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Topic: Carter Doctrine

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  Jimmy Carter - MSN Encarta
Carter had served one term as governor of Georgia and was considered an outsider to traditional party politics.
Carter won his first elective office, a seat on the local school board, in 1960, and two years later he moved up to the state senate after proving that his opponent in the Democratic primary had broken voting laws.
Carter accused Sanders of being a “Humphrey Democrat.” He was referring to former vice president Hubert H. Humphrey, a Democrat from Minnesota who supported such liberal causes as civil rights for fls, an unpopular cause among many whites, especially in the South.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761566991/Jimmy_Carter.html   (1238 words)

 Jimmy Carter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Carter was born in the town of Plains Georgia to James Earl Carter and Bessie Gordy.
Carter as governor of the state of Georgia from 1971 to 1975 but failed in his re-election bid alienated both the voters and the state through what has been described as an style of governing.
The Carter Administration's foreign policy is best for the peace treaty he brokered between the states of Israel and Egypt with the Camp David Accord the SALT II treaty brokered with the Soviet Union the Panama Canal treaty which turned the canal over Panama and an energy crisis.
www.freeglossary.com /Jimmy_Carter   (2345 words)

 Avoiding the Burden the Carter Doctrine in perspective
Carter’s policy also followed eighteen months of turmoil in Iran, as the Shah’s government, ambivalently supported by the Carter administration, collapsed and the radical Khomeini regime took power eventually imprisoning 53 United States personnel in the American embassy in Teheran.
The Carter Doctrine, the Rapid Deployment Force, and the Reagan administration’s tough posture toward Soviet aggression are all part of the new deterrence equation in the Gulf and Southwest Asia.
Carter found that his administration’s inability to sustain a consistent and realistic foreign policy was one of the problems that cost him with the American electorate in November 1980.
www.parstimes.com /history/carter_doctrine.html   (4768 words)

 Centenary of a Great Priest   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Carter told Tait, that he thought the revival of Confession would be a cause of rejoicing and thankfulness to him and the other bishops because it had brought a more active ministry, a growing conviction of sin, and the deepening and advancing of spiritual life.
Carter's ideal for this Community was to cultivate the counsels of perfection and to practice active service both in spiritual and corporeal works of mercy.
Carter remained cautious because he felt that vows were not a matter of necessity but of expediency, knowing that the early history of Religious orders had proved this.
ourworld.cs.com /_ht_a/francisgardom/JA02MIDD.htm   (1568 words)

 USA-Presidents.Info - Jimmy Carter
The Carter Administration's foreign policy is best remembered for the peace treaty he brokered between the states of Israel and Egypt with the Camp David Accord, the SALT II treaty brokered with the Soviet Union, the Panama Canal treaty which turned the canal over to Panama, and an energy crisis.
The USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23) was named on April 27, 1998, making it one of the very few US Navy vessels to be named for a person still alive at the time of the naming.
Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 for his decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development.
www.usa-presidents.info /carter.htm   (1896 words)

 The Carter Doctrine Goes Global [Persian Gulf oil policy] by Michael T. Kiare
Enunciated by then-President Jimmy Carter in his State of the Union speech in January 1980, the doctrine defines Persian Gulf oil as a "vital interest" of the United States that must be defended "by any means necessary, including military force." Seen in this light, Bush Jr.
The globalization of the Carter Doctrine began in the mid-1990s, when the Clinton Administration determined that the Caspian Sea basin-until 1992 under the effective control of the Soviet Union-could become a major source of oil for the United States and its allies, thereby helping to lessen U.S. dependence on the ever-turbulent Persian Gulf.
It is time to repudiate the Carter Doctrine and the Bush-Cheney energy plan and begin the necessary-and inevitable-transition to a post-petroleum economy.
www.thirdworldtraveler.com /Oil_watch/Carter_Doctrine_Global_Oil.html   (2520 words)

 Jimmy Carter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Carter’s opponent in the presidential election was then-President Gerald R. Ford who, in October as the election neared, claimed that there was “no Soviet domination” in eastern Europe.
President Carter, tapping his experience with nuclear power plants on submarines, assessed the damage at the Middletown, Pennsylvania, facility, then allayed locals' fears with a short speech.
Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter stay active in international goings on, such as monitoring foreign elections, writing (their book, Everything to Gain: Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life, which remained on the New York Times bestseller list for 10 weeks); serving as co-chairmen of the NAFTA Commission, and tirelessly promoting human rights.
www.u-s-history.com /pages/h1967.html   (2173 words)

 AMERICAN FUTURE - Trying to make sense of a world in turmoil » The Iranian Threat — First of a Series
Carter's naivite regarding, and subsequent awakening to, the Soviet threat should be a lesson for those who maintain that the threat of a nuclear Iran is being exaggerated—in timing, magnitude, or both.
I also think the Carter Doctrine was rooted in the Cold War which, for most of the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s was based on the tacit assumption that both sides realized they had every reason to avoid a nuclear showdown over anything but national survival.
Think of this as the equivalent of the Carter Doctrine, unstated though it is, but given how much stake China has in energy shhipments from Iran to power its economy, which allows it to reduce or restrain its population by providing for job creation and improvements in the standard of living.
americanfuture.net /?p=1647   (3589 words)

