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Topic: Carburetor

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  Carburetor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Carburetors are still found in small engines and in older or specialized automobiles such as those designed for stock car racing.
The carburetor works on Bernoulli's principle: the fact that moving air has lower pressure than still air, and that the faster the movement of the air, the lower the pressure.
The original catalytic carburetor was introduced to permit farmers to run tractors from modified and enriched kerosene.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Carburetor   (3733 words)

 FordMuscle Webmagazine: Edelbrock Performer Carburetor Tuning EPS
Someone once said that a carburetor is an incredibly ingenious and complex device for providing the wrong air-fuel ratio under all conditions of load and speed.
Carburetors are relatively cheap and simple to tune, and when it comes to wide-open-throttle (WOT) performance they match, or in many cases, out-perform EFI systems.
Calibrating idle mixture on an Edelbrock carburetor is controlled by equally adjusting the two screws at the front of the carburetor.
www.fordmuscle.com /archives/2005/08/EdelbrockCarburetor   (1084 words)

 Carburetor   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
If a new carburetor has a flat spot in acceleration (transfer from slow speed to normal), the cause may be the lack of a bypass drilling or the presence of a bypass drilling which is in the wrong position.
The vacuum in the venturi area of the carburetor is great enough so that fuel is forced from the float bowl, through the main jet, to the emulsion (mixing) tube, and finally to the discharge arm.
In the Volkswagen carburetor, there are two sources of air for the air/fuel mixture: (1) the so-called ``primary'' air which flows directly from the air horn to the engine, and (2) the air which goes to the engine only after it has passed through the air correction jet.
aarc.epnet.com /application/9073/9073CH5_Carburetor.htm   (1839 words)

 Motorcraft 2150 2V Carburetor
Most parts in the carburetor are designed to last for the life of the carburetor (which should last for the life of the engine, or longer), but there are a few wear-out items that should be replaced occasionally.
Carburetor ID codes have a four-character prefix that identifies the application (for example, D8TE — 1978 truck) and a two- or three-character suffix that identifies the calibration (for example, BAA).
Carburetor cleaners are chock full of volatile organic compounds, and they are both flammable and highly toxic.
home.earthlink.net /~bubbaf250/2150carb/carb03.html   (1042 words)

 Carburetor   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
A float inside of the carburetor bowl opens and closes the needle valve to maintain the level of fuel in the carburetor bowl, similar to the float mechanism in your toilet.
The bottom of the carburetor is bolted to the top of the Intake Manifold, a metal tube which splits right and left and carries the fuel/air mixture from the carburetor down to the sides of the engine, where it attaches to the Cylinder Heads on either side.
The rest of the carburetor components are different, except for the floats, which are interchangable between the 30, H30/31 and the 34 series carburetors.
www.vw-resource.com /carb.html   (6597 words)

 Clean Your Carburetor:   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
This carburetor was the original one installed on the Atomic Four engine in a 1975 Pearson 28.
Why you should clean or overhaul your carburetor: This photo shows the residue that has built up inside the carburetor throat and in the float chamber.
It is a good idea to keep a carburetor kit aboard for emergencies, but the parts that are needed to overhaul a carberetor seldom wear out.
www.geocities.com /atomfour/carb.html   (550 words)

 Charles Nelson Pogue: USPatent #1,759,354 ("Carburetor")
This invention relates to improvements in carburetors, and the general objects of the invention are to economically produce a dry properly proportioned combustible mixture from a liquid fuel, and generally to improve and simplify the means for doing same.
In carburetors as commonly used for supplying a combustible mixture of air and liquid fuel to internal combustion engines a relatively large amount of the atomized liquid fuel is not vaporized and enters the engine cylinder more or less in the form of microscopic droplets.
Before the carburetor is put into use the pressure-regulating valve 51 in the bypass pipe 58 will be adjusted so that the pressure best suited for conditions under which the engine is to operate will be maintained in the secondary heating chamber 21.
www.rexresearch.com /pogue/1pogue.htm   (4926 words)

