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Topic: Carl Icahn

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 XO. Board of Directors - Carl Icahn   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Carl C. Icahn has served as Chairman of the Board and a Director of Starfire Holding Corporation (formerly Icahn Holding Corporation), a privately-held holding company, and Chairman of the Board and a Director of various subsidiaries of Starfire, including ACF Industries, Incorporated, a privately-held railcar leasing and manufacturing company, since 1984.
Icahn has been Chairman of the Board of American Property Investors, Inc., the general partner of American Real Estate Partners, L.P., a public limited partnership that invests in real estate.
Icahn has served as the Chairman of the Board of GB Holdings, a holding company that owns the Sands Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
www.xo.com /about/directors/icahn.html   (203 words)

 ImClone Names Icahn Chairman; Shares Up, Carl Icahn Wins Nasty Battle to Take Control of ImClone Systems; Shares Climb ...
Icahn, who owns roughly 14 percent of the company, had been seeking a management shake-up since September after declaring the board had done a deplorable job running ImClone, noting it had failed to both fully capitalize on the potential of cancer drug Erbitux and find a suitable CEO.
Icahn said in a statement that he planned to investigate why ImClone's relationship with Bristol-Myers had "seriously deteriorated over the past few years." The companies had feuded publicly a few years ago after the FDA initially refused to review Erbitux.
Icahn revised the filing to seek the removal of the remaining four.
www.cbsnews.com /stories/2006/10/25/ap/business/mainD8KVS9OG3.shtml   (873 words)

 News: ImClone Systems Directors Urge Stockholders to Reject Carl Icahn's Efforts to Opportunistically Seize Control of ...
Icahn and a handful of directors who were selected by and/or have ties to him would constitute five of seven ImClone Systems' directors, a result that the undersigned Consent Solicitation Committee, which has been charged by the Board with responding to Mr.
Icahn fails to tell you that when a proposed acquirer told the Company a few weeks ago that it would be prepared to make an offer to acquire the Company for $36 per share in stock if Mr.
Icahn says he wants the Board to find a permanent Chief Executive Officer, but fails to tell you that he, one of his employees and one of the other directors he proposes remain on the Board already comprise three of the five members of the committee tasked to find the new Chief Executive Officer.
www.genengnews.com /news/bnitem.aspx?name=6900290   (1337 words)

 Carl C. Icahn Invests in the Future of Medicine
Icahn was designed by the architectural firm Davis Brody Bond, LLP and was completed in 1997.
Carl Icahn is the president and chairman of Icahn Associates, an investment firm with affiliated companies specializing in real estate development, oil and gas, rail car leasing and manufacturing and telecommunications.
Icahn has established foundations that serve a diverse range of educational and charitable endeavors.
www.mountsinai.org /msh_news/msh_icahn_gift.html   (541 words)

 Carl Icahn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Carl Celian Icahn (born February 16, 1936) is an American billionaire financier.
In 1985 Carl Icahn established Foxfield Thoroughbreds, a horse breeding operation.
Icahn's Meadow Star won the 1990 Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies and was voted the Eclipse Award for Outstanding Two-Year-Old Filly.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Carl_Icahn   (702 words)

 Carl Icahn the Bottom Feeder?
Icahn has a history of playing on the broker-dealer side of the market, and made quite a bit of money in the issuance of PIPE financings, commonly referred to as death financings or toxic financings.
Carl Icahn redeveloped Ladenburg Thalmann into the largest PIPE dealer in the US in the late 1990's and 2000 timeframe.
We have Icahn and the Berliner group connected as partners in a company that specialized in a type of financing that ultimately destroyed most of the companies that chose to participate.
www.webspawner.com /users/icahnscam/index.html   (674 words)

