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In the News (Sun 17 Feb 19)

  Introduction to Case Study
This study replicates and extends the Levy (1988) study, and was conducted at Fairfield University.
Levy (1988) established the use of the case study as appropriate for the research project, and this researcher also used the literature to confirm the use of case methodology in the study at Fairfield University.
Case study questions are posed to the investigator, and must serve to remind that person of the data to be collected and its possible sources.
www.nova.edu /ssss/QR/QR3-2/tellis1.html   (5406 words)

 Case study - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Case studies can be used not only for inductive theory development, but also as quazi-experiments in deductive theory testing.
In this follow-up study, the formulated hypotheses are compared to the observed outcomes of the social process, and the predictive power of the theory is, thus, evaluated.
The case study is effective for generalizing using the type of test that Karl Popper called falsification, which forms part of critical reflexivity (flyvbjerg 2006).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Case_study   (3022 words)

 Case Study Digests   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The case study focuses primarily on the efforts of the state health department to mobilize its related inter-agency programs along with outside agencies to appropriately assess the situation and to inform the public as to the nature of the problem.
Studies have indicated that environmental factors, such as exposure to diesel exhaust, which are often present to a higher degree in low income areas, play a role in the development of the disease.
The case study examines the surveillance of syphilis in the county and the breakdown in the assessment core function.
www.uic.edu /sph/marphli/casestudydigests.htm   (10010 words)

 Application of a Case Study Methodology
Case studies, on the other hand, are designed to bring out the details from the viewpoint of the participants by using multiple sources of data.
Case study research is not sampling research; that is a fact asserted by all the major researchers in the field, including Yin, Stake, Feagin and others.
Indeed the case study at Fairfield University is not served by such a format, nor was the Levy (1988) study before it.
www.nova.edu /ssss/QR/QR3-3/tellis2.html   (6606 words)

 Case studies of the United Nations World Water Development Report | World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP)
The second purpose of the case studies is to highlight the challenges that need to be addressed in the water resources sector.
Full case study reports will be available in their entirety on this website as they become available.
Recent studies have shown that the glaciers and ice fields on Rwenzoris, one of a few of permanently ice-capped mountains in Africa, have decreased markedly both in number and size and that the rate of shrinkage has been greatest after 1990.
www.unesco.org /water/wwap/case_studies/index.shtml   (3213 words)

 AP: Computer Science A
Case studies are a teaching tool used in many disciplines.
The AP Marine Biology Simulation Case Study presents a simulation program designed to help marine biologists study fish movement in a small, bounded environment such as a lake or bay.
As you work through the case study narrative, you will use the files in the DataFiles folder, read the class documentation in the Documentation folder, and read and modify the files in the Code folder.
www.collegeboard.com /student/testing/ap/compsci_a/case.html?compscia   (609 words)

 Genomics|HuGENet|Case Study|Parkinson's|Overview
Approximately two-thirds of Parkinson's disease cases are sporadic while the remainder are familial; a small subset appears to follow autosomal dominant inheritance, whereas the vast majority have no clear inheritance pattern.
In one study (Scott et al., 1999), the SNCA gene was tested for the A53T mutation in 356 affected persons from 186 multiplex families with Parkinson disease; one Greek-American family segregated this mutation as an autosomal dominant trait, giving a frequency for this mutation of less than 1 in 186, or 0.5%.
In a study for mutations in the SNCAIP gene, Marx et al.
www.cdc.gov /genomics/hugenet/CaseStudy/PARKINSON/PARKview.htm   (604 words)

 Case Studies in Technology - eWEEK.com
Case Study: A growing number of companies, especially SMBs, are using VOIP for teleconferencing.
Case Study: The UNC School of Medicine turns to an open-source system to reduce the costs of course materials.
Case study: When encountering legal or regulatory action, technology managers who fail to get corporate data fast or vouch for its completeness can cost their companies millions of dollars.
www.eweek.com /category2/0,4148,877,00.asp?kc=EWGL10310KTX2B2200436   (1091 words)

 Authorship Collaborative - Case Study: Hoodia Cactus
The San peoples have long recognized the appetite suppressant qualities of the Hoodia cactus, and have traditionally chewed the stem to stave off hunger and thirst during long hunting expeditions in the desert.
The San, in turn, acknowledge that it was necessary for the CSIR to protect the work that had been done in isolating the active ingredient in the plant and that the CSIR had a right to patent it.
Not everyone, however, is hailing the outcome of this case a success.
filer.case.edu /~ijd3/authorship/hoodia.html   (618 words)

 Case Study
Unfortunately, the study was not able to include the Ethiopian portions of the Nile due to political problems.
The study was finally released in 1958 as the Report on the Nile Valley Plan.
It was the culmination of 50 years of study.
www.american.edu /ted/ice/NILE.HTM   (3192 words)

