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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Cascadia Institute’s Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
In terms of size, an ecoregion is larger than a watershed and smaller than a bioregion; or in political terms, larger than a county and smaller than a state or province.
The largest offshore feature on the sea floor is the Cascadia Basin, fed by the Columbia River, which shoots a plume of fresh water 200 miles out to sea.
Cascadia is a fertile meeting ground of winds and waters, located in between the contrasting weather pressure cells of the Aleutian low and the Pacific high.
www.columbiana.org /cascadia_institute.htm   (1009 words)

Cascadia is a multi-national region located in the Northwestern United States and Western Canada.
The mountainous walls of the eastern border of Cascadia naturally results in a way of living life in our region that is conducive to many transnational interconnections and similarities.
The movement for an autonomous Cascadia Confederacy springs from the desire for full sovereignty and self determination for all people and peoples in our region (Indian, Metis, and non-Indigenous) to be able to organize ourselves into communities and other social groupings as we see fit, and to live as we choose without interference.
www.geocities.com /ringfingers/cascadia2.html   (575 words)

 UBCWiki: Cascadia
Cascadia is a bioregion encompassing the territories of the Alaskan Panhandle, British Columbia, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, northern California and western Montana as well as very small portions of other near by states and provinces.
Cascadia's farthest extent is from northern California to the Alaskan Panhandle and from the Pacific to the Continental Divide.
Cascadia Minor tends to be the states of northern California, Oregon and Washington with the province of British Columbia.
careo.elearning.ubc.ca /cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Cascadia   (2641 words)

 Cascadia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cascadia is an unofficial geological, ecological and climatic region of North America.
The inclusion of the Columbia watershed is vital to the integrity of Cascadia and the health of its ecosystem.
Cascadia A wikiproject related to the bioregion and its culture.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cascadia   (1327 words)

 What Is Cascadia? — Sightline Institute (formerly Northwest Environment Watch)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Cascadia is another name for the Pacific Northwest, a region defined by the watersheds that flow into the Pacific Ocean through North America's temperate rainforest zone that includes British Columbia, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and adjoining parts of Alaska, Montana, and California.
Cascadia has traditions of innovation in the public and private sectors, a well-educated populace, and a reputation for a commitment to the environment and quality of life that continues to draw migrants even when unemployment rises.
Cascadia's World Heritage 08/25/2006 The future of Olympic National Park is in your hands.
www.sightline.org /research/cascadia_scorecard/res_pubs/cascadia   (359 words)

 The Republic of Cascadia
The Republic of Cascadia stretches from 42° to 60° north latitude.
Cascadia is a constitutional republic that guarantees its citizens their basic rights, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to a fair trial with a jury of peers.
Cascadia has the facilities and technical expertise to produce a wide range of fighter, support, and commercial aircraft, as well as space vehicles.
zapatopi.net /cascadia.html   (1636 words)

 Cascadia Times History
Cascadia Times was created to foster a broad public understanding of the natural environment of the Pacific Northwest, and the forces of politics, economics, science and community life that influence policies that affect it, as the region changes and adapts to new environmental and economic conditions.
Cascadia Times uses the tools of investigative journalism to produce accurate, fair and timely articles that examine and expose public policies which foster unsustainable depletion or degradation of the region's natural resources, as well as articles that explore activities in the region which foster conservation and sustainable use of those resources.
Cascadia Times is the only publication based in the Pacific Northwest serving that region with in-depth coverage of environmental and natural resource issues.
www.times.org /aboutct.htm   (684 words)

 bitmotion.com - Cascadia component for NetObjects Fusion
The Cascadia Menu component is a dynamic HTML navigational menu which works seamlessly in NetObjects Fusion 4, 5, MX, 7, and 7.5.
Put Cascadia on your masterborder and it automatically becomes available on every page in your site, generating the correct link from one page to another, regardless of how your site is structured or how many times you reorganize pages.
Cascadia is very fast and the menus work extremely well while other menuing systems can be slow and buggy.
www.bitmotion.com /products/cascadia.asp   (927 words)

