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Topic: Carbondale, Illinois

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  Carbondale, Illinois - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Carbondale is a city in Southern Illinois in the midwest United States, about one hour north of Cairo.
Southern Illinois Normal University, a major factor in Carbondale's economy, which later became known as Southern Illinois University, was founded in Carbondale in 1869.
Carbondale is also infamous for a series of civil altercations that have occurred on Halloween.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Carbondale,_Illinois   (627 words)

 Southern Illinois University Carbondale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Southern Illinois University Carbondale is located in Carbondale in the U.S. state of Illinois.
With its sister institution, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE), SIUC is part of the Southern Illinois University system.
Carbondale is the better known of the two schools.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Southern_Illinois_University_Carbondale   (1018 words)

 NationMaster.com - Encyclopedia: Carbondale, Illinois
Carbondale is a city in extreme south central Illinois in the midwestern United States, about an hour north of Cairo.
Southern Illinois Normal University, a major factor in Carbondale's economy, which later became known as Southern Illinois University, was founded in Carbondale in 1874.
Carbondale is a city in extreme south central Illinois in the midwestern United States, about an hour north of Cairo, IllinoisCairo.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Carbondale,-Illinois   (1458 words)

 Substance Abuse Treatment Carbondale, Illinois
Carbondale, Illinois has a total population of 20681.
The average age for a male in Carbondale, Illinois is 24.4.
The average age for a female in Carbondale, Illinois is 25.3.
www.substanceabusetreatment.info /city.htm?state=illinois&city=carbondale   (681 words)

 Open World - Host Cities and Communities
History: Carbondale was founded in 1856 as a part of the expansion of the country brought about by the railroad.
Southern Illinois had a large mining industry until the mid-1980s when coal mines were shut down as a result of the Clean Air Act.
Carbondale has a community theater, weekly concerts in the summer and the Lights Fantastic Parade in the winter.
www.openworld.gov /hosts/city.php?id=105&lang=1   (273 words)

 NIMBY Case Studies: Hill House Carbondale, Illinois
Although the cost of owning or renting a home in Carbondale is substantially less than for the state as a whole, a far higher proportion of Carbondale residents pay a large proportion of their income for housing.
Although these results are probably largely attributable to Carbondale's status as a "university town," it is impossible to use the Census to distinguish between individuals who are students (and thus have small incomes and pay a large portion of their income for rent, etc.) and non-student, low-income individuals.
Carbondale's city council is responsible for granting special-use permits, but Hill House would first be required to participate in a public hearing held by the city planning commission.
www.ruralhome.org /pubs/development/nimby/hillhouse.htm   (3946 words)

 Definition of Carbondale, Illinois
Carbondale, as its name suggests, began its days as a coal mining town.
On 8 November 1969 Carbondale was the site of a concert given by Simon and Garfunkel.
While the riot activity is often attributed to the presence of Southern Illinois University, most of those arrested by police during these activities are actually out-of-towners.
www.wordiq.com /definition/Carbondale%2C_Illinois   (681 words)

 Carbondale Illinois   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
CARBONDALE, Ill., May 20 (AP) — Seven people were threatened or injured by female deer last year on Southern Illinois University's campus, and the...
It's ironic and sad that two separate camera crews are in the area to record images from the life of Southern Illinois University Carbondale student Susan...
Carbondale is a city in extreme south central Illinois in the midwestern United States, near Cairo, site of the main campus of Southern Illinois University.
www.wikiverse.org /carbondale-illinois   (638 words)

 Carbondale Now - Area Portal
Carbondale - Dennis Rowlett casually worked on his laptop Tuesday afternoon, while occasionally taking a sip of coffee and a bite of his lunch.
Carbondale - Three people were attacked by a doe Tuesday afternoon at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.
It was the first deer-human encounter on campus this year, but the incident marks a repeat of several attacks that happened last year due to the deer fawning season.
www.carbondalenow.com   (382 words)

 Carbodale IL Contra Dance
Longbranch Coffeehouse is in downtown Carbondale at 100 E.
Longbranch Coffeehouse is in downtown Carbondale at 100 E. Jackson, one block north of Main St (IL 13 West) and a half block east of Illinois Ave (US 51 North).
The Susan Barnes Dance Studio in Carbondale is located at 2013 South Illinois Avenue on Highway 51, one block south of Pleasant Hill Road (east side).
www.childgrove.org /carbondale.html   (694 words)

