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Topic: Carson River Valley, Washington

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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

Carson River Valley, Washington Carson River Valley is a town located in 2000 census, the town had a total population of...
Deschutes River (Washington) The Deschutes River is a 50-mile-long Olympia in Thurston County.
Lewis River (Washington) The Lewis River is a tributary of the Columbia River.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /topics/washington.html   (7694 words)

 Skamania County, Washington - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Skamania County is a county located in the state of Washington.
Its name derives from the Chinookan word for "swift water," a reference to the Columbia River.
The county seat is at Stevenson, which is also the county's largest city, although the Carson River Valley CDP is larger.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Skamania_County,_Washington   (399 words)

 Whitman Geology -- Local Geology
Between the Columbia River and the Blue Mountains, the OWL is formed by a 200-m high escarpment that marks the trace of the Wallula fault zone, a series of high-angle en echelon faults that display evidence for both dip-slip and strike-slip motion.
The sediment load of these rivers was augmented during the glaciations of the Pleistocene; glaciers grew and shrank in the Cascades to the west, British Columbia to the north, the Rockies to the east, and the Wallowa and Elkhorn Mountains to the southeast.
Tolan, T.L., and S.P. Reidel, 1989, Structure map of a portion of the Columbia River flood-basalt province, in S.P. Reidel and P.R. Hooper, eds., Volcanism and tectonism in the Columbia River flood-basalt province: Geol.
www.whitman.edu /offices_departments/geology/LocalGeo.html   (1453 words)

 [No title]
The Carson National Fish Hatchery was constructed at Tyee Springs at RM 18 to mitigate for the flooding of the lower Wind River.
In a study done by the Wind River Restoration Team (1996), it was found that in 1995 and 1996, the adult steelhead returning to the mainstem of the Wind River were dominated by fish that spent 2 years in the ocean (74 and 68%, respectively).
Carson National Fish Hatchery was constructed in 1938 to mitigate for the construction of Bonneville Dam and currently produces 1.8 million spring chinook smolts.
www.nwcouncil.org /Library/recommend/newwindtrp.doc   (5756 words)

 NWS Flood Summary
The major exception is the northern San Joaquin River Valley, where high reservoir releases and continued runoff from the mountains have kept rivers and streams rising.
Sacramento River and the Sutter Bypass south of the Tisdale Bypass and north of Knights Landing due to a dangerous levee situation on the Tisdale Bypass.
A voluntary evacuation was requested in southern San Joaquin County for the area near the confluence of the San Joaquin River and the Stanislaus River due to a possible levee failure.
www.nws.noaa.gov /oh/hic/archive/1997/970106.htm   (1095 words)

The current extent of Washington’s shrub-steppe as mapped is approximately 11,315 square miles (46.3% of historic), with the vast majority of loss being due to agriculture (98%), followed by development.
Daubenmire determined that as a group, Washington’s shrub-steppe lands (literally, shrub-grasslands) are an artificial, descriptive aggregate, and that true steppe in the European sense, i.e., lands dominated by narrow-leaved grasses, were absent from his study area.
Along the Columbia River north of Wenatchee, the fragile soils of shrub-steppe lands have been logged, grazed and burned to the point where the soils are unstable and normal precipitation results in catastrophic flooding.
www.kettlerange.org /steppeweb   (8706 words)

 Carson River Project
Inter-Fluve was contracted by Western Nevada Resource and Conservation and Development to conduct a fluvial geomorphic audit of over 100 miles of the Carson River and both its upper forks, from the California state line to Lahontan Reservoir in the Great Basin.
The Carson River has a long history of extensive human-induced disturbance; beginning with the Comstock mining era, subsequent forest harvesting in the headwater drainages, irrigation and floodplain development associated with early settlement, and continuing to today with intense urban and suburban development pressures in the previously agrarian river valley.
Therefore, a series of field data inventory forms were developed specifically for the characterization of a channel in a largely degraded condition.
www.interfluve.com /projects/Geomorphic/Carson_River.html   (363 words)

 Gifford Pinchot NF - Recreational Opportunities 2002
All Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife game and access rules WAC 232-12-828 apply in the areas.
Anyone witnessing a violation of game laws is encouraged to report the incident to the Washington Department of Fish and wildlife enforcement branch.
GP-Wind River - Proverbial Creek - From Carson travel north to the junction of road 31, travel west on road 31 about 9 miles to the junction of road 3105, travel west on road 3105 to the junction of road 3107 which is the entry point into the area.
www.fs.fed.us /gpnf/recreation/accessibility/hunting.shtml   (783 words)

 GORP - Carson National Forest, New Mexico
Drive from the village of Taos up to Taos Ski Valley, for example, and you move from sage-scented high-desert scrub and blood-red soil, to spruce- and fir-clad mountainsides, and finally into an alpine realm of wildflower-dotted meadows.
Farther west, in the Rio Chama Valley area, is Georgia O'Keeffe's red-rock New Mexico, where amid the mesas are attractions like the Ghost Ranch, naturally resonant Echo Amphitheater, and the towering Brazos Cliffs.
But best of all, Carson National Forest's recreational bounty is just part of the appealing tapestry of beautiful country, rich culture, and outstanding lodging, dining, and shopping that have made north-central New Mexico one of the world's most desirable travel destinations.
gorp.away.com /gorp/resource/us_national_forest/nm_carso.htm   (415 words)

