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Topic: Carrs

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  Carrs of Exeter | Chrysler Ferrari dealer Exeter Devon | Carrs in Voyager fiasco
Carrs of Exeter have various outlets in the Southwest of England.
Carrs of Exeter would not reimburse my legal fees even though they were in the wrong.
I would suggest that Carrs of Exeter improve their customer relations because from my experience, they are sadly lacking in it.
www.wheelchairanglingandhamradio.co.uk /Carrs_of_Exeter.htm   (1174 words)

 Carrs of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. Authorised BMW Dealer Legal Statement.
Carrs of Bury St Edmunds and BMW (UK) Limited have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this site.
Carrs of Bury St Edmunds will not use the personal information collected on this website for any purpose other than individual customer care, mailing of product information, or special offers.
Carrs of Bury St Edmunds declares that all information will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the legal provisions concerning data protection.
www.carrsbmw.co.uk /aboutus/legal.html   (265 words)

 Welcome to Carrs.net.nz!
CARRS bases itself on Automobile Association survey results for vehicle costs (information that IRD uses to justify FBT rates) but adjusting the information to use the latest petrol prices and to take depreciation out of the calculation.
By using CARRS there remains a significant advantage in the employee owning the vehicle if there is over 50% of business use.
However, if the employee leases the vehicle under an operating lease the lease payments (which of course factor in depreciation) are able to be reimbursed by the company.
www.carrs.net.nz   (301 words)

 Carr's Welding Technologies Ltd
Carr’s supply the aerospace, medical, automotive industries and many specialist engineering companies with laser welding services.
Carr’s have been laser welding tooling for over 7 years now, and have always had to charge a minimum amount to cover the overhead of factory, man and machine.
However Carr’s now have regular sources of income from other laser...
www.carrswelding.co.uk   (144 words)

The CARR brother that settled in Sampson Co. NC,about 4 miles outsisde Clinton, was married to Sallie(or Sarah) Bass.
Bengah CARR was a house carpenter and seemed to have moved around a lot.
Hannibal CARR left Martha and went to Flordia(Dade Co.) sometime in the early 1920's, probably during the boom time in Florida building.
www.angelfire.com /de/idonotknow   (548 words)

 Karting at Carrs Road - Christchurch Kart Club History
The Carrs Road Reserve (covered in broom and partly used as a shingle pit) was to be the Christchurch Kart Club’s home.
This is the reason why Carrs Road Raceway has such a wide main straight and very wide track, something which has been retained over years of alterations to the circuit.
The council decided to turn the Carrs Road Reserve into a rubbish dump and for many years had to put up with rubbish, flies, rats and smell.
www.kartsport.org.nz /history/CarrsRd.htm   (2471 words)

 Carrs. Richly British sterling silver cutlery and flatware   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
For well over three hundred years Sheffield's silversmiths have developed the skills and techniques to produce some of the world's finest silverware, with each generation improving and pioneering quality and design.
Carrs Silverware are proud to be part of the heritage of the city.
Their products are sold through the most prestigious outlets in over sixty countries worldwide.
www.silverqueen.com /Sterling_Silver_Flatware/Carrs.asp   (200 words)

 Michigan Tourism Business: Scott Witter - Welcome to CARRS
The role of CARRS is to function as an interdisciplinary department within the College addressing the challenging interfaces of agriculture, natural resources, recreation, and community issues.
CARRS will work to integrate agriculture and natural resources and complement programs in CANR and other units of the university (e.g., Agricultural Economics, Environmental Sciences and Policy Programs).
CARRS is currently in the process of inviting two national scholars in each of our four thematic areas to write a white paper.
www.imakenews.com /tourism/e_article000309950.cfm   (616 words)

 Carrs Products - Rapaid, Industrial Products & Contract Services
Carrs is a UK company with extensive experience in flexible substrate coating.
Carrs has established itself worldwide working in collaboration with multi-national partners to develop world leading developments in coating technology and applications.
Carrs provide contract services, including contract printing, contract coating, contract converting, laminating, folding, slitting, cutting.
www.carrsproducts.com   (131 words)

 Carrs Lane Church Centre
The Centre is a modern building in Birmingham city centre.
It stands on the corner of Carrs Lane and Moor Street Queensway, opposite Marks and Spencer and Moor Street Station, and a few minutes walk from New Street Station and public car parks.
Our mission: Carrs Lane Church Centre exists "to share the love of Christ with the people of Birmingham and beyond, by offering Christian worship and a caring ministry through its own activities, and the use of the building by religious and secular organisations who uphold the general principles by which the Church Centre operates".
www.carrslane.co.uk   (248 words)

 Carrs Billington Agriculture for all the farmer's needs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Carrs Billington Agriculture for all the farmer's needs
Carrs Billington Agriculture (Sales) Ltd supplies the farming and rural communities with a comprehensive range of agricultural products and services.
In addition to being a major manufacturer and supplier of compound animal feeds, blends and specialist mixtures, we are main agents for many leading brands of farm machinery.
www.carrs-billington.com   (133 words)

