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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

In addition to correlating the cargo tonnage projections to the needed infrastructure improvements, the modules also provided information (industry standards) for calculating throughput capacities of maritime terminals for which inadequate information was available.
Due to the wide variety of terminal characteristics for each type of cargo, the modules were sized in comparison to average terminals found on the East and Gulf coasts.
If the only available information about a certain terminal was the cargo type, storage mode, number of berths, berth type and terminal size (acreage), a conceptual throughput capacity was determined using industry standard data from the modules. /programs_grants/latin/Appendix_IV_Port_Terminal_Planning_Modules.doc   (2088 words)

 eyefortransport - homepage
Lufthansa will occupy 176,000-square feet at the terminal, including 34,000-square feet that it will use for its own offices and another 9,000-square feet for offices for sub-tenants Royal Air Maroc, South African Airways, Kuwait Airways, Cargo Air Lines of Israel and Aer Lingus.
The terminal, located at Cargo Building 23, is part of a $161 million development by Airis Corp., a Houston-based developer of air cargo terminals.
Lufthansa has a five-year term on its portion of the terminal, with options to extend, while Alliance has a 10-year lease and CSC Swissport a 15-year lease. /index.asp?news=37635&nli=freight&ch=   (694 words)

 News Release
To avoid backups of cargo at Port of Long Beach shipping terminals, the Long Beach Board of Harbor Commission voted on Monday, June 20, to decrease the time that container cargo can be temporarily stored on the docks free of charge.
With trade growth threatening to congest shipping terminals, commissioners took steps to encourage more expeditious movement of cargo through the Port.
The commission voted to reduce by one day the temporary storage period or “free time,” from five business days to four for inbound cargo. /html/1_about/news1.html   (694 words)

 29:0891(65)CA - Customs Service (Washington, DC) and Customs Service Northeast Region (Boston, MA) and NTEU -- 1987 FLRAdec CA
passenger shift returned to the passenger terminal for the first flight, at about 12:30 p.m., although occasionally an inspector would remain in the cargo area and not return to the passenger terminal that day.
shift at the passenger terminal to report to the cargo area to perform cargo assignments, was not a change at all.
As to the passenger terminal area, while the inspectors' job duties were not changed by the renovation of that area, removal of the old modules substantially reduced the examination space. /decisions/v29/29-065-3.html   (694 words)

 Port of Los Angeles Intermodal Rail Facilities
The 162-acre (66-hectare) container terminal operated by Evergreen America Corp. on Terminal Island is one of the busiest cargo complexes at the Port.
The 185-acre (75-hectare) cargo complex operated by Yusen Terminals Inc. (a subsidiary of Nippon Yusen Kaisha, or NYK Line) on Terminal Island is one of the largest and busiest container terminals at the Port.
They assist in the reduction of truck traffic volumes on the freeways that serve the Port, benefiting private motorists and the cargo that must be delivered by truck. /facilities_Rail.htm   (694 words)

 Clive Temple: Store - Air Travel Tickets Magazines
Good for us despite the challenges, that Americas Air Cargo News is a clear true voice of what is really going on in air transportation.
Today ACN published in America monthly is the original not the English Fleet Street wannabe knockoff that stole Geoffreys original name, or the American Air Cargo World that has changed ownership at least ten times in the past thirty years.
We are the original Air Cargo News founded 30 years ago in 1975 in New York City, USA. /store/Air-Travel-Tickets/AirCargoNews___magazines:B00006K2HN:0.html   (694 words) : Location & transport : Transport : Air
TNT European Express Centre, TNT’s European hub with a dedicated cargo terminal.
Liege Airport is the first European airport centring its development policy on air cargo.
Extension projects for the main runway, the oil storage, a doubled freight capacity, a new passenger terminal, a hotel and a feasibility study for the construction of a high-speed train (TGV) terminal. /en/lt-air.html   (694 words) John F. Kennedy International Airport Article
JFK has dedicated cargo terminals for Continental Airlines, Emirates SkyCargo, EVA Air, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Nippon Cargo Airlines, Northwest Airlines, and United Airlines.
The original terminal was demolished and replaced by a new terminal, financed by a consortium of four international airlines (Air France, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, and Lufthansa), which was completed in 1998 and has eleven gates.
Terminal 2 was completed in 1962 for Northwest Airlines, Northeast Airlines, and Braniff Airways. /john_f__kennedy_international_airport.html   (1866 words)