 MiamiHerald.com | 09/28/2006 | Carl Icahn targets Federated   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Icahn is seeking regulatory approval for the purchase of an additional $113.4 million to $500 million in shares, Federated, the owner of Bloomingdale's and Macy's, said in a statement.
Icahn has acquired holdings in companies and forced managements to take steps to improve the price of their shares, including pushing Time Warner to buy back $20 billion in stock.
Icahn Management LP held 2.01 million shares, or 0.37 percent, of Cincinnati-based Federated's outstanding stock, as of June 30, Bloomberg data shows.
www.miami.com /mld/miamiherald/business/national/15624023.htm   (361 words)

 FOXNews.com - Carl Icahn Blasts ImClone's Board - Business And Money | Business News | Financial News
Icahn also believes ImClone is not aggressive enough in testing Erbitux as a treatment for other types of cancer.
Icahn said the move to put itself up for sale was foolish and lead to an exodus of talented professionals.
Icahn said he hopes the vote on his motion to remove half the board will be finished within the next two months but said he didn't know what he would do if his challenge failed.
www.foxnews.com /wires/2006Sep29/0,4670,IcahnImcloneDirectors,00.html   (730 words)

Yesterday Time Warner CEO Dick Parson’s was all over Carl Icahn, crediting the high profile investor with helping Time Warner get in touch with their shareholders and convincing the company to increase its share buyback plan.
Icahn, for his part, said he is happy, now that Time Warner stock has risen over the past several months.
This is exactly the situation Icahn has been struggling to create for the last few months, criticizing the companies choice of executives and threatening the board with a proxy fight for the election of directors.
www.dealbreaker.com /carl_icahn   (647 words)

 Innovation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Carl Icahn Laboratory that houses the institute is a far cry from the warehouse- and industrial-style science laboratories of the past.
The Carl Icahn Laboratory maximizes the use of natural light through strategically placed windows and skylights and an intriguing configuration of vertical louvers, tall fin-like slats capable of rotating like Venetian blinds.
The exterior paneling of the Carl Icahn Laboratory, accordingly, has "the proportion and color of brick, with a texture that mimics the richness of stone." Once again, Vinoly's knack for integrating forms comes through, resulting in a building that epitomizes the goal of its inhabitants.
www.princeton.edu /~innov/may2004/m2004carlicahn.htm   (927 words)

 TheStreet.com: Carl Icahn One Step Closer in Obtaining Nabisco's Cookie Jar
Icahn's letter to Nabisco shareholders Tuesday had described his higher offer as "friendly." But he showed increasing frustration with Nabisco's refusal to accept his offers.
This is Icahn's fourth attempt since 1995 to buy Nabisco and follows a proposal on March 13 to take over the company's board.
After Icahn made his intentions known, Nabisco adopted a "poison pill," which is aimed at discouraging takeovers by granting current shareholders the right to buy preferred stock if any person gains control of 10% of the company's ownership.
www.thestreet.com /brknews/consumer/914489.html   (424 words)

 Icahn urges stock buyback, spinoff for Time Warner - Aug. 15, 2005
Icahn -- who along with several hedge funds owns over 120 million shares of Time Warner (up $0.23 to $18.47, Research) -- said he plans to meet this week with Time Warner Chief Executive Richard Parsons to discuss his views of the media company.
While Icahn said that management has done "a commendable job managing each of their various businesses," he criticized it for having "not proposed measures which would enhance values" for shareholders.
Icahn made his name as a corporate raider in the 1980s and last year set up a $1.6 billion hedge fund that is now used to take stakes and pressure for changes at companies, the paper said.
money.cnn.com /2005/08/15/news/fortune500/icahn_timewarner/index.htm   (770 words)

 Carl C. Icahn Charter School
The mission of Carl C. Icahn Charter School is to use the Core Knowledge curriculum, developed by E.D. Hirsch, to provide students with a rigorous academic program offered in an extended day/year setting.
Carl C. Icahn Charter School has 252 students in Kindergarten through Sixth grade.
In comparison to neighborhood schools, the district in which Carl C. Icahn Charter School is located, as well as borough, city and state averages, our children achieve at a significately higher level on all NYS exams.
www.ccics.org   (119 words)

 Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed: Carl Icahn vs. Blockbuster: Boom! Zap! Pow!
Keep in mind that Icahn is in the middle of a tussle over the company's direction, and he wants to be elected to Blockbuster's board at next week's annual meeting.
While Carl Icahn is pressuring companies like KMG and BBI to deliver shareholder value, he has not been taking care of his own obligations to deliver shareholder value (in my opinion).
Icahn's man is in charge of KDUS now, which has no operations and has not done anything for the past couple of years.
paul.kedrosky.com /archives/001280.html   (629 words)

 Carl Icahn announces his plan to remake Time Warner - Feb. 8, 2006
Working with Icahn are Bruce Wasserstein, CEO of investment bank Lazard, and Frank Biondi, the veteran media executive who Icahn hand-picked to become the CEO of Time Warner if his fight to gain control of the company's board is successful.
Icahn has been a harsh critic of Time Warner management led by Parsons, arguing that the company would be worth more if it spun off all of its cable division, made more asset sales and cut expenses.
Icahn also said he plans to announce his rival slate for the company's board of directors next week or the week after.
money.cnn.com /2006/02/07/news/companies/timewarner_icahn/index.htm   (1547 words)

 Carl Icahn’s Lesson for Credit Unions
Carl Icahn is one of America’s most effective activist investors, to the chagrin of the executives of companies he invests in.
Icahn’s most recent target is Time Warner, which he criticized for not implementing “measures that would increase value for shareholders.” His attack pressured the company to use its excess cash to increase a planned stock buyback from $5 to more than $20 billion.
If Carl Icahn could swoop into the credit union space, he would likely offer the critique that much of the capital stash is a suboptimal use of member resources.
www.creditunions.com /home/articles/template.asp?article_id=1920   (550 words)

 BBC NEWS | Business | Shareholder row hits Time Warner
In a letter to shareholders, Carl Icahn said 12 of the 15 board members had backed a merger with internet firm AOL - which cost the firm 75% of its value.
Mr Icahn now wants a seat on the Time Warner board and is supported in his campaign by three hedge funds which between them hold 2.8% of the shares in the $84bn firm.
Carl Icahn has a record as a corporate raider
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/business/4332288.stm   (399 words)

 Press Release   - Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
"Carl Icahn is a truly generous New Yorker who has supported this City in many ways, and we are grateful for his donation to this great facility," said Mayor Bloomberg.
Icahn established his Foundations to serve a diverse range of educational and charitable endeavors.  He has established the Carl C. Icahn Laboratory for Princeton University's Institute for Integrated Genomics at Choate Rosemary Hall, in Wallingford, Connecticut.
Icahn made substantial donations to Mt. Sinai Hospital and established the Carl C. Icahn Charter School in the Bronx.
www.nyc.gov /html/om/html/2004a/pr021-04.html   (644 words)

 Why Carl Icahn Wants to Spoil American's Deal
At the core of Icahn's looming battle with American is the package of low-priced tickets he got in TWA's 1995 bankruptcy.
This time, Icahn might be able to keep his cheap tickets if he can convince the court that they were a result of TWA's 1995 bankruptcy, says University of California at Los Angeles law professor Kenneth N. Klee, a bankruptcy expert.
In that case, Icahn would have to be bought out for the deal to go through--and that could cost American several hundred million dollars at least.
www.businessweek.com /2001/01_04/b3716094.htm   (475 words)

 FOXNews.com - Carl Icahn Named New Chairman at ImClone - Business And Money | Business News | Financial News
In September, Icahn, who owns about 14 percent of the company, filed a proxy statement to remove half of Imclone's board because he said they have done a deplorable job running the company.
Now that three of the six directors Icahn sought to remove are gone, the board is primarily comprised of his allies.
Among Icahn's criticisms was the failure of the board to lure a talented industry executive to ImClone's helm.
www.foxnews.com /story/0,2933,224831,00.html   (461 words)