 Bread flour for your bread making machine, Carrs Breadmaker Flour   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Carrs Breadmaker Flour is the perfect bread flour.
Gently milled from the world’s best wheat, Carrs Breadmaker Flour is perfect for automatic breadmakers.
Whether you use strong white flour, strong brown flour (formerly known as coarse brown flour) or wholemeal flour, your loaf will look wonderful, smell gorgeous and taste perfect.
www.carrsbreadmaker.info   (172 words)

 Carrs Great Alaska Shootout
The 1999 Carrs Great Alaska Shootout, hosted by the University of Alaska Anchorage, will be held Nov. 22-27, at Sullivan Arena.
In addition, history will be made during the 1999 Carrs Great Alaska Shootout as a women's four-team tournament is added to the Thanksgiving weekend celebration.
The pairings for the 1999 Carrs Great Alaska Shootout men's cnd women's tournaments will be announced next summer.
www.shootout.net /shootout/shootoutarchive/1998/preview/1999teams.htm   (866 words)

 The Carrs Mill
In the late 1820's the mill was converted to silk throwing.
By 1896, in common with many other silk mills the Carrs Mill was being used for fustian cutting.
the Carrs mill] was originally a cotton mill, and was powered by an undershot water wheel.
homepage.ntlworld.com /bryan.burtonbj/carrs_mill.htm   (666 words)

 Carrs Natural Improvers - Conditioning Oils for Pigeons, Cage and Aviary Birds
This knowledge has been passed down through generations for the purpose of improving health naturally.
The Carr's Natural Improver range is fast becoming recognised as a natural alternative to modern day chemical remedies.
Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest quality in natural resources, which their stock would find in nature if left to their own devices.
www.naturalfeeds.co.uk   (194 words)

 Carrs Paints - For the Decorative, Manufacturing and Industrial Industries
Vast experience, combined with the most modern technologies available, has enabled Carrs Paints to become one of europe's most respected independent paint companies.
Building on our enormous knowledge base, Carrs has become highly skilled in the design, formulation and manufacture of construction and industrial coatings and the provision of manufacturing services.
Three concrete blocks of flats have been protected from bad weather with anti-carbonation coating from Carr's Paints....read more
www.carrspaints.com   (88 words)

 LondonTown.com | Carrs Lane Guide | Carrs Lane London, N21, England, UK | London Streets by Street
Carrs Lane is located in the borough of Enfield
Below we present a selection of upcoming events, local attractions and great places to eat and shop.
The nearest underground station to Carrs Lane is 'Southgate ' which is about 59 minutes to the South West.
www.londontown.com /LondonStreets/carrs_lane_19e.html   (71 words)

 Carrs Real Estate - Carrs Kentucky
You might be interested to know that Carrs has a population of 5,527 and the average household income in Carrs is $26,953.
Residents of Carrs enjoy 30.6 degree weather in the month of January and 75.8 degree weather in the month of July.
The median age in Carrs is 38.11 and the average household size in Carrs is 2.42.
www.homepages.com /localpages/kentucky/Carrs.htm   (131 words)

 Carrs Welding Technologies Ltd   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Carrs Toolsteel technologies and Carrs Welding Technologies have been working together to characterise the weldability of tool steels using laser welding processes.
The key technical advantage of laser repair is the small amount of heat input to the material and the consequent minimisation of the heat affected zone.
Add to that the fact that the laser can perform extremely accurate weld deposition (even recreating etch grain patterns) and the high level of customer interest is understandable.
www.carrs-tool.co.uk /partners/CarrsWT.htm   (108 words)

 Carrs silver | e-news 2 | Materials and Engineering Research Institute | Sheffield Hallam University
Researchers in Sheffield, the city famous for stainless steel, have developed a ‘stainless silver’ alloy that resists the discolouring effect of pollutants and retains its bright finish.
The groundbreaking alloy, developed by researchers from the Materials and Engineering Research Institute (MERI) and leading UK silverware brand - Carrs of Sheffield, could boost the global market for silver, often dismissed as the ‘poor man’s gold'.
Manufactured exclusively by Carrs of Sheffield, it will be officially launched at the Spring Fair, Birmingham NEC (5-9 February, 2006), along with a new Lustre range that includes iPod nano holders, business card holders, passport covers and cutlery.
www.shu.ac.uk /research/meri/e-news/issue2/carrssilver.html   (532 words)

 Carrs Honda Dealership Ratings
The service dept. actually called once the vehicle was finished, 2 hours ahead of schedule I might add.
i brought my car into carr's honda to fix a very minor dent.
carr's honda will try to take your money from you in return for very poor quality repairs!
www.dealerrater.com /dealer/Carrs-Honda-review-2848   (308 words)

