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Topic: Capture of Saddam Hussein

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  CNN.com - Rumsfeld: In the end, Saddam 'not terribly brave' - Dec. 14, 2003
Saddam was captured Saturday night about nine miles from his hometown of Tikrit and on the other side of the Tigris River from one of his lavish palaces.
Saddam's beard was shaved and his hair trimmed for identification purposes, military officials said.
Saddam's capture was based not on a direct tip, but a collection of intelligence gathered from the hostile questioning of Saddam's former bodyguards and family members, U.S. officials said.
www.cnn.com /2003/WORLD/meast/12/14/sprj.irq.main   (1642 words)

  Saddam Hussein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Saddam Hussein was born in the town of Al-Awja, 8 miles (13 km) from the Iraqi town of Tikrit, to a family of shepherds.
Saddam Hussein was at the top of the "most-wanted list," and many of the other leaders of the Iraqi government were arrested, but extensive efforts to find him had little effect.
Detroit awarded Saddam Hussein a key to the city in 1980, because of contributions to several local Detroit Catholic Churches, in particular a $170,000 donation to a church that was in heavy debt [48].
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Saddam_Hussein   (9910 words)

 Learn more about Saddam Hussein in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Saddam Hussein's answer to this ethnic conflict was seen as brutal to many observers and included the systematic use of chemical weapons on Kurdish troops and population centers.
However, when Hussein was eventually captured in December 2003, Raghad worked hard for her father to be tried by an international tribunal, instead of the special court set up by the 25-member Governing Council to deal with the alleged crimes against humanity committed by Saddam and his regime.
Hussein is not a surname in the Western sense, therefore it is correct to use Saddam, not Hussein, as a short form of the name.
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /s/sa/saddam_hussein.html   (4472 words)

 Operation Red Dawn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The operation resulted in the capture of the country's former president Saddam Hussein, and put to rest rumors of his death.
Two Iraqis, believed to be Saddam's former cook Qais Namuk and his brother, were also taken into custody.
Saddam was later moved to an undisclosed location as soldiers continued to search the area.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Capture_of_Saddam_Hussein   (495 words)

 Saddam Hussein: Egotistical, crazy and powerful - one of the biggest political stars at MondoStars.com
Saddam Hussein (Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti) was the dictator of Iraq from 1979 until 2003, when his regime was deposed by a United States-led invasion.
Hussein was executed on December 30, 2006 upon conviction by the government of Iraq of killing 148 Shiites in 1982.
Hussein disappeared after the American invasion, but was found by U.S. forces hiding in a small hole in the ground near his hometown, Tikrit.
www.mondostars.com /politics/saddamhussein.html   (790 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Saddam Hussein arrested in Iraq
Saddam Hussein was found in a tiny cellar at a farmhouse about 15km (10 miles) south of his hometown Tikrit.
Saddam Hussein, 66, was the most wanted man on the list issued by US authorities but had not been seen since Baghdad fell to US forces in April.
Saddam Hussein was born in Tikrit and has a tight network of family and clan ties which permeated all of the regime's main military, security and political institutions while he was in power.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/middle_east/3317429.stm   (881 words)

 The Capture of Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein Captured Alive Near Tikrit..this is a page that we have all been awaiting for a very long time.......hopefully some stability can now be established in Iraq although there may still be some pockets of terrorists and old party members wishing to cause as much trouble as possible......
Saddam's capture comes almost five months after his sons, Qusai and Odai, were killed July 22 in a four-hour gunbattle with U.S. troops in a hideout in the northern city of Mosul.
Saddam, with a thick, graying beard and bushy, disheveled hair, was seen as doctor examined him, holding his mouth open with a tongue depressor, apparently to get a DNA sample.
jeanne_and_trev.tripod.com /iraqifreedomheroes/id90.html   (2415 words)

The event of the capture of Saddam Hussein, or rather the US approved mediatised representation of the capture, just like the events of September 11 or the ‘shock-and-awe’ bombing of Baghdad, was a spectacle for consumption of audiences throughout the world.
Saddam’s capture prompted The Guardian, a liberal newspaper which had taken a sceptical line toward the war, editorial to proclaim: “Here was a more truly liberating, emancipating moment than the bloodily chaotic fall of Baghdad to Americans arms last spring”.
Somehow, the capture of Saddam was taken as victory of the ‘War argument’ and a vindication of Bush and Blair.
human-nature.com /reason/02/saddam.html   (2387 words)

 The Saddam Hussein Capture Hoax
Perhaps Saddam was captured in July and kept in that hole by the CIA since.
Saddam Hussein had secret multi-billion dollar bank accounts in Sweden and other banks, monies made in large measure through deals with Bush Sr., and Saddam was the only person that knew the account numbers and other details.
Perhaps, Saddam was being drugged and interrogated by the CIA since July on behalf of the Bush family and kept in the hole in order to force him to release information on his bank accounts and other assets.
www.aztlan.net /husseincapturehoax.htm   (733 words)

