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 Captain General - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
General, a description of the various general officer ranks, including the full general which is the successor to captain general.
The Captain General was, in such cases, usually an Army officer with little or no navigation and seamanship skill, but still by senority considered the senior officer of a vessel.
Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Boromir is considered to be a captain general of Gondor. /wiki/Captain-General   (528 words)

 CAPTAIN - LoveToKnow Article on CAPTAIN
The title of captain-general was formerly used in the general sense of a military commander-in-chief, and is still similarly used in Spain.
At sea the name of captain is given to all who command ships whether they belong to the military navy of their country or not, or whether they hold the substantive rank or not.
The captain of the fleet is an officer who acts as chief of the staff to an admiral commanding a large force. /C/CA/CAPTAIN.htm   (336 words)

 Encyclopedia: General
In some armies, however, the rank of Captain General, General of the Army, Army General or Colonel General occupied or occupies this position.
General may be a rank on its own, or can be used as a generic term for "general officers".
General is a high military rank, used by nearly every country in the world. /encyclopedia/General   (969 words)

 An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera: Titles: 15
Captain General and Governor in chief, in and over his province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England a proclamation requiring all persons being in office of authority or government at the of the late Queen to proceed in the execution of their respective duties [Concerning the death of Queen Anne] [1715?].
Benjamin Fletcher, Captain General and Governour in chief of the Province of New York, Province of Pennsilvania, County of New-Castle, and territories and tract of land depending thereon, in America, and vice admiral of the same.
By His Excellency, Captain General and Governor in Chief of their majesties province of New-York, province of Pennsilvania Country of New-Castle, and the territories and tracts of land depending thereon in America and Vice-admiral of the same. /ammem/rbpehtml/rbpebibTitles15.html   (5697 words)

The different ranks of general are identified by the number of stars worn; a General of the Army wears five stars, a General four stars, a Lieutenant General three stars, a Major General two stars, and a Brigadier General one star.
One exception to this was General Robert E Lee who chose to wear the insignia rank of a colonel (three stars) even after he became overall commander of the Confederate armies in 1865.
In the British Army, a General's insignia is a crossed sword and baton. /encyclopedia/g/ge/general.html   (475 words)

 Naval traditions: Names of ranks
The king or his Captain General would often be away from the army since they had interests elsewhere so the job of actually running the army fell to the Captain General's assistant--his lieutenant--the Lieutenant General.
As a military term General started as an adjective, as in Captain General indicating the Captain who had overall or "general" command of the army.
General Washington might have chosen the stars because the generals and admirals of the French forces serving in that war wore stars. /trivia/triv4-5m.htm   (1250 words)

 captain general --¬† Encyclop√¶dia Britannica
He was a Renaissance captain who, as holder of the offices of duke of the Romagna and captain general of the armies of the church, enhanced the political power of his father's papacy and tried to establish his own principality in central Italy.
Spanish Capitán General, in colonial Spanish America, the governor of a captaincy general, a division of a viceroyalty.
He was made premier captain of Louis XIV's bodyguard in 1648 and became captain general (governor) of the newly won province of Roussillon,... /eb/article-9020190   (755 words)

 TITANIC - A Voyage of Discovery (captain)
Her Captain, Edward John Smith was known as "the millionaires Captain" and was one of the highest paid in the world.
Captain Smith was regarded as a 'safe captain' and, for the period, he probably was.
Captain Edward John Smith (age 62) was born at Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, England on January 27th, 1850 - the son of potter Edward Smith and his wife Catherine. /users/keesree/captain.htm   (2306 words)

 The Coming of War by Dustin Bell
General Bell was grasping for breath watching General Rikien walking into the shadows towards his camp.
General Rikien has been asking about the opportunity to take the bomb and blow Gannon's base to smithereens, but I have chosen you instead.
I was a general in the original battle with Ganondorf twenty years ago. /guild/fanfic/comewar3.html   (2544 words)

