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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

  Carlingford home page
Just over an hours drive from Ireland's two major cities, Carlingford nestles between Slieve Foy, Carlingford Lough and the Mourne mountains.
Walk the medieval streets of Carlingford and you can still see most of the original ancient buildings.
Carlingford is at the centre of much more too;
www.carlingford.ie   (139 words)

  Carlingford Civil Parish, Louth county, Ireland, Lewis, 1837 description ©Jane Lyons   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
CARLINGFORD, a sea- port, market and post-town, and a parish (formerly a parliamentary borough), in the barony of LOWER DUNDALK, county of LOUTH, and province of LEINSTER, 11½ miles (E. by N.) from Dundalk;and 59¾ (N.) from Dublin city ; containing 12,185 inhabitants, of which number, 1319 are in the town.
Carlingford mountain, which overhangs the castle, attains, according to the Ordnance survey, an elevation of 1935 feet above the level of the sea from its height and position it intercepts during a great part of the summer, the direct rays of the sun for several hours before sunset.
Carlingford formerly gave the title of Earl to the family of Taaffe, which becoming extinct on the death of Theobald, the 4th Earl, in 1738, Geo.
www.from-ireland.net /lewis/l/carlingford.htm   (1876 words)

 Carlingford, County Louth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is situated between Carlingford Lough (to the east) and Slieve Foy mountain (to the west) at GPS co-ordinates: N54.02.463 W6.11.120.
Carlingford was settled approximately 800 years ago by Norman knight Hugh de Lacy after laying the foundation stone to a castle on a strategic outcrop of rock.
The Dominicans were established in Carlingford in 1305 primarily because of their patron Richard de Burgo with the friary itself being dedicated to St.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Carlingford,_County_Louth   (1819 words)

But Carlingford is not only worthy of regard as contributing to our creature-comforts, and causing us to rejoice both at snack and supper, but it is also noted for its scenic beauties and recollections.
But Carlingford is not alone remarkable for its oysters and its scenery, it is also worthy of an Irishman's regard, as the retreat, and its mountain country the fastness of the notorious Redmond O'Hanlon, the far-famed Rapparee, who about 120 years ago, played the part of Rob Roy in Ireland.
Carlingford formerly gave the title of Earl to the family of Taaffe, but the honour becoming, as it is supposed, extinct in the person of Theobald, the fourth earl of that name without issue, in 1738, his late Majesty George III.
www.libraryireland.com /articles/carlingfordDPJ/index.php   (1649 words)

Carlingford is located approximately 15 kilometres northwest of Sydney in the Shire of Baulkham Hills.
Carlingford probably received its name to honour Lord Carlingford who was Under-secretary of State for the Colonies from 1857 to 1860.
Carlingford is an attractive suburban destination comprising two shopping centres, restaurants, a variety of accommodation and it is located within easy reach of the city via the M2 Motorway.
about-australia.com /new-south-wales/sydney/destinations/carlingford   (239 words)

 Newry & Mourne - Tourism
Carlingford Lough lies on the east coast of Northern Ireland and straddles the international border with the Republic of Ireland.
Carlingford Lough provides some of the best fishing in the Irish coastal waters, with specimen fish such as the Irish record for the Tope at 66 ½ lbs.
Carlingford Lough offers a great variety for the angler from great tope to the more elusive, but extremely sporting, sea trout and bass.
www.newryandmourne.gov.uk /tourism/activities/fishing/carlingford.asp   (341 words)

 Carlingford Wildlife Page
Carlingford and environs are an ideal place to watch birds, both for beginners and for experts.
Continuing back around the harbour by the Carlingford Sailing Club you come upon an area of the bay where there are rocky outcrops mixed with mudflat.
At the end of the beach is Shelling Hill, the top of which is a good sea watching spot from where Shearwaters and Skua may be seen in the right conditions.
www.carlingford.ie /wildlife.htm   (1083 words)

 Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Carlingford musical ensembles are open by audition to all students in the University.
At any of the "Carlingford in Focus" weekends during the school year, you may schedule an appointment for a music audition.
There are many musical opportunities for you at Carlingford University, and we want you to see and hear for yourself the excellent music making that is a vital part of this Department.
www.carlingford.edu /music.htm   (1222 words)

 Carlingford 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
All participating boats will be honorary members of Dundalk and Carlingford Sailing Club for the duration of the event, and will have use of the club's facilities.
Carlingford marina is situated about one mile Northwest of Carlingford harbour.
Neither the Dundalk and Carlingford Sailing Club, the Folkboat Association nor the committee can accept responsibility for any damage, or injury caused during this Folkboat Week.
www.edaniels.freeserve.co.uk /irishseafolkbo/Rallies/carlingford04.htm   (1139 words)