 Cascadia Region
For the geologist (or seismologist), Cascadia is that portion of North America that lies between Cape Mendocino in northwestern California and the southernmost tip of the Queen Charlotte Islands just off Canada's west coast.
Cascadia's western boundary, in a geologic sense, lies approximately 50 to 70 miles off the Pacific coast, where two tectonic plates, the North America and Juan de Fuca plates, meet and collide at the breathtaking velocity of 1.5 inches per year.
Over the past decade, geologists have gathered ample evidence indicating that subduction along Cascadia's western boundary is accompanied by large (magnitude 8 or greater) earthquakes that occur along the contact zone between the two plates.
www.crew.org /about/cascadia.html   (390 words)

 AltaColumbia - a Cascadia concepts site
When the drainage basins of this area are included, Cascadia extends eastward beyond the Cascade range to the headwaters of the rivers that flow through it from the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains.
Cascadia is also a Pac-Rim nation-state concept and is becoming the basis for regional autonomy.
For many residents of the Pacific Northwest, Cascadia is a state of mind fostered by the lifestyle of this unique biosphere and has become a geographical identity spoken of with pride.
www.altacolumbia.com   (1020 words)

 Cascadia Related Links
During Cascadia Summer, activists will be engaging in a wide-range of tactics from civil disobedience, tree-sits, public outreach in urban and rural areas, lawsuits, political pressure, and popular education.
The CWP is dedicated to defending the forests, waters and wildlife of Cascadia by monitoring environmentally destructive projects and educating, organizing and agitating for a more compassionate and responsible relationship with the ecosystems of our bioregion.
Not affliated with the "Republic of Cascadia [RoC]".
www.angelfire.com /nv/micronations/cascadia.html   (2189 words)

 Cascadia Autonomy
Supporters of the Evergreen Revolution, hope to one day achieve the independence of Cascadia through peaceful means versus the use of violent revolution, much the same way as was done in the former Czecho-Slovakia's Velvet Revolution in 1989.
The Republic of Cascadia is not yet officially recognized by Canada, the United States of America, or the United Nations.
"The Kingdom of Cascadia" is a sort of thought experiment I've been carrying on since the late 1980s, kind of a laboratory in which to try out various ideas for how a government ought to be structured (and whether one ought to exist at all).
altacolumbia.com /pages/autonomy.html   (721 words)

 Cascadia Megathrust Earthquakes
The Cascadia Subduction Zone is a very long sloping fault that stretches from mid-Vancouver Island to Northern California.
The width of the Cascadia Subduction Zone fault varies along its length, depending on the temperature of the subducted oceanic slab, which heats up as it is pushed deeper beneath the continent.
Earthquake size is porportional to fault area, and the Cascadia Subduction Zone is a very long sloping fault that stretches from mid-Vancouver Island to Northern California.
www.pnsn.org /HAZARDS/CASCADIA/cascadia_zone.html   (303 words)

 Welcome to Cascadia Training
Cascadia Training is a division of Northwest Resource Associates, a 501c3 non-profit agency.
Cascadia Training's workshops are approved by the Washington Chapter, National Association of Social Workers (NASW).
Cascadia Training is also an approved provider of Inservice Education for the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).
www.cascadia-training.org /about.html   (161 words)

 Cascadia subduction zone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The width of the Cascadia subduction zone fault varies along its length, depending on the temperature of the subducted oceanic plate, which heats up as it is pushed deeper beneath the continent.
The last known great earthquake in the northwest was in January of 1700, the Cascadia Earthquake.
A future rupture of the Cascadia Subduction Zone would significantly damage the Cascadia Zone, causing widespread destruction along the Pacific Coast of North America from British Columbia to central California.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cascadia_subduction_zone   (444 words)

 Cascadia Earthquakes
The Pacific Northwest (northern California to Washington and beyond), also known as 'Cascadia', is associated with one of the world's quietest subduction zones.
Despite the presence of a topographically imposing (and scenic) range of volcanic mountains (the Cascades), only recently has it become widely recognized that the region is one of high seismic risk.
Cascadia seismicity clearly is related to oblique convergence of oceanic (Juan de Fuca and Gorda) lthospheric plates with North America, resulting in components of both normal convergence and margin-parallel (roughly N-S) compression.
www.ruf.rice.edu /~leeman/CascadiaEQs.html   (1434 words)