 Carbondale Convention & Tourism Bureau - Carbondale   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Carbondale, Illinois is an exciting community, located just a few miles from the Shawnee National Forest!
Carbondale is the home of Southern Illinois University, and as a result, boasts plenty of cultural activities and exciting university sports.
Carbondale's nostalgic downtown, focuses on the community's railroad heritage and features a restored passenger depot, train cars, a downtown park and a unique historic pavilion.
www.cctb.org /local/components/scrapbook/default.php?parent=5§iondetailid=5   (115 words)

 Carbondale Illinois real estate
Beneath the fertile topsoil lies mineral wealth, including fluorspar, bituminous coal, and oil; Illinois ranks high among the states in the production of coal, and its reserves are greater than any other state east of the Rocky Mts.
Its agricultural and mineral resources, along with its excellent lines of communication and transportation, made Illinois industrial; by 1880 income from industry was almost double that from agriculture.
Leading Illinois manufactures include electrical and nonelectrical machinery, food products, fabricated and primary metal products, and chemicals; printed and published materials are also important.
www.alanjacksonhomes.com /About_Illinois/page_1000536.html   (244 words)

 City of Carbondale - Daily News Briefs
On September 23, 1997, the City Council of the City of Carbondale adopted Ordinance No. 97-142 which imposed a Municipal IMF in the amount of.75% of gross charges on all Telecommunications Providers who charge their customers to provide telecommunications services to Service Addresses within the City of Carbondale (the “City”).
You had a Service Address within Carbondale, Illinois, during the period when the Carbondale Municipal IMF was collected by the City.
The City of Carbondale, citizens and officials alike, are invited to attend a banquet to say thank you to Carbondale Police Officers from the Carbondale Police Department and from SIUC's Department of Public Safety.
www.ci.carbondale.il.us /QuickInfo/daily_news.html   (1700 words)

 Googlism where is carbondale, illinois   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
carbondale, illinois is a city in the shawnee bioregion
carbondale, illinois is a phd candidate in environmental resources and policy at southern illinois univ
carbondale, illinois is an apartment rental guide for campus areas at southern illinois university
www.googlism.com /where_is/c/carbondale,_illinois   (188 words)

 Carbondale, Illinois (Cities)
Carbondale is located in southern Illinois in Jackson County about 40 miles south-southwest of Mt.
Carbondale is the home of Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.
The population estimate for July 1, 1998 was 26,454, a decrease of 579 since 1990.
www.ilohwy.com /c/carbonda.htm   (186 words)

 Carbondale Illinois   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Carbondale joined several Illinois communities Tuesday night as the city council voted, 4-3, to ban the use of "pocket bikes" on streets and sidewalks.
The Southern Illinois Airport was presented with the General Aviation Airport of the year Award for 2005 by the Illinois Department of Transportation.
Tammy Emery, a secretary at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, was walking along a wooden path on campus when she heard a shuffling in the woods.
carbondaleillinois.fadoillinois.com   (1465 words)

 Carbondale, Illinois Photographers - Wedding, Portrait, Commercial, Event and Other Photography Services
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This photographer services: Carbondale, Illinois from a local, regional or national office.
This photography service services: Carbondale, Illinois from a local, regional or national office.
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 Carbondale Illinois - Carbondale Illinois Real Estate, Carbondale Real Estate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
If you are considering buying a home in Carbondale, Illinois or looking for an investment property in Carbondale, Illinois, please use our services.
Our intent is to provide a services that makes your relocation to cities and communities in Carbondale, Illinois as smooth as possible.
Therefore, we are able to provide relocating families the ability to learn about cities and communities in Carbondale, Illinois and make their homebuying experience as easy as possible.
www.homebuyersusa.com /newcities/IL/IL0595.cfm   (365 words)

 Carbondale Illinios Real Estate
Carbondale is located in Jackson County, Carbondale is situated in the Southern part of Illinois.
Carbondale also has a cultural environment not normally found in small cities.
Carbondale is the center for business, education, health care, cultural events, recreation and retail trade in Southern Illinois.
www1.relocate-america.com /states/IL/cities/carbondale.htm   (293 words)

 Find Churches in Carbondale Illinois - FlockFinder.com
A lot of churches in Carbondale Illinois already have a website, but mostly, the people looking at the site are their own members.
churches in Carbondale Illinois would be surprised at the amount of people who are looking for a church in their area.
Lots of churches in Carbondale Illinois don't know the frustrations Christians are facing weekly with trying to find good churches in Carbondale Illinois Some churches conclude that since they aren't getting new visitors, it probably means nobody is searching.
www.flockfinder.com /churches_illinois/carbondale/churches_carbondale_illinois.html   (485 words)