 WEYBRIDGE - LoveToKnow Article on WEYBRIDGE
He returned to Spain in 1873 as brigadier-general, and took an active part against the Carlists in the eastern provinces of the Peninsula in 1875 and 1876, for which he was raised to the rank of general of division.
Two years afterwards he became captain, and was sent to Cuba at his own request.
He entered at sixteen the military college of infantry at Toledo, and, when he attained the rank of lieutenant, passed into the staff college, from which he came out as the head of his class. /W/WE/WEYBRIDGE.htm   (935 words)

 Official Report of the Battle of Buena Vista
Captain O'Brien found it impossible to retain his position without support, but was only able to withdraw tow of his pieces, all the horses and cannoneers of the third piece being killed or disabled.
Captain O'Brien, with two pieces, had sustained this heavy charge to the last and was finally obliged to leave his guns on the field - his infantry support being entirely routed.
Captain Steene, First Dragoons, was severely wounded early in the day, while gallantly endeavoring, with my authority, to rally the troops which were falling to the rear. /mexwar/documents/bvista.htm   (4523 words)

Captain general and commander in chief of military and navy.
-- The governor shall be captain general and commander in chief of the military and naval forces of this state, except when they shall be called into the service of the United States.
Estimated unencumbered general revenues are calculated by taking the estimated general revenue cash balance at the end of the fiscal year less estimated revenue anticipation bonds or notes, estimated general revenue encumbrances, estimated continuing general revenue appropriations and the amount of the budget reserve account at the end of said fiscal year. /gen_assembly/RiConstitution/C09.htm   (563 words)

Captain Bright, ride to General Pickett, and tell hin what you have heard me say to Colonel Freemantle." At this moment our men were near to but had not crossed the Emmettsburg road.
CAPTAIN ROBERT A. Statements to Where the General Was During the Charge.--Why the Attack Failed.
General Pickett directed me to ride to General Longstreet and say that the position against which he had been sent would be taken, but he could not hold it unless reiforcements be sent to him. /rb2307/content/robertbright_gettysburg.html   (2235 words)

 General Gates
"This shot striking a swivel gun on the State's brig divided, and one part of it glancing instantly killed the active and brave Captain Skimmer." It was 2 more hours before Montague struck her colors and capitulated to General Gates with Lt. Dennis in command.
General Gates returned to Boston harbor 13 April 1779, so unseaworthy from battering gales that her crew, at times, had despaired of ever reaching port.
General Gates sailed from Marblehead 24 May 1778, joining privateer brigantine Hawk off Cape Ann to cruise on the Newfoundland Banks. /danfs/g3/general_gates.htm   (319 words)

 Captain Comic General FAQ - IGN FAQs
Captain Comic isn't a linear game, however, so feel free to explore but be prepared to waste a lot of lives doing so.
As Captain Comic you must venture to the treacherous world of Tambi to reclaim the treasures in time for the Trimillenial celebrations.
SHIELD OF LIFE This bestows Captain Comic with an additional life in reserve. /articles/550/550514p1.html   (2577 words)

 The Captain General
At the dinner the Captain General directed that the custom of lighting the candles whenever the Loyal Toast was drunk in RM Officers' Messes was to be perpetuated, thus commemorating the first occasion upon which the Captain General dined with the officers of the Corps.
On 23 July 1964, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was the guest at a dinner held by the officers of the Corps and presided over by the Captain General to celebrate the tercentenary of the formation of the Admiral's Regiment.
Her Majesty further directed that the health of the Captain General should also be drunk seated. /histctrad10.htm   (307 words)

 Captain to General - The Guild
The only captain I have ever had promoted to general was one guy, with a unit of equites, running down a unit of rebel velites.
Try having a captain win a significant battle by a significant margin, and you should be offered the chance to adopt him into the family.
Meanwhile, my captains who have won maybe a dozen battles fighting massive gallic stacks, leaving crossed swords battles on the map even, have not been adopted. /vb/showthread.php?t=38559   (1440 words)

 The Colonial Virginia Register
AUDITOR GENERAL.-As the name of this office indicates, the duty of the incumbent was to examine and audit all accounts of collectors and receivers of the public revenue in Virginia.
Though there was no general election during this long period the membership of the House of Burgesses must have been during the period considerably changed by deaths and seats made vacant by the acceptance of office.
THE SURVEYOR GENERAL appointed, and had general supervision over the county surveyors, and it is believed wuld be appealed to in case of dispute. /~newriver/va/vareg1.htm   (7372 words)