 Amazon.com: Case Study Research: Design and Methods Third Edition (Applied Social Research Methods): Books: Robert K. ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Yin also traces the uses and importance of case studies to a wide range of disciplines, from sociology, psychology and history to management, planning, social work, and education.
The case study is but of several ways of doing social science research.
Case studies are very powerful yet often abused way of conducting research.
www.amazon.com /Case-Study-Research-Methods-Applied/dp/0761925538   (1436 words)

 RTA Case Study   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
This case study demonstrates the basis for our current content management experience, and we now focus solely on providing vendor-neutral advice regarding CMS selection and implementation.
Despite competition from other KM vendors, we were able to demonstrate the value of the solution we developed for the NRMA (see the NRMA Case Study).
For a detailed description of this system, see the NRMA Case Study, which outlines features and benefits, and provides screenshots.
www.steptwo.com.au /papers/rta/index.html   (2528 words)

 Kerlins.net > Case Study
An online unit of study that examines the nature, strengths and limitations of the case study method.
In J. Feagin, A. Orum, and G. Sjoberg (eds.), A Case for the Case Study.
Williams, C. Case Studies and the Sociology of Gender.
kerlins.net /bobbi/research/qualresearch/bibliography/casestudy.html   (500 words)

 Gilbane Report Content Technology Works | Case Study | O' Reilly's SafariU Web 2.0 Example
CTW case studies provide organizations with best practices in content technologies and strategies for securing funding, measuring actual value, and driving adoption.
This case study outlines the essential elements of applying a Web-based custom publishing platform to the needs of higher education professors and students.
When the Gilbane team evaluates a potential case study for our Content Technology Works initiative, we specifically look for elements of the deployment that are useful lessons for other adopters of content technologies.
gilbane.com /case_studies/oreilly_case_study.html   (6485 words)

 Case Study
There was the ZipLight, a battery-powered flashlight in a traditional lighter casing.
Zippo commissioned two studies, one by Prophet, a San Francisco firm run by branding guru David Aaker, and the second by Pittsburgh-based Prescott & Associates.
Both studies came back with the same findings: that Zippo had tremendous brand recognition and strong possibilities as a licensed line.
www.inc.com /magazine/20040901/casestudy.html   (1489 words)

 iTunes Case Study - Digital Media Project
The newly updated iTunes Case Study (6/15/04) argues that online music services can maintain the same business model from country to country due to the harmonization of international copyright law.
Read a Summary of Conclusions (pdf) of the Case Study and find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the research.
In April 2004, the Digital Media Project team released an earlier version of the iTunes Case Study as a Green Paper to solicit comments and feedback.
cyber.law.harvard.edu /media/itunes   (264 words)

 WTO | Understanding the WTO - Case study: the timetable in practice
The agreed period for implementing the solution was 15 months from the date the appeal was concluded (20 May 1996 to 20 August 1997).
The case arose because the United States applied stricter rules on the chemical characteristics of imported gasoline than it did for domestically-refined gasoline.
Venezuela (and later Brazil) said this was unfair because US gasoline did not have to meet the same standards — it violated the “national treatment” principle and could not be justified under exceptions to normal WTO rules for health and environmental conservation measures.
www.wto.org /english/thewto_e/whatis_e/tif_e/disp3_e.htm   (415 words)

 EDS (Instant Messaging) Case Study | eds.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Either your browser has ignored the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) files for this site, or you are using an outdated browser which does not support Web Standards.
Home « Services « Case Studies « EDS
Without EIM, it would have taken half an hour just to arrange a conference call.
www.eds.com /services/casestudies/eds_instant.aspx   (185 words)

 RSS Advertising Case Study :: Pheedo
Although html and form-fill type ads can be used in feeds, the client chose to go with text only.
This is the first in a series of case studies being conducted by Pheedo.
Wonder why RSS is not catching on faster, it is such a no-brainer.
www.pheedo.info /archives/000057.html   (683 words)

 K12LTSP - K12 Linux Terminal Server Project
Intel D810emo motherboards, Celeron 366 processors, 128mb ram and IBM NetVista cases.
Contact hhowardelton@aol.com to get your IBM cases while he still has them.
It also means that any user can sit down at any machine and do their work.
www.k12ltsp.org /rhs_casestudy.html   (1204 words)

 dtSearch Case Study Page
For Case Studies and 3rd Party Solutions, please select from the "industry map" below.
Listings indicate whether the companies provide hosting of dtSearch-powered Web site, along with development services.
Please Contact Us to add your own Developer Case Study or other comments, or to make changes to any listing.
www.dtsearch.com /casestudies.html   (73 words)

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