physical strength of Magog and Atom), Captain Atom's quantum shell was ruptured and the resulting release of atomic energy killed him along with nearly everyone in the state of Kansas.
www.writeups.org /affiche_fiche.php?id=239   (511 words)

 DC Comics Message Boards   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Captain Atom's abilities to tap into computer systems is, as far as I know, new.
Captain Atom is very concerned with returning to his Earth because the Wildstorm Earth is screwed up.
To sum it all up, Captain Atom is a very, very bad series that degrades and disrespects the entire WSU and everyone who ever worked on a WSU book before it.
dcboards.warnerbros.com /web/thread.jspa?threadID=2000059547&tstart=0   (1748 words)

 Captain Atom: Armageddon #2 Review - Silver Bullet Comics
Captain Atom continues to try to figure out where he is, and what he can do to get back home.
I’m definitely getting the feeling just as Captain Atom is that this is a darker universe than the regular DC universe, and that’s saying something.
While I look forward to seeing Captain Atom back in his standard silver suit (although, does he really have a standard these days?), I am enjoying seeing him in gold, especially since it appears to be an aspect of the storyline.
www.silverbulletcomicbooks.com /reviews/113267993494907.htm   (284 words)

BY JENNIFER M. If Captain Atom thought his life were tough in the mainstream DCU, after spending some time in the world of the Wildstormers, he's learning what the definition of "tough" really is. Writer Will Pfeifer narrates what it's like working on this explosive character for nine issues.
As far as writing the character himself, what always interested me about Captain Atom is that, despite his powers and history, he’s always been a second-banana, an also-ran, in the bigger world of the DC Universe.
Then, just when things calm down a bit, Captain Atom encounters several members of the Wildcats, who have a vested interest in finding out what the heck he’s doing in their neck of the woods.
www.comicon.com /cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=36;t=004711;p=1   (2076 words)

 Sequart.com News: WildStorm Reveals Plans
Captain Atom appeared in Superman / Batman's first story arc, "Public Enemies." At the end of that story, Captain Atom rode a giant Superman / Batman rocket on a collision course with a kryptonite asteroid.
In the ensuing explosion, Captain Atom was assumed destroyed.
Captain Atom's explosion in Kingdom Come decimated Kansas, and the danger of his power has long been an aspect of the character.
www.sequart.com /news?story=568   (945 words)

 Captain Atom - Seriewikin
Captain Atom skapades av Steve Ditko, och första framträdandet var i Space Adventures nr 33 (1960) från Charlton Comics.
Först efter att han gått med i Justice League bröt sig Captain Atom fri från militärens inflytande.
Captain Atom var förebilden till Doctor Manhattan i Alan Moores "Watchmen", utgiven av DC.
seriewikin.serieframjandet.se /index.php/Captain_Atom   (394 words)

 Comic Domain Captain Atom   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The end is nigh as Captain Atom's final battle begins! He fights for his life and the lives of everyone in the WildStorm Universe, but will it be enough? Can this hero from another world save the Earth one last time - even if it's not his own? Find out in the brutal miniseries conclusion!
With last issue's shocking revelation, it's Captain Atom versus the Authority in a no-holds-barred battle! Nikola, whose manifestation of Void's powers is nearly complete, enters the fray with Grifter in tow. But whose side is she on?
Captain Atom finally comes face-to-face with the Authority — and discovers, to his horror, how hands-on the WildStorm Universe "heroes" really are! And Majestic and the Wildcats learn that Nikola could be the key to what's happening — including the ticking bomb that is Captain Atom!
www.comicdomain.co.uk /acatalog/Captain_Atom.html   (348 words)

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