 The Irish News info Ireland edition: travel ireland Louth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The entrance to Carlingford Lough and the surrounding area was ruled by the English from King John's Castle built in the 12th century.
Saint Patrick was also said to have landed at Carlingford briefly in the 5th century before travelling on to County Down.
Carlingford also has a very popular oyster festival and fair in August, accommodation, eateries and pubs.
www.irishnews.com /tourism/louth3.html   (834 words)

 Carlingford Co. Louth Ireland - www.carlingford.net
Carlingford Beds - Accommodation in the heart of Carlingford
Approximately midway between Dublin and Belfast, Carlingford is a village on the shores of Carlingford Lough.
For those wishing to stay longer, visit the accommodation section for listings of the prominent hotels, hostels, guest houses, BandBs and pubs in the area.
www.carlingford.net   (116 words)

 Marina   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Carlingford Lough is one of the most picturesque inlets on the East Coast of Ireland.
on the Southern Shore of the spectacular Carlingford Lough and is four miles from the Haulbowline Light House.
As you move up the Lough you pass Greenore Point and Harbour, further along the southern shore lies Carlingford, a town steeped in history, whish is watched over by St. Johns Castle.
www.carlingfordmarina.ie /webpages/marina.htm   (412 words)

I thought of a spot so far away from Carlingford, in a tiny Catholic cemetery in Missouri, where Terence and Anne, all of their children and grandchildren down to a great-great grandchild rest together.
One of the many delightful surprises of Carlingford is its ability to feed and bed its visitors with a level of comfort and sophistication that exceeds all expectations.
They come for the food, which we barely had time to sample; for the craic at McKevitts and the Oyster Catcher Bistro; for the vast array of water sports; for the gentle mountains that beckon the walker; for the sheer beauty of Ireland at her best.
www.carlingford.com /keller.htm   (926 words)

 Carlingford Serviced Apartment :: LOCATION
Carlingford Serviced and Furnished Apartments are located approximately 28 km North-West Sydney Central Business district, 2 km from Parramatta Business Centre and within easy access to the M2 express way to Sydney, the Central Coast or Sydney Olympic Village.
The Carlingford railway station, public transport, James Ruse High, Cumberland High School, Carlingford West Primary School and local retail outlets and community facilities are located on our doorstep or within easy driving distance.
Carlingford Serviced and Furnished Apartments are suitable for both short and extended stay apartments accommodation.
www.carlingford-serviced-apartments.com.au /pages/location.htm   (173 words)

 Walk in Carlingford   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The Carlingford Complex (see map below) represents the eroded roots of an ancient Tertiary volcano which was erupting about 60 million years ago.
These could have been derived from a process of differentiation from the basaltic rocks or, alternatively, through melting of pre-existing crustal rocks into which the basaltic rocks were emplaced.
Sophisticated techniques, involving isotopic analysis of the different rocks of the Carlingford Complex, have been applied in an attempt to solve this problem.
www.gsi.ie /activities/forthcoming/nhw2002/carlingford/carlingford.htm   (644 words)

 Your Place And Mine - Down - The Carlingford Lough Disaster... Co.Down's worst maritime tragedy
The Connemara, outward bound from Greenore to Holyhead was struck amidships by the SS Retriever of the Clanrye Steamship company of Newry at the seaward end of the Carlingford cut at the entrance to Carlingford Lough, in gale force conditions.
In his book Legendary Stories of the Carlingford Lough, MG Crawford describes a sighting of the Lord Blayney: "we could see the tall masts and funnel of a steamer appear as if she were rising from the grey breast of the sea; then the mast head light shining like a star burst full upon us.
He was in his early thirties when he was drowned on November 3rd 1916 in Carlingford Lough when the ss Retriever and the ss Connemara collided, losing all passengers and crew with the exception of one young man James Boyle from Warrenpoint, a crew member on the Retriever.
www.bbc.co.uk /northernireland/yourplaceandmine/down/A724385.shtml   (2736 words)

 Carlingford Serviced Apartments Sydney
The apartments are located in a central Carlingford residential location, about 200 m from the Carlingford railway station.
The apartments are in a small residential building, which underwent an extensive refurbishment in 2001, resulting in a modern self-contained furnished apartments accommodation.
Carlingford Serviced and Furnished Apartments provide a cost effective alternative apartment accommodation to Sydney hotel accommodation and are suitable both as corporate or vacation rental accommodation.
www.sydneyregion.com /carlingfordservicedapartments.html   (151 words)