 terminal de graneis solidos - bulk terminal (Portuguese to English translation glossary) Int. trade,Transport / Transportation / Shipping,Bus/Financial
Sometimes, you have to use oil terminal, wine terminal or other if it is a terminal/pier/port for specific cargo.
Service AS – liquid bulk Gatevex Estonia OÜ Muuga CT AS – container ro-ro cargo Muuga Grain terminal – grain Neste Eesti AS – liquid bulk Nybit AS...
implementation of suitable intermodal terminals for solid bulk cargo with... /kudoz/790843   (1356 words)

 America on the Move Port Newark / Port Elizabeth, New Jersey
It is the largest cargo handling complex on the East Coast of the United States and includes container handling operations, vehicle processing facilities, bulk cargo terminals, and warehousing and distribution operations.
The Port Newark/Port Elizabeth marine terminal occupies 2,100 acres along the western shore of Newark Bay.
In 1999, the port ranked 11th in the world in cargo tonnage and 12th in container traffic. /onthemove/collection/object_465.html   (146 words)

 New York Harbor. The Columbia Gazetteer of North America. 2000
On the N.J. side of the harbor are 2 major port cargo facilities: the Auto Marine Terminal (on Upper N.Y. Bay) and the huge (3 sq mi/7.8 sq km) Port Newark–Elizabeth Marine Terminal (on Newark Bay), the largest and most versatile terminal in the harbor.
It is also a center for bulk and breakbulk cargoes.
Simultaneous emergence of the jet age and containerized shipping of cargo, as well as changing trade patterns since the 1950s, have affected the harbor’s maritime passenger and cargo movements; however, the modern port is still the 3d-largest container port in N. Amer., as well as one of the top 15 in the world. /69/0/N02800.html   (508 words)

 Seaport Security - Tour Port Newark Elizabeth-PA Marine Terminal
The Port Newark/Elizabeth-Port Authority Marine Terminal complex (NJ), the PAAuto Marine Terminal (NJ), Brooklyn Piers and Red Hook Container Terminal (NY) and Howland Hook Marine Terminal (NY) handle most of the cargo and these facilities are managed by the Port Authority of NYandNJ.
In addition, there are private operators such as Global Marine Terminal and a number of marine terminals operated by private oil companies along the southern New Jersey coastline to handle much of the liquid bulk crude oil imported.
The guided tour will take you through PORT NEWARK ELIZABETH-PA MARINE TERMINAL, which is located on the western shore of Newark Bay in Essex and Union counties in New Jersey. /seaportsecurity/index.cfm/Link=10   (319 words)

 Electrolite: "He was the train we did not catch."
One character removes a "portable terminal" from her purse and punches for her family financial records, which she can examine in depth while sitting out in the garden.
I respond: why limit your cargo capacity to just the trains, when you can be moving cargo on every inch of rail?
You don't have to wait for the next scheduled train or truck or plane to move people or cargo, you just load your stuff onto the road and send it on its way. /electrolite/archives/004356.html   (319 words)

After Coast Guard inspectors found unspecified “paperwork problems” and reported hearing some suspicious sounds in some of the vessel’s cargo holds, it was ordered to Port Newark/Elizabeth Marine Terminal in New Jersey for further checks.
Its last port of call was Valencia, Spain, but in the past several weeks it has stopped and picked up cargo in a number of ports, including Bandar Abbas, Iran; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Karachi, Pakistan.
Its last port of call was Valencia, Spain, but in the past several weeks it stopped and picked up cargo in a number of ports, including Bandar Abbas, Iran; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Karachi, Pakistan. /2002/20020913-msnbc.shtml   (1619 words)

 Liberian Ship Held 6 Miles off Coast of Manhattan
NEWARK, N.J. — A ship detained after traces of radioactivity were detected in its cargo was temporarily ordered back to sea, the U.S. Coast Guard said Wednesday.
NEWARK, N.J. (AP) -- A ship detained by federal and local authorities after traces of radioactivity were detected in its cargo has been temporarily ordered back to sea.
The ship was directed to Berth 92 at the Port Newark/Elizabeth Marine Terminal after a Coast Guard team boarded the vessel Tuesday. /focus/f-news/748717/posts   (2836 words)