Archer, Marksman, and Bowman badges may be presented by any of the following: the Company Captain, a Lieutenant-General or Archery Commander, the Captain-General, or a member of the local nobility.
All marshals and captains shall report to their Regional Archery Commander on, or before, April 1st and October 1st of each year.
Receiving and monitoring the reports of captains and marshals residing within the region. /Law/archery.html   (3095 words)

 “Magellan’s Voyage” from Antoniao Pigafetta, Magellan’s Voyage around the World, vol
That caused the captain to fall face downward, when immediately they rushed upon him with iron and bamboo spears and with their cutlasses, until they killed our mirror, our light, our comfort and our try guide.....
He requested the captain to send him only one boatload of men on the next night so that they might help him and fight against the other chief.
The captain desired to fight on Saturday, because it was the day especially holy to him. /history111/weekoct18/ReadingB.tut4.html   (370 words)

 Captain General of the Navy's Flag 1931-1939 (Spain)
Captain General of the Navy's Flag 1914-1923 or 1931 (Spain)
Captain General of the Navy's Flag 1931-1939 (Spain)
Square flag in the 1931-1939 national colours with a blue anchor placed horizontally on the yellow stripe, length of the anchor 2/3 of the hoist. /flags/es~cgn31.html   (63 words)

 The Play of Queen Artemesia
Captain: You are our ruler, and we have all agreed to serve you to the best of our abilities.
Finally you agree to allow one of my generals and a garrison of soldiers to be placed in charge of your city.
Captain: (knife to Lemna's throat) If you don't surrender, you'll find out that I can butcher lots better than I can cook. /arc/mythology/artemesia.html   (1339 words)

 Player Character [J]
This fact was not lost on the captain of the mounted dwarves, Captain Stagler Forkbeard, son of Captain-General Darns Forkbeard.
The Captain-General spoke to the assembled members of the "Mounted Brigade." Over a hundred Dwarves stood basked in the glow of the bond fire.
Jarrick accepted them and bowed deeply to his captain, as tradition dictated. /PCJ.htm   (912 words)

 Cabildo Digest
Galvez is made Governor of Havana and Captain General of Cuba - retaining his status as Governor and Captain General of Louisiana and Florida.
At this time Carondelet advises the Cabildo of the resignation (in Cuba) of the Captain General of this Province, and the appointment of another in Barcelona.
Unzaga names Don Cecilio Odoardo Auditor of War and Assessor General. /~nopl/inv/digest/digest1.htm   (2011 words)

 General Staff
General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett looked up from his expansive desk as Captain Kevin Darling poked his head in the door.
The General nodded his head to the left and chuckled in approval.
By the time George completed his name the General had completed the circumnavigation of his desk and returned the salute. /archive/3/generalstaff.html   (455 words)

 I want to be the general (Part 1)
All eyes rested on the General.'Thomas,' everyone knew he was the General's favourite, 'I will not joke,' the General paused, silence spread through the room, 'well...
The General himself was balling his fists in his billiard room.
Many toasts were lifted in praise of The General, but this was not unusual. /wbaltyn/fiction/general1.html   (638 words)

 Commander-in-Chief of the Navy's Flag (Spain)
However captaincy-generals are normally headed by a lieutenant general (for instance the "Captain General of the II Military Region" has the rank of lieutenant general).
The rank of Capitán General still exists in the Navy but has now been assumed by the King of Spain, therefore this rank flag has become obsolete because the King has his own standard.
The rank of Capitán General exists but as far I know nobody has had this rank except Franco and currently the King. /FLAGS/es~ccn.html   (187 words)

 General Theressa (Captain Savage ally)
History: (Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders#13) - General Theresa was a Partisan agent who was assigned to contact the Leatherneck Raiders in order to enlist their aid in protecting Castello Rizzi from the Germans.
Theresa joined Captain Savage in piloting a World War I-era plane, and dropped bombs on a nearby German air base, destroying all of their planes.
Powers/Abilities: General Theresa was trained in espionage, could wield a handgun, and fly a plane. /Appendix3/theresageneral.htm   (364 words)

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