 USATODAY.com - Murdoch: Carl Icahn is 'out on a limb'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
In an interview with Newsweek for its Feb. 13 issue, Murdoch, the founder, chairman and CEO of the News media conglomerate, said Time Warner was a "very well run" company, contrary to Icahn's assessment.
Icahn, who has made a career as well as a multibillion dollar fortune out of taking on big companies, is pressing Time Warner to make major changes in hopes of boosting its long-lagging share price.
Icahn wants, among other things, a complete spinoff of Time Warner's cable TV division and a larger share repurchase program, all the while criticizing Time Warner's management decisions.
www.usatoday.com /money/media/2006-02-06-murdoch-blasts-icahn_x.htm   (429 words)

 Carl C. Icahn Charter School
In 2005, 100 percent of Icahn 4th graders passed the state math exam and 86.2 percent passed the English test, according to an article in the New York Post on July 20, 2006.
An article in the Gotham Gazette says Icahn Charter school "focuses day in, day out, on standardized tests...Testing begins from a student's first day at the school, when he or she takes a 'pre-test', to assess each child's ability and determine whether he or she needs specially targeted assistance.
The school's founder, billionaire Carl Icahn, said he was so pleased with the results that he's planning to open five more charter schools, according to the Post.
www.insideschools.org /fs/school_profile.php?id=1194   (797 words)

 Media Curmudgeon: Carl Icahn's Comedy Act
Several months ago there was a story in the New York Times about corporate raider Carl Icahn doing a stand-up comedy set at Caroline's, a comedy club in New York, for a charity event.
I guess Icahn must have liked doing comedy because he tried it again last week when he held a press conference to announce the result of the Lazard Report, a 371-page document produced by his partner in comedy and Time-Warner bashing, Bruce Wasserstein.
Fabrikant made the same point that Jack Myers did, but in a subtler and more detailed way--that Icahn's appointment of Frank Biondi to head a slate of directors that Icahn wants Time Warner shareholders to vote for is a huge joke that no one except Icahn, Wasserstein, and Biondi take seriously.
www.mediacurmudgeon.com /archives/2006/02/carl_icahns_com.html   (1176 words)

 FT.com / Home UK / UK - Carl Icahn statement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
New York, NY, February 17, 2006 – Carl Icahn and his investor group today announced that they have reached an agreement with Time Warner regarding specific actions the company will take to improve its capital, corporate and cost structures.
These actions are key to achieving the Icahn Group’s long-stated goal of creating value for all shareholders and have proved again that shareholder activism can be extremely effective.
Icahn concluded, “I am pleased by the many initiatives Dick Parsons has agreed to undertake and as a result I do not intend to nominate directors this year.
www.ft.com /cms/s/1cc720ac-a00a-11da-a703-0000779e2340.html   (541 words)

 BBC NEWS | Business | Icahn wants Time Warner shake-up
Mr Icahn said he wants the world's biggest media company to separate its cable business and buy back at least $20bn (£11bn) of its stock.
Mr Icahn said that while Time Warner managers had done a "commendable job managing each of their various businesses", not enough was being proposed to enhance the return for shareholders.
Mr Icahn has a history of calling for changes at the companies in which he invests, such as forcing Texaco into bankruptcy proceedings back in 1987.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/business/4153582.stm   (325 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Business -- ImClone appoints Carl Icahn chairman
Petco Park attendance is down, even though the Padres are in a scorching pennant race.
NEW YORK – Financier Carl Icahn won the nasty battle to take control of biotech company ImClone Systems Inc. on Wednesday.
The three other directors Icahn sought to expel – Dr. Vincent T. DeVita Jr., John A. Fazio and William R. Miller – will not run for re-election to the board at the next annual meeting in the first quarter of 2007, the company said.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/business/20061025-1322-imclone-icahn.html   (750 words)

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