 Scares Taken Seriously Under High Alert - from Tampa Bay Online
Teams of federal agents, some with radiation detection gear, scoured a Liberian- flagged cargo ship that was detained off the Port Newark/ Elizabeth Marine Terminal.
The ship was stopped before it was to dock, when traces of radioactivity were detected in its cargo and unexplained sounds, possibly from stowaways, were heard in the vessel's cargo areas.
WASHINGTON - With security tightened to the highest level in a year at government installations in the United States and abroad, the first anniversary of the hijackings passed without serious incident, but with senior administration officials continuing to warn of a possible attack. /news/MGAUG0Q606D.html   (437 words)

Bulk cargoes (liquid or solid) generally are transferred from an intermediate facility such as a tank farm, silo, or storage yard or from a vessel.
Break bulk cargo is the most labor intensive and requires removal from one mode, usually by crane or lift, drayage to staging for the next mode (or intermediate storage) and final handling to load the cargo to the next transportation mode.
Cargo freight transportation is not a specific mode of transportation, but rather a category of technology and logistical operations that provides for the transfer of cargo among the freight modes. /Content/NavigationMenu/E-Groups/Documents/Article_BestPracticesMarine.doc   (17848 words)

 First Coast News Local News
The satellite terminal, set up in an air cargo hold near the main terminal structure, has security checkpoints, metal detectors, check-in queues for nine airlines- the works.
The satellite terminal, set up in an air cargo hold near the main terminal structure, has security checkpoints, metal detectors, check-in queues for nine airlines- the works
JACKSONVILLE -- It's been three years in the planning, and four weeks in the construction, but a new temporary terminal at Jacksonville International Airport will only be used for two days. /news/local/news-article.aspx?storyid=31233   (17848 words)

 Bulk Materials International Online: Bulk Materials International and features about cargo handling, intermodal, containers and containerization, ports and terminals
The Port of Longview in Washington state is among the most experienced in dry bulk cargo operations on the NAWC range.
A new fee-based incentive system has generated an additional 81,000t of new bulk freight made up of raw sugar, aluminium and calcium ammonium nitrates, while traditional cargoes of ore, coal and grain are witnessing increases....
The Great Lakes/St Lawrence Seaway system continues to be one of the world's major areas for bulk cargo shipments and this year's navigation season appears to be a good one.   (902 words)

 Westerplatte Ferry Terminal
New cargo and passenger ferry terminal is located at Obroncow Westerplatte Quay near the entrance to the port and, at the same time, within a short distance from the city centre of Gdansk.
Pursuant to this contract, the passenger and cargo ferry "Duke of Scandinavia" operated regularly on the route Gdansk-Trelleborg-Copenhagen, using the Westerplatte Ferry Terminal.
Cruise liners at the Westerplatte Ferry Terminal :::: 04.06.2004 /index.php?id=tpw&lg=en   (902 words)

 Fujairah International Airport - Terminal Services
The two-storied terminal has separate entrances for departures and arrivals and there is an exclusive cargo terminal directly opposite with an access road of its own.
Apart from the cargo terminal, there is engineering and airline maintenance support building, a light aircraft hangar, an aviation center and a complete ground services facility.
The dominant presence of cutting edge innovation in technology on one end and skillfully experienced manpower on the other makes Fujairah International Airport's Terminal Services world class. /main/termserv.asp   (439 words)
With cargo piling up and trucks queuing up at Super Terminal and no prospect of a speedy release of goods, HACTL had to do the unthinkable: stop accepting all but a fraction of the tonnage it handled, so it could reopen its Kai Tak facility and process cargo there.
cargo terminal in Asia is dislocated for more than a week - turning away 55,000 tons of freight worth nearly $3 billion - that would qualify as an immense problem for most people.
He acknowledged the cargo disruption, but that aside, he said, the facility was running smoothly. /asiaweek/98/0724/nat6.html   (439 words)

