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Topic: Carrion

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  Carrion (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Carrion is a fictional supervillain in Marvel Comics' universe, in which he is an enemy of Spider-Man.
Carrion sought to destroy Parker/Spider-Man several times before revealing that he was a decayed clone of Professor Miles Warren, also known as the Jackal.
Carrion II Many years later Spider-Man learnt from the High Evolutionary that Warren had not achieved cloning but had instead created a genetic virus that could transform exisiting human beings into seemingly genetic duplicates of them.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Carrion_(comics)   (812 words)

 Carrion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Carrion is the carcass of a dead animal that becomes food for other scavenging animals such as hyenas,voltires, Tasmanian Devils, or Andean and Californian condors.
Carrion is an important food source for large carnivores and omnivores in most ecosystems.
The carrion beetles are a group of beetles from the family Silphidae.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Carrion   (111 words)

 Richard Carrion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Carrion was born to one of the richest families in Puerto Rico, his grabdfather being one of the founders of Popular, Inc. (BPPR).
Carrion is the cousin of famous Puerto Rican actress Camille Carrion.
Carrion has been a member of the International Olympic Committee since 1990 (IOC) and was one of the torch carriers for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Richard_Carrion   (275 words)

Carrion met with the Masked Marauder, who was then the head of the Nefaria "family" of the criminal organization called the Maggia.
Carrion and Darter clashed with Spider-Man and his ally, Hector Ayala, who then operated under the costumed identity of the White Tiger.
Carrion could reduce the density of his own body at will, so as to become virtually intangible, and then return to his normal density.
www.marveldirectory.com /individuals/c/carrion.htm   (789 words)

 Carrion Crow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Carrion Crow (Corvus corone) can be distinguished from the Common Raven by its size (48–52 cm in length) and from the Hooded Crow by its fl plumage, but there is frequent confusion between it and the Rook.
The beak of the Crow is stouter and in consequence looks shorter, and whereas in the adult Rook the nostrils are bare, those of the Crow are covered at all ages with bristle-like feathers.
The plumage of Carrion Crow is fl with a green or purple sheen, but the gloss is much greener than that of the Rook.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Carrion_Crow   (474 words)

 Carrion Beetles in Yellowstone NP: Introduction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Although small vertebrate species must contribute a significant percentage of total vertebrate carrion input into a system (perhaps the majority, depending on the ecosystem), the focus of this study on larger vertebrate species argues for a general limitation of the discussion to sources of large vertebrate carrion.
Another large vertebrate, carrion ecology investigation conducted in the Nearctic region was a short-term observational study of the arthropods associated with harbor seal carcasses located within the intertidal zone along the north eastern coast of the United States (Lord and Berger 1984).
Unlike terrestrial carrion ecology research, which is primarily anecdotal, their findings were discussed within the perspective of the entire benthic ecosystem, speculating what influences such whale carcasses might have had on the evolution, distributions, and abundances of deep-sea species.
virgin.msu.montana.edu /Ynpmsweb/ynpmsin.htm   (5429 words)

 Stinking Flowers
Carrion flowers are masters in the art of deception because they lure these insects into their blossoms.
The overpowering stench of some carrion flowers may be caused (in part) by putrescine (1,4-butanediamine) and cadaverine (1,5-pentanediamine), relatively simple amine compounds derived from the amino acids ornithine and lysine.
The identical antennal responses to arum and carcass odors indicate that a carrion fly cannot rely on odors alone to separate the model (decaying meat) from the olfactory mimic (arum inflorecence).
waynesword.palomar.edu /ww0602.htm   (4823 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The carrion crawler is a scavenger of subterranean areas, feeding primarily upon carrion.
Carrion crawlers are non-intelligent, and will continue to attack as long as any of their opponents are unparalyzed.
Carrion crawlers will sometimes live with a mate or in a small group numbering no more than 6.
www.planetadnd.com /interactive_books/mm00028.php   (726 words)

 Carrion Crow, Corvus corone corone
Of all birds the carrion crow is the most detested by gamekeepers and country people who rear flocks of poultry, because it is the craftiest of egg thieves.
They tend to hunt in ones and twos, unlike rooks which go about in flocks; but I have seen as many as 40 carrion crows in a bunch in early summer; these were all young birds which had assembled from several nests, to travel round in a gang, as is the way of adolescents.
In much of Ireland and Scotland, our carrion crow is replaced by the grey-and-fl hooded crow; in the border zones, the two species inter-breed.
www.birdsofbritain.co.uk /bird-guide/carrion-crow.htm   (595 words)