 Aaen Performance : Snowmobile Mikuni Carburetor Products
By taper boring the carburetor from the venturi to a 44 mm flow area where it enters the flange, we have increased the flow from 112 CFM to 137 CFM at 5" of water vacuum.
The 48 mm Maxi-Flow Roundslide is the biggest carburetor we offer and has been developed on the flow bench to give you the maximum in air flow performance (165 CFM at 5").
This carburetor is still preferred by many racers because of its high flow rate and ease of tuning.
www.aaenperformance.com /snow_carb.asp   (296 words)

 Urban Legends Reference Pages: Automobiles (Nobody's Fuel)
carburetor, etc. Maybe the R&D department at GM put this theory to practice, and this was an example.
That the carburetor never made it to the public, they said, was proof enough of its existence.
A miraculous carburetor would grant that freedom, allowing Americans to continue to enjoy current levels of use without the need to go hat in hand to OPEC or even those dastardly Canadians.
www.snopes.com /autos/business/carburetor.asp   (1651 words)

 How to troubleshoot a carburetor
Yes, though the carburetor is synonymous with hot rodding, it certainly pre-dates that era by decades.
But whether your carburetor is one of hot rodding's newest designs or a vintage '50s four-barrel, at times it can be plagued with the "just not running right" syndrome.
The choke mechanism on this carburetor has been separated from the main body to demonstrate how the choke rod should be positioned during assembly.
chevyhiperformance.com /techarticles/148_0503_trouble   (1115 words)

 Carburetor Basics
The vacuum piston resides in a bore that is perpendicular to and intersects the main bore of the carburetor.
The needle jet opens into the main bore of the carburetor and allows the fuel into the intake manifold by means of the negative pressure formed by the intake air rushing through the venturi.
Loosen the band clamps that hold the carburetors onto the rubber boots which are mounted on the manifolds.
www.geocities.com /MotorCity/Speedway/2476/basics.htm   (2646 words)

 CV Carburetor Modifications
This is the vacuum port (CV Carburetor Cutaway #4).
Replace the carburetor, directing the fuel line and choke cable into position as you move the carburetor into place.
The details of carburetor tweaking and plug reading is a very involved subject, so you may want to refer to a higher authority after this.
www.nightrider.com /biketech/hd_cv_mods.htm   (2091 words)

 Carburetor Maintenance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
A host of "carburetor and fuel injector cleaners" repose on dealers' shelves; mix this stuff according to your tank capacity (I favor a solvent-rich mix, exceeding the concentration recommended by the manufacturers).
Carburetor reassembly is basically the opposite of disassembly; drop the needle jet in, small end first, followed by the air tube (when assembled correctly, the needle jet protrudes into the air passage).
Carburetor Parts Warehouse http://www.carbparts.com/ maintains a Website with exploded parts diagrams and parts lists for many different model carburetors.
www.atving.com /editor/techtips/carbclean.htm   (2454 words)

 Carburetor Tuning
The carburetor is not an overly complex device, but it has some real interesting subsystems that have to work properly in order to provide a decent mixture for the engine.
A simple description of the properly balanced carburetor is a metering device that meters the correct amount of fuel for the amount of air it is ingesting.
After the carburetor is mounted on the flow bench, the metering body is placed into service on the carburetor with gaskets, and the main circuit is tested.
www.circletrack.com /techarticles/1789   (1618 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Since the pressure is higher outside the engine and carburetor, air will rush inside the carburetor and engine until the pressure is equalized.
Most motorcycle carburetor circuits are governed by throttle position and not by engine speed.There are five main metering systems inside most motorcycle carburetors.
Carburetor troubleshooting is simple once the basic principles are known.
www.motocross.com /motoprof/moto/mcycle/carb101/carb101.html   (2054 words)

 Carburetor Upgrades   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
The Carburetor Shop improved on the piece by fine-tuning the individual air and fuel circuits for an application for which the carb was not intended stock.
Even though the Edelbrock carburetors are revised castings and probably won’t leak, The Carburetor Shop feels that it’s cheap insurance to epoxy the areas where Q-jets are notorious for being porous (arrows) and allowing fuel to leak from the float bowl into the intake plenum.
The airflow alterations performed to the Edelbrock carburetor increased the primary side by 18 cfm, bumping overall cfm from 752 to 770.
www.hotrod.com /techarticles/42590   (1041 words)