 FM 55-17 Chapter 7 Ocean Terminal Operations
The cargo stowage plan is prepared by the loading terminal after the ship has been loaded and is used to facilitate the subsequent loading and discharge of cargo at all ports along the voyage.
If stacking the containers more than the limit of six high in a cell, the loading terminal must provide movable supports off the vertical structure for the upper containers.
Also, the terminal must always arrange container cells so that the long dimensions of the containers are fore and aft. /military/library/policy/army/fm/55-17/ch7.htm   (439 words)

 South American Business Information : Vale constructs new railroad terminal. @ HighBeam Research
The Brazilian mining company CVRD (Companhia Vale do Rio Doce) will sign a letter of intents with the logistic company Centronorte Logistica for the construction of a railroad terminal in Colatina (Espirito Santo state) targeted the transportation of granite between the South and North regions of the state, which is currently made by roads.
Centronorte, which will manage the terminal, is to invest the remaining R$2mil.
Both companies expect to move 650,000 m tons of cargo per year including 400,000 m tons of granite per year, wood and another cargo in containers. /s/southamericanbusinessinformation/may262004/valeconstructsnewrailroadterminal/index.html   (439 words)

 Spotting at Cork
Just north of the terminal is a grass area overlooking the North Ramp and with views of the cargo apron.
Continuing further north brings you to the E.M.C. hangar with a view of the small E.M.C. ramp which is not visible from the terminal.
Further north again brings you to the new 4 stand cargo apron. /interest.htm   (439 words)

 JAXPORT - Facilities - Talleyrand
Ocean carriers calling the Talleyrand Marine Terminal offer direct access to world trade lanes for all U.S. bound or originated containerized cargo through Freeport, Bahamas.
The Talleyrand terminal is serviced by three Class 1 railroads, and is easily reached by I-95 and I-10 leading to U.S. 1 and Jacksonville's 20th Street Expressway.
Talleyrand handles South American and Caribbean containerized cargoes, breakbulk commodities such as steel and paper, imported automobiles, frozen and chilled goods and liquid bulk commodities. /sea/talley.cfm   (439 words)

 Hong Kong International Airport - Air Cargo
The first dedicated express cargo terminal, DHL Central Asia Hub, commenced operations in June 2004 to meet the dynamic needs of the fast growing, time critical express market and to facilitate the development of HKIA as an express cargo hub.
There are two air cargo terminal operators providing air cargo services.
The dedicated air cargo apron with freighter parking stands to be increased to 25 in 2005. /eng/afacilities/index.html   (439 words)

 Welcome To Air Cargo World -- Directories -- Airports Directory
Comments: New cargo terminal was opened in January with capacity of 60,000 tons possible to expand up to 100,000 tons.
Comments: New cargo facilities to be completed 2010 to add 4 x 747F additional ramp space and planned stipulation decision for new bbi-single airport since 08/04.
Comments: New cargo facilities to be completed by the end of 2005; estimated 50,000 s.m. /directories/2005_ad/intl.htm   (439 words)

 Container Terminal
Unlike Oi Terminal and other large-scale leased facilities, this public container terminal, a site of strong demand and vigorous activity under the direct management of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, is available for use when necessary on a spot basis.
In the background, five marine cargo transit sheds, primarily for the handling and storage of container cargo, contribute to seamless transport activities, while forty-one companies are involved in thr operation of ultramodern distribution facilities on thirty-three hectares of warehouse space nearby with the aim of creating the largest center for international intermodal transport in Japan.
This terminal, the newest container terminal at the Port of Tokyo, has five berths and eleven container cranes along its 1,570m length. /english/port/container.htm   (439 words)

 Port Newark/Elizabeth Marine Terminal
Port Newark and the Elizabeth Port Authority Marine Terminal operate as one fully integrated marine terminal, forming the largest and most comprehensive collection of maritime cargo handling facilities on the East Coast of North America.
Port Newark is one of the most flexible multi-purpose cargo centers in the United States.
Elizabeth is "America's Containership Capital." It includes 23 container cranes serving three fully equipped containership terminals, 16 distribution buildings with more than 2 million square feet of space, and numerous other terminal buildings. /commerce/nemain.HTM   (430 words)

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