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Topic: Carloman, son of Charles Martel

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Charles Baxter Charles Baxter is an 1947 in University of Minnesota.
Charles Dundas Sir Charles Dundas was a district commmissioner of the Chagga).
Charles I, Duke of Bourbon Charles I of Bourbon (Duke of Burgundy.
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Charles, who was then twenty-six, was not excluded from the succession on account of his birth, Theodoald himself being the son of a concubine, but through the influence of Plectrude, Theodoald's grandmother, who wished the power invested in her own descendants exclusively.
In October, 732, Charles met Abd-er-Rahman outside of Tours and defeated and slew him in a battle (the Battle of Poitiers) which must ever remain one of the great events in the history of the world, as upon its issue depended whether Christian Civilization should continue or Islam prevail throughout Europe.
In 735, after the death of Eudes, Charles entered Aquitaine, quelled the revolt of Hatto and Hunold, sons of the deceased duke, and left the duchy to Hunold, to be held in fief (736).
www.newadvent.org /cathen/03629a.htm   (1404 words)

Charles the Simple's most famous and important deed was to cede some land, which became Normandy, to the Norse chieftan Rollo in 911.
Charles IV The Capetians are usually reckoned to begin with Hugh Capet, but his family (the house of Paris or "Robertians," after Robert the Strong) had been nudging the Carolingians for some time, and his uncle (by marriage), grandfather, and great uncle had already been Kings of France.
The biggest break came when Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, was killed in 1477 and Louis XI was able to secure the return of large parts of the Burgundian domain to France, since the heiress Mary of Burgundy would not inherit under the Salic Law.
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 The Nuttall Encyclopaedia by Edited by Rev. James Wood - Full Text Free Book (Part 11/53)
CARLOMAN, son of Pepin le Bref, and brother of Charlemagne, king of
CASTOR AND POLLUX, the Dioscuri, the twin sons of Zeus by Leda;
CESAREWITCH, the eldest son and heir of the Czar of Russia.
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 Timeline 600CE to 999CE
Charles III the Fat was a Frankish king and emperor.
He was the youngest son of Louis the German and was crowned emperor by Pope John VIII in 881 and became king of all the East Franks in 882, succeeding his brother Louis the Younger.
Ganesha, son of Shiva, was the first god invoked at the beginning of a new enterprise.
www.timelines.ws /0600AD_999AD.HTML   (10742 words)

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