 Southern Illinois University Carbondale   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Touch of Nature Environmental Center serves Southern Illinois University Carbondale as an outdoor laboratory for experiential learning, as a field site for research, and as a provider of therapeutic recreation, environmental education, outdoor adventure, personal and interpersonal development programs, and conference services.
In 1949, Southern Illinois University President, Dr. Delyte W. Morris, envisioned the establishment of an outdoor laboratory to support the educational mission of the University.
It lies on 3,100 acres of primarily forested land located on the shore of Little Grassy Lake—eight miles south of Carbondale and the University campus, and is bordered by Giant City State Park, the Shawnee National Forest, and the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge.
www.pso.siu.edu /tonec   (410 words)

 Southern Illinois University Carbondale   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The program will contribute to the new growth of the Illinois coal industry through the application of advanced technologies and practices in new or existing facilities in the state of Illinois.
Proposals submitted under this RFP must propose to use clean coal technologies and/or practices within the state of Illinois to increase the use of Illinois coal (or maintain the use of Illinois coal in settings in which current Illinois coal use is threatened by economic or regulatory pressures).
Project funding is subject to all applicable Illinois and federal statutes and the rules, regulations, and policies of the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University.
www.crc.siu.edu /ccrb.htm   (1587 words)

 Carbondale Illinois Information
Lodging in Carbondale, Illinois couldn't be easier to find then in our lodging section.
Carbondale, Illinois accomodations, resorts, inns and B&Bs might be just what you need for a good nights rest.
Special events such as sales events, school social events, sports events and even marathon running events in Carbondale, Illinois can be found or posted on our free to use and free to print 2006 calendars.
www.hometownusa.com /il/Carbondale.html   (1000 words)

 Local Event Carbondale IL Illinois + Movie - City Guide
Southern Illinois University Arena SIU Mailcode 6619, Carbondale, IL 62901, Southern Illinois University, A beautiful 1,000 seat facility that features nationally touring concerts, family shows, theatrical events, circuses, conventions, and consumer expositions is open to the public for many productions.
Southern Illinois University Shryock Auditorium Southern Illinois University, This grand opera style venue is the largest performing arts facility in Illinois south of Springfield that hosts a large variety of performing arts.
Carbondale Main Street Pig Out [Friday, Sep. 15, 2006] Located in Downtown Carbondale, This two day event in September includes live music, a Kansas City barbecue cook-off, a beer and wine tent, food, and children's activities.
www.discoverourtown.com /TownPage.php?Town=634&Cat=Events   (339 words)

 Carbondale Illinois Weather
Intellicast Radar Summary Carbondale Illinois This is an excellent Intellicast image showing the intensity of precipitation over much of the Midwest including Carbondale and all of Illinois, Missouri and Indiana.
Intellicast Nexrad Image Carbondale Illinois The Nexrad radar summary is an excellent Intellicast Doppler Radar image of Southern and Central Illinois including Carbondale.
Carbondale School Cancellation News Check here to see if winter weather has closed the schools in the Carbondale area..
illiniweather.com /cities/carbondale.htm   (534 words)

 Carbondale Illinois Real Estate * Country Homes * Farms * Land * Southern Illinois
Carbondale, in Jackson County, is nestled in the southern part of Illinois in beautiful peach and apple orchard country.
As its name suggests, Carbondale, was incorporated as a village around the time of the Civil War.
It also became home of Southern Illinois Normal University in 1874, a major factor in Carbondale's economy, which later became known as Southern Illinois University.
www.dhunter.net   (297 words)

 Carbondale Illinois Real Estate Agents Brokers and Realtors in Carbondale Illinois
When buying or selling a home, selecting a good real estate agent in Carbondale Illinois is as important a decision as the neighborhood you choose.
This directory of real estate agents in Carbondale Illinois is intended to be an all inclusive listing of agents, brokers, and Realtors®.
If you are an agent, broker, or Realtor® and would like to be added to this directory of real estate agents in Carbondale Illinois, please email us with the necessary information.
www.directory-of-professionals.com /illinois-carbondale-real-estate-agents.html   (234 words)

 Carbondale, Illinois Flash Designers - Flash Site Design Firms
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 Carbondale Illinois car rentals   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
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 Carbondale, IL Hotels - cheap hotels in Carbondale Illinois
Carbondale, IL, Hotels Booking Information: Making a reservation at a hotel in Carbondale at one of our great discount rates is easy and safe with USAHotelGuide.com.
Reservations at hotels in Carbondale, Illinois, can also be made over the phone by calling Toll Free 1-800-305-6863.
Compare discount Carbondale hotel rates for all Carbondale hotels and Carbondale accommodations.
www.usahotelguide.com /illinois-carbondale-hotels.html   (192 words)

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