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Topic: Case citation

  AALL Citation Formats Committee - Universal Case Citation
Specialized citations could be devised for each new layer of this electronic record, but the wiser course is to design a set of universal citation standards which can be used to locate law both in books and any subsequent electronic format.
By this test, the citation 100 Ark. 200, 201 is not medium-neutral, since the data elements representing the volume and page where the case is found have relevance only in a printed medium and have no natural meaning in electronic formats.
Case names should conform to rule 10.2 and related rules of The Bluebook, except that a researcher may cite an opinion from any source so long as it contains the data elements used in the AALL universal case citation.
www.aallnet.org /committee/citation/case.html   (3709 words)

  Encyclopedia topic: Court citation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Cases from the Supreme Court of the United States (The highest federal court in the United States; has final appellate jurisdiction and has jurisdiction over all other courts in the nation) are officially printed in the United States Reports (U.S.).
In this case, the case was first reported in an edition by William Cranch (additional info and facts about William Cranch), who was responsible for publishing Supreme Court reports from 1801 to 1815.
Citations from the Commonwealth are generally similar to U.S. court citations.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/c/co/court_citation.htm   (2372 words)

 Case citation information - Search.com
Case citation is the system used in common law countries such as the United States, England and Wales, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and India to uniquely identify the location of past court cases in special series of books called reporters.
In citations of this type it is usual for square brackets '[year]' to be applied to the year (which may not be the year that the case was decided: for example, a case decided in December 2001 may have been reported in 2002).
In this case, the case was first reported in an edition by William Cranch, who was responsible for publishing Supreme Court reports from 1801 to 1815.
www.search.com /reference/Case_citation   (3369 words)

 Case Citation - UofM Law School
Court cases are generally cited in a uniform format, beginning with the name of the parties (generally in italics or underlined) followed by the volume number of the reporter, the abbreviated name of the reporter, the pager number, and the date of the decision (in parentheses).
The case will be the same in all versions, but the commercial publishers add various editorial enhancements to their reports of cases.
State cases can also be found in a regional reporter covering several states in the same region.
www.law.umn.edu /library/tools/pathfinders/CaseCitation.html   (475 words)

 Case citation-to-URL translator
The script recognises a number of case citations that I’ve come across that are generally found in known places on the Internet (or, in most cases, AustLII).
Give it a citation that it understands and the script produces a list of locations where the case is likely to be.
You know (or, perhaps, learn) that the medium-neutral citation for the case is [2002] HCA 56.
www.dbs.id.au /case.html   (209 words)

 Legal Citation Guide
If giving a citation reference point in a case that has been reported in both an authorised series and an unauthorised series, give the reference point for the series to which you refer, ensuring the citation for the authorised report is included if it is not the one used for the pinpoint reference.
Where a case has a particularly long name, or where there is a popular name in common usage, the first citation to the case must be in full, with second and subsequent citations using the shortened form which is indicated in the first citation by means of square brackets.
Media neutral citation formats are required by the Supreme Court of WA for the citation of unreported judgments published on or after 30 April 1999 in accordance with 'Practice Directions, No. 2 of 1999'.
wwwlib.murdoch.edu.au /find/citation/lawcite.html   (8749 words)

Case digests for American law, comprised of three different series: the Centennial Digest (cases up to 1896); the Decennial Digest (a number of sets covering either 10 or 5 years of cases, commencing in 1896); and the General Digest (volumes covering the period since the most recent Decennial Digest).
By contrast, the Abridgment Canadian Statute Citations is concerned solely with judicial consideration of statutes.
In addition to giving the name and citation of the case considering the statutory provision, a brief summary of the point of law is provided.
www.legalresearch.org /docs/glossary.html   (2954 words)

 Libraries of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals - Ask Bill - The Best Internet Law Library
Cases at a Glance offers an advance look at the issues raised in every case slated for oral argument.
Cases at a Glance for previous terms are also available.
Cases are selected for addition to the site based on a ranking developed from citation data in historical and constitutional texts.
www.lb7.uscourts.gov /reflinks.htm   (8666 words)

 American Antitrust Institute - Links   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Guernsey's Antitrust Cases by Topic - This is a very useful collection of information on antitrust cases (giving full case name and citation, and linking to the text of Supreme Court cases and some lower court cases).
Although it was originally constructed for use in the utility-deregulation context, the leading cases under each topic are listed, followed by relevant utility industry cases.
Their database is browsable by year and US Reports volume number and searchable by citation, case title and full text.
www.antitrustinstitute.org /links/decisions.cfm   (982 words)

 Supreme Court - Case Citation Finder
This feature sets forth the official citations, in the form recommended by the Reporter of Decisions, for every signed, per curiam, and in-chambers opinion published (or soon to be published) in the United States Reports.
A user who knows the name (or part of the name) of a case may search the lists for the case's citation by accessing the Internet browser and clicking on "edit" and "find." It is not necessary to enter the full case name or even a full party name in order to find a citation.
This Case Citation Finder will be updated to include new cases after they are scheduled for publication in a bound volume of the U. Reports.
supremecourtus.gov /opinions/casefinder.html   (272 words)

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