 WDFW -- The Weekender Report: Hunting and fishing success can change with fall weather
The problem for anglers is that most rivers in the area have been running high and dirty after all that rainfall.
A lack of rainfall had delayed river fishing, but salmon are finally on the move in both North and South Olympic streams.
The Columbia River from the highway 395 Bridge upstream to the wooden power line towers at the old Hanford townsite will remain open for salmon fishing through Dec. 31, but few salmon are harvested after Nov. 1.
wdfw.wa.gov /do/weekendr/weekendr.htm   (6567 words)

 Carson River Valley News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Local news for Carson River Valley, WA continually updated from thousands of sources on the web.
Pendleton Buckaroos fans were pleased Friday as they witnessed their football team notch a victory over the visiting Hood River Valley Eagles, 41-16 in a league game.
Removing 92-year-old Condit Dam from the White Salmon River remains a great idea for both natural and recreational reasons.
www.topix.net /city/carson-river-valley-wa   (469 words)

 Gifford Pinchot National Forest - Welcome!
The Gifford Pinchot National Forest is located in southwest Washington State.
Hemlock Dam is located on Trout Creek, a tributary to the Wind River approximately 10 miles northwest of Carson Washington.
The dam has been identified as an impediment to the migration and survival of Lower Columbia River steelhead, a fish that is listed as Threatened under the Endangered Species Act.
www.fs.fed.us /gpnf/index.shtml   (735 words)

 Carson River Valley, Washington Detailed Profile - travel and real estate info, jobs, hotels, hospitals, weather, ...
Carson River Valley, Washington Detailed Profile - travel and real estate info, jobs, hotels, hospitals, weather, schools, crime,...
Back to Washington, WA smaller cities, WA small cities, All Cities.
New: Carson River Valley, WA residents, houses, and apartments details
www.city-data.com /city/Carson-River-Valley-Washington.html   (662 words)

 washingtonpost.com: War Could Last Months, Officers Say
Other forces heading to this region, including the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, based at Fort Carson, Colo., and the 1st Cavalry Division, from Fort Hood, Tex., will require months to move their tanks and other armor from their bases into combat, the defense officials said.
But McCaffrey, who during the 1991 Persian Gulf War commanded what is now the 3rd Infantry Division, said he thought the unit was capable of taking on all three Republican Guard divisions on the southern side of the so-called red zone that marks the capital's defensive perimeter.
That is a far different proposition than striking Iraqi armor in the flat, open desert, which was the major task of U.S. air power in the Gulf War.
www.washingtonpost.com /ac2/wp-dyn/A33955-2003Mar26?language=printer   (1796 words)

 Timeline 1879-1882
It was purchased by the Aspen Valley Land Trust in 2001 and transferred to the US Forest Service in 2004.
1879 In Hungary the Tisza River overflowed and destroyed 5,500 of 5,800 houses in the town of Szeged.
Washington as a "normal" school and industrial institute where "colored" people with little or no formal schooling could be trained as teachers and skilled workers.
timelines.ws /1879_1882.HTML   (13985 words)

 Washington County Surveyors Record 1781-1797 by Rhonda Robertson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Page 34 - James Cochran, heir of William Cochran, heir of Peter Cochran, decd...300 ac...on the waters of the north fork of Holstein in the Rich valley...145 ac of which was surveyed for John Cochran on December 2, 1774, includes improvements by actual settlement made in 1768...September 1, 1781 - Assigned to Samuel McReynolds...
Page 48 - Humberston Lyon...150 ac...on both sides of the north fork of Holstein River on the north side of his settlement survey...Treasury Warrant...Beginning corner to the settlement tract...under the Piney Mountain...on the south side of Laurell Knob...April 24, 1783...
Page 66 - William Anderson...980 ac...Preemption Warrant...on both side of Powells River opposite the Glade Spring, known by the name of the Buffaloe Walks...Beginning on the north side of the river...on the north side of Wallins Ridge...crossing the river on the north side of a Herricane Ridge...December 4, 1783
www.ls.net /~newriver/va/washsurv.htm   (10121 words)

 Volunteers set to monitor Arizona border crossings - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - January 24, 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Billed as "Americans doing the job Congress won't do," the project — which will begin April 1 — is intended to showcase inadequate border- and immigration-enforcement policies by the U.S. government, Mr.
The potential for violence is very real, and I issued all the cautions I possibly could," he said.
A key focus of the project will be a 20-mile stretch of border lowlands in the San Pedro River Valley, 90 miles southeast of Tucson.
washingtontimes.com /national/20050124-121305-5647r.htm   (934 words)