 The 100 MPG Carburetor Myth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
The first is that the Pogue carburetor violates the first law of thermodynamics, a commonly accepted scientific postulate that has been with us since 1830.
Back before the carburetor as we know it came into being in the 1890s there were several novel methods of getting fuel into the engine.
The second seminar-taught error is the method of using exhaust heat or radiator water to heat the fuel to the "vapor" point to extend the mileage.
www.mikebrownsolutions.com /fish3.htm   (1003 words)

 O.E.M. Carburetor Catalogue   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Our goal is to provide either used carburetor cores in good condition or professionally rebuilt carbs by original part number or style.
Rebuilt carburetors are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect (workmanship/materials) for 90 days or 3,000 miles, which ever occurs first.
We are not responsible for any damage to the automobile as a result of the carburetor, its installation or by impurities found in the fuel system.
www.blake.com /oemcarbs   (469 words)

 Model B Carburetor (Model-A.org)
The Zenith carburetor, which is now commonly called the "Model B", was built for original installation in Ford Model B engines from 1932 -1934.
The Model B carburetor input and output throats are also larger than the throats of the Model A carburetor.
The Model B carburetor's mounting flange and bolt holes are identical to the Model A carburetor.
www.model-a.org /model_b_carb.html   (372 words)

After pulling the carburetor and tank off a new motor remove the three screws that hold the carb onto the tank.
Take the reamer and starting from the front of the carburetor ream the bore out by reaming all the way through in one pass.
I bolt the reamer in a vice and rotate the carburetor.
www.4cycle.com /karting/html/carburetor.html   (1615 words)

 Holley Carburetor Repair
After adding performance parts, many enthusiasts decide their carburetor needs to be jetted, but usually the factory jetting is right where it should be.
If your carburetor is not performing as well as you think it should, consult a Holley repair manual and try the stock jetting.
For most Holley carburetors, the air/fuel mixture screws should first be set to 1-1/2 turns outward before their final adjustment.
www.chevyhiperformance.com /techarticles/148_0208_carb   (802 words)

 Carburetor Exchange: Quality Remanufactured Carburetors
All carburetors processed through our Rebuild and Return Service are remanufactured to our same high quality standards and are processed through our standard remanufacturing process.
Every carburetor is engine tested and adjusted by a master technician before it is shipped.
The carburetor is then reassembled by a certified technician using all new parts including chokes, choke pull offs, floats, needles, o-rings, gaskets and electronic components including Mixture Control Solenoids and Throttle Position Sensors (TPS).
www.carburetorexchange.com   (300 words)

 Howstuffworks "How does a carburetor work?"
The goal of a carburetor is to mix just the right amount of gasoline with air so that the engine runs properly.
The carburetor on a chain saw is a good example because it is so straightforward.
This short video of the carburetor (5.1 MB) takes you on a quick tour of the carb.
auto.howstuffworks.com /question377.htm   (880 words)

 carburetor. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Land vehicles, boats, and light aircraft have a float carburetor, in which a float regulates the fuel level in a reservoir from which the fuel is sucked into the intake manifold at a restriction called a venturi.
This venturi metering system controls the flow of a continuous pumped spray into the intake manifold downstream from the carburetor.
When there is an individual spray for each cylinder and the injection is an intermittent, timed spurt, or is metered differently, the device is usually called a fuel injector, not a carburetor.
www.bartleby.com /65/ca/carburet.html   (171 words)

 Carburetor and Fuel Injector Source - New and Rebuilt - National Carburetors
We can also meet your carburetor needs for boat, Jet ski, Seadoo, or other marine and watercraft motors.
If we don't have the right carburetor or fuel injector for you, We also provide the Best Rebuild and Return (RandR) service available for your own carburetor or fuel injector.
In order to provide you the highest quality remanufactured carburetors in the industry, each carburetor is individually built and engine tested by certified technicians.
www.nationalcarburetors.com   (353 words)

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