 Carrs: Plus Safeway Club Card
Turn in your completed Club Card application at your local Safeway, Carrs, or Eagle store making sure your information is current.
If a Safeway/ Carrs Club member's eligible spending does not reach $250 during the promotional period, no miles will be earned or awarded.
Offer valid only at participating Safeway, Carrs or Eagle stores from October 1, 2002 through December 31, 2007.
www.carrsqc.com /AlaskaAirlines_Terms.asp   (1000 words)

 Carrs Current River Canoe Rental: Eminence Missouri MO Canoeing, Kayaking and Tubing
Carrs Current River Canoe Rental: Eminence Missouri MO Canoeing, Kayaking and Tubing
Carr's Canoe Rental offers canoe, kayak and tube trips on the
Carr's Canoe Rental is an authorized concessionaire of the
www.carrscanoerental.com   (104 words)

 Latest promotional offers from Carrs Breadmaker Flour   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
As well as using the best quality flour we at Carrs believe that accurate measuring is very important when baking great loaves.
Normally priced at £29.99, Carrs are offering the scales at the special promotional price of only £10.00 (excluding pandp) when you collect 10 tokens from packs of Carrs Breadmaker Flour.
Easy to read LCD display which can be reset to zero so that ingredients can be accurately added to the same container for every step of the recipe.
www.carrsbreadmaker.info /promotions/index.html   (241 words)

 Peter Carrs - Moviefone
Peter Carr is the Head of Quantitative Financial Research at Bloomberg LP, where his group is responsible for all facets of the business operation...
by Peter Carr, Dilip Madan, Helyette Geman, and Marc Yor...
Pete Carr Photography · About · Portfolio · Contact · Recent · Desktops · Liverpool Music Week 2006 Pictures available here.
movies.aol.com /celebrity/peter-carrs/232243/main   (101 words)

 Carrs Karaoke CDG
Pop/Rock Male Karaoke disc from Monster Hits contains 16 Karaoke songs including songs from Carrs, and "Keep On Loving You karaoke" by Reo Speedwagon, and "Missing You karaoke" by John Waite, and "Rosanna karaoke" by Tot, and "Stand karaoke" by R E M.
Mix Karaoke disc from Monster Hits contains Karaoke songs including songs from Carrs, and "16 Candles karaoke" by Crests, and "18 And Life karaoke" by Skid Row, and "19 Somethin karaoke" by Mark Wills, and "1982 karaoke" by Randy Travis.
Pop/Rock Karaoke disc from Monster Hits contains 16 Karaoke songs including songs from Carrs, and "Back On The Chain Gang karaoke" by Pretenders, and "Boy From New York City, The karaoke" by Ad Libs, and "Brandy karaoke" by Looking Glass, and "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do karaoke" by Neil Sedaka .
www.usa-karaoke.com /display_artist.asp?artist=Carrs   (292 words)

 Alaskan Women Benefit at Carrs/Safeway Checkout
The month-long campaign kicks-off this Friday, October 1, 2004, and includes fun efforts like "add a dollar to your grocery bill," or the employees paying a dollar to "dress down" for the day.
Last year, Carr’s employees and its customers donated over $90,000 to the Providence Alaska Foundation for early detection and treatment of breast cancer.
The contributions were used to create a new screening program at Providence.
www.providence.org /Alaska/Community/Press/AK_DocType_47   (253 words)

 Carrs plated flatware at affordable prices, active and discontinued   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Carrs plated flatware at affordable prices, active and discontinued
Please click on the pattern name to view the pattern inventory.
Our products are sold through the most prestigious outlets in over sixty countries worldwide.
www.silverqueen.com /silverplated_tableware/Carrs.asp   (142 words)

For the fans of the Carrs Safeway Great Alaska Shootout, the coveted spot to enjoy the game is the green couch nestled on the southwest end of the court.
The name Darryl Davis may not be familiar to fans that attend the Carrs Safeway Great Alaska Shootout, but every single person who has attended the Shootout the past five years has seen him.
Davis is the "ball rack guy" — the man who controls the cart of basketballs that the players use to warm up before games and during halftime.
www.shootout.net   (1244 words)

 Carrs Quality Centers - Anchorage, AK 99503 - Reviews: Pharmacies, Grocery Stores
This Carrs is a nice clean store, a bit on the expensive side.
I can always find the item I'm looking for at Carrs.
Sometimes its hard to find things in this state, but I know to look at Carrs now.
www.insiderpages.com /b/3709418710   (172 words)

 Welcome to Carrs Bury St Edmunds authorised MINI dealership
Welcome to Carrs Bury St Edmunds authorised MINI dealership
The new MINI Cooper and Cooper S is now available to test drive at Carrs MINI.
If you would like to pop over and be one of the first to view and drive the new MINI Cooper and Cooper S from as little as £12,995 OTR, please call Jamie on 01284 750033.
www.carrsmini.co.uk   (61 words)

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