 The Iraq Tribunal: Trying Saddam Hussein and Other Top Baath Leaders - International Justice - Global Policy Forum
Saddam Hussein and his defense team have escalated their efforts to delegitimize the Iraq tribunal, demanding that it be relocated to the Hague.
Hussein’s defense lawyers claim that “all actions by him were just a way to prevent destabilization of the country,” but if found guilty of the 12 charges, the former dictator will surely receive the maximum sentence applicable.
Saddam Hussein’s legal representatives claim they have evidence to prove that the former Iraqi dictator was not involved in the 1988 gassing of 5,000 Kurds.
www.globalpolicy.org /intljustice/iraqindex.htm   (4325 words)

 Capture of Saddam Hussein - SourceWatch   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The capture of Saddam Hussein was announced early in the morning, December 14, 2003, by the Bush Administration just in time to dominate the Sunday talk shows, although, it did happen daytime the previous day.
Saddam came into the hands of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) after being betrayed by a member of the al-Jabour tribe, whose daughter had been raped by Saddam's son Uday, leading to a blood feud, reported the Sunday Express, quoting an unnamed senior British military intelligence officer.
Washington's claims that brilliant US intelligence work led to the capture of Saddam are also being challenged by reports sourced in Iraq's Kurdish language media that say its militia set up the circumstances in which the US merely had to go to a farm identified by the Kurds to bag the fugitive former president.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=Capture_of_Saddam_Hussein   (1314 words)

 Coalition Forces Capture Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein is being held in coalition custody at an undisclosed location for DNA identification, but other Iraqi detainees have positively identified him, Sanchez said.
With the arrest of Saddam Hussein there is a new opportunity for the members of the former regime -- whether military or civilian -- to end their bitter opposition.
Saddam Hussein will never return to a position of power from which he can punish, terrorize, intimidate, and exploit the Iraqi people as he did for more than 35 years.
usinfo.state.gov /xarchives/display.html?p=washfile-english&y=2003&m=December&x=20031214091753esrom4.409426e-02&t=usinfo/wf-latest.html   (4061 words)

 Saddam Hussein - SourceWatch   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Saddam Hussein, the dictator who ruled Iraq until his regime was overthrown in the U.S.-led 2003 invasion, was executed in Baghdad by hanging on December 30, 2006.
Saddam had been found guilty for the killings of 148 Shiite Muslims in 1982 and an Iraqi court sentenced Saddam to death on November 5, 2006.
Saddam Hussein was hung at dawn December 30, 2006, for crimes against humanity, which was "a dramatic, violent end for a leader who ruled Iraq by fear for three decades before he was toppled by a U.S. invasion four years ago," Mariam Karouny reported for Reuters.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=Saddam_Hussein   (1295 words)

 Saddam's Capture
Iraqis, it seems, are less concerned about Saddam's capture than about the fact that a brutal US military force of occupation has essentially taken possession of their country and its resources.
Getting back to Saddam; all of the evidence points to the fact that the man that was "caught" in a "rat hole" in December 2003, appeared in court in July 2004 and was splashed across the British tabloids in May 2005, is NOT Saddam Hussein.
While Saddam was a tyrant, and no worse than the many other tyrants that the US placed in power, he was first and foremost one of the power brokers of this world, sitting on possibly the world's largest oil reserves.
www.signs-of-the-times.org /signs/capture_saddam.htm   (3962 words)

 Voices in the Wilderness : The Capture of Saddam Hussein
The effort to capture Saddam Hussein ineradicably linked to months of terrifying military preparations and threats leading up to the March invasion as well as to the terrifying and lethal invasion itself, has been costly indeed.
But his capture now, in the context of a bloody invasion and occupation and at the hands of a totally discredited United States, can hardly be expected to inspire authentic hope and goodwill.
If Saddam Hussein can be tried publicly in Iraq, if the truth of his crimes can be acknowledged and condemned, and if he can be held accountable by a legitimate legal body, perhaps it will help people in Iraq to put his legacy behind them.
vitw.org /archives/20   (1051 words)

 Capture of Saddam Hussein
Looking at the images of the captured `Saddam' and the conditions in which he was hiding, I doubt that it is the genuine Saddam we see in US custody.
A SISTER of Saddam Hussein has demanded that he be tried before the world court and said that the former Iraqi leader was drugged by US forces before his capture, a newspaper reports in its edition today.
Washington's claims that brilliant US intelligence work led to the capture of Saddam Hussein are being challenged by reports sourced in Iraq's Kurdish media claiming that its militia set the circumstances in which the US merely had to go to a farm identified by the Kurds to bag the fugitive former president.
www.propagandamatrix.com /151203saddam.html   (1178 words)

 Saddam Hussein: A Dictator Fallen
Saddam Hussein is eventually discovered in the hole in the farm house (marked in red).
Saddam is captured without resistance, and at about 2115 hours he is moved to a secure area.
Saddam Hussein was found hiding at the bottom of the hole.
www.military.com /NewContent/0,13190,GH_Saddam,00.html   (992 words)