 Carrion plants
Carrion Plants bear a superficial resemblance to cacti, but are botanically unrelated because of their different floral anatomy.
Carrion Plant and Carrion Flower are truly appropriate common names.
Carrion Plants produce flowers several times a year in Union County College’s greenhouses, with each flower remaining open for at most several days.
faculty.ucc.edu /biology-ombrello/POW/carrion_plants.htm   (447 words)

 Decomposition: Carrion beetles
Carrion Beetle Ptomaphila perlata with a maggot in its jaws.
Silphids are large carrion beetles that feed on both carrion and fly larvae.
Even though adults have been recorded feeding on carrion, they cannot survive on it alone, and die if they do not have access to maggots.
www.deathonline.net /decomposition/corpse_fauna/beetles/carrion.htm   (160 words)

 WDNR - Giant Carrion Beetle (American Burying Beetle)
Habitat: The giant carrion beetle was originally found across 35 states in landscapes of various soil types in mowed and grazed fields, prairie, dense shrub thickets and deciduous forest.
Carrion availability in a given area rather than habitat is probably the greatest limiting factor.
Contributing factors probably include the need for carrion the size of doves or chipmunks (loss of the passenger pigeon has been mentioned), fragmentation of habitat affecting prey species, and creation of edge supporting competitive vertebrate scavengers.
www.dnr.state.wi.us /org/land/er/invertebrates/beetles/amerburying.htm   (268 words)

 SpiderFan.org - Characters : Carrion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The true origin of the original Carrion have been someone confused by much of the reconstruction of history which was performed during Maximum Cloneage and the Return and subsequent death of The Jackal, a.k.a.
What seems fairly certain is that the Carrion body was a clone of Dr. Warren which he created of himself shortly before Spider-Man met his Spider-Clone for the first time.
Carrion had the power to create a Red Dust which could spread disease, incapacitate, or even cause a body to just whither and die.
www.spiderfan.org /characters/carrion1.html   (376 words)

 SpiderFan.org - Comics : Reviews : First Carrion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Carrion attends the secret session of the executive council of the Maggia (led by Big M: The Masked Marauder) and submits a proposal to eliminate Spider-Man. He reveals that he knows "more about the wall-crawler than he knows about himself" and that he despises Spidey.
Carrion stands at the bottom reminding Peter that organic matter "be it solid or liquid" is repelled by his touch.
As Carrion and Darter tumble to the far side of the pool, the Tiger leaps to the diving board to rescue Spider-Man. He manages to pull Spidey up from his predicament but cannot respond in time to Spider-Man's warning.
www.spiderfan.org /comics/reviews/spiderman_spectacular/025.html   (4887 words)

 Carrion Beetles & Phoretic Mites: Masters of Animal Decomposition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Typically a carrion beetle's abdomen sticks out past its wing covers, and its pronotum may be brightly colored, as is the case with the American Carrion Beetles shown below and in the topmost illustration.
Carrion beetles return the favor by hauling the non-flying mites to the next banquet of fly eggs when yet another animal dies.
After a female carrion beetle's eggs hatch, her larvae dine on the corpse as long as food lasts.
www.hiltonpond.org /ThisWeek040508.html   (1524 words)

 Carrion crow - The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
The all-fl carrion crow is one of the cleverest, most adaptable of our birds.
Carrion crows will come to gardens for food and although often cautious initially, they soon learn when it is safe, and will return repeatedly to take advantage of whatever is on offer.
Carrion, insects, worms, seeds, fruit and any scraps.
www.rspb.org.uk /birds/guide/c/carrioncrow/index.asp   (191 words)

 New York Daily News - Politics - Carrion looking to 2009   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Carrion was joined on the steps of the Bronx County Building by elected city, state and federal officials as he announced the effort.
Carrión, who is term-limited, has been weighing his options, including a possible mayoral run in the future, but with Thompson's appearance yesterday, observers said it now seems more likely that he might be considering a run to succeed Thompson as controller.
With the city's minority population now the majority, a ticket with Thompson, who is fl, and Carrion, who is Puerto Rican, could pull a strong vote.
www.nydailynews.com /news/politics/story/315468p-269834c.html   (435 words)

Carrion beetles in the genus Nicrophorus bury small vertebrate carcasses.
Carrion beetles carry mites (termed phorecy) which are symbiotic.
The mites use the beetles to move from carrion source to carrion source.
www.unk.edu /acad/biology/hoback/carrion_beetles/gallery.html   (232 words)

 Adolfo Carrion, Jr. Bronx Borough President 718-590-3500
Carrion said “The Bronx housing revival continues to flourish due in part to the ongoing efforts of community organizations, and the public and private sectors.
Carrion said “I am pleased to announce that the Bronx will be receiving 3 out of 8 HUD senior housing grants for the entire state and the only three in the city.
Carrion said “By encouraging developers to use green materials we are helping to make our neighborhoods cleaner and at the same time we are building energy efficient sustainable homes.” Carrion continued “We also need to take a look at parts of the borough that are or were formally industrial use areas.
bronxboropres.nyc.gov   (1169 words)