 TomPaine.com - Retire The Carter Doctrine
The Bush doctrine and the mess in Iraq rest upon a powerful, bi-partisan consensus: the Carter Doctrine.
Because of this dependence, the Carter Doctrine asserted that “any attempt by an outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf will be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the United States of America and…will be repelled by any means necessary including the use of force.”
Ironically, the Carter Doctrine was outdated before the neocons used 9/11 to justify its expansion.
www.tompaine.com /articles/retire_the_carter_doctrine.php   (929 words)

 Just Wandering and Wondering
In his 1980 State of the Union speech, President Carter outlined an approach to the Middle East that we tend these days to forget.
While I generally regard Carter as the visionary of a national policy that reduces our dependence on Middle Eastern oil, I also believe it is instructive to remember the “speak softly and carry a big stick” aspect of this speech.
Carter’s big stick was very overtly directed at the USSR at the time.
ziabolt.typepad.com /wwblog/2004/03/the_carter_doct.html   (576 words)

 OpinionEditorials.com — The Carter Doctrine Comes Calling - Newman
Carter was disinclined to deal with the terrorists in any fashion.
Carter knew this, of course, but was too feeble, too weak, too submissive and too pacifistic a president to handle the problem.
Had Carter properly dealt with the Iranian terrorists then, the United States would not be having to figure out how to deal with them now as a far more powerful and dangerous enemy that can strike targets thousands of miles away with ballistic missiles and targets tens of thousands of miles away with suicide bombers.
www.opinioneditorials.com /guestcontributors/bnewman_20060428.html   (880 words)

 George W. Bush – The New Carter by Karen Kwiatkowski
Carter was a smart, intense, detail-oriented guy who had religious faith and personal integrity.
Wouldn’t be prudent, not for Carter and his elite set of energy, security and banking advisors, nor for George W. Bush and his posse.
Carter said in 1980, "The crises in Iran and Afghanistan have dramatized a very important lesson: Our excessive dependence on foreign oil is a clear and present danger to our Nation's security.
www.lewrockwell.com /kwiatkowski/kwiatkowski143.html   (1164 words)

 A. Tappen Soper on Carter & Iraq on National Review Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The tenets of the just-war doctrine that Carter mentions begin with the statement that war can only be waged as a last resort.
Carter next mentions the need for weapons to discriminate between combatants and noncombatants and suggests that ours won’t.
He is on his most solid ground here; but that part of the doctrine has to be adapted to a world where weapons of mass destruction exist, and are likely to be used by an enemy with a well-established pattern of reckless military behavior.
www.nationalreview.com /comment/comment-soper031103.asp   (611 words)

 Nixon Doctrine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Nixon Doctrine was put forth in a press conference in Guam on July 25, 1969 by Richard Nixon.
The Doctrine argued for the pursuit of peace through a partnership with American allies.
The doctrine was also applied by the Nixon administration in the Persian Gulf region, with military aid to Iran and Saudi Arabia, so that these U.S. allies could undertake the responsibility of ensuring peace and stability in the region.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nixon_Doctrine   (313 words)

 Bloggers on Jimmy Carter's op-ed. - By Michael Weiss - Slate Magazine
Carter's new doctrine: In a Washington Post op-ed published Tuesday (Note: Slate is owned by the Washington Post Co.), ex-President Jimmy Carter offered his post-Nobel Peace Prize counsel for the Middle East.
At Israel Matzav, Carl, an Orthodox Jew living in Jerusalem who titles his post "Dhimmi Carter" (the Islamic word refers to non-Muslims living under sharia law), thinks the ex-president is out to lunch: "If Carter wants to argue that we should kill the imprisoned terrorists rather than holding them, I am all in favor.
Pro-Israel blogger Daled Amos condemns "Carter's to-do list of what must be done to bring peace, starting of course with Israel's ceasing its attacks and continuing with all sorts of unenforceable measures to defuse the situation—but including the return of Shebaa Farms (which is actually recognized as belonging to Syria) and the release of terrorists.
www.slate.com /id/2147074   (1310 words)

 AlterNet: EnviroHealth: George vs. Jimmy on Energy
President Carter was indeed asking for individual sacrifice; but as a small part of an aggressive, national campaign.
It's funny that the author quotes from Carter's 79 state of the union speech, which came to be known as the Carter doctrine (and later "The War on Terror").
Carter said we need a huge commitment of tax dollars "to develop America's own alternative sources of fuel -- from coal, from oil shale, from plant products for gasohol, from unconventional gas".
www.alternet.org /envirohealth/26208   (3726 words)

 The Carter Doctrine Comes Calling (policies of a coward democrat comes home to roost) - Sean Hannity Discussion
Jimmy Carter is directly responsible for the Persian problem we currently face.
But then it is easier to blame your political opponent then for everyone to say that as a country we contributed to this current state of affairs.
I'm with the gunny, Carter set this all in motion, he had a chance to crush it, instead he nurtured it like the moron he is.
www.hannity.com /forum/showthread.php?t=66357   (1237 words)