 Saddam's Dot Com - Everything About Saddam Hussein - Ex Iraqi President
This was as a result of their role in the killings of 148 Shiite Muslims from a town where assassins tried to kill Saddam in 1982.
Saddam Hussein aka Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti, the 5th president of Iraq - love him or hate him, everyone knows who he is. The very name Saddam conjures different images in everyone's mind.
Saddam was the President of Iraq from 1979 until April 9, 2003, when he was deposed in the United States-led invasion of Iraq.
www.saddams.com   (225 words)

 The capture of Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein could use such a trial to "spill the beans" on all his past dealings with the imperialists.
Saddam's interrogators were initially focusing on the former Iraqi president's ties to the guerrilla war, pressing him for intelligence about impending attacks and the locations of resistance leaders.
Before Saddam's capture, many Iraqis were saying that the one reason they would not join the resistance to US occupation was the fear that if the Americans withdrew Saddam would return to power.
www.marxist.com /MiddleEast/saddam_capture.html   (2473 words)

In other words, the capture of Saddam may result in a gradual transfer of the leadership of the resistance from the Baathists to a potentially even more dangerous threat—the radical Shiites who are supported and in league with the mother of all terrorist states--the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Saddam, himself a brutal, murderous dictator, has been a longtime opponent of these Islamist terrorist groups and ironically served as an important proxy for the US in furtherance of its war against Islamist terrorism in the 1980s when he invaded Iran with US support.
The capture of Saddam, who was reportedly so busy hiding had no opportunity to direct resistance attacks, will likely result in a spike in resistance attacks following a brief downturn as its mostly Baathist leaders retaliate for his capture and show that they plan to continue the fight.
www.etherzone.com /2004/pyne011604.shtml   (1496 words)

 CNN.com Specials
Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is now in Iraqi custody and has made his first appearance in an Iraqi courtroom today to hear the charges against him for crimes during his rule.
U.S. soldiers captured Hussein in a raid on December 13, 2003, after the former Iraqi dictator spent nine months on the run.
The once-defiant Iraqi leader was captured without a shot being fired near a compound of ramshackle buildings outside his ancestral hometown of Tikrit.
www.cnn.com /SPECIALS/2003/saddam   (243 words)

 DefendAmerica - Saddam Hussein's Capture: One Year Later
Saddam is in the physical custody of Multinational Forces Iraq officials, although the Iraqi interim government maintains legal custody, according to Air Force Maj. Michael Shavers, a DoD spokesman.
Saddam’s status as an enemy prisoner of war ended after an Iraqi judge notified him June 30 that he was facing criminal charges under the Iraqi criminal code, Shavers said.
U.S. forces captured Saddam, who they found hiding in a manmade hole in the ground inside a remote hideaway near the village of Adwar.
defendamerica.mil /specials/dec2004/Saddam/index.html   (691 words)

 Captain's Quarters Backup Site: Capture of Saddam Hussein Archives
Saddam Hussein has acknowledged depositing billions of dollars abroad before his ouster and has given interrogators the names of people who know where the money is, a member of the Iraqi Governing Council said in remarks published Monday.
Saddam was wearing civilian clothes, according to the information at the time of his capture, probably in order to keep from being caught.
Without Saddam as either the symbolic or operational head to their efforts, and with the vast majority of Iraqis opposing the actions of the Fedayeen, it should be rather easy to roll up the rest of their operation.
captained.blogs.com /captains_quarters/capture_of_saddam_hussein   (10093 words)

 NPR : War in Iraq : Chronology of Saddam Hussein's Capture
Saturday: Saddam is found hiding at the bottom of the hole, which was about six to eight feet deep and wide enough space for a person to lie down inside.
Saddam, described by U.S. commanders as bewildered and disoriented, is captured without resistance.
Saddam, under coalition custody, is moved to an undisclosed location.
www.npr.org /news/specials/iraq2003/saddam_capture.031214.html   (481 words)

 The Memory Hole > Unofficial (Alleged) Photos of Saddam Hussein's Capture
New photographs that appear to be of Saddam Hussein on the day of his capture by U.S. forces are circulating around the Internet one month after the ousted Iraqi leader was found in a narrow hole in the ground.
For instance, Saddam appears to be wearing the same clothes and the same beard as seen in the pictures officially released by the U.S. military.
THIS appears to be the moment Saddam Hussein was dragged from his hole and exposed to the world but it is a snapshot the US military did not want the world to see.
www.thememoryhole.com /war/saddam-capture-unofficial.htm   (644 words)

 Prison Planet Archive - Staged Capture of Saddam   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Looking at the images of the captured `Saddam' and the conditions in which he was hiding, I doubt that it is the genuine Saddam we see in US custody.
Deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein could be offered a deal in which he would give his captors information on if and how he hid weapons of mass destruction and if he smuggled some of them into Syria.
A SISTER of Saddam Hussein has demanded that he be tried before the world court and said that the former Iraqi leader was drugged by US forces before his capture, a newspaper reports in its edition today.
www.prisonplanet.com /archive_Saddam_capture.html   (1196 words)

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