 Cascadia - About Cascadia
The mission of the Cascadia Center is to support the development of a balanced, integrated, and expanded transportation system for people and goods in central Puget Sound and the greater Cascadia region of Washington, British Columbia, and Oregon.
Since 1993, the work of the Cascadia Center has focused on the United States-Canadian border, the Interstate 5 (Highway 99 in Canada) corridor, and the adjacent Northwest Rail corridor, in addition to inland corridors comprised of Highways 97 and 395 from British Columbia to Oregon.
The Cascadia Center receives funding from corporations, foundations and a variety of federal and state grants.
www.discovery.org /cascadia/about.php   (309 words)

 Welcome to Cascadia Region Green Building Council — Cascadia US GBC
Cascadia is also proud to partner with Sustainable Industries Journal, Ecotrust, Portland Office of Sustainable Development, Metafore, and 3 Phases Energy Services.
Cascadia offests all Carbon Dioxide emissions from its operations and travel through the use of 100% Green Power, generously donated by 3 Phases Energy Services.
Cascadia promotes the design, construction and operating of buildings in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live, work and learn.
www.cascadiagbc.org   (377 words)

 LiveScience.com - Tsunami-Generating Earthquake Near U.S. Possibly Imminent
The Cascadia subduction zone, a 680-mile fault that runs 50 miles off the coast of the Pacific Northwest -- from Cape Mendocino in California to Vancouver Island in southern British Columbia -- has experienced a cluster of four massive earthquakes during the past 1,600 years.
At the Cascadia subduction zone, an oceanic tectonic plate called the Juan de Fuca is pulled and driven (subducted) beneath the continental North American plate, setting up conditions for undersea "megathrust" earthquakes.
The Cascadia subduction zone occurs where the relatively thin Juan de Fuca plate moves eastward and under the westward-moving North American Plate.
www.livescience.com /forcesofnature/050103_cascadia_tsunami.html   (998 words)

 The Republic of Cascadia
Cascadia like many places and people are the victims of the history telling of those who have power.
Today Cascadia or the Oregon Country has much history not told or pushed under the rug of ignorance, assumption and rewritten for the American national mythology.
Cascadia has much history that is either untold or remanufactured in order to keep the status quo of empire or image of the American Nation-State.
republic-of-cascadia.tripod.com   (2268 words)

 The Cascadia Scorecard project — Sightline Institute (formerly Northwest Environment Watch)
Launched in 2004, the Cascadia Scorecard is Sightline Institute's index of sustainability for the Northwest.
It tracks the region's performance on key trends (see the research topics in this section) and how many years the region is from reaching an attainableĀ target for each indicator--Japan for lifespan, Germany for energy, and so on.
This Book Was Made for Walking 06/21/2006 Cascadia Scorecard 2006 examines why neighborhoods with high foot traffic are healthier.
www.sightline.org /research/cascadia_scorecard   (313 words)

 Cascadia Restaurant | About | Awards and Press
While we prefer to let the Cascadia experience speak for itself, we certainly don't mind the comments of others helping us spread the word.
From local reviews to national acclaim and beyond, the accolades are many for both Chef Sear and Cascadia Restaurant.
Cascadia was named "the best place to eat" in Seattle.
www.cascadiarestaurant.com /html/ab_1.htm   (276 words)

Cascadia's Global Vision = Local Action - Equal rights for women, minorities and those with a lower income, assistance for environmentally supportive technologies, individual and community empowerment, -- all of these goals are part of Cascadia's vision of a better, more equitable world.
The terms of the relationship between Cascadia and its borrowers are set during a rigorous loan review and approval process where a thorough financial analysis is made to ensure the borrower's capacity for repayment.
Since Cascadia began lending in July of 1985, these investors have deposited millions of dollars in the Fund.
www.scn.org /civic/sri/crf.html   (815 words)

 Cascadia Montessori School - Main
Cascadia Montessori School is a private elementary school, founded in 1977, focusing on grades 1 through 5 and with supporting kindergarten and pre-kindergarten classes.
Cascadia's mission is to provide education with the depth and individual caring that enables our students to have good lives -- now and in their futures!
Find out how parents are involved in the education of students at Cascadia.
www.cascadiamontessori.com   (196 words)

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