 ...the almighty carrion...
The military salute is a motion that evolved from medieval times, when knights in armour raised their visors to reveal Carrion.
Carrion can squeeze his entire body through a hole the size of his beak.
The porpoise is second to Carrion as the most intelligent animal on the planet.
almightycarrion.livejournal.com   (782 words)

 MSN Encarta - Search Results - carrion
Carrion Flower, common name for any of several related cactuslike desert herbs with flowers that have a putrid odor.
Carrion Beetle, common name for a family of insects that usually feed on dead animal matter or decaying vegetation.
Exclusively for MSN Encarta Premium Subscribers--quickly search thousands of articles from magazines such as Time, Newsweek, The Atlantic Monthly, and Smithsonian.
ca.encarta.msn.com /carrion.html   (78 words)

 Carrion as a Carry-on? | Humor | Generally Awesome   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The carrion I carry on is, of course, the type of carrion consumed by my pet Carrion beetles at home.
Sometimes I run into problems when the carrion that I carry on as a carry-on is larger than the usual limit of 22” x 14” x 9" dictated by the airlines.
It is a good thing that there are no regulations regarding the smell of carry-ons, because the carrion that I carry on would not pass.
www.generallyawesome.com /carrion.html   (154 words)

 DarkEcho Review: Kissing Carrion by Gemma Files
Overall Files relies a little too often on first person and occasionally stoops to cute tricks ("The Diarist," "Folly," "Job 37") but still manages to pull her story off well.
My only disappointment was with the eponymous "Kissing Carrion," which would have been improved with more of her usual care and her knack for restraint.
Files' wounds tend to fester rather than heal cleanly, so her stories will not be to everyone's taste.
www.darkecho.com /darkecho/reviews/kissing_carrion.html   (400 words)

 Amazon.com: CARRION: Books: Gary Brandner   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The premise of "Carrion" is a bit similar, but this book follows the re-animator.
In "Carrion," the main character isn't a gypsy though.
"Carrion" gives an interesting take on zombies: McAllister Fain has the power to bring the recently deceased back to life.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0449129500?v=glance   (766 words)

 Thottbot World of Warcraft: Quest: Carrion Grubbage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Killed about 8 of these carrion grubs so far, not a single drop of these slabs of meat, which supposedly drop at a 50% rate.
Imagine running round trying to find 15 slabs of carrion worm meat (which means you need to kill approximately 27 million grubs) while constantly being ping-ponged by plaguebats into every adjoining mob.
Carrion Devourer dropped a Hammer of the Northern Wind.
www.thottbot.com /?q=1910   (1112 words)

 Untitled Document
The plan was fashioned after Carrion’s Yankee Stadium Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan that includes a hotel and convention center, a new Metro-North Station, an expanded ferry landing, a Yankee Hall of Fame and Museum and a high school for sports medicine and sports industry careers.
This development is expected to generate 1,350 additional jobs, an aspect which becomes paramount in a borough with the highest level of unemployment in New York City.
Bronx Borough President Carrion is promoting a project in District 9 in the Bronx to put a Lead Teacher in every grade – an experienced teacher to supervise our newer teachers who are more likely to be sent to our schools.
bronxboropres.nyc.gov /en/gv/president/biography.htm   (1617 words)

 Thottbot World of Warcraft: Pet: Carrion Bird   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The carrion bird really isnt the same as a wolf but their attack are pretty much the same when u train them up good.
The only difference between carrion birds and wolves is the racial special.
"Carrion Birds will now be able to eat Power Crystals from Un'goro Crater.
www.thottbot.com /?pet=Carrion+Bird   (707 words)

 Tales from the Crypt: Carrion Death - TV.com
Tales from the Crypt: Carrion Death - TV.com
I call this little game of chops and clobbers 'Carrion Death'.
Tell the world what you think of Carrion Death.
www.tv.com /tales-from-the-crypt/carrion-death/episode/38851/summary.html   (214 words)

 MSN Encarta - Dictionary - carrion crow definition
MSN Encarta - Dictionary - carrion crow definition
Search for "carrion crow" in all of MSN Encarta
European crow: a medium-sized crow similar to a rook but with a heavier beak and fl face.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/features/dictionary/DictionaryResults.aspx?refid=1861687208   (64 words)

 Carrion quotes & quotations
Quotes with keywords > C > CA > carrion
“Does wisdom perhaps appear on the earth as a raven which is inspired by the smell of carrion?
Find product related with carrion quotes on Amazon
en.thinkexist.com /quotes/with/keyword/carrion   (81 words)

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