 KalkiGaur - Powered By Bloglines
As a Democratic President Jimmy Carter made United States a laughing stock of the world and he betrayed United States by refusing to attack Iran to liberate American embassy prisoners and now he is conspiring to sabotage Republican President George Bush’s determined effort to tame Iran.
DOCTRINE OF BIG BOMBS: The MAD Doctrine was based on the premises that when nuclear powers have big bombs than any nuclear exchange will result in the nuclear holocaust.
The acronym of this nuclear doctrine the Doctrine of Depopulation of Nuclear Aggressor is DNA Doctrine.
www.bloglines.com /blog/kalkigaur   (17283 words)

 Michael Klare speaks with Darley - Global Public Media
They're all related to issues of power and wealth, and I always begin by saying oil is more than a fuel, oil is also a source of economic power and it's often in the sense of, the power of oil that's crucial.
So the three factors, I think are first of all, simply the Carter Doctrine, the continuation of the Carter Doctrine.
The Carter Doctrine from 1980 says that the oil of the Persian Gulf is essential to American security.
www.globalpublicmedia.com /transcripts/245   (2923 words)

 Jimmy Carter 1976-1980
Jimmy Carter emerged victor in 30 state primaries as the outsider candidate.
Carter trip to Mexico Feb. 14-16 - made comment at luncheon with Jose Lopez Portillo "I was afflicted with Montezuma's revenge"
Carter lost the "Amy debate" on TV Reagan/Bush defeat Carter/Mondale 50.7% to 41%; 489-49 electoral votes
history.sandiego.edu /gen/20th/car/carter01.html   (981 words)

 TIME.com: Selling the Carter Doctrine -- Feb. 18, 1980 -- Page 1
Their mission: explaining the new Carter Doctrine of throwing an American security blanket over Southwest Asia and the Persian Gulf to the two states in the region most vital to the West.
Their first stop was Islamabad, where a week earlier Foreign Ministers of 35 Islamic states had issued a ringing condemnation of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
Brzezinski demurred and persuaded Zia that a 1959 Executive agreement that grew out of the Eisenhower Doctrine to defend the Middle East against Communist aggression was strong enough.
www.time.com /time/magazine/article/0,9171,921819,00.html   (631 words)

 [No title]
The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are the defining aspects of what has become known as the Bush Doctrine, a foreign policy marked by strategic military preemption and unilateralism, and making no distinction between terrorists and those who harbor them.
These neo-conservative tendencies represent a marked change from previous foreign policy doctrines, and have given rise to serious questions about the role of America as the dominant power in a modern, globalized world.
The Washington Post reported (June 2004) that the "Bush doctrine could become the biggest casualty of U.S. intervention in Iraq," as "the occupation of Iraq has increasingly undermined, and in some cases discredited, the core tenets of President Bush's foreign policy" (Washington Post: Iraq Ocupation Erodes Bush Doctrine
zfacts.com /p/677.html   (199 words)

 TIME.com: Selling the Carter Doctrine -- Feb. 18, 1980 -- Page 2
While Brzezinski and Christopher were trying to clarify U.S. policy abroad, there was increasing concern in Washington because the Carter Administration was once again sending out conflicting signals.
Even with allowances for election-year hyperbole, the invasion of Afghanistan is not the most serious crisis since World War II, as Carter has claimed.
Some observers also believe that the Carter policy slides too lightly over the prospect of internal subversion, which is the most likely way the Soviets would try to extend their influence.
www.time.com /time/magazine/article/0,9171,921819-2,00.html   (594 words)

 The Carter Doctrine Comes Calling (policies of a coward democrat comes home to roost) - Page 2 - Sean Hannity Discussion
Some of his cometary about Beckwith was not exactly flattering, he also alludes to a rift with Kyle at Desert One.
He also failed to mention the lack of training with the Marines, and Navy, while the Air Force, and Army units were working their butts off.
I forgot to mention that the 13 guys from SF were from Toelz, and I was on Flintlock at the FOB on RAF Skulthorpe England when that all went down.
www.hannity.com /forum/showthread.php?p=2014316   (1178 words)

 MND/BlogWonks: Your Alternate Daily » Print » The Carter Doctrine Comes Calling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
MND/BlogWonks: Your Alternate Daily » Print » The Carter Doctrine Comes Calling
Now, 26 years later, my assessment has been proven graphically accurate.
The opinions expressed in this article are expressly those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of this publication, its editorial staff or contributors.
mensnewsdaily.com /2006/04/27/the-carter-doctrine-comes-calling/print   (692 words)

 MilBlogs (Daily Archive)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Fair, not-for-profit use of said material by others is encouraged, as long as acknowledgement and credit is given, to include the url of the original source post.
As a service to those that believe all the dfficulties the US is suffering in South West Asia started the day GWB got elected I have posted excerpts of a Secret(now declassified) Presidential Directive - NSC-63 dated January 15th, 1981 signed by none other than Jimmy Carter here.
Never be casual when evaluating flood possibilities in your AOR...
www.mudvillegazette.com /milblogs/2006/08/31   (1096 words)

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