 MBR: Internet Bookwatch, December 2003
This impressive survey of the Columbia River country concerns the journey of a fossil trilobite, the disappearance of condors, and other altered landscapes of the America Northwest.
Engagingly written by W. Boyd (a WW II veteran who served as a combat infantryman in Europe), A Rendezvous With Death is a historical fiction murder mystery which set in the European battlefields of World War II.
Tracy Daugherty's Axeman's Jazz is the riveting story of Trisha Washington, a woman who returns to the Houston neighborhood where she was born.
www.midwestbookreview.com /ibw/dec_03.htm   (14486 words)

 carson mortgage rate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Carson Links - Ace Home Loans - carson mortgage rate
Low Rate Home Loans Carson River Valley Washington Mortgage...
Persons Per Household 3 Average Income Per Household 33598 Avg House Value 119800 Low Rate Mortgage Carson River Valley Whether you are buying a home or refinancing your existing mortgage loan...
www.facompany.com /carson-mortgage-rate.html   (148 words)

 Carson River Valley, Washington Florist and Flower Shops   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
If you take a picture of one of these flower arrangements to your florist they should be able to match it, and perhaps even do better.
Washington Florists Washington Florist Washington Flowers - Washington Florists Washington Flower Delivery - Washington Florists Send Flowers.
Washington Florist, Washington Flower Shop, Flower Delivery, Florist in Washington - Washington Florist.
flowers-alltowns.com /Washington/Carson-River-Valley.html   (432 words)

 Gateway to Mt. St. Helens & Mt. Adams, Washington ß Sasquatch Country   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The Wind River Region of the Columbia Gorge
The Wind River Region of the Columbia Gorge offers diverse outdoor adventures.
We are located on the Columbia River in Washington State, just 45 miles from Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.
www.chvs.org   (92 words)

 Map of Carson River Valley, Washington, United States United States | Multimap.com
Map of Carson River Valley, Washington, United States United States
Map of Carson River Valley, Washington, United States United States
These locations are nearest as the crow flies, but may not be nearest by road.
www.multimap.com /wi/187174.htm   (78 words)

 WaterWatch -- Maps and graphs of current water resources conditions
The "Real-time streamflow" map tracks short-term changes (over several hours) in rivers and streams.
Although the general appearance of the map changes very little from one hour to the next, individual sites may change rapidly in response to major rain events or to reservoir releases.
USGS 07154500 Cimarron River near Kenton, OK Drainage area:
water.usgs.gov /cgi-bin/waterwatch?state=co&map_type=real&...   (1141 words)

 onewwworld.com: a guide to business, strategy, and stupidity
He enjoys the most conspicuous place in my own pantheon of journalistic heroes for his pioneer work in writing about the environment.
It has come in from the fringe, to sit in the seat of power in the oval office and in Congress.
Theology asserts propositions that cannot be proven true; ideologues hold stoutly to a world view despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality.
www.onewwworld.com   (4986 words)

 Carson River Valley Washington Hotels and Motels
You may also narrow the hotel list down to hotel chain, price range, star rating or proximity from the center of Carson River Valley by selecting the search preferences listed below the travel information.
If you would like to sort the current hotel list by the closest to the center of Carson River Valley, you may do so by clicking the "Radius" button atop the hotel list.
You may also sort all hotels by room price and star rating by clicking the respective buttons.
www.hotelsquick.com /hotels/carson_river_valley/wa/usa   (153 words)

 Columbia River Gorge Real Estate Washington Real Estate Property Listings Oregon Real Estate Property Listings Mountain ...
Washington Real Estate Property Listings - Oregon Real Estate Property Listings
We are located in the White Salmon/Hood River area of the Scenic Columbia River Gorge, near Portland Oregon.
All of the Gorge area listings you will see are brought to you live, from up-to-minute MLS data!
www.c21cc.com   (224 words)

 IT Consulting 101 Directory Ref No. 4   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
--> Carson City County Nevada It Consulting
--> Carson City County NV It Consulting
--> Carson River Valley WA It Consulting
www.itconsulting101.org /4   (81 words)

 Carson River Valley Autos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Auto news, car dealers, and auto repair listings for Carson River Valley, WA.
Music industry blocks BBC download; opera goes airborne
Delphi Corp. is considering closing five plants as part of a "ruthless" plan to remake its electronics and safety division.
rss.topix.net /cars/carson-river-valley-wa   (158 words)

 Carson River Valley Real Estate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Carson River Valley, WA real estate news, broker listings for homes.
Front Page > Washington News > Carson River Valley > Real Estate
Find a real estate agent in Carson River Valley, Washington:
www.topix.net /real-estate/carson-river-valley-wa   (83 words)

 Bibliography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) 815 15th St., NW Suite 938, Washington, DC.
An Encyclopedia of food plants for the Willamette Valley.
The Forest Farmer's Handbook: A Guide to Natural Selection Forestry, Orville Camp Sky River Press, Ashland, Oregon 1984
www.foodnotlawns.com /recommendedpermaculturebooks.html   (763 words)

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