 Elders Real Estate CARLINGFORD - About Us
ABOUT US Elders at Carlingford has been serving the local community for 18 years, though for the first 8 years the agency was part of the well-respected Sydney based group J.A. Gilmour and Sons - before it was acquired by the Elders group.
Having a quality team, quality assured procedures and the latest computerised software and technology, these offices are specialists in management, both of property and strata.
The new owners bring all this expertise and experience to Carlingford and indeed it is now 2 offices working for you.
www.elders.com.au /branch/about.php?branch_id=540   (165 words)

 Carlingford Accommodation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Entering Carlingford you pass Ghan House and the Tourist Office on the left, take the left immediately after the Tourist Office then go left at the "No Parking" sign, go up the narrow street which leads to the carpark, park here.
To your right is the Tholsel (a stone archway), go through it and this will bring you to Tholsel Mews alongside Magees Bistro and Memories Craft Shop.
Entering Carlingford there is a sign for the Marina/Captain Corellis on your left.
www.carlingfordaccommodation.com /map.htm   (230 words)

 Carlingford - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Carlingford Lough, the sea loch where the village is located
Carlingford, New South Wales, a suburb in north-west Sydney,Australia
Carlingford, Ontario, a community in Southwestern Ontario, Canada
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Carlingford   (106 words)

 Carlingford Music Centre: PianoDisc & QuietTime
Hailed as the pianola of the 21st century, the PianoDisc System is now available in Australia, and on display at Carlingford Music Centre.
The PianoDisc System is as easy for non-pianists to use as it is for the accomplished artist and offers a flexible and full featured selection of options including the addition of Symphony (providing full orchestral accompaniment) and live recording with the TFT Record System.
Carlingford Music Centre has been appointed the Sydney Dealer for PianoDisc and has a fully operational model ready for demonstration.
www.carlingfordmusic.com.au /html/pianodisc_main.html   (584 words)

 Who we are | Christian City Church Carlingford
CCC Carlingford is a contemporary, Australian Pentecostal church committed to worshipping God with passion, reaching people with Jesus and building people in Jesus.
In 1996 the church moved from Karonga School to Carlingford High School in North Rocks Road Carlingford, because we had out-grown the school hall at Karonga.
Church services are held in the School hall with Children’s Church and Youth Meetings on Sunday mornings being held in other parts of the school premises.
www.ccccarlingford.org.au /about   (481 words)

 Carlingford High English Trial Exam Petition
We are aware that there is a possibility that some of Carlingford High School's students may have benefitted from this mistake in the form of information about the questions included before the exams commenced.
To avoid undue stress and disruptions to established study patterns, we, HSC English students of Carlingford High School, do not feel that the resitting of either exam is necessary.
The Carlingford High English Trial Exam Petition to Staff of Carlingford High School was created by and written by Stephen Simpson (jayphen@medio-core.com).
www.petitiononline.com /jayphen/petition.html   (226 words)

 Mourne View B&B
Carlingford a Medieval Town, walk the medieval streets, visit King John's Castle built on a rock outcrop overlooking Carlingford Lough.
This building was the residence of an important member of the merchant class.
The building gets it name from the Taaffe family who became Earls of Carlingford in 1661.
www.mourneviewcarlingford.com /html/carlingford.htm   (233 words)

 Carlingford Holiday Homes, Welcome to Carlingford Holiday Homes English Language School & Adventure Centre, Ireland, ...
Carlingford Holiday Homes, Welcome to Carlingford Holiday Homes English Language School & Adventure Centre, Ireland, over twenty land and water based activities, catering for corporate groups, adults and schools
Welcome to Carlingford Holiday Homes, please enjoy our website and let us assist you in booking your stay in Carlingford.
The area is a paradise for walkers, golfers and those interested in outdoor adventure.
www.carlingfordholidayhomes.com   (100 words)

 Carlingford Adventure Centre, Ireland, over twenty land andwater based activities, catering for corporate groups, ...
Carlingford Adventure Centre, Ireland, over twenty land andwater based activities, catering for corporate groups, adults and schools
In 1990 the old bonded warehouse that encircles the local Mint Castle was carefully restored by Tom and Mary McArdle and converted into Carlingford Adventure Centre, offering you the perfect mix of medieval character with modern comfortable facilities.
We are based in Carlingford, Co. Louth, approximately one hours drive from both
www.carlingfordadventure.com /html/carlingfordadv.html   (115 words)

A medieval town with an immense background, and an even bigger future, with it's breathtaking scenery, including Carlingford Lough, the Mourne Mountains,("sweeping down to the sea"), the Irish Sea, and the Isle of Man, viewable with the naked eye, from certain vantage points on the mountain walks, which tower above the town.
It is situated between, or about an hour's drive from either Dublin or Belfast Airports, taking you through some of the most invigorating greenery to be found anywhere on this earth.
During the Summer of 2001 she realised her long unfulfiled ambition to visit Ireland, and her beloved Carlingford.
www.carlingford.com   (372 words)

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